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February 09, 1965 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1965-02-09

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t f f XTl" l L d"k AT 1YTd &"7 " t V"IV-U f 'f" CV

Examne, Im ort of Attacks..
Experts Foresee Red Chinese in UN
Last weekend's fighting in Viet soldier who started the firing, been wiped out. The fighting of
Nam has raised many more ques- many more lives would have been the weekend was not very in- EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the "
tions than it answered. lost. There has been no explana- tense. Reports indicate that only fifth in a series of articles on cationof thate hpeac-lovinga frc- time meet the desires of American China more representative of the
Who guards at night? Secretary tion for the Viet Cong slipping by a company or less of the Viet world affairs panel discussions held ed then no one should belong to business. world than any other great
of Defense Robert McNamara said night and listening posts. Cong, participated. the overseas Press Club. the United Nationsd" Miss Fred- "Admitting China to the Uns.ted poderd" Grant continued.
an attack in the middle of the "There were other questions as Theses b.esUnrick said. Many of the ns' ember- Nations would give the United Despite the advantages of mem-
night "is the kind of attack that to the meaning of the attacks. There was also a question of By LAUREN BAHR nations have been guilty of ag- States an opening to trade with bership, the United States still
is almost impossible to provide The United States position is that when the U.S. will decide to re- special To The Daily gression. including the Soviet them," Miss Hagan said. faces the dilemma of recognition
effective security against." Yet it is "quite clear this (the Viet taliate again. After an attack on
according to Charles Mohr, New Cong attack) was a test of the an airfield in November and a NEW YORK-The admission of Union in its suppression of Hun- Trying to enforce a trade block- of Red China. Neither Nationalist
York Times, it is to be questioned will and challenge of purpose" of Saigon hotel in December, Am- Red China to the United Nations gary, India in its action in Goa ade of Red China in order that China nor Communist China will
"whether Viet Nam troops. were the U.S. and Viet Nam. The U.S. bassador Maxwell Taylor and is inevitable and may even be and the United States in Cuba, American business would not lose accept a two-China formula and
following or ignoring American also feels that North Viet Nam other officials urged retaliatory accomplished at this session of the she pointed out. out has not met with much suc- the United States is committed to
advice to increase night patrols." made the attack possible. attacks at that time. However, General Assembly, a panel of ex- Reward Evil? cess. The United States has been Chiang Kai-Shek's government.
Mohr adds there are reports However, if the size of the the President decided to take no perts concluded during the seventh "But the United States is still unable to stop Canada from trad- The panel seemed to feel that
that Viet Cong attackers even attacks indicate that North Viet action then, annual College Editors' conference. afraid of rewarding aggression by ing with Red China or Briaini Nationalist China would pull out
reached the barracks walls of a Nam was behind them, why was What justifies retaliation now? "There isn't a major country admitting Red China, although from trading with Cuba. Under of the United Nations if Red
helicopter base. McNamara had the heaviest weapon used an 81- The White House and the State in Asia that does not want Red membership in the United Na- these circumstances, American China was admitted.
noted the Viet Cong achieved millimeter mortar? Also, many Department argued for Sunday, China admitted. All of the Afri- tions should not be looked upon as business does not want to be left "Seating Red China doesn't
surprise because of the protection other Viet Cong attacks have been bombings because they claimed can countries, Great Britain and a reward but as a series of oblig- out of this big market. necessarily mean recognizing it
afforded by foliage on the plateau much larger in size. Many other North Viet Nam "masterminded" France are expected to vote for tions, Grant said. Disarmament Pact immediately," Nossal said. "We
areas. times the Viet Cong has arranged the attacks. admission," panelist Fred Nossal Nossal explained Red Chiiise If the United States desires to could still recognize Nationalist
It was also reported that if the Iseveral actions at once. of the Toronto Globe and Mail aggressiveness as, a rather cau- include Red China in any dis- China, but outside of the context
Viet Cong at Pliu Pleiku had not On other occasions Vietnamese The bombings could establish a said. tious militancy. "China is not an armament treaty, it must first be of the United Nations," he added.
been noticed by the American units of up to company size have precident for further attacks "The United States will prob- aggressive nation on the shme willing to recognize Red CWina's What then will happen to Na-
_______________trsas IpraitJapan o xsec.tionaelistos
through the air. The U.S. stressed ably vote against admission, but "How can we ask Red China? "The Formosa
the point that the bombings rep- it is possible for Red China to Nazi Germany," he said. - China to sign a treaty if we say question will be resolved by his-
ohnson H earsV tRHJ resented "limited" operations, gain membership without the sup- "Mao is not a military fliat:c; they do not exist?" Miss Frederck tory. In time they will decide they
JSH port of the United States," Mary he won't attack without being asked. want to be part of a larger entity,"
However, the last paragraph of Hagan of the McGraw-Hill World certain of success. The Chinese "We say that Red China doesn't Nossal claimed.
the White House explanation said: News Service said. are not prepar d today to gt in- exist, but in Warsaw we have been Isolated
H ints 'Blow -for-B low Plan "The key to the situation remains Difficult Situation volved in a major operation l ke talking to Red Chinese aoassa- Outside of the United Nations,
the cessation of infiltration from "The United States is out on a Korea. They need a peaceful er:- dors." she added. the pro-West government of For-
North Viet Nam and indications limb because of its support of vironment for their own leveloup- "The talks in Poland have been mosa would disintegrate and it
WASHINGTON (RP)-President Lyndon B. Johnson sat in on a . . . that it is prepared to cease Chiang Kai-Shek and cannot sup- ment," Nossal explained. bilateral rather than multilateral. would come to terms muh more
report on troubled Viet Nam yesterday and shortly afterward de- aggression against its neighbors." port the admission of Red China Proof The United Nations affords an quickly with Red China, Grant

L iy
E ,,,, ,,.,.
. £

Glared that this nation will meet any threat and pay any price
"to make certain that freedom shall not perish from this earth."i
The President made his remarks after receiving a report from
his- special assistant McGeorge Bundy in private on Bundy's just-
completed mission to Southeast Asia. This report was followed by
a meeting in the Cabinet Room,

without losing face," panelist

I Wht n asked to explain Chinese

opportunity for multilateral con-


57,Arrested in
Selma Boycott
SELMA, Ala. ()-Negroes boy-
cotting a voter registration wait-
ing list provided at their own re-
quest demonstrated at the court-
house in Selma yesterday and 57
were arrested, including the Rev.
James Bevel, one of the leaders
in the civil rights struggle.
The 57 were charged withcon-
tempt of court.
Negro leaders had asked last
Friday that the Dallas County
Voter Registration Board start
taking names immediately of pros-
pective voters so they would have
priority when' the board meets
again next 'Monday, to register
those who can qualify.
Board members complied with
the request yesterday, but Bevel
said the Negro leaders and their
followers would not sign the wait-
ing list. He said it amounted to
r a c i a 1 discrimination. because
white voters already registered did
not have to follow that procedure.

for another report by Bundy to
Johnson, the National Security
Council and Democratic and Re-
publican leaders of Congress.
The Congressional leaders back-
ed what they interpreted as an
administration policy of returning
"blow-for-blow" in any major
Communist attacks in South Viet
Bundy wouldn't say whether the
two retaliatory air strikes in
North Viet Nam are part of a
pattern that may continue.
But Congressional leaders who
attended the Security Council
meeting at the White House gain-
ed the impression that similar
retaliation will result from any
future Viet Cong attacks on Unit-
ed States compounds.
Without discussing this matter
publicly, Sens. Mike Mansfield (D-
Mont), the Senate Democratic
leader, and Everett M Dirksen (R-
Ill), the Republican chieftain,
pledged in separate interviews
support of Johnson's policies.
Dirksen said the President has
all the power he needs to act "and
he will do what is necessary."

Local Demonstration
Ann Arbor Women for Peace,
Women's International League
for Peace and Freedom, Voice
Political Party (local chapter
of Students for a Democratic
Society), Independent Socialist
Club and Young Socialist Al-
liance will sponsor a demon-
stration against American mil-
itary intervention in' South
Vietnam as well as the recent
bombing of North Vietnam.
The demonstration will take
place at the Diag at 4 p.m.
Wednesday. Prof. Boulding of
the economics department and
Prof. Bergmann of the philoso-
phy department will speak on
American policy.

Pauline Frederick, United Nations aggression in India. Nossal said
correspondent for the National that that was "to prove to thec
Broadcasting Company, said. South East Asia nations that Red!
These three panelists, plus Don- China is the strongest military
aId Grant of the St. Louis Post- power in that area."
Dispatch, agreed that if the Unit- "Most of the countries in South-
ed States refrains from express- east Asia feel that India provokedI
ing violent objections, Red China Chinese hostilities," Miss Hagan
will be admitted, thus enabling said.!
this country to save face. At the time, China expressed a,
"If we put pressure on, we willingness to negotiate vith In-1
would keep Red China out, but if dia but India refused as lng As)
we maintain our verbal position the Chinese continued to =occupy
and that is all, China will get in,, the disputed strip of land. "India'
Grant said. doesn't inhabit the area emd does'
Afraid not need it, while the Chinese co
Although there are recognizable need it. In this case India was
advantages to admitting Red being unreasonable," Miss I agan
China, the State Department is said. '

ferences as well as for informal Red China lays claim to For-
contact: Both are more advan- mosa because it has been a part
tagous than bilateral talks," Grant of China for centuries. For ceo.-
said. turies the Chinese have not been a
Public Influence national entity, but this is one
Another advantage to admitting of the strongest desires of the
them to the United Nations is the Chinese, Nossal explained.
fact that they would then be held Even Chiang Kai-Shek demon-
accountable to public opinion. strated this fact when he, didn't
"World public opinion is some- protest when Red China moved
thing that no country can tfford into Tibet, because he felt that
to ignore completely," Nossal said. Tibet is a part of China.
Membership in the internation- The question of Red China has
al organization would. also serve to plagued, the United Nations al-
split Communist leadership in the most since its conception. Now
United Nations. "The Soviet Union that it can be passed over the
finds its interests on the side ofI negative vote of the United States
rich, predominantly white nations, without the strong objection of
while Red China is on the side| this country it appears as though
of the poor, nonwhite nations," the problem will be resolved in
Grant said. favor of membership for Red
"Most of the world is nonwhite, j China.


At his news conference McNa-
mara said the U.S. may have to4
expect more attacks like the one
at Plieku. In view of this, Ameri-
can dependents are being evacuat-
ed and missiles brought to Viret
Nam. This shows the U.S. deter-
mination to meet any new attacks.
It also could mean a deeper in-
volvement in Viet Nam.{

afraid that American public.opin-
ion would not favor a change in
United States policy, Grant com-
But "I have found that opinion
is swinging more toward accept-
ing Red China," Miss Frederick
The United States bases its
stand on the United Nations
Charter, which.specifies that only
peace-loving nations may be mem-
bers of that body.

ft. ""=" _ .

_----- I

Hear the Republican
Candidate for Mayor of Ann Arbor
to speak on

1National Roundup
By The Associated Press
BERKELEY-A school of journalism for the University of
California has been suggested by the chairman of the journalism
A faculty committee reaffirmed Friday plans to discontinue
the undergraduate journalism major in the College of Letters and
Science, but journalism Chairman Charles Hulten said his department
is looking into the possibility of establishing a journalism school
separated from the College of Letters and Science.
UNITED NATIONS-The United Nations General Assembly
agreed yesterday to hold another election behind the scenes to avoid
a United States challenge to the voting rights of France and the
Soviet Union. The informal secret balloting is scheduled for noon
NEW YORK-The International Longshoremen's Association
announced yesterday its executive board will meet in Houston today
to "close -out the difficulties in the Texas area" in the nation's
dock strike.
Thomas W. Gleason, ILA president, said, "If we settle Texas,
I'm sure we can settle Miami, too." These are the last two major
areas where contracts have not been signed.
A tentative agreement reached last night at Philadelphia ap-
parently paved the way for an end to the paralyzing East and Gulf
coast strike, which has cost the nation about $6 million in commerce.
WASHINGTON-The Senate Rules Committee voted yesterday
to submit written questions to former White House Aide Walter
Jenkins rather than compel him to testify at this time in the
Bobby Baker investigation.
WASHINGTON-The House, bowing to an appeal from President
Lyndon B. Johnson, voted yesterday to give him a free hand to
continue or curb surplus food shipments to the United Arab Republic.
II if

"If China had been in the Unit-
ed Nations or joins it in the near
future perhaps a settlement :vould
have or will be reached. In Cuba,
the United Nations played a large
part in bringing the United Statesj
and the Soviet Union together in'
negotiations," Grant said.
"The question of admission is
an economic as well as a political,
one. "It is to the advantage of
everyone if Red China isbrought
into closer contact with the world
and out of isolation," Nossal em-
"Once Communist countries de-
velop economically, their policy
changes, as witness the Soviet
Union," Grant said. "As a society
becomes more affluent, militancy
goes by the boards," Nossal added.
Encourage This
"We must bring them to the
dangerous period when they know
what they are missing and de-
mand these things," Grant sug-
gested. "We know nothing about
this country, but how long can
they hold back on consumer goods
and put money into missiles and
nuclear stockpiles once the people
know what they are missing?" he
American business is interested
in trading with Red China, which
offers a large market for ex-
ploitation. "Trade with Red China
is thoroughly compatible with
American self interest," Miss
Hagan said.
Trade with Red China can help
bring that country to the "dan-


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