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July 09, 1926 - Image 2

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FRIDAY, JULY 9. 1926




O4 lmtrthe people, through an effort to es-J -______
'1 i cape boredom, to become thoroughly f
M i 4 i I ganfl W' acquainted with all governmental pol- M U S K
O' ICALNWSAPRiFTestw. Monthlies and weeklies are toAN
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN vanish-each province is to have only At~
SUMMER SESSION oeppradta iie osxpg R A M
Published ev ery itooining ex.iept \ionday,01 ae n ht iie osxpg
during the '.7niersit Summer Sesio b es. All organs of enlightment. and
the hoard in Contr ol of Student Poublica- imaginaition are to 1)e suppressed. ~--
tions. -
The newspaper plays a vital part in "THlE SUN"
The Associated Press is exclusively eti- the life of any advanced nation to- A ri'Pew, by William IngIts.
titled to the use for repuoblicationt of all news.
dispatches credited to it or not other wise day, ye't Italy is to be robbed of ,this'Msin ndWrrnPah
credited in this pper and lhe local 1W"' rx broadeninglleinfluence.d TheenItlarian
fished herein. bodnn nlec, TeMla rmk ut neeigo twt
hias always been gifted with a stronger ak qutanenigoitwh
Entered at the A\nn Arbor, M itlizai,= iimagination his very nature de- The Players this week. "Thle Sun" anti
postoftice as second class matter.
Subscription lay carrier, io by mnailnaflds the colorful. H-arnessing the !''Sweethearts"' illustrated the value of
Off.ces Press Muini.~aval dstr I ano1eiinle'flfeti repression as an element of art hetterI
I~rdn,,Ann Arbor, Michigan. Italy, eveni though inidividIualism is at' than Anything whi h we have seenI
Comttm icati o s, if incd as eviueuce of ;~eol lotetnt since :'ark Tai' Joan of Arc. We
good faith, will be published in the Su'unmer Junst when personality will assert Tai' a oIc
Daily at the discretion of the Editor. -Jn- i ol'n llnraetepes sa xs didn't feel in at smirking miotod. We
signed coniniiiiatio 05 will receive. not con -
sideration,.fThe signatirre may lie orn,'led ill to y. The tr'atlegy of the wh'lole situa1-k wanted something with some ineam1
publication if desired by the writer The ingt
Summer Du)aly does not nce:ssarilv endorse tion is tilt'great admiirat ion p~rofess- jg;,oetig to give uts that deep-
tescflli~iitits exite'sedi in the cornrmnnLll CA ed 1}y the Kingdomnfor its dictator, er enjoyment which is not destroyed
101.even in this latest instance. The Tml- by the overture and the lady who
EF' OR, L% 1, 'l'A FF p, ro views the cut iii the size of the, otTers us a ride home.. We were more
'f'elephcrne I.).>., ewspape'rs as the chairacter istic tbai satisfied: we saw some tppto-
MANAGING EhIITOR stroke of a ann jus. Joun alism, it he- priate acting.
MANNING H-OUSEWORTI-I lieves is inl its present state mierely ''T.he Sun''" aliost missed its mark.
Chairal osd Li e1 tkt~, a sea ntlal ons xast e of pa per. I 1 To-± It lakes Some lnn tes for thiiis play
city Editor.............illiatnil. BThey r ore very sarcastically bewails the tact 1 0of Galsworthy's or John Drinkwator's
Music and ) lani.......... W4illiatti c.I1 ucas that Italianus will be freed fromt the!X -0'' to reach its fee lilig unless the

special Tables of Books ot
Interest' to )Educators
At Both Enuds of the Diagonal


.. .





Ir '

WXoman's Editor ............,J iota oKniu , 'it
Night Editors
Wilton A. Simtpsotn Thrdorc 1 forfiter f
Paul J. Kern Frederick fSillitA
Douglas Doubleday
Gail Lyons [haiddl \\ 'asirev\sl~i
George T. McKan Ntorri, ZwctI~ling
Telephone 21214
C'irculat ion....................KcimnethIi I1;ixcli
Advertising.................. Frantcis Nor, is
Edward Solomon William F. 3xts

shackles of thel petty. Fromi Na ples acudi once is soufficiently r"eady fOr tF
to 'Purin joirria lists welcome the re-! which this ottoxv asl't after "'Sweet-
turn to the "'sini ple life''. Wit h the' hearts"' had beent alvertisetlias
(emand for liberty in so dortman t a 'q"catitti' respIectale." a ph rase which
'1 sal. it seems as thlough reformt will ;expressed ''Sweetheart'' onlvIpart iallyI
3he late in coming. and "The Sun'' not at all. "Wtell doge"
, [In attempting to revivxe the glories' or ''finished'' scarcely apply to the
of ancient Romle. Mulssolini has sue- vivid symbolism of the settintgteat-
.ceeded in settinig u niai immense nin-I ed for ''The Su." WVe iimmediatel v
it arvyiachine, IHis lal est venture isj realized the presence of War on the
bit contra diet orx' It is a matter of! Right and P ea ce on thele eft , and
great doubt blow 'It( expects to rein- frightened love in the center. A for-
I (armnat , the spirit of Ronme in to a peo-' erish burst of red and a calml glow
1)1lehbere ft ofint ereour ise with) the, lel1te, anmd Tb liGirl 's n orbid black
world and divorced from art and liteor-'. dress were what did it. Insttead of
aItnlre, elusive det ails, there was simply ani
__________ impression, which got us aftter we

FIDlAY, JU[LY 9, 1926 "If l~enocracv 1is5so ootl a school axxvoke from thle oxpec tat ion of sunnyii
for training peopIle to be intel lige ztt 'Sweethearts."
Night Edit or---iTI LO. H Oi l HEGLit' and responisible, how d slos it http1enI Possession counts, even in love;
" " ' tnat w.. hDav'oe s, 1111101 had taer, imd esjte iilly' after var, when a ''life,


i('nt ?" 'Jaint's HI.Tuf'ts.

.Men and women,.is memibers o1' a -
social oi'der have ever' been too prone - -
to disparage that which lies w ithin hei im edi te [vi onm nt. and toV
over- evaluate that which is exo ic or
distant from them. (A LL AU X'S PRO)POSALS
A very striking examuple of this 4ii I iladlelphl ia Public ILedge)
truism of human naturle was recently J1ospeh ( ailIlax one againi st ads;
exhibited onr this campus. The Daily' before the Frencl Pa rl amenI xit h a
recently printed a front page article plan fot' the in uncial -aI aton of ther,
telling of a very ancient andi rare Vol- couitntri'v The ito hrates Of the next fewxy
nine added to thne U'niversity of 'Texas,(ays will sowxvwhe her France is
library. The hook in quest ion was of raty 10 submit to thle ncessaryv maj-1
general interest to inani--a 1524 edi- or operation. The pol itical fate of the;
tion of the "I 'osnog'a phy'' of Pet us 'ai li x plait and of r h-, riaid- 'ai-
A1) iI ntis, h It timtilitl ion wil mioiint a'ilv
The read ers of this artiicIe were_ hanrg int the a lance.
consciously or tuncontscionsy, imbt ued Thle scheme ( 'ail lao x priesets i5
withi a cei'ta i res pect. for t he Te'xas' ,,omiid. It xva s workedot 0 by a (cot-
l ihrary;: and mtanyunttdotibtedl y ques- niiitteco of banklinig lxl tt s, anud iighlt'
tion themselves about t heirI'owni Ii- havo erlit,,t 11efore lie cuttrtry any
brary in Anti Arbzor with somewhat tite during the last Thre years. its
of a condescension. WhatI has the p h'oides for sl Iizaiot of the fraci
U niversityv of Mlichigan t) sitow con- and~ returnitoI the gobf basis in thIire
parable to such a voluime as this' t ag s. It alls for - (xerial ilions
What has been done -oi' is being of allit iona taxes It lays down as a
carried onl at the present tintec--int the basis for settlement o the war debts,
line of book collecting here is Ann There is noiting pail i larly novel in
\rbor'. the schemne.
'The questioni has been adteqjtat ely No nowvpolem tcotfronts the
answered by Drm. Ratntdolphi G. Adams Frr 'ich governmet.t It is now as it
custodian of' the Clements library, has beett fot' years5 a question of o-j
who purely as a mnatter of fact com- 'taiing fronm I arliamt it teu power toI
piled a list of the etditions of Apianus put a financial plant into it'ffct. This
which the latter library tnoxw houses. is the rock upon which all French
According to Dr. Adams the Clemnts' Cabinets conie to grief.
library has not only the 1524 Apianus! The French governent can scarce-1
of which the t,niversity of Texas 1y hope to gain all the poxer it asks;
boasts btt also coptjies of 12 oler ed for. Neither, just at present, does
itions. t hero semitiay great. chance t hat1
Among the 12 editions of Apianus the ' xvar-debt settIletnents with Arer-'
mentioned above Is a~ copy of Apian- leca and Enghand will be ratified. Call-
us, Isogoge publishedl in 1521---a Vol- faux does not even ask fot' an u-ad
ume not inc'hildedlinisomte lof the forl- outtriatifiation.ilt u I Ihils about 'cer-
most (co)11ection s in America . Andi of t ain rai'ai catitons which we are seek-
even grea<nter s ignitiicanc thani this ig.'' Rati fla t ions in tlt American
rarity is tIi arige folio 1540 Astron- settlement seem little short of in-
omicum, of wxh ich no othter' ('01 is possiblilt.
known to exist ii Amteric'a. Fianlce has ta kent her own sweet1
Members of t he Summirtiei' s5i on time about fi na ncin I stabilizat ion ani
will (10 wI' I to ava il1 themutselves of the related problemn of' dobt otlti-
the olppoitti iit V givnt to inspet the ie nts. 11(1pe of ever getinrg the franc
dleme('ts1 libraryy. It Iias hiad a pleit back to par has long since faded from,
omnial rise ioI i'e oi tl(, of the I le field of possibility The only hope
greatest, in tet'nattionallIy known int ti -! nowx left is that of esca iing a tdiss-
tutions of its kiind. Mlore widesp'ea d ti'ouis financial crash. 'alllaux plan-
and ap propriatIe hiotal iecogn it ion xw'ill lv sa vs "Afterm'nmwo.Ihdeluge.'' But
not be am iss. Franc(e(omt inueis to ak1( her own
_________________sweet time.
The ghost oIf medievalismi which has I F8031 T'l'H AIR
been stalking in Italy fot' the past j I'Piladelphia Public Ledger)
foui' years ntow seis to he'conniniIg Oner of the n imales of our era is
back to life'. Thio'la test Fascist itoie th lenaera abouti to be installed in the
forI sulipress i ng publ)ic opinion will Arimy A' Service fot' long-dis an(e
completely paalyze an already x- photography. At ai altitude of more
isting cripple. thaivIixe miles, it. is expectedl to co-1
Present-day Italy, stripped or its er a panoramic range of )IS mils,
mnodet'n mai ment is 41 Iialo"Ots to In wai'tuier, (th room the can-
France before 1789 At thatin time'o- ea nowx'occumpits as taken by the
pie weme willinig to remta in duped. (m iacine-gtull. W ii re now tle all-
M~ost Italiants consider it little short seeing eye' of the nine-inch lis pro-1
of a sacrilege to upbr'aid u sslii. trutdes froit/l le fuselage was the or-
Satisfaction guitdes 010m11TO or' than ( fce of the weapon, whose missiles
expediency. wetre synchronizedi o as to shoot
Authority is no longer a subjective timrough the propeller blades when
principle in Italy. "Journals are to lbe- these were whiling at the rate of
come mtere bu leltins of governmtuent. 1200) revolutions a minute. T]hen the
The Fascisti intenid to) keep omt Italy effort of the operator was to send
all news relative to the details of for- forth a continuous hail of bullets;
eigni affairs, sports, art and crimint, now his task is to take pictures, with
Such stifling of the press will enable {. 100 exposures to the film ,

!more or less" mans nothing'it co-
parison to the thousands left on the
hat tiefield oft' to thtei. Right . Then too
thiere is the expression. "All's fair in
love anil xwar.' Lvvt and xwar wee
t ie saie to The Mam, who leas also
bad thelit i o 'joints f posseSsion of
Tite Girl ; and today xwas the dlay for
hi to gain the tnth point, fr The
soldier was ctotling lhomie frot Wa'
onhe R i0Iight . 'Tsis tedl theCGil
afraitd of Tlhe 'Mans strenrgth anilTThe
Soldiei''s curste.For' lhe alanl ad
come h.ack from the Right wx ita
wound, the' healing (f wl'iich itai
i'ought love betxxee'lt hema toti x'ile
" 'FbI' Soltdier ri'eiained ilt I ie.:Steich''
of War. The Soldier cane singing
over 'the Stilet: iLtie'IRight, Little
]lack Da ise cringed in the l r 'at ci-
inig arms of The Soldier, xwhi had at
knf i iat itdti in't use it Flo' te Sol-
ier crutmpled his itat i'st icl y. anil
laghed at tho suit; nit ti woiiat singinrg
ovei' thle stile--not towards Pecace on
the Left, whicht sholod lItave been
but towards War on the Right, which
'u'(' hs to us icoiaitent oT~'he
Soldier who came home from War on
;(Ii( R ighit, pecxxas tmoe tia n lve.
The Man .was W'illiam Bishop, fo-
in''jazz soloist of "E'xressing i-
lie," made us realize the psycholog-
i ical effect of war on an unhotic a-
ture, upon which war had not im-
pressedi the glory of peace. le em-
b 11 od ie venge, self- protect ioi, and
gore; even love was covetus. It.xwa
a mean part with no huzza.
i'ite( irl xxa s chaiaer il'zdtlbyithe
black dress. Camille Mtsline who
Iwore the black dress, suported it by
the exact sense of fear and guilt which
they impressed on the audience, which
11(ow xas aware o1' the spirit of the
Istruiiggle (xwe ha al amiost fogot ten
that it was a stage play.)
The Soldier was Richard Woelliaf,{
who made a perfect entrance, and
playeod hiis weird hiappinetss which, if
poorly played, wonld have ruined
"'The Sun,'' in a way which. completed
Ihe convincig impression which the
play produced. One of the re'sns~i
for this was his ungodly laugh.
'lTh'y "'ere'0 eac-hconvincicng as tht
Mlei' t v I, but xwe appreciate Camille
Mlasline miost bweause we rmemered
hho1)11y Cad wallader of "'Expressing
Wil lie'' and recognized ability which
had made a difficult transition. Some
c'lapped because they misunderstooI
"''he Sun'' anti others (of us dion't he-
ontise we were imniressed.
"Two ministers have served under
mnc with whom I could do nothing;
one is Briand, the other Caillaux.
IOne thinks he is Christ, and the other
thinks himself Napoleon."---M. Georg-
es Clemenceau, "The Tiger of France."
"America has got the strongest
presitdent since Lincoln, and he will be
re-elected (on a dry ticket, which will,
annoy the wets more than ever."-
Sir Charles Higham, British advertis-
ing mn.
"No mamn undertakes a trade he has
tnot learned, even the- meanest; yet
every one1 thinks himsllf sufficiently
qualified for the hardest of all trades
--that of government."--Socrates

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