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April 30, 1960 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1960-04-30

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uts Riot



Find Sodom, Gomorral





Violent Clash
In Ankara
Injures. 10
Army Tanks, Troop,
Surround Campus
ISTANBUL (P)-Student demon
strators erupted in three Turkis]
cities yesterday against Premie
Adnan Menderes and bloodshei
resulted in clashes with police.
The government reacted quickl:
by extending martial law in Istan
bul and Ankara for three months
* The most violent clash was it
the capital, Ankara, where abou
100 students were injured anc
unconfirmed reports said four stu
dents and a policeman were killed
Student and police clashed ther
in a melee of clubs and tear gas.
Orderly Demonstrations
Demonstrations were more or
derly in Istanbul, Turkey's larges
city, and at Izmir, site of a bii
NATO base in western Turkey.
Army tanks, mounted troop
and infantry surrounded the wall
of Istanbul University, where 2,00(
students started a sitdown strike
As darkness fell, the students sen
up chants of "liberty" and "Men
deres resign."
They said they would stay or
the campus until the 61-year-ol
President quits and until 11 com-
rades they claim fell in Thursday'
riots are returned to them foi
martyrs' funerals. They also claim
40 of their number are missing.
Guard Grounds
The regimental commander o
the army forces guarding the
grounds of the university said he
thought the students would make
gold on their threat to stay inside
the walled school all night.
"They are youths," he said
"They can come out at any time
We will give them beds, not bats."
Martial law was imposed in -Is
tanbul and Ankara following
Thursday's disorders, and the
Turkish Parliament, controlled by
Menderes' ruling Democrat party
moved quickly to extend it through
May, June and July.
% Issue Orders
Military commanders in the two
cities issued new orders banning
all public assemblies, including
sports events, during the period.
The military commanders als
ordered all universities and col
leges in Istanbul and Ankara
closed until May 29.dBut the 2,000
students enrolled at Istanbul Uni-
versity ignored the orders and as-
sembled in groups of two and
three on the campus throughout
the day.
The interior ministry said only
one student was killed in the out-
break of trouble in Istanbu
Thursday. There have been un-
confirmed reports that more were
4 killed.
Strength Evident
The strength of the strongly
disciplined Turkish army was evi-
dent, in Istanbul and Ankara but
troops appeared reluctant to make
any forceful move against the
Menderes, whose tough politi-
cal tactics are under student at-
tack, appealed by radio for Turks
to inform on person~s who he said,
are spreading rumors. He called
the two days of student demon-
strations "prearranged movements
detrimental to our nation." He
also accused his political opposi-
tion of using agents to incite riots.
DJ Dick Clark
Denies Payola,

Admits Gifts
suavely swore yesterday that his
hands were never dirtied by pay-
But the 30-year-old television
music man told Congressional in-
vestigators he knew one of his
record companies was passig out
money to other disc jockeys.
"This was not a particularly un-
usual practice in the business,"
Clark said.
He underwent long heralded
questioning by a House subcom-
mittee searching for evidence of
intrigue and misrepresentation in
the playing of music on the air.
Clark, breaking silences after
his name had been bandied about
for months in the fuss over
hankypanky in the broadcasting
business, confirmed well publicized
reports that he and his wife Bar-
bara had accepted a fur stole, a
ring and a necklace from a ree-

House, Unit Raises
Military Requests

AMMAN, Jordan WP)-The long
lost evil cities of Sodom and Go-
morrah have been found by Amer-
ican divers on the bottom of the
Dead Sea, a Baptist missionary-
explorer reported today.
Dr. Ralph E. Baney, of Kansas
City, Mo., head of a four-member
expedition, told also of finding ex-
tensive underwater remnants of
Biblical civilization that flourished
and languished 4,000 years ago.
His evidence indicated that the
cities of the once fertile plain were
engulfed after a levee collapsed in
an earthquake and lay hidden for
centuries until his divers found
'them in the salt waters.
Ancient Levees
Some of their levee works that
held back the waters in ancient
times might emerge to view
through evaporation of the Dead
Sea waters within a few years, he
The Biblical version says that
when the two angels sent by the
Lord to destroy Sodom were being
entertained by Lot, the sinful in-
habitants of the city came to Lot's
home, demanding to see the an-


RHEE'S SUCCESSOR.-Acting President of the South Koreann
government, Huh Chung, holds an impromptu press conference
in Seoul.
ew Korean Authorities
Begin To Rescind Laws

WASHINGTON (1P)-The power-
ful House Appropriations Com-
mittee yesterday recommended
hundreds of millions of dollars
more than President Dwight D.
Eisenhower asked for missile-
firing submarines, airborne alert
readiness and other military prep-
arations it deemed urgent.
But in its final form, the $39,-
337,867,000 money bill the com-
mittee sent to the House was only
$129,167,000 more than Eisenhow-
er's revamped military budget for
the bookkeeping year starting
July 1.
Redraft Budget
That was because-in redraft-
ing key parts of that budget-the
committee lopped off other hun-
dreds of millions from administra-
tion proposals.
Amond other things, the com-
mittee denied 293 million dollars
for another nuclear-powered air-'
craft carrier which the house
group said isn't needed,
And it pared by another 294
million dollars funds originally
earmarked for the Bomarc-B an-
tiaircraft missile which the com-
mittee noted "has had very little
success" in its testing.
. Advocate Carrier
House members advocating the
Navy carrier and the Bomarc are
likely to put up a fight when the
bill reaches the House for debate
next Tuesday. But the house gen-
erally follows the recommenda-
tions of its appropriations com-
The Democratic-controlled com-

mittee-while wishing to go faster
than the administration in build-
ing up some weapons and military
capabilities-did not argue with
basic Pentagon military doctrine.
But is showed by its actions that
it had heeded the urgent appeals
of Strategic Air Command leaders
and army, chiefs for a greater
bomber alert readiness, more
planes to ferry troops to trouble
spots and modernization of arms

by the department of antiquities
for an added month.
Expedition Discovery
He said his expedition discover-
ed a levee under the Dead Sea. It
is 15 feet wide and eight feet high
and runs from a southwestern
point of the Lisan Peninsula due
west for two miles.
"We followed it until we almost
reached the invisible demarcation
line between Jordan and Israel as
set up by the United Nations in
this area of the Dead Sea," Baney
said. He added that, the top of the
levee is only four feet under water.
Baney explained that the levee
was erected to prevent water from
the salt sea flowing into the then
fertile plains due south.
Quake Blamed
Baney believes that about the
time when Sodom and Gomorrah
were destroyed nearly 4,000 years
ago, the levee was also destroyed,
perhaps by an earthquake, and.
water overflowing from the salt
sea submerged the southern
Baney said his expedition also
discovered under the Dead Sea a
viaduct made of clay two feet
high and three feet wide, extend-
ing from shore one-and-one-half
miles into the sea.
Baney Explains
Baney explained that this via-
duct, which extends from a place'
now known as Seil Esal, was built
to irrigate the southern plains
which in ancient times were flour-
ishing but now are covered with
10 to 12 feet of salt water.

SEOUL (P) - South Korea's
.aretaker government yesterday
n began a clean sweep of repressive
d laws enacted during President
- Syngman Rhee's 12-year regime.
s At the same time, the regime
r promised to eliminate misuse of
a funds under the big United States
economic aid program, one of the
grievances of South Koreans who
f unseated Rhee.-
e Issues Statement
e Acting President Huh Chung
e issued a statement urging "hard
e work, sacrifices and patience'" for
all Koreans during the cleanup
. period.
Huh's cabinet ordered the Jus-
tice Ministry to initiate measures
- immediately to wipe out or revise
g undemocratic laws. These include
e the National Security Act, the
, Local Autonomy Act and Military
Government -Ordnances which
Rhee's government was accused of
using to curb freedom of speech,
the press and assembly.
o Huh and United States Am-
9 bassador Walter McConaughy held
g their first formal conference since
Huh took over from Rhee Wednes-
° day.
Board To Meet
They announced that the joint
0 economic board handling the 200
million dollar yearly United States
aid program will resume meetings
t next Wednesday.
The board will launch a thor-
ough review to weed out any use
of the funds for partisan politics.
1 Following the collapse of Rhee's
Hoffa Loses-
,'Second Try
To Halt T'ril
'ioffa yesterday lost another at-
tempt to forestall a federal court
trial which could lead to his
ouster as president of the Team-
sters Union.
The trial was set to begin Tues-
United States District Judge
Joseph R. Jackson rejected argu-
ments by Hoffa's counsel that only
the union's members and not the
courts can remove Hoffa for al-
legedmisuse of union funds. "De-
nied in all respects," the judge
said of Hoffas motion to cancel
the trial.
Hoffa's attorneys immediately
announced a new application to
the United States Court of Ap-
peals to avoid trial. One such
move already was pending before
the Appeals Court.
Under Obligations
Hoffa is under special court-
imposed obligations to safeguard
union funds.
An earlier court consent decree
-resulting from compromise of
charges that he rigged his own
1957 elections-as union president
-let Hoffa take office provision-
ally two years ago under the
supervision of court-named moni-
His trial, now set to start Tues-
day, will be on civil charges
brought bybthe monitors that
Hoffa has used some $600,000 in
Detroit Teamsters funds to help
finance personal business ven-
tures. One such enterprise was a
FIorida union member retirement

Returning to the levee, Baney
said that according to the Dead
Sea water evaporation rate, the
top of the levee is expected to
emerge within eight years.
Significant Work
Of his most significant work
Baney said:
"We have located two cities
under the Dead Sea water which
are believed to be the two lost
cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.
One of these citieswe have located
in the Lisan Peninsula bay. The
other is due west of the northern
point of the Lisan Peninsula."
The Dead Sea in the Bible is
called the Salt Sea, Sea of the
Jordan and other streams and is
25 per cent salt - several times
more saline than the oceans.
Freak Sea
It is a geographical freak with
surface water 1,1292 feet below
normal sea level, and it ranges
from 1,300 feet deep in the north
to very shallow in the south.
Sodom and Gomorrah were two
of the five Biblical cities of the
plain in the Dead Sea area. The
other three were Adama, Seboin
and Bala, later called Segor. Their
exact location has never been
The Bible relates that for the
sins df their inhabitants;, Sodom,
Gomorrah, Adama and Seboin
were destroyed by fire and brim-
In addition to the evil Biblical
city of Sodom, there is a modern
Dead Sea village of Sodom in
southeast Israel,

government, the United States
held up approval of new economic
aid until new conditions were met
and South Korea was back to nor-
The Huh - McConaughy state-
ment said the board also will use
imports financed by the Interna-
tional Cooperation Administra-
tion, the United States aid agency.
Rhee's government had fre-
quently discriminated against Jap-
anese goods despite the ICA regu-
lation for accepting lowest bids.

Bible Story
S top.N ixon' The angels then told Lot they
would destroy the city because of
its wickedness:
M ve ow s "For we will destroy this place
because the cry of them is waxen
great before the face of the Lord'
NEW YORK ()-A "stop Nix- and the Lord has sent us to de-
on" move by a group of New York stroy it." (Gen. 19:13).
Republicans has been revived de- Baney is executive director of
spite its repudiation by Gov. Nel- the Christian Approach Mission
son A. Rockefeller. that runs an orphan's home at
Letters expressing doubt that Bethlehem, Jordan.
Vice President Richard M. Nixon Comes To Jordan
could be elected President were He came to Jordan early in
mailed from New York on Wed- February with his American team-
nesday. Enclosed were copies of mates-Viola Conway, of Kansas
a Denver Post editorial of Apr. 13 City, Mo., and a husband and
saying the Republican's should wife, Dean and Dorothy Ryther,
draft Rockefeller to win. of Kansas City, Kan.
Rockefeller's office issued a Baney said he will leave for
statement April 12 saying the home Saturday after giving a re-
Governor deplored the "personal port of his findings to Jordan's
attack upon the Vice President" antiquity department.
and that the letters were drafted Baney's permit to carry out div-
and distributed without authori- ing operations in the Dead Sea
zation by Rockefeller or anyone expired March 31" and he had
associated with him., some difficulty getting it renewed

Second Front Pagae
Saturntay, April 30, 1960 Pale a



c~ uaitC l
~A8:r BA TH'


-t!<.(Author of "I Was a Teen-age Dwarf", "The Many
Loves of Dobie Gillis", etc.)
In your quest for a college degree, are you becoming a narrow
specialist, or are you being educated in the broad, classical
sense.of the word? This question is being asked today by many
serious people-including my barber, my podiatrist, and my
little dog Spot-and it would be well to seek an answer.
Let us examine our souls. Are we becoming experts only in
the confined area of our majors, or does our ,knowledge range
far and wide? Do we, for example, know who fought in the
battle of Salamis, or Kant's epistemology, or Planck's constant,
or the voyage of the Beagle, or Palestrina's cantatas, or what
Wordsworth was doing ten miles above Tintern Abbey?
If we do not, we are turning, alas, into specialists. What,
then, can we do to escape this strait jacket, to broaden our
vistas, lengthen our horizons, to become, in short, educated?
Well sir, the first thing we must do is throw away our curricula.
Tomorrow, instead of going to the same old classes, let us try
something new. Let us think of college, not as a rigid discipline,
but as a kind of vast smorgasbord, with all kinds of tempting
intellectual tidbits to sample and savor. Let us dive in. Let
our pent-up appetites roam and snatch where they will.

State and Huron Streets, Tel. NO 8.6881
Dr. Hoover Rupert, Minister
Rev. Gene Ransom, Minister to students
9:00 and 11:15 A.M. Morning worship. "Be-
yond the Horizon." Reverend Main preach-
10:15 A.M. Christian dating, courtship and
marriage class. Gene Ransom. The Pine
5:30 P.M. Fellowship supper. Pine Room. 40c.
7:00 P.M. Worship and Program. "What
can the Christian Do about the State of
the World." Dr. James M. Morgan, pro-
fessor of Economics.
306 North Division St.
8:00 A.M. Holy Communion.
9:00 A.M. Morning Prayer and Sermon, fol-
lowed by breakfast at Canterbury House.
11:00 A.M. Holy Communion and Sermon.
7:00 P.M. Holy Communion.
YMCA Building, 110 N. 4th Ave.
Rev. Raymond Weiss, pastor. NO 3-0348
10:00 AM. Morning Worship: "Finding My
7:30 P.M. Evening Worship: "The Gospel
Meets the Philosophy of Men."
Wednesday at 7:3d1 P.M. at Church House,
924 E. Ann, Geneva Student Fellowship.
Topic: "The Christian Life," Leader, Miss
Marsha Wagner.
(Sponsored by the Christian ROe, , mnr
Churches of Michigan?
Washtenaw at Forest
The Reverend Leonard Verduin, pasto,
10:00 A.M. Morning Worship Service.
11:15 A.M. Coffee Hour.
7:00 P.M. Vesper Worship Service.
United Church of Christ
423 South Fourth Avenue
Ernest R. Klaudt, Pastor
Orville H. Schroer, Parish Minister.
10:45 A.M. Worship Service, Ernest Klaudt.

1511 Washtenaw Avenue
(The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod)
Alfred T. Scheips, Pastor
David E. Schramm, Vicar
William F. Eifrig, Director of Music
Sunday at 9:15 and at 10:45: Worship serv-
ices, with sermon by the vicar, "Follow Their
Sunday at 9:15 and at 10:45: Bible Classes.
Sunday at 6:00 P.M.: Gamma Delta Supper-
Program. Discussion of "The Christian in a
Business Society."
1432 Washtenaw NO 2-3580
Wm. S. Baker, Campus Pastor.
Patricia Pickett, Raja Nasr, counselors
Sunday morning worship
at 9:00 George Laurant "THE KISS OF
at 10:30 & 11:50 David Van Winkle "THE
Seminar at 10:30--I Corinthians, Lewis Rm.
Student Coffee Hours at 11:30 - Library
Lounge & Lewis Rm.
PSF Program-7:00--"When a Moslem Faces
Christ." Rev. Faze Larudee, speaker -
Lewis Room.
Tuesday 9-11 p.m. Coffee and discussion, 217
S. Observatory.
Friday 6:30 P.M. Grad Group supper and pro-
gram. "Contemporary Theology," Patricia
Pickett, speaker-Lewis Rm.,
Saturday 8:00 p.m. Young Couples Fellowship
Social Evening with discussions at Jack and
Jan Bindeman's, 2673 Platt Road.
Corner State and Huron St.
William C. Bennett, Pastor
10:00 Church School.
8:45 and 11:00 Morning Worship Services.
"Except Ye Repent."
5:30 Student Guild-Rev. Raymond Weiss.
"Jesus-a-nd The Religious Man,"
5:45 Jr. and Sr. High Youth Groups.
7:00 Evening Service.
"Saved To The Uttermost."
7:30 Wednesday Prayer Meeting.
(American Baptist Student Fellowship)
512 East Huron
Dr. Chester H. Loucks, and the Rev. Hugh
D. Pickett, Ministers
11:00 A.M. Church Worship. "We Praise Thee,
O God." Rev. Hugh D. Pickett, preacher,
The Choir will sing "Te Deum" by Dvorak.
6:45 P.M. American Baptist Student Fellow-
ship discussion of the tape "Burlap Bags."

William and Thompson Streets
Rev. John F. Bradley, Chaplain
Rev. Paul V. Matheson, Assistant
Sunday Masses 8:00, 9:30, 11:00 A,M., 12:00
noon and 12:30 P.M.
Holyday Masses 6:30, 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00
AM., 12:00 noon and 5:10 P.M.
Week-day Masses 00n, 7:00, 8:00, and 9:00
A.M. and 12:00 noon.
Novena Devotions: Wed. evening, 7:30.
Rosary and Litany Daily at 5:10 P.M.
Mother's Day Communion Breakfast, Sunday,
May 8 after 9:30 A.M. Mass.
Honors Convocation Dinner Dance, May 14 at
6:00 P.M.
Graduation Mass and breakfast, June 14 at
9:00 A.M.
(National Lutheran Council)
Hill St. at S. Forest Ave.
Dr. H. O. Yoder, Pastor
9:00 A.M. Worship Service and Commu-
11:00 A.M. Worship Service-Dr. William
L. Young Guest Minister at both serv-
7:00 P.M. Speaker: Dr. William L. Young.
411 Fountain Street-t
Rev. William Nicholas, Pastor
and Student Advisor. NO 3-0698
9:45 A.M. Sunday School.
11 :00 A.M. Morning Worship.
6:30 P.M. Training Union.
7:30 P.M. Evening Worship.
W. Stadium at Edgwood
Lester F. Allen, Minister
10:00 A.M. Bible School.
11:00 A.M. Regular Worship.
6:30 P.M. Evening Worship.
7:30 P.M. Bible Study
(Disciples of Christ)
Hill and Tappan Streets
Rev. Russell M. Fuller, Minister
7 P.M. Sermon Student Guild, "Our Most Im-
portant Educator."

g6s i% tfr1$ orb u

We will start the day with a stimulating seminar in Hittite
artifacts. Then we will go over to marine biology and spend a
happy hour with the mollusks. Then we will open our pores by
drilling with the ROTC for a spell. Then we'll go over to journal-
ism and scramble a font of Bodoni. Then we'll go toythe medical
school and palpate a few spleens. Then we'll go to home
economics and have lunch.
And between classes we'll smoke Marlboro Cigarettes. This,
let me emphasize, is not an added fillip to the broadening of our
education; it is an essential. To learn to live richly and well is
an important part of education, and Marlboros are an important
part of living richly and well. Do you think flavor went out
when filters came in? Well, ha-ha, the joke is on you. Marlboro,
with its Selectrate filter, delivers flavor in full measure, flavor
without stint or compromise, flavor that wrinkled care derides,:
flavor holding both its sides. This triumph of the tdbacconist's
art comes to you in soft pack or flip-top box and can be lighted
with match, lighter, candle, Welsbach mantle, or by rubbing
two small Indians together.
When we have embarked on this new regimen-or, more ac-
curately, lack of regimen-we will soon be studded with culture
like a ham with cloves. When strangers accost us on the street
and say, "What was Wordsworth doing ten miles above Tintern
Abbey?" we will no longer slink away in silent abashment. We
will reply loud and clear:
"As any truly educated person knows, Wordsworth, Shelley,
and Keats used to go the Widdicombe Fair every year for the
poetry-writing contests and three-legged races, both of which3
they enjoyed wildly. Well sir, imagine their chagrin when they
arrived at the Fair in 1776 and learned that Oliver Cromwell,
jittery because Guy Fawkes had just invented the spinning

1833 Washtenaw Ave.
9:30 A.M. Sunday School
11:00 A M. Sunday Morning Service
A free reada mrn is maintined at 306 E.1:

1131 Church St.
Dr. E. H. Palmer, Minister
Morning service, 8:45 and 11:00 A.M.
University Bible Class, 10:00 A.M.
Evening Worship Service, 7:00 P.M.





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