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November 22, 1969 - Image 4

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[a] teJnduenpdb stedent i ,frthe Uiventy fMhjo

- tIn ij aII'Ud iedt( !Vi
A gnew and te meia: Poi tcsas usual


lFT 3.011 iaid%111i1ai ________

I _ l \'nyv.I J St.,\Ann iv\rherPv\ cli

Nes hoe:161,95

- . .

A '', hLAY, NOVE. ..bER :.2 PlY



j 0 0
' '..I

11 U NIVERSITY appears to be moving
in the direction of adopting a quasi
''upeti atm issions'' policy by dedicating
self I U n aTeasieg Blacik enrollment to
21) jer 'nt.
The LU heel mu School lacult y has cii -
clt'~>c(l ''in Pt'iticiPle' the demand of its
I heeL (>' tic es to increase the numbel' of
I ili~'k fec ott y and students to 20 per cent
4 t Tic school. (Current Black enrollment
I Ltsee per cent 01 1 lie studetit popola-
1 jOts :111(1 1 litre are only two Blacks emong
11 te II II tecn It y members
~ 'I IL I 'P01 P AiIM i~itli reimlot iotis is I hat
0111 tollS Ii I I WY may be endorsed "in
ri ~ciple'' I hey can in fact be easily ig-
noxed, especially when no time limit is
e. I ebuished lox a tt aiit lUtz, the desired goal.
Xlso, I he desired coal of proportional
represci it at jOt ('all be made to appear
0 liSts tilt (1 tict. a We ol it t tee t ive tVH'asores
ilopleini nIed by hali~hearted udmilils-'
I ret or>~ a oh faculty, who he ye baxcahud
ioU nic,> t lien I Life lice! ye.
Ti idt 'i'd, tie ri ' are mat 0 U lo'; 1 ~ I ical ob
ode to be hurdled: tamely I hose of
.i'ecxoitint at \vliiclt ieedveotenttv in'
x'olVe5 cost t lillY, etal ii 105(' xvlto oppttse
tIllots 5~'~ I cnn tiec:t use they deem them a
I I tree t to ~jealti y ediicat ion, thereby
diniieisliine, t he slat its of the University.
Time v a pert ~cularlv import ant tact or.
'Ihe 'hi pet' cent h'i4it.'e xi as adopted bt'-
caii>e Black compose I li:it percent eye of
tue penolel ton in the stale of Michiyan,
Y t't ii it tipt et eel: t at iou ot flit' I ~lec k Can
c Us' tlt'iiis tat ~lioultl take as lot is as 10
years a seine niembel's of time LdUc5-~
t ton Sc i tool taco. It lies >;uygt 'st ed Il iei
in re.~ytiitioe will hex c to be interpreted
5' LawNs ii tniilVia flexibility which pre-
jcrtbc. t list eurollnient niost reflect the
a: lit tic coniposit ic i t~ I lit' siat t' which
no sic; a pilots syst em.
I Ii: PPIi~B1 I' \1 of recrtlitnietlt is mitiot'
ill ('1)111 1)3 ~i5Oti to I hat of t hue, and
('St 1 1)1' cit eN reitiedied it t here i ~ deter-
ian fi ci tn I lie ned 01 t In' Ijitiversi I ~ I 0
(t't 'a,. hccrW~t the' I 01 Black 'P orIents xx'iIl
ac('t'5i:t six' cecter iii 1)etroit, end \vill be
U tract ~1 31 1 lowe st ucient 5 xi'hO xxooltt iiot
c:diiterilv cctt idat' al tt'itCliti~; this [aiti-
x'er a x Vecao~ i ci t lie exlletises lox I iii-
I set, tit a 1,s~ a i al the yetierit I cost 01 living
a c's a F rot t 1 tot vie. TI us neit i s the t 1)1117
11 tose I Packs xvi to a ' exet 'I ~ iot ml I y
1) rN, h I , o c xvi iose tin at ic ta I t ecU is in it ii-'
mel xrcitld be sTile Ic sPeed the Phi-'
So t lit' vera t 1001' are still discrimi net ect
scatast , Adont ion of a yraduat ccl I oil ion
ft'e is I lie only viable solottoit to the mi-'
plicit (lissUx antege of recruitment.
At tot tier sel ot ion to the reexuitnmet it
problem as serious xc visiot of admission
t'cpuirenient , so that st odetit s who clem-
cost ret e at a1elit y to do college work, but
who tot sonic reason have not deniot i-
sI ret tI it in cot rat tee t'xa en na hot is xv ill
1mm' 1 lit' opport t~iitity tvj alt end. As an

aid to}thes, i oA ci1 , so t1]t' Ilie open
admissio policy vii1 t no-b ::he llin fact a }n
("open doo( ifr plc hr kd atol
o anems, 'the establishmentofl
wih renato a itthrtrblmso
_l" MI( R ~w ea qtesi i iii
not dionunf o hebth frae et
qoelit yr01 in nec'cIt a schoolsli th
in ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~h thtigeou-eti- at m
Allto ot n hep es in f (qot
('CA'°'t's'tl< I ' i I ;oic popultion f th
ntiN scols tin cithacywhc
s d tla 4 P' cn wI,', teX then1 -
josl es I in itdl ta t mla tt i)ice1'1-

A RSE"by atty other name inay someti
riot, smell e4o sweet, ard so the do t he
wordls of Nichiolas Johnsoni 11011th- Joins
ed by Shio Agnewx',sound a bit et--
50111. 01it'nes
Nicholas Johiism is the agg I'L'- Visiontr
sinxe, liberal member of the Federal of thei
Cormiaticelis Commission who ship an1
has becii waging at ight for years te uri
now agtainst the concentration of less, tha
mmiei'slip andtU power Uinithe ti- foi' the
do iial electrtoni inedia le i
H'i; worids, trini~ted by Harpei's his ca,
anid Nex'.' Republic, have long won siner,
acceptaince by liberals and, I stp- cept to
pocse, stomte radicals. jointlye
H't ets lpressediot' greater hub- who ho
lie tesjioisibiit~y on the pat of has no
sttioiiand networvk owners based coverat
tiit the premise, writenin ito the ceitful<
F"CC's mandate by Conress. that for ea
television uilizes a public m'-
,source. the air'waves, gid s tmut LIBI
be ansxerable to t he public fortabl
tllrougll the 10CC. citicize~
reaso s
ENTE'IR SPIRO AGNI-<. 1Be- pat o
wimti ithxii1 a broad at tack ont a('t'pti
nextsimpers il Us. Nets & World wwoiks a
Eotii, Agiix' began xwhat may politics
onF~ ot to be a cnctentirated ad- Age
minmist rat ion attattck or tIhe liberal sides b.
I eXVs ilt U a. He followed withl his sinat fr
devast.at ig Nov. 13 speech in Des tacked
loties, ilxvwhich lie castigated the reasons
thbret' major txv netwxorkslo' theirlt' ilsa
cove''e of President Nixon2's ma- but of
jior tiationali address one the war. miigtc
Thei Vice Piesident toped his the Wa
owvil eliorts',last 'hursday xwith ait tot Swhi
at tack on the naito's Iwo moltst iig abt
prestigious daily newspapers.te TheI
Newl Yostk Tines and the Wash- pliied
iglon Post. Hie cited the TimiesIth' fac
itnaccurtt'tIely,.for ioIt carying atisig i
sitry oil Cotltglessttletisuppotin't im itigxItle
he Presideiti, tnte berated t h e speech,
Post fot'''rittiit ot the same thre s
'dii oril lne'' il its Joitlt y own- iorato
ed inda, \VTOP-TV the all-nexts It fq
WT01P radio station andc News- cardia
Xxi sk tue gent it. I c- or
the cit
'11II'h Il'Sf WO %tery'difiemits inlit one ftic
Thex -/llbo
Dacil v (Gust Wrier
i 1"UstiwTOEN ('omietto the Uiversity
' expectlillto i cnid -matm~ tospheie whi'h
riicotoagtes fieedotitand th e ppt'tuity
t devetlop oine's inteitedual capacitits
Ote P they fit d couit lieat all these oppo-
to uniti'stmeanitin AinArbor 'are readily
tt vs ilbirthi tI cinttoli'lls 15and a lt 0of
courtt5t'5xx'hich will h el p xomenichose tfst-
1itt pictlures forttheir liing rooms atd
impr~tessive books for theii' libraries.
1 le iite tion of tis dcinical clclsitit
iS e1151 uit'i 'td by thle set'ming1 prvalce't of
an attit ue whiichi reduces campus xvcen
to cute littlet coeds who cani now sleep
aitotuiitA ttltet't2 .tl heitrl predecessors.
IF 1411"i DAILY is aty indicator of cam-
puilue'tt~s, vomtict aue ra lly in trotbc.
becaose TIthe Dity very cosisitetlty and
wir bl'tiattaily ('tntibtes to tis mtyth of
tihi' post-pill pseudo-liberated coed nand
does act shot' aaty eideie of rectgizig
1' It a tdly libera teid \woant might be
AIxh1 I f uslhave beell educated to accept
he itid of attituode found in The Daily,
lbmt closer t'xemitat ion shows that it is
et tetitely iisutil inc
''lF DAILY hralded its fist fashiot
tiase with '"The Daily Did Dare! A Page
for Gi rls I'io'rxx''."13ut Te Daily didn't
Cltre at all.
lust eit U of preseliiing'altiles which
ITto i beh l a'l lenvig ratd imlpotat ito

res say thle samte thinigs. Or
son lts cime pritmary tat'-
-the conlcenltration of the
ship of the power'ful tele-
netwoirks. Hie is wvell aware
power' held in such ownl'-
id demands, on behalf of
irepresented and thi e power-
aat the mediasea to antd
S rio t, cotucertied, at. l'tit
pac'ity as an FCC coiiniis-
xNith tile print media, Ox-
the extent that they are
own'ied by the same people
ald the electronic media. He
t protested netwvork new1s
ge exceptwi xhen''-it is de-
ci' fails to sei've the public
sons ofinsufficieincy.
.fALSt ALWAYS felt cotta
c with i1Johnson becaumsche
Id t ie media, fox the rightr
sbut also becausehevs
fthe "loyal oppositioni"
ring of the r'ole of thle net -
and fi'ienidly as wvell to thei'
iif inot their plilcies.
?Nv, on thie othei' 'atnd, be-
beinlgipolitically veryx'dis-
tromi t le(ii bei'al media, at -
for 1tity of the 1101111iZ
attack was tt of policies-
piolitics5, an11d ?thugh lit
cite the xvide holdings of+
siingtori Post Co., thaIVW 15
lat. hie was really conlp',ah-
out, and lhe said as mutch.
New 'York Times, he, cciii,-
ldid niot write a storyvotii
't that sotme 300 congre-ss-
igined a resoltutioni sutpoi't-
ie Pi'esident cii his wx'a i'
while it did write about
>eiators wvho supported the
a c t,.Aginewx'c'onitnitite'd
A i - e w s v ou. hs staff - had '(lilly seen
yedition of The Times. the1
3«vI out beyond dhi mne-
e rate

;~t .114
s f -


tion on Agnewv's part in alluditng
to the limnited nature of the li-
censes granted by tile FCC.
'I'HEIZU IS a three-way battle
goitlg> on here, but the crucial
point of contention is the ques-
tion of dissent, how much is to
be tolerated or fostei'ed and by
While Johnson is iintime best po-
sitiotn --- encouraginig debate and
dissent fr'om all sides - Isaac's
xvould limit it to debate between
the powerful, a war' of gargantuan
pro'por'tionis between two mighty
advei'saries - time governiment and
tihe liberal-dominated media.
Agnew would have none of
either, for hie appears to seek the
qutieting ci' dis'sent from those who
would have at himself and the
administration of wvhic'h he is a
im o s t vocal memnber. Luckily,
though, he has little power to ac-
tually do what he seeks,
AGNEW IS, in fact following a
great tradition. He is the last in
the. line of pi'esidemts, literally
siiice George, Washington and
Thomas Jeffers on, who have been
irritated, hai'assed, annoyed and
infuriated by thIie public press.
That line goes from the founiding
fathet's to Woodrowv Wilson,
Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Ken-
niedy anid Lyndon Johnsoni.
An~d this tradition, though not
so hontorable, is really not an ig-
tioable one either. It is simply
Agtiew,. f01 all his buffoonery,
is a dangerous manx. While it is
understandable that he may seek
tosiec his critics, it is also
unacceptable that he may ever' be
close to doing so.
We can afford to let him fight.
His foes - the Newv York Times,
the Washington Post, the nation-
al tv nletw~orks --- are all stronger
than lhe.

dii<<ateNewts r ae. 'Ihelaw1.1l'
Itielicsdoticari' i'idthitaptro-
BiU'1'RI~ii' or \to'oti.,tl x.
atttcki Cr political rets,, and iit
tin' hed11 i tnericatiScit
t'etiti~e cio fi ievppithe
Courier oui'tialand Louisvi
statcit spikehere las-t xxre.
lie cotplailied about Agnpew's
attckottil clectromic mt'dhia
aindiicitf l~l uoprt of othet"'
shoxwde the ViceP'sditlIs
mlot a loite voice Cd'i'inigitIhie

(lark. Atnd he complained thlat Ag-
new xWas i'ying to punish the net -
wor'ks witli the thi'eat of licenise
tevoccationis, for eticouraginig disc
11'II11 E{ R EITHE conscietntious
ought to part compulany with Mr.
Isaacs is cot the issue of the saiic-
tity of the license held by a sta-
tio XIe' Isaiacs is, very simply,
,inaplgs for the media, despite
his. 1laiis of being a conustanlt and
v cal crit.ic, and he would protect
tte vestedi and powerful interests
agaitit eve the incuirsions of so
wel-i.itent honed perlsonl as Nich-
cit Johnisoni.
Isaacs simply played on what
nity have bteen only an indisci'e-



l' ti eftcto (titi

m, whil., (, ,

I. iUKe.AI1MIX ! ut ems's, ed aduitiitr-

ticii lit

tit ' 's x, it I° l _ 'of . Al v 1,iti1

wIomen't , it ibellit o lierut cu:iiiiti s , itt
aull wxomen car'e abot is clothes tutU'ioi't'd
suichistubjects its ('ai'er'u ohipo't u!iit los . tat
discri'iilltlionot, abortioni laws, dix'isioniof
labors, timd tiew tossibilit ics Woi':.1"iM-line t
butrden o(f i'aising children.
'IIEI" XS_,IIION pagi2'.'seem desigid to
intstil confoi'tit y, ttateiialki, wn.t didioc',
fit lielhear't of every c(-.(1
An aticitle on (Oc ti26begaloy itt'.it tt
it o''picture a girl in an t' fltier-tii i' n
velvtdess,"x'T hifult lacy sleevesa lung
Ilcxiiigskir, \xtimblond dolls cseaditi
(1o-,t%- the houlders, and tiny et in
fime, set off in bi'owvn leathr hWilg 11))1 .'
And all tifits xith size six feet and n:) ti nit
broxxn NOLiiiekic'w'immed'iately vfi-Letl'e
could ityci' urue te giadle, srealy tir-
abl" vcei 2.
OnI Oct . 19 xi'le'td ia vt o
bathlungsutits ''seluion ge ii ryv
taid that if ytu 'give tt in ttl I i d ..h
rope she'll x'tu'it . if it','110(1 011of
Piticticalit y md1(1til en joymlet.t otsimt-
miung don', en to be very picthtrtite cio
femIintine,'.an'd it'S much neatet' to<lttigwish
ont the beach, senditng yotrtr sivits Ou (5t to
cater to bizarre xvdihns like micerh rot-s or
pickles timd ice cream. Tihie fasitioti_ :),,e-11
the 19th also infoi'o'd its that ''ii the
Spriingyc urg xxonati'sfil - lglil urnps
to Mhumhtsof lovely tsic ,' n n
the 2Alth this was ritforced ii hiEdd
G( orge's rematrk t hat'' l'illi'n h R it-te

leisuzre ! iit, ettd they Call use it' t110o-C
effectiv(,!y by. dressitnglot' the occasion."
Ini cilltii toheltia-ussolve the most centrail
pr'oblemtiof our liei lie fashion page on
li 19th galeiius awhole article dealing
TIC ih h ilii'ciesslid subtleties of
iIn tTi era 'h1t"!1our Coutrtiy is comnmittinig
gencide and1,lout' enzvironmnent is dying
TheDaiy ecdtm'aes itird of tihe Uli-
veih' populatioin to abdicate all the
respoil-ibilit ics and chiallenges which cotta
from alvngt brain amid to sit back and
''10 C 00PL I:TE the pictureofxvnias
sexobjct- -w ihth asio ag ade
such a fine start on- theicOct. 19 Daily
also _omtined a front-pageartcl on bra-
lestes0'iithed "Liberatiwi!Fitili's : No
Lteri:n < Bind.'"
This ai i served thte duaitl purpose of
reducilgtheisite raised by Women's
Libcion gotip to one item of clothing
antd ofetrawii all the campus's dirty
vout ig men wxith a plictu'e of a lvomtii's
breasts and1( lots of silly puns about ''sxirig-
ilg cc,,dis,"
it <s<etos. that Ino one wilthi The Daily evxer
u-t toi of doinig a survXey, comlplet e withi
pic ties.onhoxs" maniy tuteim art'ei
Joc sras IT jockey hiits these cdays .
IlL SPORTs PAGE tl maltde' its coni-
ribtuloi to The Daily's iageof xxomen
wiI its Oct. 263 article on cheierleaders
et tilt e ''irls at Last,!

'This article le,-cm'ibe(I the cheerleading
tryouts with sticit demeanuing phi'ases as
"eager coeds" amid "a virtual plethora of
warm bodies," atnd passed oni to us the
coaches' belief that "not only would the
girls help ar'ouse the fains, but furthet',
the gir'ls woutld help excite thue basketball
One gets the feeling that basketball play-
er's catnnot be appealed to wxith the oppor-
tunity to achiheve excellemnce but ouly by
sextual enticemnett. They ai'e gettinug the
same treatment as canmpus 'women whose
real achievements are rarely reported with
the sanme enthlusiasmn as the presence of
their bodies on the basketball cour'ts.
IF HIS television image made JFK Pr'es-
ident, what is thue media's imnage of Amer'-
ic'anu womn goinug to make th'em? How
moch is it ging to contiibute to keeping
themr where they already ar'e--mainuly sex
objects, baby-muakers, anud donmestic ser'v-
Thue histor'y books and p~ower'ful institu-
tions (stuch as ite Congress amnd the uni-
vetsities) presenut fexx' models of wonmen.
xv-iih capable miindis and true human dig-
A lot of chuanges muust be muade befoi'e
wVomten' can take their place as real people
in thestuge of the meal wvorld, atnd be-
foie mE n(- i huav'e companion's amid not
just playt'igs We cani stattxwith pr'oblem's
close at hanud, anud theim' is a problem nt
youi'huatud right no01w.

I ~caii ig xVlIli st I id~ 'At lou g as xve are
In cx'tI ii; I oxia i'd t 1 at ' ',oo 1 (20 pet' cent
I I tuck is iroliii tin '1) iv doesi 1't inst Icr if xvi'
ever reselt n '' can let I luese logistic'al
l)i't)blt'tiis ox't't'xvi n'hn I hem toad aectuiesci'
Iii pci it tetu I lil'esstit'i' itli tti mutt m~ gi)od
d'r to ttdeupt tiiutl xvcrk xx'hiolehearlectly
I oxvai'ds : muu'anuimg hal opeim admuissiouls
pohi'y, I he University at id its st udc'm'uts
n'ntst cc'ase fo cctisidt'i' tiP teticla rice a pri-
vilc'ge, amid lutist- ah'xv I ha' U'iuiversity as a
comn'mtt.tmit y of seilillal'S ope'ti to everycume
iS's ardlesS of ret a', color, ct'e('dl it od espe-
u: is lIa ccci toiuiie stat os.
--'-I I'.N.X L HI' ROT

" 8 ..d

u , t
" s
yr, ' ' f/
( w

obody sts nxt

mde on9



ittI he iletut:of he cfic xtt
u'oite'cice e~ep IVli-thei'e is
NO x &(bd b!stt,I use a tdeodor-
ri I eii tkepiis to x 'clean
clcthis's ex ery-d tt
At;timy a ,1 ' in ilo t i I
" - > xxitall histeilless tlk amo

tit J e lt eir ieg l tght.to elloice'
of counlsel: (dottiedl their cil
Lighlt (o chuoics' of (lo~ctom's; d-:.,. 'il
tzlt' i hysical rviht to exetc~is,
fres-h aii' anld1),onei' clothes: cde-
hed their huilaunt ~ightt-o I tt'r
chlildrni: arid xvhiat. thueexoi
are stiffs)iugis eletesinani
r'cflection tof the Cd !C1it idomus toti'
edi otnall XIoltetest _) it'alyt host'
of its x hoc re black'. bro wxn, tutid " ~ i i w A
liili ititi X lv;hiO t Ito tii tit'Mtii
toVe Dall "UnDfoi iL' aid seI-
teterniuuaioo cr AL. ixx'tne t
iil ''siale'' hne. ca he S'ta. a'.
by its t rtui'yoti iilu ltofo'
Stto h cir 1''umui)' gliditiu1'.o e
Blusacul(.irn. ' , ] Saei

dcliilet'i lie Cotiii'c i t ,ext-
W. l)1,AND . ndtotetis
eis'ie, an clotimug
it )i'ir) h'r ii 0
tieti til tutU ,, ll'~ I emit y c x

Tralgic el-1101

'Io the E'ditor':

T1IlLE FOLLOWING letrw a s
seAi to Go,'. Williatm Milli'kin:
%Vs'.the iundct's:ignued T'eachting
lu'lloxvs iln il Afro-Amerinicani
Stuidie's 'oiai at- the Univ'er-
sit o ,i'higati, flid Your sArictly,
leglisicatihi)roachu to the extra-
c',i itn:of Robert F. Williams a
You asGoertci. mstbe hu-
Endtnian'irng flue lilt'of tlis
(10 Saldltigtitieiof thie South-
o'ri BackMovmuimutwill hav'e itt-
etulcuabI' -roeu'cussiotus lou' this
Stteu'tutUthe N'atlor ,
L'ric' J. ( httpnm
W'il li ittin Sttles
(;Nvendlyn M A. Hall
Nov.'? 0
light oni. I)Oher
'I'o thlie: ditot':
'4 i'taIb f i : , ilence' w d e

wvith te irogreossix'e ideals of the
Newv Mobre's miass following.
Oui' society nmust be mmade to see
clearly thiat the Vietnm war is
merely one, of tm-tny, symptonms
aiing~hi from a deeply embedded
cancetraridth. shu~mt of violemnt
retvoltion, .oui' (onettslimi ihope re-
mautitns wit h i ix'olvemeitt in the
eloctoral prIocess onl thte basis of
clearly t'nutucit ed progr'essiv'e pro-
c aam d o t cuttidates.
-Prof. Robert E. Beyer
Goi itg toofair
To the Editor:
of editonial freedom is highly
('omuiieldable but sometimes cne
can t_ - too far. Surely one such in-
stance xa youi' decisioni to allowv
Bruce Lev'itne to publish his vitrio-
lic att ack November 14) on SGC
arid the- Michuigant Daily itself.
While cleverly unasked as an at-
tack ott, national institutions, ev-
ery1c 1>.ekitoxvsxwhio lie huas in muindt
xwiit'i he i'efers to the commumui-
('atiosmistedia as "elitist powver-
c(ottglomerates" anld the political
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