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March 18, 1962 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1962-03-18

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within the organization, and b)
inform the students at Michigan
of NSA stands.
. . . and some of the areas in

which the Council should work:
1) An investigation must be made
into the rules and regulations
concerning student affairs. 2) We
must study further the present
calendaring process. 3) We must
do research and make suggestions
on the deeper ramifications of
year-round operation of the Uni-
versity as it pertains to student
activities. 4) As always, the Coun-
cil, and the campus, suffers from a
lack of communication between
the two groups. Permanent lines
must be established in this area if
the Council is to purport to repre-
sent students.
Some concepts on the Council
in general:
1) The existence of a Political
Party on the Council has initiated
a polarization' which results in a
subversion of individual thought
and debate to the dictates of the
I will continue my efforts to in-
troduce new ideas and points of
view in debate rather than simply
provide voting opposition.
2) Most forms of iotical label
are libel.
for all the students, including
graduate students, in public pol-
icy pronouncements, but also be-
cause many internal University
policy actions taken by Council
directly or indirectly affect grad-
uate students. I also believe that
all students should take part of
the responsibility of determining
University policy, and that all stu-
dents should work toward integra-
tion and unity of the University as
a whole.
I believe that the following
items are among those which SGC
should act upon or investigate:
1) Council should more fully
realize its function as an educa-
tional adjunct of the University,
perhaps at the expense of being
somewhat less concerned with its
role of arbiter of student organi-
zations - as exemplified by the
recent farce in regard to the pro-
posed constitutional changes of
the Panhellenic Association. A
study should be made to determine
in what manner SOC can best act
to further the educational aims of-
the University.

3) Legislation must be the cul-
mination, not the beginning of an
idea. Only after a Council member
has consulted with faculty, ad-
ministration, and st u d e n ts, -
after he has informally discussed
his proposal with other Council
members and conducted research
with authorities, should legislation
appear before the body. If the
above procedure were followed, ul-
timate legislation would be far
more effective.
4) Currently on SGC there
exists a dichotomy between theory
and practical workability with leg-
islation. Consequently, too many
times, legislation dies after leav-
ing the -table. This is as a result
of administrative roadblocks
which were not considered during
the discussion.
5) Positive benefit can only
come when student, faculty, and
administration work together,
within the Council, toward change
(OSA Study Committee). When
SGC is childishly used as a pres-
sure group, nothing will move, and
the "voice of the students" will be
Thank you for your considera-
tion of my candidacy for re-elec-
tion to SGC.
2) Council should approach all
proposed pronouncements on mat-
ters outside regular University af-
fairs with extreme caution. All
statements issued should be truly
representative of student opinion,
and the possible ramifications of
these statements in regard to ad-
verse reaction by the public to-
ward the University or its students
should be thoroughly analyzed. I
suggest a poll of a random sample
of students on each public issue
contemplated as an aid to Council
in making final decisions.
3) Michigan's membership in.
the National Students Association
should be investigated - especial-
ly in regard to campus selection of
representatives, the question of
whether or not NSA is a truly rep-
resentative body itself, and the
value of the organization to the
students of this University.
4) The proposed Office of Stu-
dent Affairs appears to be an idea
of much possible merit; but it
should be thoroughly studied be-
fore the final far-reaching deci-
sion is made.

S tan
'L ubin
Student Government Council
Committee on the University;
SGC Judic Study Committee;
Voice Political Party, East Quad-
rangle Social Chairman; East
Quadrangle Council; Young
Democrats; Hinsdale IDouse So-
cial Chairman, Hinsdale House
Council; House Michigras Chair-
man, House Homecoming Chair-
man, Michigan Union Social
Committee; Michigan Union
Hospital Show; Exam Week
Movies Chairman; Student
Bookstore Chairman.
Right now there are so many
problems facing SGC that it is
impossible to list them all in the
space allotted. Following are just
a few of the major problems fac-
ing the Council and what I pro-
pose should be done about them.
1. SGC has not taken any fol-
low-up action on legislation after
it passes. As a result, some im-
Mon berg.
Delta Upsilon Fraternity -
P u bli c Relations Committee
Chairman, Co-Rushing Chair-
man, Executive Council Mem-
ber-at-Large, Miehigras Com-
mittee; Michigan Union -
Public Relations Committee.
These days, the first thing the
student electorate wants to know
about a candidate is his degree of.
leftness or rightness. This is un-
fortunate., Factionalism of this
sort is a mounting impediment to
smooth SGC functioning. It was
the original idea that ,SGC elec-
tions and politics be non-partisan,
at least with respect to the nation-
al parties.
I am conservative in partisan
matters. I avoid and regret the in-
creasingly partisan flavor of cam-

portant SGC legislation has been
sitting around gathering dust. In
October, the Council passed a
resolution asking for drastic
changes in the Women's Non-Aca-
demic Evaluation Forms. Once it
passed, the resolution was com-
pletely forgotten about. I think
that SGC should have gone furth-
er and sent a Council member to

the Board of Governor's meeting
to speak for the resolution. At
least, then the Board would have
had to give this resolution some
thought, instead of ignoring it.
Also, SGC set up many import-
ant committees to look into vari-
ous areas of campus life. Many of
these committees haven't even met
as yet, and the Council hasn't
cared to do anything about this.
I think that SGC should take a
look into past legislation and take
some follow-up action wherever
necessary, such as the two areas
above .
2. The Judiciary system on cam-
put is in need of revision. The
OSA report suggests this, but does
not go far enough. The various
Judics are still under the thumb
of the administration and students
are still being subjected to arbi-
trary punitive decisions at the
hands of the Administration.
3. SGC should proceed with "all
due speed" to make sure that all
of the Fraternity and Sorority
membership statements are ade-
quate. The Council and any houses
which are in violation of the regu-
lations should also get to work on
eliminating all Bias Clauses which
sent 1,300,000 students, manifests
an extremist philosophy which ob-
viously does not reflect the wishes
of the "represented". Probably
only a minority of the "represent-
ed" has heard of NSA in even
fragmentary detail. The source of
the ideas promulgated by NSA as
those of US students is, in fact,
the opinions of a small and
shrinking (but shrieking) radical
The idea of a national forum
for student ideas is sound. But if
the forum remains this far di-
vorced from the realities of the-
wishes of the student public, it
must be blitzed. I propose that the
Council do whatever possible to
renovate NSA within its original
concept. If it proves impossible to
rehabilitate NSA, let's scrap it.
Campus bias must be eliminat-
ed. The wrong way to end it is by
inflaming and alienating those
who condone it. The method of
proven results: patient education
aimed at an eventual buildup of
tolerance and a tradition of fair
play. I am sorry that this is so; I

Also, arbitrary discrimination i:
private housing should be elimi
nated as quickly as possible.
4. I would like to see a few mor
student services on campus, suc
as an expanded book exchang
and a student airflight or trai
trip over the holidays to provid
group transportation home fc
students at economical rates.
5. The U. of M. is not a blot o
empty space. We must commun:
cate with various student Gov't
around the country, and the mos
effective way to do this is throug
the National Student Assoc. I pro
pose that SGC establish a stand
ing committee to handle NSA a
fairs and coordinate their activ:
ties with SGC.
These issues are more importar
ones facing SGC today. Also ob
vious is the OSA report, which
currently being debated. SG
should give careful consideratic
to this report and make sure thi
its recommendations are brougl
to the right people.
I also call for the replacement o
the Hare system of tabulation I
a fairer and more efficient method
In short, I will take steps to se
that SGC takes more initiative b
all areas affecting students on tI
U. of M. campus.


McA lien
Buckeye Boys State - Pres-
ident of Bar; Princeton Univer-
sity -- Young Republican Club,
America Whig Cliosophic So-
ciety Party Whip; Ohio Univer-
sity - Parliamentarian of Mock'
Democratic Convention, Young
Republican Club; Editor high
school newspaper; P r e c i n c t
Committeeman in hometown for,
Republican Party; Member of
University Young Republican
Club; Delegate to College Feder-
ation of Young Republican
Clubs State Convention, Mem-
ber of Platform Committee.

detest bigotry. But the bigc
won't be pressured nor their a
titudes legislated. Bigots must
Paternalism? There's mt
more about than necessary for V
more mature, trustworthy stude
public today. Council will havev
support in its efforts to cut p
ternalism to a bedrock minimv
Joint Judiciary is too wid
misunderstood. A review of
jurisdictional powers and restr
tions is needed to expose possi
"double jeopardy", unfair pros
cutions, and the like. If Judic
really fair both in theory and
results, the students should ha
the facts necessary to appreci:
this; if not, changes are mpand
SGC should get hopping on fi
uring out what the effects of yea
round operation of the Univers
will be. Year-round operati
seems inevitable. It will affect v
tually every area of SGC conce
Too little has been done to an
lyze and p r e p a r e for the

pus politics, but if pressed, I'll ad-
mit to tending mildly toward the
The National Student Associa-
tion is a potential danger. This
organization, purporting to repre-

U \..Gi t/ YYLiVi14iC. 1tI ii W Gi.L G- (12VV Via, Navw uv vua~as +aywu

.. t

Six Seats, Nine candidates: ount iht D

ci des


SGC Considers Major Issues

Adequacy of membership selec-
tion, statements, the Office of
Student Affairs and the United
States National Student Associa-
tion were the main'areas of con-
cern for Student Government
Council since the last election.
In December, Council passed
legislation setting a January 17
deadline for all fraternities and
sororities to submit their mem-
bership selection clauses and their
interpretations to the Office of
Student Affairs. This action was
designed as part of the Committee
on Membership Selection in Stu-
dent Organization's process of en-
forcing Regent's by-law 2.14
against bias in student organiza-
The means for determining ade-
nucvo nf theses tatements. anu-e

a complete statement. Otherwise,
it will be subject to disciplinary
action by SGC.
The Council also sent letters to
fraternities and sororities explain-
ing the adequacy of statement
procedures to them.
SGC passed last Wednesday its
comments on the Office of Stu-
dent Affairs Study Committee
report after previously considering
reports submitted by four commit-
tees established to study the re-
port. The Council urged a more
definitive educational philosophy
for the OSA, a policy commission,
subject to the vice-president for
student affairs, that would with
students in its membership estab-
lish rules and regulations for stu-
dent extra-classroom conduct, the
granting of apartment permission

which neither the administrati
nor SGC could abridge.
The Council scheduled a ref
endam on University participati
in NSA and a week later rescind
the action. It adopted a new poli
toward the organization, design
to emphasize SGC's desire for
to become a "confederation of st
dent governments". Only Coun
members may attend NSA natio
al and regional congresses and t
association was asked to cone
with SOC when it appointed U
versity students to staff positio
or hold projects on this campus
The Council also added init
tive and referendum procedures
its plan. With 1000 signatures s
dents may place questions on t
ballot except in areas dealing w
Council's administrative functic
Tn ha nnnrnvet .3000r 75' r

COUNT DOWN--Two weeks of campaigning is climaxed by the
election- and Count Night. Ballot boxes are collected from the

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