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November 06, 1960 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1960-11-06

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Ted Parnall
Staff, Phi Gamma Delta Frater-
The Michigan Student Govern-
ment Council's main concern must
necessarily be with what its very
name implies. It is an organiza-
tion made up of students attend-
ing this university, with the pri-
mary function of governing this
student body and aiding it in its
dealings with the administration.
The bulk of the issues then, will
be matters directly concerning the
students of the University; as a
representative body, SGC can jus-
tify no other primary purpose.
Beyond those issues of immedi-
ate significance to the students on
this campus other matters which
indirectly involve all Americans as
well as all students. Again, as SGC
is a representative body of this
campus, these affairs must be sub-

, Instead of trying to generalize
and vaguely represent myself by
answering the three posed ques-
tions, I feel you should 'know my
stand on pertinent issues in this
election to form a constructive
opinion of me as an SOC candi-
Membership Selection: I favor
selection of membership in all stu-
dent organizations on the basis of
personal merit.
Fraternity and Sorority Consti-
tutions: Fraternities and sororities
should not be required to submit
their entire constitutions including
rituals to any agency of student
Approach to Discrimination
Problem: Procedures dealing with
investigation of suspected viola-
tions should be outlined before
action is taken. Further examina-
tion of the problem by SGC and
organizations concerned is needed.
Immediate action is out of the'

Membership Lists of Student Or-
ganizations: Without such infor-
mation, the Council would be lend-
ing endorsement and the name of
the University to a group consist-
ing of unknowns.
Rushing: Rushing should be
supervised by the organizations di-
rectly concerned with, sorority and
fraternity policy formation, name-
ly, the IFC and Panhellenic Assn.
I would support no change in'
present rush plans that was not
mutually approved by the IFC
and IQC, or by Panhell and As-
sembly Assn.I
Student Book Store: I favor the
establishment of a Student Book
Store in a central campus loca-
tion -to sell new and used books
to students on a non-profit basis.
Use of Funds: Offices in the new
SAB wing will be used by the Ad-
ministration. I believe students
Would have preferred their funds
to be 'expended to better educa-
tional facilities to help retain uni-
versity professors at Michigan.
Role of SGC: Clothed with
broad powers, SGC oversees the
operation of student organizations
and activities at Michigan. This
is its main function.
Expression of Student Opinion:
I feel SGC is obliged to seek ample
proof that any expression of stu-
dent opinion to the "outside
world" is, in fact, the true opinion
of the student body.
Thank you for your considera-
tion of my candidacy.

Manager Student Book Ex-
change, Michigras sub-chair.
man, Student Activities Build-
ing Administrative 'Board, In-
terfraternity Council Fraternity
Relations Committee, JIFC --
Chairman Fraternity Services
Committee, Alpha Delta Phi-
The primary function of the
University is education both direct
and indirect. Student Government
Council is very important in the
field of indirect education as it
gives the student a chance to par-
ticipate in educational activities
outside the classroom.
Student Government Council is
not however, a debating club where
a few interested participants soap-
box subjects of narrow interest or
a radical nature. Controversial
matters, of course, will come up
for debate but such issues should
not be allowed to monopolize the'
council's time.
1) Student Government Coun-
cil has concerned itself too much
with outside issues, such as, na-

tional and international problems.
Instead it should focus its efforts
with problems and services involv-
ing students on the campus.
The problems. in off-campus
housing should be studied care-
fully by an SGC committee in or-
der to find out just what these
problems involve.
The area of fraternity and sor-
ority rushing should be left in the
hands of IFC and Panhellenic. IFC
has recently set up a rush study
committee to study rushing very
carefully. The outcome of this
study should be the basis for any
decision by SGC.
The files in theDean of Wom-
en's and the Dean of Men's of-
fices containing reports from such
people as Resident Advisors should
be reduced in quantity. These re-
ports are often unfair to students
since they are hastily written due
to the large number' of students
under one advisor in the residence
2) The Committee on Member-
ship in Student Organizations is
a necessary means to bring about
the end of discrimination on the
campus. There should be two func-
tions of this committee. First, the
committee must have written proof
from everystudent organization
that the.membership and other op-
portunities of that organization
shall. be on the basis of personal
merit not race, color, religion,
creed, national origin, or ancestry.
This written proof can either be
in form of a constitution or a
statement from the organization
regarding their membership.
The second function of this
committee must be to encourage
among individuals in campus or-
ganizations a desire for the ob-
servance of all human rights with-
in the individual's own scope.
3) SGC should work to provide
services for students and as 4
channel for students to voice their
grievances to the University. SGC
should help the University agen-
cies which benefit students.

.: ,



...M Y +.Mr sq+ w r iL..ii #,

Louise Ko

Gilbert and Sullivan - The
SGC should concern itself with
all issues and programs affectingM
the students, whether these are of
a personal interest or of an inter-
national nature. The Young Re-
publicans, the Young Democrats,
and the International Students
Association are examples of our!
progress in this area. I feel, how-
ever, that more liberal groups
such as the NAACP should be
represented by student organiza-
tions which are recognized as such
by the Council. The student would
thus feel free to express his ideas
among his peers.
If SGC has more influence on
student activities, then there will
be- more active participation in,
student government affairs. A clos-
er, more personal relationship be-
tween the Council and each in-
dividual student must be devel-
oped, otherwise the present feel-
ing of apathy will remain.
Since SGC serves as a liaison
between the students on campus
and the administration, there are
several suggestions that I would
like to bring before the adminis-
tration, if I am elected. 1) First,
the number of scholarships tp un-

dergraduate, foreign students
should be extended. Understand-
ing reactions and views of people
with different backgrounds is an
important part of a college educa-
tion. Likewise, I think more of our
students might study in foreign
2) Next, the problem of Univer-
sity Housing as it pertains to
women, comes to mind. Here, I
suggest that instead of building
more dormitories for women, ei-
ther more co-op houses be opened
or the age necessary for obtaining
an apartment be lowered. After
all, dormitory living is rather ex-
pensive. Also, upon coming to col-
lege, adult responsibilities are giv-
en to us; and thus we should be
given some of the privileges as
well, such as more independence.
Besides, the hour regulations which
a coed must meet are very strict.
The above conditions are especial-
ly depressing since our male-coun-
terparts have gained these free-
doms. Another denied privilege is
the giving of more authority to
the students in running their af-'
fairs. However, with more active
student participation this right.
may be won.I
3) For my third recommenda-
tion, I seriously suggest abolishing!
the giving of letter grades. To me,
our society is much too competi-
tive. The student in school re-
ceives pressures to do well from
his parents as well as from the
University. Even his future suc-1
cess in the business world depends
on his college record. Such rivalry
only encourages cheating and de-'
veloping of mental illnesses. Per-
haps instead of getting grades, sat-
isfactory or unsatisfactory marks,
could be given.1
SGC is the unifying factor of
all student organizations. I feel
that its purpose is not to act like
a supervision or law enforcement
agency. It should intervene only;
when basic human rights are be-
ing denied such as discrimination.
It is. the duty of the Council to
see that student organizations se-;
lect their members on the basis ofa
individual merit and not deny peo-
ple because of race, color, or creed.
I hope you will keep my plat-
form in mind when you vote.


Student Government Council
Member, Chairman SGC Calen-
daring Committee; National Stu-
dent Association Delegate; Del-
egate Student-Faculty Adminis-
trative Conference.
The relationship of Student
Government Council to the indi-
vidual student, the student organ-
ization and the University in-
cludes the programs, policies and
issues which are its concern.
iTherefore I shall answer questions
1 and 3 jointly.
The immediate purpose of the
Council is to provide the means
whereby students may organize
so as to be able to participate ef-,
fectively in those functions of a
university which directly affect
their social, economic, physical
and intellectual welfare. Where
the Council is unable to partici-
pate in policy formation, it has the
obligation of expressing student
opinion when necessary.
A major function of this Coun-
cil is to coordinate all of its ac-
tivities and those of the Universi-
ty to make possible the maximum
return to the entire educational
community of students, faculty,
and administration. Its constant
aim must be one of service to the
whole university community.
Student Government Council has
a constant responsibility to be vig-
ilant of the welfare of the entire
student community, realizing that
the educational purpose of sepa-
rate collegiate communities are re-
lated to each other, and that
changes and conditions at one in-
stitution are significant to all stu-
Finailly the future and effect-'


iveness of SOC will depend upon
to what degree it fulfills its role
of taking a dynamic part in the
entire area of studentrconcern,
particularly as it relates to this
The Committee on Membership
Selection in Student Organiza-
tions has three major functions.
They are: The formation of poli-
cies which will further the prac-
tice of the regulation on Member-
ship in Student Organizations, the
investigation of ways which will
best facilitate the practice of this
regulation, and the administration
of an educational program which
will bring about an attitude of ac-
ceptance which will make this
regulation meaningful.
Student Government Council
must administer the Selective
Practices Regulation with a de-
gree of firmness and conviction
which will give it validity. How-
ever in fulfilling this responsibili-
ty the Council must remember
that attitudes are long set and
will only change over a period of
time. Further it must not act in a
manner which will destroy the se-
lective nature of certain student

Zeta Beta Tau fraternity, Soph
Show Sub-committee chairman.
1) It is my belief that SGC
should concern themselves with
efficient campus government pri-
marily and national issues sec-
ondly. While interest in minority
groups is fine and noble, SGC's
main responsibility should be to
the Michigan student body.
2) The Committee on Member-
ship Selection in Student Organi-
zations will eventually, in my opin-
ion, have the right to investigate
the membership clause in any stu-
dent organization if it so desires.
SGC should activate this program
as soon as possible but should
take care to orientate the indi-
vidual fraternities and sororities
about the rational behind the
issue. For example, SGC should
explain to the Greeks that this
committee hopes to give the fra-
ternity or sorority the opportunity
to pledge a Negro, Jew, etc. and
does not hope to force them to
take any member whom they do
not want to take.
I believe that SGC should cor-
respond with the national fra-
ternities and sororities about any
type of considered legislation rele-
vant to them. This would, I feel,
climinate the friction between
SGC and these national organiza-
tions that is brought about by
simply misunderstanding the pre-
posed legislation.
I also believe that SOC should
have some type of "open house"
where each week a member of the
council would have the opportun-
ity to meet with a representative
of every housing unit on campus
solely for the purpose of explain-
ing to them the rationale and
motivation behind proposed legis-
lation. The representatives would
then be able to go to their housing
units and relate this information
to their roommates, neighbors and
friends. This, I feel, would be a
much more efficient way of com-
municating SOC issues to the
campus and would reduce student
apathy. One can't be interested
in and support enthusiastically
and intelligently an issue that he
doesn't fully understand.
SOC should exercise to a much
greater extent their function of
being the voice of the student
body. Council members should cir-
culate among studentssand take
polls in order to determine the
opinion of the student body. Then,
knowing that they correctly rep-
resent the majority of the student
body, and that the student body
is enthusiastically supportingi
them, they could express strong
student opinion to the adminis-
tration in hopes of changing situ-
ations like women's off-campus
housing regulations, etc.
This, in a "nut shell," is my
platform. I would appreciate your
most thorough consideration while
reading this statement. If anyone
wishes to discuss anything with
me, I invite you to contact me
at your convenience for I would
be most interested and happy to

Careful Consideration

U :..v:-::-:c~x:<':z~o 7. - - -4

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