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July 16, 1926 - Image 2

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14P t22tinwr men are striving to make it an artis-,
. tic thing. Can any art exist underI
t~tI~ ~ U t I such foolish restrictions? He is pre-~
OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF THE tending that there is one subject whichM
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN ;the movies can not treat frankly and
SME SESO; rtflPublished every morning except Mondayy-jl(u 1hteeSa
during the University Surnmet Session by j note of falsity. A sensible person can
the Board' in Control of Student P'ublica- hrl e wyteVlsedati
tions. adysewyth osedati
any holier than our other laws nor
The Associated Press is exclusively en-I wvhy it should be anly more important
titled to the use for republication of all ne wsl
dispatches credited to it or not otherwise to teach respect for this one than itM
credited in this paper and the local news pub- o h ThusatIo'.
fished herein, is for any o h 'husatnt,.



.v. ., . .. ,,

Entered at the Ann A\rbor , ichicaii1,
postoffice as second class matter.
Subscription by carrier, $i.5o; by mail,;
$2. 00.
Offices:IPress Btuilding, 1 ayna;-d Street,!
Ann Arbor, Michigan.
C'oimunications, if signed as evidence of
good faith, .v ill be published in The SummerDalathedsrio ofheEtr. -I
signed commnunications will receive no con-
siderationi. The signature may be omitted in!
publication if tdesired by the writer, The
Summiuer D~aily does not necessarily eidorse
the sentiments expre-.sed in the cominunica-
- ~Telephonte 492'.
Editorial Board...Ege ne 11, i ntekunnst
City Editor. .............. William R. Brcyer
Music and 1)1 am )a.. ,.....XV illiam C Lucasj
Womnan's Editor..,.........Julia Ruth Brown
Night Editors
Wilton A. Simpson TIheodore I torrberger
Paul J. Kern Frederick Shillito
Douglas Doubleday

?It has al-xyavs been a problem in
the country to interest the voter. In
Iowa a movement is on foot to compel
citizens to cast a ballot--in California
the more muild means 01 edu # Lion is
to b(.emeplloyed.
Citizens must be induced to rote,'
and because of this fact an association
for adult. education" has been formed
in the Golden state: Its aims were
fully exp~lained by Leon J1. Richard-
son, direct or of the extension division
of the University of California, when
i li said: "Althoug-h interest ed in all
phases of adualt educlation, the first
stopl of the association will be in t he
soeci and poit iical field. The Am-
erican people hav \e shownt a :=insular
lack: of intex-est d tring; recedit years
ini qu estio0ns t hat e ffect thbe nation's

Music And
Illay K. lnilel in University hall audi-;
toiiti, at s o'clock.
TOMORROW{I(1 ?NIGH'T: Last per-
louii~e of IA. N. ililues "Belinthda"
by The Play ers. iii Sarah C'aswell Au-
Igel hall at11 S' ~.34 o'clock.
"Nememlber the critic's calling
Is the finest in te world,
It is som~etimnes a little galling I
tWhien, with lips p~olitely curled
Anrd withi supercilious smirk,
You are told to your face
That the critic has no pliace
Among important things.
I tell you, it's an art,
Th'las has springs
In the heart
Of Zall press-a~g cts.
t (Willia l dlogies to Macha Guitryx, alrd
I tiiler it H eti(sfon.
Thle l'aculity Concert Wednesday
cx ching in Hill Iaiudito0riurn was not a-
ble for twvo things, a splenidid tpcl'toi-

Special Tables of Books of
Interest' to Educators
At Both Ends of the Diagonal


Nighits - a5C to $s.50
Mlats. \Ved.Sat.
250, 50C, 75C.

PR n'ssNrS
The Riot of Fun and Laughter
"The Family Upstairs"


West Wind Lending Library
The Siliver Stallion - James Branch Cabell

Ai~iI 7 Nicels
0. D Morurill 17r Arcade
The Typew~riter and Stationery Store

n. r , ,
-... .- - f{f
N, i i .j

MpW .3 -

Gail Lyons
George T. McKean

Thaddleus Vasiclewsli
11 >rri . ierdling

Telephone l1214
Circulation..................enneth lI Lven
Advertising .................Eranci- Nom-'iist

Edward Solomon

WX'illiam F C- k

FRID)AY, JULY 16, 1926
Night Editor - W i. 11. TOCKWELL
'The sesq uicen ten nia., that e labor-
ate exposition w bict cminnem1orates
the 150th~ anniversary of the signing
of tIhe I eclari ion of indepenldence is,
opeti to visitors on Sunday. Th is isM
,,act'ehigious; Presbyterians and Luth-
evans > have already been ordered to
stay away from the wicked place anid,
iMethodists ale 1now consi derntg aitat, actin-
It seens that the sig1ning- of the"
Dleclaration of IWdIepcictcl'e w;as
sucth anlii1n'odly act that good Christ
ianns counot ii a eitisiler2'celebratIing it
oil a Sunday. aninumre 1t111n1flte , can
revere Gorge Washington, for he
c rossed in to Tr enton on a,( 'hristmnas
i've antdd e fe-iit ed ithe 1Bnitis il Indtiidefil-
ed the g r'at. Clhur'cli holiday. Much
things are the blots in histor 'v. and
A-vill remiain so for ,ill t ime.
Thel(,thze worlon mztnii.wo works
six days a w ,eefl kanid on the seventh
has a challce to go to( a world e'xposi-
tion, and Se collecte'dlfor' hint thilll
rthat lie would never otherwise have a
cbl uce lto e. tis anm iunspea'~!kable
('rime; arin1d th' plate xvbielhaffords:
hll)ithis opportiiiunity should Ib' boy-

welfare. We hteed to couilet'a ctprec- in knee of B rahmns sonata., and the
jurtice, bias, andalcrlity by the c1111 eapeaanice in Ann Arbor o ar
t[-to fcet hnigadac t ill, who has been too long abset
I caal attitude." tfromn these parts.,,11r. 1-Itill sang the
The sponmsors of t his miovemient hope aniili ar aria. ''Eni tu'' fromt the 'er-
to b~ring abiout greater eo-operation (Ii opera "The Ataskod Ball,'' with
amflong the public schools, the univer-I style symtpathietic to it,, floridl vocal
pit y, anid the public 1libr'ary.f gytnn as tics, exhibiting a voice warm,.
California is on the right track,[ and flawless in tone qtuantity, and
('it izens can only he iiiado to realize i'actes of a range am] power1 lithaiwo
-heir re'sponsibilities th rough educa- I l ad not heretofore suspe tad ed.II was
ton Instruction along social and pol- more interesting hoxwever in the less
itial lines will insure -an ineroase in lo-t-vura numrbers of his program. es-
the numbers goitng to the polls. Adult Ia'ecially in the last group which in-
!(iltication will be a state-wide e'xper'i- !cluided two recital favorites. "M1em-
i tent, and its course will be welt worth' ory'' by Densinore, andl 'Aspiration,"
watching. Let other states follow I ti buted by the progratm to Cox, al-j
'alifornia's valiatit attempt to make; thlough as we remember it the corn-
bte I 'nited States safe tor the mnasses. lposer ac knowledIges his inidebtedness4
- - -- ------ to Schuman n's '''ligia," or poem with-
a EDIORIALCOMMAENT 11has long been in the repetoire of' John
EDITORa Charles Thomas.
Mrs. :Marian Struble Freeman and
WI#'I B R'AS - 'SU A L irs MNaudle Okkelberg gave a distin-
Nexw Yoirk World ) }gu ishaed if somnewhat frigid perfot'm-
lI ra gori I to ibtheI al ,' el tia i'l eat- an cc of the Sonata, A tmajor, Brahms.

/ ///
/ , /j
1 I

,(strophe. Mr Al. \\ilhut', S-- cr''arof tte
VN 9 i 0 ol as follorws
' All klrrn tpreentutionss5against
-teb a 'isasterr ete Itnkl'nand
t he mlattecr had been eai''ftly con-y
sioTleiby tht' 1 tt ieati of (Adaume
wTih l(Il d tte 0opiniioni ofthe lbest
' expots5in lhp country.> I(annot
say whet her he maga zines were
ct~ipil e with lightriiti oiiduct-
wis, hblt I ca ika tat i sofar as
t~tiox 4-i theya eveIs well protected
:igittt 5(11hazards as wxas 1htm1
1It i'- dilmcult to -P atvith Imtlegnc
ref =11 AeNiil% ubnsenow ~as this,
'lb2" "hloh' Iine'-isia wi'cek, as 'all
l~no~rx Il pccalton.buswere a hen.'' 'i
ei'ri tat',d(lieSnot h luow %vilther I hie
111. IllIJ imi~iiiipelie iioi' Ig>w (111101 O-. , ct say tIwih lht

( William In glis)
IDet roilt teater secetus o be sat urat -
' el withi the idea of thle lower-towvn
oi(,dy in which Tipper-town buisiness
mneon)persut- the hand of his all-too-
prttti cal stE-nograplier. In this cate-
g ory was Miss Bonstelle's '"The Bride''
of a fewx weeks ago. Now it is "The
Family 1"p~st airs'' at tlhe, Garrick, and
tsonie extenut''The Fall Guy'', an-
al bet' of''Aliss- Bonnie's'' proluctions.
Itt Saturaltionisem to agree with the
I)Oi t public. fies. I arrived at the
(;i'ii - k a full halfI-hour before :show
Ii lii anil sat in thte second row from
tih' back of the balconmy: not the usual
iritics' seat to lie sure, but atn added
ph 'astire aiftet' const anmt association
withl the oirchestra elite.
Thme whole spirit of 'Thie Famcily
t Upstairs" is forcasted by the inscrip-
t in'"God Bless Ouir Hoe" on t ho
family placard of the Itellers, who
need( it. Viva lil as Mrs. llci -
ler, the grey-haired mother of the
kit chien, mor ie than tidles over the ab-
sence of Ainn1Harditng, the Garrick
Comnaly's leading lady, who is taking
a fotrtnight off. This middle-agedE
comedienne carries the play through
its entire three acts, with the help of

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( ot'l eft h} all good 1)eo1) le 11 t.lle
,;r1ht7.11}E h«r~f'-; 13im he Should -,o ztito i

rildilig or to 4ta lance at the nearest
lake ot'to a lnuivie or'4a Iiac5lal Igamne;
butt such a thing 41- an eduicational
exhiblit shloild never e nter hlis'
I boug;his..
The resoilul on !iy these bodies will
1nndotilbtedlV have ia good llad 'wholIe-
sonicaffteet ,for Atm er'ican ipeCil0('are
wont to look to t heir religions lead-
ershiipI fori giiittce in all sorts of
piroblems such ;as this, and1( it is safe
to sax' that1101ne of those Atmericans1
who planim('i to part i'ipiite it the
lyuttlav teclelirat ion iof their coumtntr'y
will do so now, if their sects omder
theom different . Broad-inimded 'lijist-
i~inty 41'1)ne as thisiert'aiinly deserves
t'e ('o-oletion lll idthe Clii oimii'tdui-
t itiliof lIehowhole country.
WXill IH. 1I laxs. i-za r iof' iioviedilit,
has issued a hole hutl apgaint t Il'()-
(ltia'ers I uk i tkl~iitr121s "'ofzany d rink--
ing scenes, ntinufa(-tlte 0o' sale (if liqt-
cat) be left out wit hout ruoi ning the
sltry. Nothii rntiti t' lie sown that
wilt tendl to proinot e even the sligiht-;
est disrespect for the Ptrohibltiolawhix.
HoIu Chlie Cli-'(hapldin cen ithrow pier('
in otlier peolliI' faces: 11clieteovie thinI
Canl blackjack. Liil cri rob: lts~
c'all be cult ; umnen can gaiih' ctuibc'w-
lianas cait seduce the niiatly hlwroes itnto
their tdelis mto trture I heat tlowlyx'to
ifhey can shovie thme lieioino off a cliff;
511 cidie, iomi c ide, fr'a tricide a iii a
debasinrg crime may be shown itte
mtovies. But the, poor ()Ili1 gra11dmiot P-
er can't drink ia glass (if beer as a
tonic because it will shiow disrespect
for the lawv.
Is Mr. Hays afraid of the anti-sa-
loon forces?' At least hle is ttnakiiig
himself America's greatest hypocrite.i
What nonsense is that ruling of his?
Mr, Hlays would keep the movies theG

the li-vN e reas xwelI p rotn'e ias Nwas
humnlml Possdte' Lie the tdoctot'
Iwhio assumres the famnily thiat, while the'
Tv -int idIthI.-e 'aI intiwas a suc-;
r lt',\Wilbutr tells us Ibis plant
the ati'la-Itx'ord it sAey and tte
'jtl it aphica n';lthatit xWas nmt thi
Iast xvordI it sa tlyx. IlInrkeitto Imihn
a little laei
1'1l e~ ere ta rp:'Said Ithe arsenal
piropiert y xvas nort a~ total loss as

t('i'e were several 1i ndergm'oind -stiatches oIf gotod acting on the part ofF
inti.a aijliesOthat are still iltact'' Willie, thme pool-room son without a
0III oPrv ordis, alIt houghthmtle sur'- l b ; Mlr. Heldlet', the doubtful father1
m< tar ;a-ines w rc as weltlipro- who t akeis turnts with his wife at boss-
i-ctot I as ca> Itmnina 1 posilhI ,''they 1i m g the famtily, and finally wins out;
aor eImt ihtas'.xelli t i'(-t i'd as time un- anid Louisa, the stenographer daugh-C
dt rgroti d tan izines, xv Iiicli st u(' terc, who we anid her tmother hope will
t , ay, r t'c til, ii'sit0iP---------soumeday'finud a husband. When this
lBi oe'rt t i - t s enot exhaust thegra vttsesbotietoak
list of t fa' r: iei tx5 m('(ilsistenci- 1)1pace, Mrs. I-eller, that ardetnt wielder
Alskestv~t Ix Ii '1hit t icc i'oinarding otficer ofa Ithe inother ttngue, ''Bawls thingsC
at 1 - I )etm ark <ha d ever' (ompillain-tiup onice tootift eni'',This occasions a'
(A 'tlihe anwrs=nil wx'a itsimsafe, he re- fortceftutOlofess5i on scene onl the Ipart
flii 1 t hia iSt. "tchi ii ~iit a thaid over ofIlouisa iaiidlthe departure of Char-
-i a cli '1hire t ii a itl ]id id lnot bte-;les Grant, the almost-inveigled busi- 1
11o el ct ailina11Pt ta il 1 iceti HIade.1 ess man, The third act, in which

JULY 24, 19264
a L
I _I
All unpaid subscriptions will be stopped
= at this time and all papers delivered up
to this date will be charged at the rate of
5c a copy.
m1#llll1llttllt11lIll ll#I I fI #l#1I IIttlIfI1 11i#lIIf H l


If suichi airepott 'hail leeanimade to
thiie\nx Mv 1dm u'atmnmtt le'-aidtI"''Il
wouitld icerta in ly k now of it, for it.,
broiught to mytii en1ctiont. I do not thinkI
W~ta~inDolnitg lmadehi'suthi a state-I
tiii-tt'' '', ct 1li ''thc ii's Itt'rns tilp lej
folixywinigiexxs, xw'hich it pinitts inl a
("'snth bfrcomn ashington:
"As a rosulI 1' inqtuiries made'
todlay by a ro pre sent ativt'of I tc
Nxx' 'ock 'Timtes it xvas disclos-
ed tdIhat Capt ii tDowxxling, in sptect-
or' of orniance'i'in (c a cge of the
nial mmtnition station at bake t
Dlenmiarik. made a report to thle
!avy department on Feb. 15 last
in regardl to inadequate fire protee--
tioni at the planmt. lie made this f
report incident to the submission i
of estimates for proposed public-I

Mr. H-eller saves the day, makes "The
{amily Upstairs" differenutenough
fromt "Tihe Bride." On second
thougtt it appears that one of the ra
re-sons why e laughed so much for
Mr's. HIellen was the inconspicuous
Anna belle, time kid-sister just in the I
inusic lesson stage.
"The Fall Guy" is one of the better
Broatlway survivers of four or five
years ago, and is anotther mystery
Fromtiwxic thi it xxould seem t hiat thle
Secret ary, who shoxwed himself so
expei't at Ilhe art of tdenial at tile time
otf the Shenandoah disaster, has lost
nonte of his old virtuosity. How many
nimore things of this sort are we going
to have before the Atdinstration
wakes up to the- fact that Wilbur must

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