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February 28, 1965 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1965-02-28

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1. C'ANA R.U 0C, y 111N






Tomorrow s


SGC Candidates




A Public Relations Board, the Stu- Qualifications:
dent Concern Committee, and the '66 LS&A, Major in Economics
Elections Committee of SGC; Van Member-Sigma Chi Fraternity
* Tyne House government; social Public Relations Board-SGC
chairman of Zeta Psi Fraternity; I believe in SGC as an organiza-
and member of Young Republi- tion which can and does work for
cans. the student welfare, particularly
If you want my opinion of stu- in areas of academic, economic,
dent concerns, rising prices, hous- and social welfare. And it can
ing conditions, internal and ex- become increasingly effective if
ternal SGC reforms, ask any can- efforts are made to expand stu-
didate; our views are all but dent awareness and participationI
identical. in the issues and activities taken
However, there is a certain im up by the council.
6 mature element among the can Another area of concern to me
didates in this campaign. They is the increased academic pressureI
seem to feel that if elected, they felt by many students as a result
0 can solve all the university and of the switch over to the tri-
student problems single handedly mester system. This reflects a
They seem to feel that with a need for a better adaptation of
trivial majority of a few votes courses and exams to the tri-
they will have the ability to make mester. This could be accomplish-
sweeping changes and vast im- ed through joint efforts of the
provements. These . naive people LS&A Steering Committee and
fail to realize that a representa- the Student Government Council.
tive body without constituent sup- Also of prime concern right now
port is useless! is the area of off-campus hous-
SGC is operational but pathe- ing. The council has recently init-
tically unsupported. If we want iated action to study problems in
something done about our con- this area but much remains to be
cerns, we will have to either set done. For one thing the council
up a forceful organization to do must work to establish closer
It, or strengthen one that exists.. communications wVith apartme'nt
or stop hoping that anything will dwellers. Also a closer alliance
ever be done about the problems. with the Office of Student Affairs
I believe I have the experience must be reached so that SGC may
so that if elected to Council I can more effectively deal with land-
act effectively on the problems lords of student occupied apart-
through SGC . . . if at least 5,000 ments.
people vote in the election. Finally, I urge everyone to vote
Once the students have issued in the SGC elections on Monday,
a mandate, SGC can crawl out of March 1, and show renewed sup-
f the grave it has dug for itself port for your Student Govern-
and really be alive. ment Council.+

I can make no promise of
sweeping structural reform of
SGC; there is no need for it.:
Council IS active and close to stu-1
dent problems. What Counci'
lacks is Councilmen willing to
work hard and students willing tc
support them when they do init-i
iate action. SGC must earn the
student support which will give it
the power to act.
I want a student bookstore, I
want lower rents for students, -
want a student-oriented quad-!
rangle system, I want higher stu-
dent salaries, I want SGC-spon-'
sored weekend entertainment, ?
want academic reform, and I wil'
work for these things as council-
man. But student government
can't function without interested
students, both supporting its pro-j
grams and working effectively on
SGC committees to accomplish,
these programs. Will you support
these programs, as members of thef
student body? With the proper
leadership, I think you will. SGC
has short-changed its name anf'I
function because it has overlooked
the source of its power, the stu-
I plan to bring to Council the
realizationhthat it can no longer
exist as the semi-detached head
of a disinterested student body.j
The two must be brought together
must support each other, and
must realize each other's import
ance. When SGC leaders the way
to this realization, Student Gov-
ernment Council can be and will
be an important, dynamic force
at the University of Michigan.,

Twenty-four candidates are running for Council: four for
executive office and twenty for Council members. The two slates
of president and executive vice-president candidates are Gary
Cunningham and Harlan Bloomer, and Robert Golden and Ellen
Buchalter. Students may vote for one of these two slates. The
twenty candidates for Council members are Chris Mansfield,
Susan Ness, Paul Pavlik, Donald Resnick, Steven Schwartz,
David Sloan, Myles Stern, Harvey Wasserman, Jack Winder, Ken
Zuckerman, John Bookston, Paula Cameron, Stephen Daniels,
Mickey Eisenberg, Rick Field, Rick Qentry, Larry Hauptman,
Neil Hollenshead, and Randy Jones. Under the limited vote sys-
tem, students may vote for one-half the number of Council
vacancies plus one, or five candidates.
Seven people are candidates for the Michigan delegation to
the 18th annual USNSA Congress to be held in Washington this
August. The seven are Lee Hornberger Jr., Yee C. Chen, Richard
Shortt, Judy Klein, Barry Bluestone, Richard Horevitz, and
Neil Berkson. Students may vote for four.
The offices of president, vice-president, and secretary-
treasurer of the LSA, Engineering, and Business Administration
senior classes are up for election. Only those students who are
members of the Class of '66 may vote for the senior officers of
their respective schools. These are students who entered the
University or another school as a freshman during the 1962-63
school year.
Four people are running for the vacancies on the Board:
Robert Shenkin, John Lorenzen Jr., Philip Sutin, and Robert
Bartol. Students may vote for three.
Two people are running for the vacancy on the Board: Rich-
ard Volk, and Marvin J. Freedman. Students will vote for one.
The polls will be open from 8:45 a.m. to 5:10 p.m. at South
Quad, West Quad, East Quad, Markley, Undergraduate Library,
Freize Building, Business Administration Building, Engineering
Arch and the Fishbowl.
Campaigning within fifty (50) feet of any polling place when
it is open on Election Day is forbidden.
The SGC candidates will be selected under the limited vote
system of voting. All students enrolled in the University may
vote on presentation of ID and Winter 1965 insert card. The
voter votes for a candidate simply by X-ing the box next to the
candidate's name. Pen or pencil will be acceptable but only if
clearly legible. The cross of the X must fall within the box to
validate the ballot.
Write-in candidates are permitted and are subject to all
elections rules as enumerated in the Code of Election's Rules.
All required materials for write-ins must be submitted to the
Election's Director no later than 8 p.m. on Election Day.
(From SGC Code of Election Rules, Adopted April 22, 1964):
Section 7 (b) No person serving at a poll while it is open
shall give any advice or instructions to a voter as to the candi-
dates or questions to be selected or resolved respectively.
d) No person shall in any way or form cast or cause or en-
courage to be cast more than one ballot for each office or ques-
tion for each v'ter, or cast or cause or encourage to be cast any
ballot not printed under the authority of the Committee.



SGC Candidates


Member-Alpha Delta Phi fra-
Junior Interfraternity Council-
Interfraternity Council - Rush
Counselor - Freshman Rendez-
Business Manager-Alpha Delta
Phi fraternity
Student Government Counci'
has existed for ten years. It was
I conceived as a system of student
self government and as a means
of communicating student inter-
ests by participation in the form-
ulation of policies within the Uni-
SGC has not effectively fulfilled
its intended functions especially in
the area of participating in the
discussion of University policy.
The fault lies not in the struc-
ture but rather in the history. It
has lost command of respect and
authority from both students and
the administration. To obtain r
meaningful Student Governmenti
Council which- would regain thi,
respect I would support the fol-

Curriculum: Pre-law
Michigan Union subcommittee
Interfraternity Council Rush
Pi Lambda Phi Pledge class
As a candidate for Student Gov-
ernment Council, I propose, i.
elected, to initiate action to:
1. Expand greatly the degener-
ate committee structure of Coun-
cil. Such action would have the,
immediate effect of increasing the
efficiency and productivity of
2. Promote the general econ-
omic welfare of the U of M stu-
dent through action on such cur-
rent problems as:

Class of 1967; member of Psi
Upsilon fraternity; former mem-
ber Green House (E.Q.) Council,
serving as Secretary, Scholastic
Chairman, and representative to
East Quad Council; delegate to
the Conference on the University;
member for three semesters and
currently chairman of SGC Pub-
lic Relations Board.
Student Government Council is
basically an effective legislating
representative of the student
body. But, as such, it requires stu-
dent support, which has been se-
riously lacking. It is my belief
that by expanding the committee
system and making it a more inte-
gral part of SGC, and by improv-
ing the public relations of SGC to
the student body, the Council's ef-
fectiveness can be considerably en-
hanced. The chairman of the

a. the creation of a cooper- Public Relations Board should be
ative bookstore an elected member of Council, and
b. increasing of s t u d e n t his committee should be given the
wages, proper attention by the Council.
c. elimination of unsatisfac. The student body cannot be in
c. eimiatio offavor 'or against that which they
tory and over-priced room know nothing about. The issues
and board, both in resi- before SGC are certainly not lack-
dence halls and in off- ing, but their effectiveness is en-
campus units. tirely dependent upon student ac-
9 Tnnca tudpn tnnrtininn.ntnn n .anr- .,-...4


function of SGC alone. These im-
portant needs can be realized only
through a joint cooperation of all
student activities organizations
This should include not only SGCj
but the Student Employees Union
the University Activities Center
(Union-League), the fraternity-
sorority system, residence units,
the Michigan Daily, and WCBN
Together, they have the combined
resources and respect to accom-
plish reforms in' light of an apa-
thetic administration and student
The function of SGC should be
limited to a role of a service or-
ganization to improve the imme-
diate welfare of the student. Long
range plans sliould not be a pres-
ent concern for SGC.
A program which SGC should
adopt and one I would pledge to
support as an independent - un-
aligned with any faction - is asj
1. Better lighting for campus
area to protect women's safety at
2. Merger of existing student
organizations, eg: Assembly and
3. SOC cannot operate without
support of high-ranking officers
of ex-officio activities, appointed
by their respective organizations
to SC to alleviate theburdens
Iupon their presidents.

Office of Student Affairs-
University Students:
SGC should represent the stu-
dent before the administration.}
and not the administration before
the student. The student deserves
to have prior announcements of
policy changes and the reasons
behind them. To increase the stu-
dent confidence and understand-
ing, the University records should
be open for inspection and the
possibility of a detailed student
handbook should be investigated.
Finally, conferences concerning
the Student Grievances Package
must be continued.
Off-Campus Housing:
With junior apartment privileg-
es complicating the rental situa-
tion, SOC should further increase
its emphasis of the new Off-Cam-
pus Housing Committee. An active
special grievancecommittee-on
housing off and on campus-is a

1. More intensive research of U.1ee u puicipt 1k3U dnIupport.
problems before recommendations tion in an expanded Council pro-
are made to the administration gram through the committee Particular emphasis should be
and faculty with study specificly structure, thus making SOC more placed on the Student Exchange
of practicability and plausibility responsive to student demands' Store-an institution that would
of the execution of the policies, and desires. enable lower book prices and an
4. Institetetaonloserhworkingrs --improved economic position than
2. A joint committee of stu- 4.tInstitute a closer wg re- the former attempt by SGC-the
dents, realtors and administrators ativnyhigbte thG r aoh Student Book Exchange. The two
to evaluate private housing lease student organizations on campus, most limiting factors to the failure
agreements and rental rates in an dn of the S.B.X. were a severe lack
attempt to alleviate economic ex-1 specificly IFC, Panhel, Michigan of publicity, and the consignment
ploitation of students. Union and League, IQC, and As- feature which required the student
to assume the responsibility of the
3. A Student-Faculty committer 5. Insure the continuence of U sale of his books.
to study academic reform and the of M's present role in the United
role of research in an effort to State National :Student Associa- Off-campus housing rent stabil-
maintain an undergraduate cur- tion. izatie.n, counseling Improvement
riculum of quality consistant withtin' zincuslgimrv et
the past. It is my desire to see in Student and most of the other issues cur-
4. Further intensive investiga- Government Council an efficient rently before Council are all bene-
tion of a Student Exchange Store and productive organization, bas- ficial to the student, and are,
in order to proceed immediately ing its programs on student sup- therefore, not too controversial.
in the planning and organization port and taking positive action te But the likelihood of any of these
of a non profit enterprise which formulate the common goals and rut ee ofiny ofete
would benefit the student by of solve the common problems of the proposals ever becoming effective
fering a low price alternative in students here at the University. is dependent upon the Council's
the area of retail text book sales. Benefits,. presently unreaped, can ability to gain the support of the
be gained by unified action;student body. It is to this aim
I would strongly encourage and through SGC. If elected, I will tut body, It my tis ai
work for the realization of these work to see that these goals are that I will direct my abilities if
and other student goals. reached. elected to Council.
- -C


LSA-'67, Young Democrats -
University of Wisconsin, aide to
Governor John W. Reynolds, Na-
tional Youth for Johnson-Hum-
phrey, National Democratic Con-
vention - Atlantic City, New Jer-
sey: subcommittee - public in-
formation, aide to Senator Philip
A. Hart, South Quad Council, Aca-
demic chairman, Dad's Weekend
chairman, president of Suburban-
Teen Youth Organization, co-
editor of Greater-Detroit Youth
This campaign is bringing itself
to rest on the wrong issues - im-
proving a student's environment.
from academic reform to over-
crowding in classrooms and resi-
dence halls - which is not the

Student Government Council-
Student Organizations
SGC's internal discontent is
hampering its effectiveness. The
cause of communication break-
down among the student organi-
zations must be found and reme-
died. The ex-officio members
should continue on Council, pos-
sibly more as advisors with voting
privileges than as active Council
members, so that they may con-
centrate more on their organiza-
tions. A well located SGC bulle-
tin board and more Council meet-

Class of '66, LS&A; Political
Science; IFC Fraternity Relations
(' n rrifnn f1' Arman CnIiIv



committee Chairman; Sphinx
Student Government Honorary; Ward Chairman-stu-
Council Services: dent politics, Fort Wayne, In-
diana; Alpha Tau Omega social
SGC should originate student fraternity.

projects whenever interest de-
mands. As working examples: the
SGC Cinema Guild and the pro-
posed Student Book Store (the
Exchange Store). The establish-
ment of an S.B.S. without ak
change in a Regents Bylaw is pos-
sible. SGC should also keep stu-
dents aware of individual store
prices through a Student Consum-
ers' Service.

4. In the area of residence halls. ings at the various housing units
the most immediate objective -
one semester contracts for upper- would help introduce SGC to
classmen. more students.

In the past decade the Student
Government Council has main-
tained the same basic organiza-
tional structure with the funda-
mental catalyst being personnel.
In this light, my platform state-
ment is not a chain of cliches or
hollow promises to abolish all eco-
nomic injustice of apartment
rents and leases, book and movie
prices, and student wages-which'
are the natural concern of my-
self and all other candidates-
but rather this is my sincere
pledge to (1) devote this cam-
paign to the election of a capable,
ambitious council. Then, if suc-
cessful, to (2) concentrate my ef-
forts upon modification of the
council structure so as to insurej
the most effective working body.
which will then be the means to
alleviate social and economic'
The specific reform to which I7
am committed is to replace the
council ex officio officers by work-
ing representatives of their re-
spective organizations. This mean
would serve as insurance that the
primary loyalty of all who sit at
the council table will be to the
effective working organization of
The essence of my campaign is
the strengthening of the SGC
mandate. As SGC is ideally a

President-Gary Cunningham
Exec. V.P.-Harlan Bloomer
Council Members-
Jack Winder
Chris Mansfield
George Field
Neil Hollenshead
Paula Cameron
Russ Linden
President-Gary Cunningham
Exec. V.P.-Harlan Bloomer
Council Members-
Larry Hauptman
Neil Hollenshead
Randy Jones
S,r M c

Mickey Eisenberg
Steven Schwartz
Russell Linden
Paula Cameron
President-Gary Cunningham
Exec. V.P.-Harlan Bloomer
Council Members-
Jack Winder
Chris Mansfield
George Field
Paula Cameron
Steve Schwartz
Russell Linden
President-Gary Cunningham
r - X n 1_ i fl

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