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November 21, 1959 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1959-11-21

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Second Front Page

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Ovemr zr .u, u Prage
UN Against French A-Tel


N ehruAsks
Of Dispute
NEW DELHI ') - All territory
in dispute between India and Red
China in Ladakh, Kashmir, would
be made a temporary no-man's
land funder a counter-proposal
that Prime Minister Jawaharlal
Nehru has fired back to Peiping.
Made public yesterday was an
Indian note sent Monday in reply
to Red China's Premier Chou En-
Lai, who wants each side to pull
back forces 12 and one-half miles
from their present positions.
Ladakh is the wild Himalayan
territory where nine Indian po-
liceinen were killed and 10 cap-
tured by the Red Chinese in a
clash on Oct. 21. India says the
clash occurred 40 miles inside her
claimed frontier.
Nehru rejected Chou's proposal
because it would leave the Com-
munists holding about 8,000 square
miles of land claimed by India.
Nehru's counter-plan would in-
volve only a minor Indian with-
drawal. -
The prime minister proposed
that Red China pull back to the
line claimed by India, and that
India pull back to the line claimed
by Red China, leaving the inter-
vening territory unoccupied. It is
not necessary to keep any admin-
istrative personnel in the area, he
said because it is almost entirely

W illiams Denies Aid
To, Senate .Caucus
Declares Nuisance Tax Package
'Inadequate,' Sees No Solution in It


LANSING (I') -- Another week-
end of frustration closed yester-
day without apparent progress in
the search for an answer to,
Michigan's cash crisis.
Unable to agree among them-
selves, Republican S e n a t ors
sprang a surprise plea to Gov. G.
Mennen Williams to deliver Dem-
ocratic votes fdr the GOP 74 mil-
lion dollar emergency nuisance
tax package.
Williams refused.
Called Inadequate
He said- the package was in-
adequate, without a firm offer of
releasing the Veterans Trust
Fund, "no solution."
After the impromptu huddle in
his office with Sen. Frank D.
Beadle (D-St. Clair) and Sen.
Paul Younger (D-Lansing), Wil-
liams took off for Toledo, Ohio,
and a speaking engagement to the
National Convention of Young
Sen. Beadle and Sen. Younger
reported failure of their mission
to the GOP caucus. Thereupon,
the Senate promptly adjourned
until Tuesday night.
Only five members showed up
for yesterday's meeting of the
Back Strategem
There were reports 15 Republi-
can Senators backed the strate-
gem of appealing to Williams for
nuisance tax support, and agreed

to give the package their support
if the Governor produced Demo-
cratic votes.
A much smaller number were
apparently willing to commit
themselves for the emergency
taxes without any strings at-
The Republican camp was bad-
ly split, with some members fa-
voring a corporate profits tax so-
lution and others adhering to a
personal-corporate fiat rate in-
come tax.
Support Asked
Sen. Younger told Williams,
"We would like to have mutual
support from the Democratic side
to solve our problem."
Williams reminded Younger he
had pledged mutual responsibility
if Republicans would join with
Democrats in a mutually agree-
able program, presumably based
on an income or corporation pro-
fits tax.
He said the nuisance tax idea
was "repugnant" but that other
Democrats and himself would ac-
cept it provided Republican votes
passed it and that was all he'
could get.
Not Enough
As for the size of the package,
he said, "No mathematics under
the sun can make 74 million dol-
lars do the work of 110 millions."
'TASTELESS..."-N. Y Times
"JEJUNE..."-London Standard
TOM LEHRER has finally
recorded his new songs, Poisoning
Pigeons in the Park, Masochism Tango,
Oedipus Rex, We'll All Go Together
When We Go and 7 more.
A live,-concert recording
with spoken introduc-
tions by Mr. Lehrer.
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Same 11 songs, sung by
him, but without the ap-
plause,-laughter, and hisr
insipid introductory re-
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way. It's free.
444 Market Street t San Francisco 11,
Dept. 15 California

United Nations yesterday asked
France to call off its A-bomb test
in the Sahara Desert.
The action by the 82-nation
General Assembly was a stinging
defeat to the French, who had de-
clared previously they would ig-
nore any United Nations appeal
and go ahead with the test, per-
haps as early as next spring.
France was taken by surprise
by the decision of the Assembly,
where it had the support of the
United States and Britain.
Vote Abstention
By a vote of 51 to 16 with 15
abstentions the Assembly ap-
proved a watered-down resolution
expressing grave concern over the
French intention to conduct nu-
clear tests, and asking President
Charles de Gaulle's government
to "refrain from such tests."
A resolution containing those
words had been approved in the
United Nations political commit-
tee last week but not by a suffi-
cient margin to assure the two-
third majority required in the As-
The two-thirds majority was
achieved by knocking out two
paragraphs in the resolution that
some delegates, particularly those

from Latin America, felt were
too harsh on the French.
Dangerous Conditions
The paragraphs referred to the
creation of dangerous conditions
in Africa by holding the test, and
to the special responsibility of the
United Nations for "dependent
peoples of Africa 'threatened by
such tests."
With that language out of the
GM's Anderson
Buried Here
Harry W. Anderson, 67, retired
General Motors vice-president who
was killed in a hunting mishap
Wednesday, was buried yesterday
in simple rites at a small country
cemetery near Ann Arbor,
General Motors' top negotiator
in labor contract talks was acci-
dentally shot and killed by his
long-time friend, retired General
Motors President Harlow H. Cur-
tice, while the pair hunted ducks
on St. Anne's Island in the St.
Clair River, between the United
States and Canada.


delegates who had voted no in tl
committee switched to yes. Th(
included Bolivia, Ecuador ar
Panama. Several others switch(
from no to abstention.
Those in favor of the resolutie
included most of the Asian-Afr
can nations, the entire Soviet bi
and Yugoslavia, as well as t1
Canada and New Zealand,
Expert Assails
Prior to the vote Jules Moe
the French disarmament exper
assailed the resolution as di
criminatory against his count]
and "totally unacceptable," f
appealed to all who had vote
against the resolution in the corn
mittee to remain steadfast "as
mark of friendship to France."
Alex Quaison-Sackey, the Ghar
delegate, replied that the Africa
peoplesrwould regard thevote
an expression of UN friendsh'
for them.
The Assembly also gave its ui
animous approval to a Unite
States-Soviet plan for tossing a
disarmament proposals, inclu<
ing Premier Nikita Khrushchev
total disarmament plan, to tl
10-nation East-West committ
that will meet in Geneva ear
next year.

GOVERNOR'S PROBLEMS - Gov. G. Mennen Williams contem-
plates the Michigan cash crisis, which has recently taken a new
slant due to a surprise plea by the Republican Senators that
Williams give them the Democratic votes for their 75 million
dollar emergency nuisance tax program. Williams rejected their
proposal on the grounds that it is inadequate, and therefore "no
solution." This picture was taken Ouring the Governor's recent
visit to the University.
U.S. State Department
Denies Panama Claim

_ _

. t ,


Tonight at 7:00 and 9:00
Tomorrow at 8:00
Four powerful stories of
rural Mexico.
Short: "The Knockout"
50 cents

Department yesterday denied a
claim officially advanced in Pan-
ama that President Dwight D.
Eisenhower's brother had given
assurance that the United States
would recognize Panamanian sov-
ereignty over the Panama Canal
The Department acted a few
hours after Under-Secretary of
State Livingston T. Merchant left
for Paniama with instructions to
try to improve relations between
the two countires. The issue of
sovereignty over the Canal Zone
DIAL NO 8-6416
Starting Sunday

has long been pressed by Pana-
manian nationalists and usually
figures in pre-election controver-
Claim Promise
The statement that Milton
Eisenhower, the President's broth-
er and an advisor on Latin-Ameri-
can affairs, promised recognition
of Panamanian sovereignty over
the Zone was made to the Na-
tional Assembly in Panama Wed-
nesday night by Finance Minister
Fernando Eleta.
Eleta told the Assembly that
Milton Eisenhower and he agreed
in an after-dinner conversation on
Sept. 13, 1958, that the United
States would make a declaration
on sovereignty on the following
Nov. 3 in connection with Pan-
ama's Independence Day. No such
declaration was made.
Yesterday State Department
press officer Lincoln White said:
Department in Touch
"The department has been in
touch with Dr. Eisenhower and on
the basis of our conversation we
wish to state that in his discus-
sions with Panamanian officials
at no time did he make any state-
ment which could be construed
to commit the United States gov-
ernment to any course of action
with respect to the canal zone."
The statement also challenged
the accuracy of Eleta's reference
to a September meeting between
himself and Eisenhower. It said
the President's brother visited
Panama in July 1958, during a
Latin-American goodwill tour.



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