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October 22, 1967 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1967-10-22

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IDAY, OCTOBER 22,19604'







.;;, .

Spock Calls President 'Enemy'

South Vietnamese Elect. House

As Crowds Hea

rRally eaders
By RON LANDSMAN the war even if the AmericanI
Special To The Daily people are against it."
WASHINGTON - "The enemy John Wilson of the New York.
is President Johnson" Dr. Ben- chapter of SNCC said the dem-
jamin Spock told tens of thou- onstrators "do not come as be-
sands of war protesters packed in trayers but as the betrayed. We:
yeserday afte rLincoln Memorial do n.ot have 'a new, action army,':
yeseray ftrnonburning people, destroying vil-
"He won the election as a peace lages," he said.
candidate," the pediatrician said, "We're going to tell that man,
"and betrayed us. The war John- e're o 'to ,' " th lsmn
son is waging is disastrous to our 'Hell 110, we won't go,'"' Wilson
soniswagngisdisstou toou shouted. The crowd chanted his
nation. It is leading us into a very slogan for five minutes.
bloody quagmire in which we inch Ren e i ntly
closer to war with China and nu- Rene Davis, recently returned
clear escalation." fro North Vietnam, said the
The crowd, which was estimated country is far different from news
at 210,000 by rally planners and reports of it.
60,000 by the District of Columbia "The mass involvement of the
police, gathered around the re- Vietnamese people in the military
flecting pool at the Lincoln strategy of their nation" is one
Memorial in a mass which stretch- of the signs of the strength of
ed to the slopes of the Washing- the people, he asserted.
ton Memorial. The crowd listened Engine noise from planes flyingt
to speeches by leaders of the war overhead made it difficult to hear
protest, folk songs by Phil Ochs the speakers. Nguyen Van Lui, an
and Peter Paul and Mary, and American-Vietnamese, said, "This'
puppet shows. . sounds like the B-52's that fly over
The rally was marred early us-in my homeland. In the North,
'When two alleged members) of bombs continue to fall, but the
the American Nazi party .attack- people stand upright."
ed lead speaker Clive Jenkins, a Several people later entered the,
British trade union leader knock- pool at separate times. Some were
ing him and the podium over. carrying "Reagan for President"
Jenkins finished his speech after signs when.-they walked in; others
police arrested the pair, carried posters-size mock-draft'
A "peace - torch" carried from cards, ridiculing the President.
Hiroshima, Japan, across the U.S. Dellinger introduced Prof. Dou-
was accepted by'.David Dellinger' glous Dowd of Cornell University
co-chairman of the rally with as "the initiator of the original'
Georgia legislator Julian Bond.,teach-in." Dowd made a plea that
Jenkins claimed the rally was the Mobilization Committee needed
being broadcast live in Stockholm, $7e 0 o a i ts debtseeosts.e.
Oslo, Paris, Rome and London. $70 000 to pay its debts costs..
Fifty Georgetown students and Most of the crowd members,
metbersorgeolshFdetsedm I were college age, bearded and blue
members of the Polish Freedom-

By The Associated Press The militant Buddhist minority ground movement directed by the
SAIGON - South Vietnam's which follows the military govern- outlawed Greek Communist party.
voters, relatively free lately of the ment's old adversary, Thich Tri Heavy prison sentence ranging
Viet Cong terrorism that bloodied Quang, has about 100 candidates from 2 to 20 years were given to
previous campaigns, are naming or sympathizers in the field. 16 defendonts. The other 11 re-
a 137-member House of Repre- An even greater number of ceived suspended sentences rang-
sentatives today. Some Americans candidates come from the army ing from 1 to 2 years.
as well as government troops and civil service. There is no out- Another group of 11 students
guard the polls. ward sign, however, that the mili- and workers, who stood trial
The balloting will complete the tary regime is backing any par- among a group of 38, were ac-
electoral process intended to give ticular slate. quitted.
the war-torn nation a legal demo-* * The group was charged with ex-
cratic government after nearly; ploding bombs in central Athens
four years of often chaotic mili- Verbs Probe in the past three months and with
tary rule. printing and passing out anti-
The process began 13 months Misf unetions regime propaganda.
ago with the naming of the as- Petros Dimitriou, 25, a Greek-
sembly that wrote a new constitu- MOSCOW - An official account Cypriot student described as the
tion. of the Soviet Union's space probe ringleader of the group, received
Since Sept. 12, 1966, South Viet- of Venus said yesterday for the the stiffest sentence-20 years in
nam has experienced four na- first time that instruments from prison. Three defendants received
tionwide elections of varying sorts Venus 4 satellite stopped function- 17-year sentences.
and the electorate is showing ing at the time of landing. Dimitriou and a friend from
signs of weariness. So are the Until that time, said the ac- Athens University. Aristides Mav-
Viet Cong, who killed 200.civilians count given by the Tass news rosoukis, were described by secur-
in the week preceding the presi- agency, instruments from the ity police as experts in fashioning
dential election last Sept. 3, but Venus 4 package that was para- homemade bombs. Mavrosoukis
did remarkable little this time. chuted to the planet's surface received a 12-year sentence.
Election of the House rounds Wednesday sent back signals to * *
out the elected institutions pro- the last moment.
vided by the new constitution. The last temperature sent back I Tant To
The 60-man Senate is already -and according to Tass thus wasT
sitting. President-elect Nguyen at the planet's surface-was a Reorganize UN
Van Thieu will be inaugurated reading of 280 degrees centigrade, R
Oct. 31. which is 536 degrees Fahrenheit. UNITED NATIONS. N.Y.-Sec-
Thieu and the new legislature Previous accounts had given this retary-General U Thant proposed
are to implement other constitu- high reading but left uncertain yesterday to split the top echelon
tional provisions, such as setting whether it was surface or at- f the UN secretariat in two by
up new judicial forms and writ- mospheric temperature. reating a new rank of undersec-
ing a press law. The official account also insisted retary-general in the first reor-
The South Vietnamese govern- that the instrument package had arIy-gn in e
ment and the United States MiS- mlade a soft landing by parachute, I ~a o subinced n1955. heGn-
sion hope for a respectable turn- something that had been in doubt In a published note to theQen-
out today from the nation's 5.8 before. jmual Assembly, he said the pr esent
million registered voters. No one, The antenna of the instrument quality of rank among the 36 UN
however, expects the, 83 per cent package failed to point in theurectan ess omnhat ne
which was achieved in the presi- right direction, however, and the real, and less than fair to some
dential election -- largely, it is package's bulk blocked direct con- Df the senior officials on whom a
fr{yamtebcuetegv tact with the earth, heavy load of responsibility rests.";
freely admitted, because the gov- To remedy that situation, he
ernlment brought intense pressure +T redytasiuioh

:f the United States and Jose
Rolz-Bennett of Guatemala.
One undersecretary each for
3eneral Assembly affairs--Chak-
ravarthi V. Narasimhan of India;
political and security council af-
fairs Alexei E. Nesternko of the
Soviet Union; trusteeship-Issofou
Saidou Djermakoye of Niger;
economic and social affairs-
Philippe de Seynes of France, and
conference services-Jiri Nosek of
* * * .
Destroy Viet
Torpedo Boats
SAIGON - Two United Staten
Navy Skyhawk pilots slashed yes-
terday a flotilla of six North Viet-
namese torpedo boats, perhaps
massed for an attack on United
States 7th Fleet warships, and said
they destroyed four. It was one of
the stiffest such actions of the
The speedy, 50-ton torpedo
boats, which ordinarily cruise
alone or in pairs, were spotted in
the Gulf of Tonkin off the mouth
of the Thanh Hoa River, about 80
miles suth of Hanoi.
Two American ground sweeps
that started Oct. 11 were ended:
-United States Marines wound
up a multibattalion search-and-
destroy operation called Medina in
the southern section of Quang Tri
Province. They said they killed 54
of the enemy and seized 26 sus-
pects. Marine casualties were 34
killed and 225 wounded.
-The United States 9th In-
fantry Division's mobile riverine
force called off a drive in the
Rung Sat Special Zone, centered
about 20 miles southeast of Sai-
gon, from which guerrillas have
harassed shipping between Saigon
and the South China Sea.

-Daily-Jim Forsythe
ANTI-WAR SPEAKERS set the tone of the Washington mobil-
ization yesterday at a rally held at the Reflecting Pool, seen here
from the Lincoln Memorial. A crowd estimated at 60,000 by police
and 200,000 by rally leaders stretched from the Lincoln Memorial
to the Washington Memorial in the background.
Di stricet Hosts Rally
(continued from Page 1) up, despite requests from the po-
Students came from 48 states, dium that listeners remain seated.
including Hawaii. A group of high After the rally students deci-
school students said they came by ding not to march to the Penta-
bus all night from New Brun- gon had to wait several more hours
swick, Canada. to reboard the busses parked on
Cuban revolution sympathizers a lot closed by police cordon.
passed out pictures of dead geur- The march from the Lincoln
rilla leader Che Guevara. The Memorial rally over Arlington
Socialist Labor Party marched un- Bridge to the Pentagon started
der banners proclaiming "Social- two hours after the organizers
ism in '68." Even 100 veterans had scheduled.
of the Lincoln Brigade from the Government officials held up the
Spanish Civil War showed up. march by delaying removal of - a
Black Power groups urged fence blocking .access to the Pen-
Negroes to stay out of the march tagon north parking lot. Peter,
from the Memorial to the Penta- Paul and Mary lead group-singing
gon. Instead, they called for a among the waiting marchers: It
march into the black community takes a real manto say no. Hell
to spread anti-war messages from no, we won't go."
door to door. A Negro rally was At 2:00 p.m., Dr. Benjamin,
later held at Howard University. Spock led the way across the
Spirits were dampened by the Arlington Bridge to the Penta-
long wait for successive speakers gon. Rows of protestors 20 wide
to finish. People began standing with linked arms fell in behind.
Daily Classifieds Get Results

Fighters counter-picketed t h e ned1u, andi they cominedt a car-
rally. s nival atmosphere with applause About 1.150 men and 42 women,
for the speeches before starting
Lincoln Lynch of the New York out on the two-mile walk to the seek the 137 seats.
Congress of Racial Equality as- Petaon acro-site wPotomac. Since every politically articulate
serted that "an oligarchy" is nowgs segment of the nation is putting
that"anoliarcy" s ;River.
ruling America. "Indeed, govern- up candidates, it is a good bet
ment of, by and for the peole has The fence at the' Pentagon's that the House will be fairly rep-;
perished from this earth, or, at north parking 'lot despite govern- resentative.
least this country," he explained. ment assurances, had not been While the Communists and
Rev. William Sloane Coffin, removed as the marchers ap- neutralists have been barred,
chaplain of Yale University, said, proached. The march halted until: standards have been less strictly
"If the government does not rec- word was received that the barrier applied than for past elections.
ognize its responsibilities, then it had been taken down. For instance, Prof. Ho Huu
must bear the responsibilities for An announcement was made for Tuong, a Trotskyite prevented
many other acts committed in this a separate rally for Negroes and from running for the Senate, is
country." He quoted Hitler: " 'We !black power supporters in a park one likely winner in the House.
have been drawn into war against near Howard University. There are a dozen or so candi-
our own will. No one has made Linda Morse, chairman of the dates running loosely on the coat-
more peace offers than I.' f Student Mobilization Committee, tails of lawyer Truong Dinh Dzu,
the ti antdmon- explained. "We want the war over whose peace platform brought
persons - X'atherdwhoni-d now and we want the troops home; him in a surprisingly strong sec-
also made a rush on the speaker's we want the' graft stopped now ond in the presidential race.
stand, a demonstrator who tan-and we want the government to Roman Catholics, in various
gled with them and a man pro- keep its fingers out of our cam- coalitions, are strongly represent-
testing the rally who refused po- puses." Miss Morse accused Amer-,ed, as is the refugee segment of1
lice admonitions to get out of the icans of fostering "a perverted the population. More than half
way when the program began. society which turns our knowl-, the candidates once lived north
Dellinger said the Vietnam con- edge into newer ways of killing." I of the 17th parallel.
flict was the most unpopular war
in U.S. history and describedr
Johnson as a "martyr to principle
who is going to go ahead with PETITIONING for

Convict PlottersI
Of Greek Coup
ATHENS, Greece-In the largest'
trial since the, army seized power
six months ago, a special military
court yesterday convicted 27 per-
sons of trying to. overthrow the
Greek regime by violent means.I
The prosecution accused the
group of students, printers and.
workers pf belonging to an under-I

stated his intention of naming 12
of the undersecretaries to the new,
higher rank of undersecretary-
;eneral and designating the rest
as assistant secretaries-general.
In proposing promotions to un-
dersecretary-general, Thant men-
tioned undersecretaries by title
rather than name. Those he men-
tioned-and the men now holding
the titles-included:
Two undersecretaries for special
political affairs-Ralph J. Bunche


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MONDAY, October 23
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Beginning New Series:
"Modern Ethical Problems"
(Speaker to be announced)
TUESDAY, October 24
Noon Symposium-Lunch 25c
"Conflict of Ambiguous
Researcher: William Christian

_ 1 .

Grapes of
dir. John Ford, 1941
From'Seinbeck's classic
comes this Academy
Award Winner, starring
Henry Fonda,
Jane Darwell.
"The picture faithfully
transmitted the shocking
and desperate plight of
California's migatory
*--Arthur Knight
7:00 and 9:05

Oct. 24-25
3rd floor

Tues., Oct. 24 & Wed., Oct. 25
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