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June 20, 1967 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1967-06-20

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Dash and I
Roman Polanski's latest film
has both dash and integrity, prob-
ably a rare combination. It is not
slick. Except for about five min-
utes of a trite English brat, there
are no arty excresences. Visual
and narrative hook up so inevit-
ably that the film is as near to
flawless as one would like to say
of anything.
"Cul-de-Sac'" proves to be a
misnomer as the marked loser, in
an act as much hysterical as in-
Caper' Inelu
Of Bank, Audi
An airplane arrived in Madrid,
and the stewardess' voice remind-
ing the passengers to remove their
seat belts is heard over the inter-
com system. If the beginning
sounds familiar do not be sur-
'rised, because "The Caper of the
Golden Bulls" (now playing at the
State) is the familiar attempt by
Hollywood at an adventure story.
And like most of these plots
'Caper' develops into a unbeliev-
ably bad movie.
The plot, a bank robbery, has
not even been changed to protect
the first innocent' screenwriter
who developed it. But the partici-
pants are not members of the
Mafia or the needy lower class.
They are a group of men who six
years before had robbed some
European banks to "rebuild a
cathedral" their plane had hit
during the war. But such a touch-
ing purpose does not apply to the
present caper.
Their hopes of retiring are
spoiled by the return of the female
accomplice, Angela (Giovanna
Ralli), the "waif they picked up

'Cul-de-Sac' Has
[ntegrity Combined



Romney Tax
SZaa AFL Cltl ®.H

Ky Strengthens Political Stance,


es For Vietnam Elections
registered voters in the Sept. 3 mobs into the streets for several legitimacy that the United States
Spresidential election. weeks of antigovernment rioting. thinks so important.

tentional, polishes off his tor- get rescued by an unseen Mr. Ka- o ae l 1IeU AL
mentor and his bitch wife (in telbach, who ignores them, some- Says Labor Rejects SAIGON (P'-It hasn't been;
effect) with one barrelful, and thing like a sado-masochistic orgy i c'St P easy, but Nguyen Cao Ky enters'
thus finds his "exit." "You killed ensues. { OaktePoor' all his third year as prime minister
him," she gasps. Things have been The pal, Albie, wants the Oxford this week stronger politically than
scheduled to go otherwise. accent but has the same specs GRAND RAPIDS 01)eh - Peppery ever before.
Gus Scholle, the 63-year-old presi- Drigtoewoyasyhs
An e f f e m i n a t e aristocrat as the aristocrat. Anid it is plain During those two years Ky has
tha heis rotypeforGeogedent of the Michigan AFL-CIO fought off challengers ranging
(George, played by Donald Pleas- that he is protoype for George, since 1940 is expected to face
ance) is invaded in his preposter- who, when Albie dies, succeeds since 1940,i s ee face from other generals to the Budd-
him a Dicke' ext "icti, little opposition this week as he hist.H no.iruigfrth
ous eleventh century castle by him as Dickie's next "victim, seeks reelection at the labor . He now is running for the
the crude energies of a gangster, Which will kill off which is the group's state convention. presidency of South Vietnam and
Dickie (Lionel Stander), and his continuing question, When Albie g appears unbeatable.
dying accomplice, Albie, who have is tossed into the grave, George Some 1,000 delegates are expect- Ky was one of several "young
just muffed a job. As they try to is in there too, digging; yet, shav- ed for the four-day event which Turk' officers who rose rapidly to
ing Dickie with a straight-edge, it opened yesterday and concludes power following the overthrow of
is he who draws "first blood." Thursday. A spokesman for the Ngo Dinh Diem in 1963. He insists
But the enmity is unsteady. Al- group said "no real battles" were he hasn't basically changed.
legiences shift according to an anticipated this year. Different Ma'n
underlying psychic logic. The Scholle addred the But those who have observed
* iIwife and sadist scorn the hus- session yesterday as did State Nguyen Cao Ky during the two
e e S 1 0 e band's unmanly reticence. Still Demoratic Prty Chairman Zl years he has been in power say
a tenderness develops between the ton Ferency and the Rev Mr he is a different man.
two, men which (homosexually?) Charl E Mortn f Deo a y's charm and wit remain, but
from Milano." The pick-up, excludes the woman. She tries b f th St orof the flamboyance, almost cockiness,
ever, has developed into a poor her own sadistic wiles on Dickie, Euato. of Ky, the air force pilot is gone.
imitation of a greedy Zsa Zsa but he beats her with contempt. Tole two years in office have tem-
Gabor type who blackmails them And the triangle unites against In his keynote address, Scholle pered his tendency to say what he
in to stealing from another bank the second-wave invasion - some hinted he favored an income tax thought without considering the
so she can swim in an "ocean of over-manicured aristocrats pop- and predicted, "like it or not, all political consequences.
money." ping in for lunch. of you will be paying a four, five In meetings with newsmen,
Most disturbed by her intrusion In fact, from Dickie, who has no or six per cent state income tax which Ky seems to relish, he takes
is Peter Churchman (Stephan use for the castle ("very classy, within ten years." the time to qualify answers to
Boyd) who has become such a very tastefully arranged") but to The labor leader charged that questions. He still speaks his mind,
respectable citizen of a small guzzle raw eggs and milk from its Gov. George Romney's proposed but minds what he says. He has
Spanish town that the head of the ample stores, George imbibes "soak the poor" tax program never attended several conferences out-
local police asks him for money enough gusto to get fed up with would be accepted by labor. He side Vietnam and even managed
to pay for community projects, the Anglo-Saxons and shoo them said Romney's tax plan "would to steal the spotlight from Presi-
like taking the statute of the Vir- out of his "fortress'." His first have placed 95 per cent of the dent Johnson at the Guam con-
gin to the fiesta in Pamplona. The half-hearted violence, the destruc- added burden on the backs of erence last March.
ironic twist is that he will help tion of his hen-pecking wife's wage earners and only five per Trilingual
steal the jewels that adorn the chicken coop, is instigated by 'cent on business."! Educated in Hanoi, Ky is fluent
statues parading at the fiesta. Dickie.nAt the end it turns into in English and French in addition
But the scenes of the fiesta and real selfhood as he literally packs In his hour long address, Scholle to his native tongue, and switches
the execution of the robbery fail the "tart" off with one of the touched on civil rights and said, at will to answer questions thrown
to let off any fireworks. The act- banished guests. Then he perches "I hope the day will come when at him by newsmen of all three
ing, especially by Peter's respect- on a rock, half-bawling, half glee1 organized labor will volunteer to languages. He even translates into
able girlfriend (Yvette Mimieux), ful. go out and work with police au- English the Vietnamese questions
also bombs out. Donald Pleasance, sustaining thorities to take care of white and answers for the predominantly
The most exciting scenes were these emotional short-circuits one hoodlums battling integration." unilingual American newsmen.
contained in the previews of the aft'er another-now person, now He called for better breaks for Using a combination of force
new James Bond moivie, "You On- fool--is really superb. And Lionel the Negroes and other minority and compromise, Ky has success-
ly Live Twice," that is coming Stander somehow manages to be groups and pointed out "that for fully gotten rid of all major op-
next. While watching Caper the a big huge warm sadist without every white youth without a job position until now. He confidently
audience saw both the bank and ever letting himself become love- this summer, there will be four expects he will get 2 million votes
their pocketbooks being robbed. able. Negro youths with none." from South Vietnam's 5.2 million

Ky's major opponent in theI
race, Chief of State Nguyen Van
Thieu, bitterly denounces Ky for
using the government apparatus
to insure his victory. Although he
denies it, Ky is using the Informa-
tion Ministry, the Revolutionary
Development - pacification - Min-
istry and the police to campaign
for him.
Painted signs are springing up
all over South Vietnam singing
the praises of Ky.
The favorite slogan, Ky's main
campaign pitch, appears on Viet-
namese television and on wall
"The government of Nguyen Cao
Ky is the government of the poor,"
it says.
Each of th4 44 province chiefs
has been told to deliver 20,000
votes for the prime minister, or a
total of 880,000 votes.
It almost seems as if Ky is doing
too much to insure his victory.
If not officially, Ky apparently
has the silent backing of the Unit-
ed States, which sees in Ky a force
that has been able to stabilize the
South Vietnamese government so
the war against the Communist
could continue.
When Ky took over on June 19,
1965, there was little chance that
his government would not end as
the 10 previous governments that
followed one another like dominoes
in.-the 20 months after Diem! was
Ky's troubles with the Buddhists
boiled over when he ousted Lt.
Gen. Nguyen Chanh Thi as com-
mander of the northernmost of
the country's four military corps
areas in March 1966.
Thi had established a war lord
control over his area, flouting or-
ders from Saigon and posing a
threat to Ky's rule.
The dismissal gave the Budd-
hists the spark they needed to call

Ky used force to put down the "A stable government in South
most serious of the disturbance I Vietnam can end the war sooner,"

and at the same time negotiated
with Buddhist leaders.
Out of those negotiations came
South Vietnam's new constitution

he says, "perhaps as soon as two
years. While they in North Vietnam
are having more and more dif-
ficulties, in South Vietnam we are
becoming more and more stable.
It can persuade them to come to
the negotiating table,
"The stronger the regime in
South Vietnam becomes, the better
position we will be in to talk with
the enemy."
Ky's regime has never been
stronger. Although, as Ky likes
to say, "anything can happen in
Vietnam," he has been able to weed
out of the government most of
those who pose a threat to him.
Rampant corruption continues
to be one of the negative aspects
of the Ky government, as in every
previous government. The pay
scales of government workers have
remained low, making it very
tempting for civil servants and
military officials to accept bribes
and similar payments. One of Ky's
promises is to weed out corruption,
but it seems an unsplvable prob-
Censorship, too, is an integral
part of the Ky government. Stories
and parts of stories are cut every
day from the nation's newspapers.
Jutgoing dispatches by foreign
journalists are not censored as
they were during the Diem regime.
Ky has warned Vietnamese news-
papers they will be closed if they
print anything during the election
that "will create dissension among
the people."


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. ".. " . a . " 1M1t. " .. ,. . .. ., ., .. .. .. .... ............... r..,4 ...... .a........ ....
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20 hours per week on a permanent
basis. Qualifications for position in-
clude: knowledge of bookkeeping, typ-
ing skill and an interest in working
with figures. Main duty will be the
responsibility of handling departmen-
tal accounting and bookkeeping pro-
Qualified applicants please contact:

The Daily Official Bulletin is an the Office of the Registrar within 72
officiaJ publiratiori of the Ilniver- hours following the final examination.
sity of Micnlgan for which 'he To assist in the submission of grade
Michigan Di aly assumes no editor- sheets, a messenger service will be pro-
iaJ responsibility. Notices should be vided on a regular basis .to departmen-
sent in TYE Wit'EN form to tal offices on the central campus be-
Ronm 3566 Administration Bldg. be- ginning Thurs., June 22, and will con-
fore 2 p.m. of the day preceding tinue through Wed., June 28. Grades
publication and by 2 p.m. Friday may also be submitted directly to this
for Satarday aud Sunday. General office at Window A, Administration
Notices may be published a maxi- Bldg., during working hours
mum of two times on request; lay Questions pertaining to grade reports
Calendar items appear once only. may be directed to 764-6292.
Student organizstioD notic'es are not'
accepted for puhiiication. 'For more Student Identification Number Fall
Information calf 764-9e20. 1967: Effective for the fall term 1967
the official student identification num-
TUESDAY, JUNE 20' ber will be the social security number
with a check digit assigned by the
University. Any students who do not
Dir. Ca le£ nda. vrg possess a social security number should
make application at the Ann Arbor
Bureau of Industrial Relations Sem- office (5th and Huron) or secure. an
inar-"The Management of Managers applicatio'i at any pest office. Upon,
No. 32": 146 Business Administration, receipt of this numbei, it is urged
8:15 a m. to 5 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. that it be frrwarded to tne Registrar's
Office for procesaing.
Bureau of Industrial Relations Sen- I Concurrent with this change, all cur-
inar-"Developing Managerial Skilps in rent enrollmerts will receive a new
the Technical Man": Michigan Union, student identification card prior to fall
8:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. registration. A card is only being em.
._pm._bossed for those who entered their so-
Center for Hospital Continuing Edu- cial securiy number on their last rae-
catioiz Seminar - "Hospital Staffing istrationnaire. These new cards w:"iJI
Seminars - Management Program": be available with the fall registration
Michigan Union, 8:30 a.m. materials.
The Registrar's Office should be no-
Center for Study of higher Educe- tifieci as soon as practicable of all name
tin Institute - Institute on Coll changes prior to the fall registration.
and University Administration": Rack- This notification will allow name chang-
ham Bldg., 9 a.m. es to the new student identification
hal_,___ cards and materials.!
Mental Health Research Instituteh
Special Tuesday Research Seminar: Lecture: The National Comnittee on
June 20, Dr. Graham Cooper, Physiolog- United States-China Relations and the
ical Laboratories, Cambridge University, Center for Chinese Studies present
Cambridge, England, will speak on "Re- John K. Fairbank, director of the East
sponse Characteristics of Squirrel Ret- Asian Research Center and professor
onal Ganglion Cells," 3:45-4:45 p.m. of history, Harvard University, speak-
057 MHRI. n e :' ing on "The Crisis in Our China Rela-
tions." A public lecture, Wed., June 21,
G e nN8:30 p.m., Aud. A, Angell Hall.
Regents' Meeting: Tues., July 18. Com-
Registration Materials: For graduate munications for consideration at this
students planning to enroll in the Sum- meeting must be in the President's
mer Half Term may be picked up in hands no later than Mon., July 3. !
the Rackham Bldg. June 19-23, 26 and 27
from 8-12 and 1-4 p.m. Doctoral Examination for Peter Coyle,
Anatomy; thesis: "Subicular and En-
Grade Sheets for Spring Half Term, torhinal Unit Discharge Patterns before,
1967: Have been sent to all departments during, and after Limbic Lobe Stimula-
for distribution to instructors. It is tion," Tues., June 20, Room 4558 E
requested that grade sheets for all stu- Medical Bldg., at 1 p.m. Chairman, C,
dents be completed and returned to L. Votaw,.
r__ _- __

Doctoral Examination for Vincent
Paul Drnevich, Civil Engineering; thes-
is; "Effects of Strain History on the
Dynamic Properties of Sand," Tues.,
June 20, Room 300 West Engineering,
at 1:30 p.m. Chairman, F. E. Richart,
t Doctoral Examination for Daniel
Studd Grubb, English Language & Lit-
erature; thesis: "Kingsley's 'Alton
Locke': Propaganda and the Device of
Fiction," Tues., June 20, Room 2601
Haven Hall, at 2 p.m. Chairman, D. H,
Doctoral Examination for Nancy Mar-
garet Kennedy Lewkowicz, Linguistics;
thesis: "A Transformational Approach
to the Syntax of Arabic Participles,"
Tues., June 20, Room 2033 Angell Hall,
at 3 p.m. Chairman, Ernest McCarus.

psychology at the Federal University in
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 19-21.
Twenty-seven Russian teachers of
English, English teachers froln Russia
who will be studying at the English
Language Institute. June 19-Aug. 18.
Dr. Ambalal S. Patel, Center for Ad-
vanced Study in Education, University
of Baroda, India, June 24-July 2.
Local Area Newspaper-Desk Report-
er, 4? z days a week on local area news
for weekly newspaper within driving,
distance of Ann Arbor. Handle desk
calls of news, want ads, write up stor-
les from phone and visits.

Devereux Foundation, Devon, Pa. -
Training Aids Specialist in Audio-Vis-
ual Media. Male, MA preferred, exper.
in writing and professional or hobby,
exper. in audi visual tech, Exper. with
special ed., or mentally/emotionally dis-
abled children would be helpful.
World Clothing Fund, St. Louis, Mo.
-Assistant Associate Director. Male,
educ. bkgd, humanities or social wel-

and an elected provisional Legis-
lative Assembly which. is n ow I
drafting laws for the election of;
a president and vice president andj
for a two-house legislature. t
For the first time, a South Viet-}
namese government had promised1
elections and meant it. Elections
already have been held in thou-t
sands of villages and hamlets andt
there is no reason now why the
presidential and legislative elec-
tions cannot go .off as scheduled
later this year.
With Ky running for president,
the United States seems to have
done well in pushing for an elected
government in South Vietnam. I
The government would still have a
strong military man at its helm
and at the same time have the
An unforgettable trip
into the deepest
mysteries of the
NimaIaya Mountains
Friday and Sat-urday
7:00 and 9:05 P.M.
,i-STILL ONLY 5c -


fare, some trng. in writing. Part-Time Employment Office, 2200
International Nickel Co., Inc., N.Y.C. SAB, Phone 764-7283.
-Young patent attorney with degree -- ---------
in metallurgy and three to five yrs, _______________
exper. in patent prosecution. I , I - y
* * " U ,- .. 2 i I - fZ ..ik

there are a few
who stand like men...
Mon. thru Thurs.: 7-9
Fri.: 7-9-11; Sat,: 7-9-11
Sun.: 6-8-10
Ann Arbor, Michigan
z10 S. iFftb Avenue


' '

For further information please call
764-7460, General Division, Bureau of
Appointments. 3200 SAB.

~ f s 1 n'

. Detroit Public Cchools, Detroit, Mich. ' ( . . U'iU! '
Doctoral Examination for David Ed- !-Teaching opportunities for primaryf
win Smith, Botany; thesis: "Chemical l unit teachers agreeing to teach in Em l oym en
Characters as a Guide to the Taxonomy inner-city schools for min/ 1 yr.,j
of Botrychium," Tues., June 20, Botan- I training course paid by D.P.S. College Part-Time Secretary-Excellent op-
ical Gardens, 1800 Dixboro Road, at 3 grads with few or no credits in pro- portunity for someone able to work
p.m, Chairman, W. H. Wagner. fessional education and lacking spe--- -
cific training for service at primary phone 434-0130
Doctoral Examination for Jeremy .level. Program begins July 10,
Magnus Kisch, Psychology; thesis: "A
Comparative Study of Patterns of Un-: pea CourtPublishing Co., LaSallIe
derachievement Among Male College ? -b ei wri re-
Students," Wed., June 21, Room 10071 pare nes releases for Basic Readers:=
E. Huron, at 10 a.m., Chairman, Mortonatg
Shaevitz. -for grades 1-6. Nationwide travel, con- +
Doctorl Etact with professionalwandteducation- & nface O' CARPENTER ROAD
Doctoral Examinativn far Bion Lee'
Pierson, Aerospace Engineering; thesis: , al organizations. MA Engl., Journ., or OPEN 7:00 P.M.
"Direct Methods for Discrete-Variable iv exper., wrting ilities, ex- NOW SHOWING
Approximation to Optimal Flight per in teaching and public relations
Paths," Wed., June 21, Room 1028 o one ever made
East Engineering, at 3:30 p.m. Chair-__ __ the scene likeE
man, A. C. Robinson.
Doctoral Examination for John Ber- Q RGA. NI I ZACF I ONI
nard Neuhardt, Industrial Engineering:
thesis: "Application of Mathematical
Programming to the Selection of Ex-N OT E Shown at 8:35 &12:35
perimental Factor Arrangements withTC I L
Resource Constraints," Wed., June 21,_
Room 214 West Engineering, at 7 p.m.#ALSO ,
Chairman, H, E. Bradley. USE OF THIS COLUMN FOR AN- I -----------*---------------
NOUNCEMENTS is available to officially?
.. s recognized and registered student or-{
1 f ij' [l rrl [ $[[ ganizatinns only. Forms are available in -
} oie ''tgn;Room 1J11 SAB. Newmnaui..
The following foreign visitors can be * *
reached through the Foreign Visitor Deutscher Verein, Kaffeestunde: Kaf-.
Programs Office, 764-2148. I fee kuchen, konversation, Wed., June TECHNICOLOR Shown at-10:30
Prof. da Silva Novaes, professor of 21, 3-5 pm, 30 Frsi B .,TE I) _hw - :3
psychology and vocational guidance at PLUS-"HUNTING UNLIMITED"
the Pontifical Catholic University, Rio ' u i LU LORHNTING N
de Janeiro, Brazil, June 19-21. Bach Club, Meeting, Wed., June 21, COLOR CARTOON
Prof. Nobre Scheeffer. nrofessor of 7: n m Guild House, 802 Monroe.

DIAL 5-6290


Mon. thru Fri. 2 P.M.--$2.00
Sat, ; :00-4:30-$2.00
,Sun. 1;04-4:30--$2.50
All Nights 8 P.M.-$2.50
Children All Times-$1.04




........... ::. .....:i::" ::. : .s" .. .s... . . ..." ........ ..........

Th Pumpki Eater


Hurry! LAST 2 DAYS

* The CAPER of
In PatheColor


: : :
: :
: ^. I
.:::; I
.; a
: : i
{"'. I

I eba d

8-64 16

- . ow S/towiing .,. .
It compares as black comedy to
John Huston's "Beat the Devil."
Mr. Polanski has directed with impressive
ingenuity and comic speed!~

quently the film testifies under the most dangerous and
horrendous circumstances. Exquisite color, with an eye for
the drama of death! DEMANDS A TASTE
-Judith Crist
World Joaurnal Tribune

I j /


Mon.-Thurs. 7, 9 P.M. W

,.U : V Rna Pln ws "U \ I

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