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March 15, 1964 - Image 15

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The Michigan Daily, 1964-03-15

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New Women's Coats Show an All-Occasion


Progress Aids Creation
Of Elegant Night Goww

Several new styles are being
featured in women's rainwear this
season. Women are wearing plas-
tic or rubber slickers in bright
colors, detective-style trenchcoats
and bright plaids.
The slicker, like those worn by
firemen and sailors, usually comes
in bright red or yellow and is
made of plastic or rubber. It is
fastened with metal clasps or zip-
pers and is guaranteed waterproof.
The new look in trenchcoats is
the detective style, belted with a
turn-up collar. It may be worn
with or without the belt and comes
in solid and neutral colors.
- Plaids Brighter
Plaids are brighter than usual.
In addition to the large plaids in
more subdued tones, small plaid
patterns with intense colors like
those in slickers are common.
Many prints, also in bright colors,
are being sold.
The bright plaids are found in
both plastic materials like the
slickers and the usual trenchcoat
The traditional trenchcoat, un-
belted and in beige, green, black,
white or blue is still around. New
solid colors are navy and maroon,
following the prevalence in other
types of clothing.
With the exception of the de-
tective-style collar, collars tend to
be small and may be in a fabric
different from the rest of the
garment. Velveteen or suede, bor-I
dered by the same fabric- as the
rest of the garment, is common.
Purses Show
The Problems
A Woman Has
Much has been said about wom-
en's purses. People joke about their
size, the paraphernalia carried in
them and many othet things.
What most men don't realize is the
vital necessity for large purses and
the things that women carry in
There are two reasons why
women need the extra space of a
large purse. First, women's clothes
are not covered with pockets like
men's suits and pants are. In
fact, there is a conspicuous ab-
eence of pockets in women's
clothes. Second, women, have to
carry more things with them.
One of a girl's biggest problems
when ,she goes to a fancy dress
party. where she can't take a big
purse, is finding some place to car-
ry the things that are necessary
for her continued good appear-
They Need More
Why do women seem to need so
many more things than men? It
is a characteristic of the femi-
nine personality that they are
more conscious of their appear-
ance. Very few boys will look at a
girl if her hair is in her face.
Also, a woman's appearance is
harder to keep up. Her hair is
longer, she is expected to wear
makeup, and she is expected to
wear a variety of different style
clothes for the variety of the dif-
ferent social occasions that arise.
The average man on campus
could go through the entire day
on campus in just a suit, go out
that night in the same clothes and
still not offend anyone. A girl on
the other hand has to go change
her clothes, wash and set her hair,
and go through all sorts of com-
plicated processes to look attrac-
tive on a date.

THIS SEASON'S FASHIONS have been emphasized by the attractive styles available for all occasions this spring. Shown here are two
examples of the latest trends in rainwear and in the more formal cape coat.

Bangles, Beads Emphasize
A Jewel Year of Fashion

Cosmetic Users Make. Change
To In formal Looking Colors

Bangles and beads are "in" for
spring jewelry on campus. Next
season's trends toward wearing
m o r e jewelry will emphasize
bright, muted, pastel colors with
larger size but definitely feminine
Ann Arbor dealers report 'that
this will be a "jewelry year." Uni-
versity women will be wearing
more bracelets, pins, necklaces and
earrings to highlight and accent
shifts and other plain and simple
styles that are so popular on
Almost all fashion jewelry for
this spring will be made of num-
erous types of plastics and syn-
thetics. Gold and sterling silver
are disappearing particularly from
daytime wear; although they may
reappear in mid-summer. Little
Sport Clothes Set
'Masculine' Trend
Ever since the. emancipation of
women the trend in sports clothes
has become more and more "mas-
culine." The traditional skirts have
given way to slacks and bermudas.
This has raised some displeasure
among the male sex. The mascu-
line female clothes style just does
not seem to appeal.
Women, however, are not about
to give up the comfort of slacks
and bermudas simply to satisfy
some male quirk.. With typical fe-
male ingenuity they've managed
to work out a compromise this'
year. The new culotte style com-
bines the comfort of slacks and
bermudas with the feminine looks
of the skirt.
On the other hand, however,
there is the particularly mas-
culine view that there is some-
thing very much to be desired
in having women year slacks and
So while the intellectuals and
moral philosophers object to re-
cent fashions, the campus John
Q. is fighting hard in their favor.

will be seen of ornaments made of
wood and cork.
Flat and Round Beads
Accenting daytime garments will
be long chains of flat and round
beads of bright and often gaudy
colors. The five or six strands of
bright beads will alsohbe popular
in necklaces, while the trend in
bracelets has and still is moving
sharply toward the single band
or "bangle" bracelet. New spring
versions of these bangle bracelets
come in a variety of colors and
designs such as stripes and polka
These bangle bracelets are one
of the main contributors to the
new, wilder, "native look," because
women will not only wear them in
the traditional way, around the
wrist, but also around the arm,
just above or below the elbow.
Band bracelets especially for the
ankle will replace ankle chains and
compliment sporty slacks or ber-
muda outfits.
Jewelry in the same line of
bright beads and bracelets will
highlight evening and dressy gar-
ments, but silver and gold will
also be popular with this type of
Pierced Ears Popular
Tailored drop and button ear-
rings are becoming more common
and pierced ears are popular at
the University.
The "Cleopatra" look has died
out and sunburst and serpent
necklaces, rhinestone tiaras and
jewels have gone out of style.
Jewelry will be bigger, brighter
and more noticeable, and college
women will wear more of it with
their school, casual, and dressy

Down wth Cleopatra and My
Fair Lady. Up with Navy Pink
Night, Cool Sands, Cat's Eye
Green and Tiger Eye.
These were the recent outcries
from c o s m e t i c manufacturers
ranging from Revlon to Germaine
Monteil. After three years of the
corpse-white look, make-up artists
have turned to a new natural, in-
formal line for spring.
The new look in makeup is deli-
cate, colorful, and soft. Black eyes
and white lips are taboo, as beiges,
blues and brilliant pinks steal the
scene. Cleopatra will pack her bags
and leave campus and the all-
American girl will at last return.
Eyes Are Out?
Eyes are on the way out. No
longer will focus be on heavily
lined lids and lashes. Fine lines on
lids remain as the only apparent
trace of make-up. A touch of eye-
shadow for evening prevails with
shadow hues muted to blues, greys
and greens.
Most excitement in the shadow
field has been caused by a newly-
developed gold or platinum dust-
ing powder to be applied after the
lighter shades. Once again, make-
up manufacturers have outdone
themselves in naming their pro-
ducts. Cat's Eye Green, Tiger Eye,
Platinum Sable, and Lynx Green
head the list.
With less eye attraction, lips
are receiving most attention this
Gay, Adventurous
"Lips are gay, light, adventur-
ous, with brige new colors from
pace setter shades," Germaine
Monteil, cosmetic manufacturer,
commented. 'Colors are soft with-
out being dull and radiant without

being hard. Lips go gay with bril-
liant pinks."
Tones for lipsticks have gone
from slab-white to colorful, yet
pale, tones. Younger girls will go
from pink to rose shades. Older
women will choose deeper rose to
red hues.
All shades have been designed
to compliment this spring's navy
and oyster - white - beige fashion
colors. Both shades and names are
in close competition for original-
ity this spring with Navy Pink
Day, Cool Sands and Navy Pink
Night highlighting display win-
dows everywhere.
Perfumes for Personality
Foundation and perfumes re-
main chosen to blend with indi-
vidual need and personality. On
the whole, make-up will be used
sparingly and colors turned more
to beiges and tans. Foundation-
powder mixtures will be popular
as the greasy and layer looks go
Rouge takes on new life in the
fashion s c e n e. Newly - developed
brush-on cake rouge has set a new
pace for cosmetologists. Even
fresher than this is a new under-
coat rouge which has emerged just
in time for spring lines. Both
types of rouge attempt to give an
overall rosy, fresh look.
All in all, recent cosmetic
trends are giving American women
a much fresher, more natural,

Cape coats are a high fashion
item that will be a rare sight in
typically conservative Ann Arbor.
The cape has been promoted by
fashion magazines in recent years
but has never been a popular item
and won't be- this spring. Promo-
tion for capes is currently higher
than usual but any trend of buying
capes will be limited and short
This may be because utility is
not a characteristic of the cape.
It lends itself neither to carrying
books or driving a car. If short
enough, it is convenient for riding
a bicycle although then it is gross-
ly out of character.
For the girl with a surplus of
spring apparel and a flair for
highly fashionable attire, the cape
can be a strikingly feminine addi-
tion to her wardrobe.
Cape coats are available in
slightly military tailored forms
and dramatically flowing untail-
ored half circles. Some sleeved
coats reflect the cape influence
having a slightly caped effect at
the shoulders-
Suits and dresses have been ap-
pearing with a cape. A basic
sheath with a cape of various
length represents the common
mode in cape dresses. Capes re-
place the coat in suits and re-
quire that the blouse be tucked in.
Tucked in blouses with cape suits
influence this practice in suits in
Generally, however, despite its
difficult characteristics, the cape
coat appears to be here to stay
at least for a while.
Pastel Blouses'
Bring in Style
This Summer
Nothing heralds the arrival of
spring more than packing away
ski sweaters, crew-necks, and
bulky cable knits. The ever-popu-
lar tailored blouse then steps into
the fashion spotlight.
Spring 1964 brings news of the
new Arnel crepe blouses in lovely
pastel shades. These smart blouses,
to be worn under shifts or with
suits, also come in 100 per cent
Dacron. Special features include
softly folded collars and long ties.
Soft and feminine is the look for
this spring.
Also new this spring is the "old-
fashioned" blouse which has been
popularized by the movie "Tom
Jones." Made up in fine cottons,
these blouses will be seen in white
and other soft shades of blue, pink
and yellow. An extremely feminine
variation is this style made up in
white dotted Swiss.
"Old World" fabrics have added
to the effects to be gained by the
"old-fashioned" blouse.

On those cold wintry nights,
when only a wooden log separated
families from the brutal outdoors
and their bodies, sleeping wear had
to be heavy and above all, warm.
Pioneer women found it neces-
sary to sleep in heavy undercloth-
ing, overclothing, and thick home-
spun night gowns that might pos-
sibly keep out the cold. This bulk
of clothing was then supplement-
ed by heavy blankets and cover-
But science progressed, and soon
Americans discovered that marve-
lous device of indoor heating.
Women didn't pass up their
chance. From those bulky, un-
gainly bundles they had worn to
sleep in, they passed to beautiful,
elegant, and, more often than not,
scanty night wear.
Elegance from Hollywood
Elegant sleep wear, particularly
popularized by romantic movies of
Hollywood's imagination, became
the idea purchase for women of
America, This spring, styles are
showing a revival of long night-
gowns, and a new innovative note.
The long nightgowns range from
delicate prints of cotton to sweep-
ing negligees of silk. The delicate
printed nightgowns that generally
have high buttoned necks adorn-
ed with faint lace ruffles, are
highly reminiscent of old fashion-
ed sweetness. The gradual progres-
sion from this modest style to the
daring scantiness of Hollywood
fame can be seen in the spring
styles of night wear. Dacron night
gowns are particularly popular this
season with their lightweight qual-
And, of course, there are the
negligees. The lovely peignoirs are
ever popular, and young girls have
their fantasies fed on by the lus-
cious pictures in ads and on tele-
Night Shirts Popular
But probably the most, popular
style of this season is the night
shirt. Girls find the cotton, loose
fitting outfits extremely com-
fortable and extremely stylish.
The night shirts can Le pur-
chased in prints, plaids, or stripes.
Even the patch work pattern has
become extremely popular, and
night shirts made of wildly clash-
ing patterned patches can be pur-
Another favorite form of sleep
wear is the ever popular college
night shirt. These night shirts
made of jersey, have a V-neck,
short sleeves and extend to the
knees where they are slit.

One of the cutest adornments of
these shirts is the night cap that
goes with them. Of a color or pat-
tern matching that of the shirt
itself, it adds character to the out-
fit. Many have found that the
addition of tights and a long-
sleeved jersey produce an elfin
look, often quite desirable.
Of course, night gowns and night
shirts have not entirely taken over
the market for women's pajamas.
Pajamas, particularly shorties, are,
as always, extremely popular. In
either models resembling blouses
and bermuda outfits or blouse and
jamaica shorts outfit, these are
perennially popular.
The shorty pajama comes in
many different styles. The top may
be bloused and long, coming al-
most to the knee, or else it may
be very short, alnost a bikini type
Bikini Pajamas
Incidentally, the bikini is not
going to be only on the beaches,
Its popularity has spread to the
bedroom. Young women every-
where are cooly and comfortably
dressing themselves in the scanty
bikini pajamas for those hot sum-
mer nights.
What, though, has been worn to
cover these sleeping outfits? Bath-
robes, of every color and style
have invaded the market. In par-
ticular, the long bathrobe is be-
coming popular. Very often, this
long bathrobe is of a fitted style
that flares out at the waist and
then reaches the floor. Or else,
the robe may clutch at the waist
and then very gently curve to the
Short robes, too, are quite pop-
ular. These come in most every
color and are characterized by
wild color combinations. The three
quarter length sleeve of these
robes is particularly popular.
- But a woman's sleeping outfit
is not completed when she has her
gown and robe. Two other essen-
tials are needed: slippers and a
night cap. The slippers are gen-
erally of a matching color so they
go well with the robe. Probably
the most popular slippers of today
are the soft ped type covering
that fold easily and bend comfort-
ably with the foot. They come in
about every shade and pattern
with interesting patterns and de-
Of course, this does not mean'
that the ever popular elegant high
heeled slipper is out of the picture.
The sling backed slipper and the
golden slipper are, as always, very

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