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March 15, 1964 - Image 16

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The Michigan Daily, 1964-03-15

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SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 1964 1



Beatle Invasion SweepsU.S.

Sportsmen Don Formal Wear

Summer Fashions Show
Growth of Fad for Patches

n :

In 1754, Thomas Gage was sen
to the American colonies as a
lieutenant-colonel in the British
infantry. It was under his admin-
istration that the American col-
onies were incited to revolt and
form the United States of Amer-
This year, 210 years after Lieu-
tenant-Colonel Gage landed here,
the British have again sent some-
thing revolting to North America,
a singing group named the Beatles.
It is questionable which of the
two, Gage or the Beatles, will
eventually have the greatest ef-
fect on the history of America
and of the world.
But no matter what the long-
range effects the Beatles will have,
they have certainly had a great
effect on American fashion trends:
changing some and creating oth-
Fashions Created
Among the fashions created has
been what is certain to be the
biggest thing since hula hoops,
Beatle wigs. What few people real-
ize, however, is that these charm-
ing inventions are not only in
style but are also very practical.
First of all, few people have
ever thought about the warmth
to be gotten from a Beatle wig.
Just think what, one Beatle wig
can replace! Wearing a wig will
mean that the owner will no long-
er be bothered with the problem
of cold ears as he runs for his
"eight o'clock" in the Frieze Bldg.
on winter mornings. And as spring
comes on, the wig will still be
useful for keeping that early-
morning chill off tender freshman
If you wish to buy a wig to
be proud of, one on which the
hair comes down to the shoulders
or below, you won't have to buy
a scarf either. Instead of having
your neck protected by unfriend-
ly layers of cold silk, you can be
comfortable and cozy with your

to owning a Beatle wig that every-
one should be aware of. In the
first place, the first time you pass
a dog in an angry mood, you
will very probably get a series of
nasty growls if you are lucky
enough not to be attacked out-
right. And you really can't blame
the dog. With something like that
on your head you probably do bear
a very close resemblance to a
Chow or a Doberman Pincer with
the mange.
No End of Dangers
Of course, dangers to the wear-
er of a Beatle wig don't neces-
sarily end with the animal world.
The wig wearer, you must admit,
runs a healthy risk of. being mis-
taken by not only the neighbor-
hood Great Dane, but also by the
neighborhood dog catcher. As a
matter of fact, reliable sources
have it that an unfortunate man
in Salt Lake City was impounded
for not wearing a license and held
for 72 hours before officials could
be persuaded to even let him call a
lawyer! Obviously, Beatle wigs are
not something to be taken lightly.
Beatle wigs do have a practical
place in our society, both from the
standpoint of comfortand of con-
venience. But let the buyer be-
ware that he does not become the
victim of the evils common to
Beatle wig wearers.
Campus Women,
Create Fad For
Radical Glasses
The astounding increase in the
number of myopic female students
has caused a rash of new and
somewhat daring glass frames to
hit the market.
Among these are glass frames
of strange shape-popularly term-
ed the "Cleopatra" look, they are
characterized by inverted sides and
narrow lenses. The ever popular
plain black frame is stunningly,
decorated with silver or jewels.

DRESSED IN his strikingly handsome spring and summer formal wear, our young man about town
appears headed for an early evening formal. After exercising such good taste in his personal attire,
he appears confused as to whether or not his date would be irritated if he were to pick.her up on
his motorcycle. Anybody want to call him a cab?
Shoes Highlight Women's Designs
As Spring Arrives on 'U' Campus

Have you moved from rags to
riches or have you moved from
riches to rags?
Whatever the direction of your
movement, you needn't worry
about the suitability of your cloth-,
ing. The look of pauperism, of
do-it-yourself ingenuity is definite-,
ly in. Patches are are the rage,
for this season.,
The whole fad started with a1
conservative patch stuck on the
elbows of sweaters, usually a suede
material in much the same color
as the sweater itself. But as the
fad' took hold and spread from
men's sweaters to women's sweat-
ers and then to blouses and coats
and dresses, Americans became un-
inhibited and permitted the patch-
es to be made of wildly clashing
prints and colors.
Madras and Red Suede
Madras patches on the elbows
of plain colored blouses or red,
suede patches on the elbows of
pink sweaters and shirts livened
up the old stern conventionality of
American clothing.
From the casual, natural look
of the blending patches found in
old hunting and smoking jackets,
styles had moved to wild, flash-
ing colors. The clothing that had
been faintly reminiscent of aristo-
cratic English hunters became ob-
vious feminine attempts to be
The patches didn't stay on el-.
bows, however. They moved to
pockets and to scarves. Today
dresses are made out of a con-
glomeration of clashing patches.
The most stylish beachwear of the
day is the mumu made out of a
series of differently designed ma-
dras patches, of plain colored reds
and pinks and oranges, of sunny
prints and dots and stripes.
The wrap around skirt, made of

this strange patched together pat-
tern is now the rage. They can
be bought with matching blouses,
matching, that is, one of the
prints represented in the patches.
Women's clothing also has used
this patch style in' the normay
Ivy League shirts. Elbows will be
covered with anything from plain
colored patches that blend or
contrast beautifully with the color
of the shirt itself. Otherwise a
print or an off color of some kind
will be used to add color to the
Men's c 1o t h i n g, naturally
enough, has not been exempted
from the influence of the patch.
It can be seen not only on shirts
and sweaters, located in much the
same place as women's patches,
but also insswim suits and ber-
muda shorts.
Why Patches?
Whether the use of patches was
just an expedient for making nec-
essity appear like luxury or if it
was simply an, outgrowth of the
perennial, patches found on an old
washed out blue jeans is certain-
ly questionable.
But many theories as to the ori-
gin of the patch and the reason
for its sudden attraction have been
made. Is it an American attempt
to prove' what the poor can do
with just a little ingenuity?
Whatever the cause of the fad,
patches ,are at least permitting
Americans something never per-
mitted before: a certain original-
ity, a certain flare of the unusual
in their clothing.
Patches add the dash of color
needed to complete many blouse
and skirt combinations as well as
that needed to add moderating
tones to the pastels or sweaters.
By their durability and good looks
they are assured a place in this
fashion season.

p f


... the British are coming
neck well-protected by a thick
mat of black fur,.
Third Advantage
A third advantage to owning a
Beatle wig is that you are cer-
tain never to be bothered with
those petty questions that plague
the lives of non-owners. For in-
stance, would you want to ask the
time of day of a man, who, for
all you can see, is Neanderthal in-
carnate? Would you ask a man
for a dime if he reminded you of
the Abominable Snowman or the
lead in "Bride of Wolfman?" Of
course you wouldn't.
And so along with providing a
great deal of warmth for the own-
er, a Beatle wig is guaranteed to
keep away all sorts of minor an-
But there are definite dangers

When is a shoe not a shoe?
When it's snipped here and there
to form this season's favorite in
footwear. The bare look has
reached way down to the toes,
and shoes for women are taking
it all in stride.
This year's shoe is a puzzle of
bare leg and leather. The sides,
front, and back are cut out, and
the low, sling back is emphasized.
Most of them have a low, wide
heel for walking comfort, but
style makes them suitable for the
most dressy occasion.
Color has turned fickle by
blooming in patent leather reds,
bules and beiges. But black and
white are the real attractions. No

matter if it's a white strap on the
black shoe, or a black button on
white kid, the opposite hues pre-
sent a fresh contrast on milady's
foot. The feature on tweed suits
make these shoes a perfect match.
Special Hosiery
The narrow, naked look calls for
special hosiery. Stockings without
re-enforced heels, or hose with de-
signs are suggested by fashion ex-
For more casual wear, rubber-
soled slippers are looking excit-
ing. Embroidery, jewels, and nail-
head trim show new faces for
"flatties" that are so right with
slacks and shorts. If the beach is
your destiny for vacation now or
this summer, sandals are still the
easiest and most flattering way to
keep the sand away.
Heels this season have lowered
for all styles of shoes. The stack
heel, which faded in popularity
last fall, has picked up its second
wind. In fact, spike heels, prin-
cess height and Baby Louis have
waned, and the more comfortable
wood heel is again the rage.
Patent Leather
Patent leather takes first place
for materials, but zany prints and
bold checks aren't far behind for
the Spring shoe. For the girl who

wants to economize, there is a
spray-on patent leather polish in
pastel colors, and leather tinting
can be done at home.
Pretty outfits that match shoes
are still favorites with feminine
hearts. Do-it-yourself instructions
now are available for the ener-
getic miss.
Tennis shoes in all colors will.
be shown again this year with
various deviations in style. And for
the girl who isn't tempted by any
new designs, it's permissable to go
Hats and Scarves
Set Rain Fashions
Spring inevitably brings heavy
showers and misty, wet days. For
those young women anxious to
keep their curly locks curly, or
those anxious to keep, their
straight locks straight, stylists
have been busy devising becoming
and practical head gear.
The most popular headwear is
the plastic hat that now comes in
different colors and with differ-
ent patterns-flowered, dew drop-
ped, or lacy. Other convenient
styles are triangular scarves.




e big buy
safety and

N ,S-ender! Smart!
ythe NEW
by Sebi




IJow-get all the exclusive
comfort features of famous
U. S. Keds plus all the safety"
of a special, non-skid sole!MA1NSAll.
In rugged, crisp, white duck -special zigzag
washes easily, lasts for seasons. anti-skid sole
So good-looking, and so 8.45
reliable, you wear'em anywhere.
Come try a pair today! Men's
and women's sizes.
- ~eYesa~r


Black Brown.
Soft pebble grain.
High antique.
Black, $13.95

t -
our selection is complete
C/ e tenieto6et
two convenient locations

.Rr: :" "J1 S byiOlg
first lady of under-fashions
Thple Slip That's Really Pants
W m i.,it has finally happened. Here's a new lingerie design
that makes real fashion sense. It's called Panti-slip and it
looks just like a classic half-slip but it behaves like a panty. It's the
most beautiful (and practical) linge-
rie you can own. Now you'll wear
only one Panti-slip instead of panties
and half-slip. It's much less bulky
around waist and hips and much
more comfortable.
Pantislip is just as practical under /
sheaths as it is under bouffants. It's
the-ideal lingerie for cullottes.,
Unique divided leg construction
eliminates twisting and lets you feel
"safe" getting in and out of cars.
Of fine quality nylon tricot and
trimmed lavisly with nylon lace,
Panti-slip launders with ease and
requires no ironing. And wait until
you see the colors. Dreamy pastel
shades of mint, pineapple and
apricot trimmed with beige lace.
Also in popular white or black with
matching lace. Panti-slip is available Slip and Pantle In One
in petite, small, medium and large sizes and it's only $5.95. Featured
of Ann Arbor


4/ Top grade
tace-tkoe style

N+ .-

- ,6.45
circular vamp
--.:: :{: :": "style

All the daring simplicity of today's
high-fashion "Continental" footwear..,
all the unique moc comfort that's
Sebago's alone. For only Sebago-Moc's
exclusive Patented Welt Construction
frees and flexes the forepart . . . while
it neatly snugs the heel. In mellow-rich
leathers ... hand-lasted with smart,
high-riding hand-sewn vamp... a moc
value unsurpassed anywhere at any price!
Come in... try on a pair!

312 S. State

1203 S. Univ.








Open Daily 9 to 5:30
Monday until 8:30





and the shoe is U. S. KEDS

with the "fringe" a-top

Get that slim, tapered toe and "that great Keds feeling!"
Pick yourself a pair of our fresh, new Keds-in new 1962
colors-and you're ready for anything! Housework,
homework, loafing or living it up- you'll
get the comfort and the chic that come
only with the famous U. S. Keds
narrow and Medium widths.+'
SCHAMPION in classic

- . .d
s .S - +
: " . - t ; 2'
: Fe

better than ever for spring
India Madras-with colors that
"bleed," resulting in the softest,
richest blending possible in
correctly styled sport coats $19.95 up
raincoats, with attached hood $19.95
sportshirts, variety of styles $8.95

Burisbod brown
8.95 Wonderful wear-with-all casual
wraps your foot in mellow-rich
leather ... frees the toes, snugs the



heel for happiest walking ever!
Hand-sewn vamp ... by skilled Main.
craftsmen who take pride in every
stitch. Hand-rolled collar. Top quality



I 'k. .0

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