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July 09, 1926 - Image 1

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VOL. XVII. No. 18






41 Review, by 'William m LIas I
It, is easy to take things fr gr'anted.
HOW the Plave L' timan age a prodil oll1

TO TA.KE ANY P"AlRI IN of the stalidat'd set by the last three>
I)IMo'-Ns uAT14LN oferinigs with hardly six days of re~-
hearsal1 antd that limnited by four' regu-
HERRICK IN DIGN A.NT larpeifoitaces a week s littleshort
of amazing. Wee thet ir'pe rforina ne s
Proposed Parade Instult To aiiwrlemlsolc ha shaky, the dialogue a trifles
People, Is OpInhloit Of untcrtain, tihe scenery shoddy, it Wright
AIImasador I asily be excused. Butt there are nonte
of these things. This week's offering,'
(By Associated Press) 'j weetheart" '. is a case inl point. It'
PARIS, July S.---There will he no()ever a play demanided anl impeccable
participation by Americans in the1 performancec this cha rutlog litt le piece
"protest parade'" to be staged by vet- d foes. They call it a vi torian idyll,
erarns of the French army on Sunday aind it. is all of that. A jarring note
tn opposition to ratificatiotn of the Atn- anid the mood so ca ieft 1 ly creat ed is
erica l debt settlemtent with France. shattered. It is at silo plc play, but
The association of American Volun- 1 adver'sely dlifficult to perbfom.
teers in the French army, 1914 tol9l'11 The scetne opens to atlnosllhere
has definitely declined to have any l)athedl in the freshtness of1yothtl
part in the demonstration. Yesterday !tempered by that seemingly quaint
the American Volunteers announced =Vict orian grace and( matnner'ism. Tlhe
their intentions of being represented !cur'tailt falls on a scene equtally chartt-
at the Alan Seeger monument in h lo ig, tmellow autumnal. It was the
Bef-etate unis to receive a wreath happy faculty of the players to less
from the French vet erans association reflect than exttde this variance of
as it marched past.I mood which coot ribut ed so largely to
The American ambassador, B~yron
E. Herrick, has taken a strong stand O ,
against the action of the French' vet-r
erans, characterizing the plrop~osed , T n Cl. 1 ,nd
parade as all insult directed against ] 7
the United States arid par~iciption Ilold DG egWrees
by Americus in such a demonstrationc
as also tantamount to treason.

liro success ot their liert'orttla tl(e.
IAtttv Loomis i5spslentdidl:is theW c0-
quettish young lady tantalizintgly it-
di ffercnt. to her earnest lover., t ut it
is tn her suhbdued aceting utnt te sec-
ond( scene where aged5souse fortt y
years shte inicl ines to tinIe scort i tnenital
itneilories of hter' you th that we felt
Jl iSS Loomttis to he lpetrfect beyontd the
estl of 01cotmtplaint.
In the same taiter Robert Il end-
ersott intth e role of lHarryw Spread-l
brow is incomparable as the elderly,
some what disillu0sionted lover., who,
thottgh tile tables ate cttriouslIy turnr-
ed, i, isll e ery omuclhthe lover. At
the risk of 't'atpiltg his acting inltte
last scene att aited proport iont that
Wvere Sli ghtly less that) Batrry I10)ic,
excusing t he('01 nagc and (Ithe i titph
Warr'len Parker does exeel lent w orlk
ill the role of tho' gai'dttet', tetytpical1
('amic ttettiai conttidantte of the Victor'-;
tall 'olttedIy. 11 is appe~.a rantce for a
cutrtaint-call last night called forth a
voltume of' applaulse that. would have
satisfied a p~rim~a dolna.
All itn all, yott nay gathler, w'e
hets" 15' is 1n0t a had shiow,
lIxlire ,IrTTisnT Ietined By t roess%'or
In _Aflernoon tLetre On4th
Natee lit 1Draina
That atnyotne app)reciain titt(, torasla-.
tiv peIosition) of t'xplessiotttstt today
oils hope for the future of the drama!
wastOv, contclutsiotn of Prtof.t). .13.
C'ampba.ll in ltis leeture 'Hxpt'esston-
ittii in thte 1Dramta"' lelivaredt estorlaa
a ft F-moo0I.
lt':ri01)istO exists todIay I rotigit-
olut thte realin of art, being foundn in
painting atd seculptttte as well as lit-
'at ore, t is theu antithesis of tttt-
proassiotttstt-its ('fld beitng to appeal,

Maine Picks Own
Alumnus To Take
Place Of Little
'Pite iti~ersit a' ofMai. asjs
T )wttia t'sdtt hniversit V (Ineha fjs
preieant ofthardist isthe. first
alutottIUS to hteadltthe mailte utiversity.

Leaving this afternoon, Dean
Edward H. Kraus of the Summer
session willI travel to the Vniver-
sity geology camnp in central
Kxentucky.,'awhere he will remain
for the week-end, returning tol
Ann Arbor Monday, July 12.
Next week [Dean Kraus will
visit the University enlgitteer~s at
('ailp Davis, on Diouglas Lake in
M ichigatn.






Joint (Commtittee O(hi I41CH ea' lth ll
I"utJetjoutt-P For Ben liif ()f
All lic alt Botlic'
?'"Ogl of tine most ioe'st'exipel'i-

fPart T ' ) (P Epec-ted O{)n1Excursion Imetits5 exlt' atternlted ll Public
1To Falls By Interurban And Health l toeat it)l is h ,itig 4sl Onsr(
'Steamier by thle Joint ('ommflIc, en Public
Healtll,''spid 1 tic. NSla>Departmnent
WILL RETURN MONDAY Of Pttblie health, UiN e('lily of Michi-
- gait, in a I .ctttre ill the Di tiata Iaudi-
toriunm at four o'clock tort av. Dr. (%.
Abiout 60) tniv'ersity students and ~,S mls h ceu' etlLc'
mtemblers of the faculty wvill leave this pi unable to be present.
a ftecrnoon1 for the longest ex curtsion of Tlio coin mlitt a. raizdo
he Sumller sessionthle Itrip) to the' initiative O'f0 the Mlichigan State
Niagara Falls, which will lhe mode this Medical Socie1Y ty, an it is buased on thte
Iweek end. The party will leave the belief that the best re-sults ill Public
intttrurb~an stationi o1n the corner of Health implrovemnent could be obtained
State and Packard streets at 3:15, LI)rough close coo lerat101 eten h
and take the boat from D~etroit. to Mledical Society and thte University
l3uffalo, where they 'will arrive Satur - of Michigan. It is also closely as-so-
(lay morning.i ciatedl with the Michigan Department

Ini a letter announcing its decision
not to particip~ate the associationt of
American volutnteer's declared: "We
feel ourselves obliged to retire before
the aggressive spirit. even injurious
wording, of the posters you have put1
uip by the thousands throughout!
France. The heading, Washington.
Calvary of Victors, is an insult to our
soldiers who came over to fight for
The l etteyr contained an admonition
to the lcadlers of the demonstration
"be not ill advised. Your friends in
America, who are trtyintg to utderstantlj
thte situation, are rallying to your sup-j
port. WVe who suffered w~ith you dur-
ing the war, who grew strong in love
and wisdom through those trials, are
by your side, and we must carry thej
same burden ns you, our brotherr
carry. Hencee we dare offer this ad-
Ambassador Herrick is much re-
lieved over the action of the American
Volunteers. He has protested to Pre-;
nticr Brianid and others in authority
against the denonstrationl as original-
ly designed. This contemplated the
draping of the statue of Washingtonj
in black, the hanging of crepe on the
entrance to the American emtbassy,
and the playing of a funeral dirge over
the dead of Franco-Amnericanl friend-

G Holders of oh'grcs enrolle d intthie
S' mtZnenr t esson Iumtber I2,accord-
ing to a report issued yesteriday. This
figure, w hich is n0w 39 per (c(elt of t he
total registration, Itas tle reaserd
yearly fromt 21 per tent int 1921.
' Txwo studenlts hold font' degr'ees
eac'I, 11 hold three degrees, I SO hold
two, antd the r+ itatttlrr, 1050, bold on'
eac'h. Tbhis mnakes a(Jta of 1 196 for
the ttuntber of (degr Ees he ld.
Tho majority ol 'the, total niumber of
degr'ee",is held 'a sltud ents5 inthet
grad(luatec schtool, nIe:e'ssarlily, 92:3 ba--
lng in tils ,schtoo L Scitool of 1,1,hc,,-
tion s tudet'ts have a total ad' 175, >>>edi-
3 cal schlool 1 39, lit erary' school 13o anld
on down to 12 i n thle entgineering
Nvine hiunodred t en aof theliegr'ees are
bachelor of arts, 247 bachelor of >c i-
-en't>e, 1 23Imast er'of arts, ,t;i mass -r
Iof science,. 22 bachelor of p hi losoplily
and, a great many itave les than 11)
In advnciing to 39 pet' cent this
year, the total numbelt'r o.f degree hold -
er's itncreased 2 pe cenit over last
G year. In 1924 it was '15 per' cent, :31
per cent int:1923 and 24 per cent: in
flflhIflfhJ 111I1 Vimfl mI

Air Camup Has
130 Boys In
Second Groupl
01W hundred t dl IIti)'bay"s froln
IDetrlo it and Ild ant anrirl{made upttithe
5 t'can :~ tse-ction of 1the Fresh Air
('amp, wvhich beginstts1his afI 'ton.
Tiht. Iaovs, ii ft) t.tr'oit and l30
from I Ia tlt l'amrok. pasithtbrough Ann
ArIbor at nootn todia yto beginI their two
weeks of' camnp lift' at Patterl'5( n ake,M
t welty''-tfiva n' les northw'aest.
Thte fi rst sact itt. w lile eided Wed-
tto'salat'a vas a comapltte success ac -I
cottling to Egbertt IL Isb~ell, '271L, supt-
c(itil etaIillI. Onte hiundrted antd t welty
l bov:' tfr1om Ia'1t'oit1, ,aeks(Iltantd Ann
',%!-))or' spealt h11eir 1 t)wo weeksat the
ct nta withoul~t a sillgle st.rtiouts illness
tat aa'aid,tt. Mosquito bites, sun-
burn'is anda sore toes mado' til the
r 'eater part, of the casualties who re-
portetd tat Dr.IKliskern. '26 e.ver'
mtornttin-: aft 'Irbreakfast.
0ne boy f.rolt) Attn Arb~or too0k hisj

The party will spend~ Saturday and of Health, Detroit College of Medicine
Sun'day at the Falls, where it willj and Surgery, Michigan Tuberculosis
have the opportunity of taking all the Association State Nurses Association,
side trips and seeinig all of the speciall anid other similar organizations. Ac-
fet.'aur'es of)te reiona. Tw o theI corditig to Dr. Sinai, this is the first
trips that through the Cave of thel time that the Mledical Professionr as a
WVinds and the trip on the Maid of the whole has odefinitely beome interestedl
Mlist, traditional feature of the b'alls, in health education.
'will be madec at special rates. Believing that health t.ducation can
While there, also the party will Ihest be ct.nvecyed by the spoke'n tongue,
have the chance to) go thbrough the the commtittee has arrangedl a nunmber
Niagara Falls Power compi~any, onel of of lectures for public delivery, Uinder
the largest in the world, arid will also the Pr'ogram worked out, any society
lbt. shown the company's miniatture 'or group in Michigan may ap~ply to tile
model of the Falls, which can be so University for a lecturer oIn any health
mlani pulat ed as to show the results (If; subject they wish treated. A prom-
'water diversion on1 the Niagara river.' I ent doctoir or one who lhas detinite
The group will leave for home at 1 knowledlge on the subj('ct waxill then
ablout 6 o'clock Sunday evening. ar- 6 e sent to them at the applointedoltim~e.
riv'ing in Ann Arbor' at 11:15 Monday ''The Goitre Probliemt,'" "Child
morning. The excursiont will be tinder Hygiene," "Contagious Diseases,''
thte ditrec'tion of Russel J. Hussey of "Public Health Nursing." and "The
tiht geology department. Relation of Teeth to Health," ar'e
r ---amlong the suibje-cts commonly chosen,
nnninumiThis system of education is pr'ovintg
B IVDNTI' ~'~ -~1 '~very successful, Dr. Sinai believes.


For Yanke Ships; U P[ON TR lflILl

(By Assoaiatedl Press)
NEW YORK, July 8.-There is noj
"12-mile limnit," preventing seizure
beyond that poinit for Anierican shilps,
according to a decision of the United
States Circuit Court of Appeals, made
public today. The decision reversed
a finding in the United States District
Court of the District of Connecticut,
which had sustained exceptionis to a
Government libel filed against the Am-
er'ican rum runner Underwriter.
The Underwriter was seized be-
yond the 12-mile limit, a fact on which
one of the exceptiouns was based.
"An American ship on1 the high seas
retains her allegiance to the United.
States," the decision of the Circuit
Court of Appeals recorded. "It is quite
well recognized that every nation has
the right to bind its own subjects to
its own laws in every place."
Qu Or eather~a'\d
--Prophesies Showers or Thunder-
stortus Today, Cooler 'tonight.


Prof. Roy WV. Cowde'oet(f t he Rhet-
coric depa rtmnlit will s pendolt he on
fyear leave of absence granted him
studying in England and the continent.
l .ie flanis to remin int Ltlodon for a p-
p~roximnately onte half of hiis tinge Spenit
abroad; study ini the British Museumt
will tlccttlpy a goodcI parttof his timeO
while in the English. ca pit ol.
From Lolndon Profesisor Cowden will
go oil to) the conthintt visiting espec-
ially Fr'anct. and It aly. I le will re-
fturn't to the tlniyet'sit '' (f Michigan in
tile fall of 1927.
Back To Old Gods
MEXICO CITYlJuly .-(A.P.) --
Floods have brought houdreds ot' In-
dians to the sacred shinot(f Guad-
alupe where they have knelt in water
waist deep to pray tol the ancient
rain god of the Aztecs and to the
Christian God to preserve tltenmtf'om
Franc Goes Lower
PARIS, Jiuly S.--(A.IP ) -Aft.tra
slight, recovery' frotn 'uesadays slumnp,j
the French franc today sa gged heavily'i
tt. a new low record of 39.01 to the dlol-
lar oil news, that the Bank of' France
statement would show an increase in
circulation of nearly a billion francs.

o th hoca'x' aof the spirit'' raitheth~ ltian cma'-'made radioalo caad sot tinp
tin' '"''at'of tile'fle'sh.''It is a:means'altottg his tcntpawle, ttoila' grca e }LW HD N1rb h edro IHfie ucne}guo l,,t>tictt oy's
lilay stoepitnto the ntind of the princoi- raent t) cctll tttnale. to sx'aint antd oxtly
pali char'act ert' P roIfessor C 'aunpbell us - r t en ' trtiued home tnon-sxwimmer ts. On M(ay Associated Press)
setttd. All cha ra ctersls Iides t.'eIto ''''a'etitig (If the tifth1 of July the' NEW YORK, July S.--The dead of
cenltral ote are lint types or forces. boy's a'Ot t'taitil 110guets fronm all the ; Itt.'5I;sill sleep beneath the water
Ont' knoa ws110o1hinig abolut thtemlas pert- >u t'iouldi n Ia ko's at Ian Independence tonight.
sonal itia's; all is sacrificed for I teI lay ctlra t ialt The submarine that rested on the
celltrlImtintd whti ch is eq ti vtlent to I 'l' suma't tr i ay'a' rece'nt ly an - floor oIf the ocean off Block Island for
lb a' mind1 of the r'eader. flolt(I t tat'forsole 't imelOneitt wo'ek, ' more than nine months was wharfed
Ex prt.'ssiont sm 1s nothing mor1 te thian it h~s beeun definitely set for Wedesday, ; into dry doick at Brooklyn navy yard
the st rt's,,ea us( of psychology, Proa- Ju ly It.A tt t toa'r of t110'ihaes, c'hoasenl tooday. The touching ceremony itark-
fesstr(i' a mahell w'aent on to say', anttl for their all- around campl usa'fittness. ed thet. endl of her 135 mile journey,
is t her'efore peaculiarly su itedI to tis 'will coawilto It)n.tlt iO~r Tuesd~y' night which was delayed when she grounded
dran ma Stage' dt.vices enable the'-a ld seli ta s ott the caaintlL all dany on a reef in the East River yesterday.
a oatietca' to get into c lso' undletrst and \Vwlxdticstlav Tl 'sIlstden)t ibudget of; A ttew silk flag was posted to the
in g xwithi the leadintg character in a $ 1,;()(, nt'~twll' ao-thirds comtplet e, is' toll of the mast that haid been fitted to
var or:easy way. Prof. Campbell quoted'cxpea'tedto boa) a'fille'tlby Iiia lit) umm' er bar hitered bridge. All l'anks stoood
frotn 'The Adding Machine" "'e''l Sc.' hoaal cootrlibu11t iont at atItenitioni. The r'elatives of the
[mpe0'ror Jones'', and several othem' - -- ------- -deacoolinlgled with a small cr'owdl
p lays to) 01)1phiasize thie pot enHatl it ies trn that had been permitted to enter the
of t1h5isnovenwtet 'Tile h':perot'I t 00TINLyd. At a sgnlthe fagwas low-
Jon es', fom' example, owes its power- ('creal at half mnast.
ful ap~peall ta) exprlessioinism;th leatm'i- 11 B TDT[( lfI mnmedliat ely the c.eremony was over,
adevices inthe lt'setonditl ofelna ble fljLL BEdl i! U LVD SOON divers went below the 34 feet of
tile Nt.g ro's struggle 'aithlprtitntit ive wate'r in the clock and adjusted blocks.
feat' to ittoldt' autdience 'spellboud. Getpmswr sttUupn u
't.' beat ing of tile tomlto.)1, the xweirdI W ' ''tsrci'riI o yI1~theoaterumis wee dcst. upn u
sceer' at''nditt tiw(n'c1t'ltof chaatr' l Itast lrt A. C. Paok tht or )tk onl theadt-
arto~d i 0 llseveto utt t ' ati Itti~itttoth lca pistailie v luolli IAs if in a theatre wh ere the cur-
aroun h~ntall'srvtet put o ttadra tw tiltwent downward, inistead those in
tnc tottI thle lac'k ma n's mind. starte'd inIlItiediat ely. Th'cotr c
Ittconlulin Prt' Capbel e- avichwaslt't 't.('ttt)' 'cjuies the navy yard saw slowly i'evealed to01
Incnldn rf atpeld-wh~i'111)ch s lt renftl' eqirshel lC'1th laey wih she had
c~a t'etl that expressiontism has the wr twecopeedfrinpcio
po''e' to hrng tto' (I a t t ts f ll r xttint six m othtls. ,w ro ght. The large S-51 on the con-
r'ealisations. Because (If its utique e southeast c'orntet' (f thte main riigtowl andt the lrconin tsera
appeal, this mns of studying person- s1t'Ot~ct''i 'i5er'e tht' atloit ion is to'lgh anesttecoigtwr
al plsychl'ogy has brought the modern lecl~IUt~ twl ei )11 3 a ~ael'vtI ut
xworldi and thte thleatre into cl11t'(ose l)- shipos,~ciliibil a tesit. ia
thn Fw4"4o't A naw'1 BH.SSfL~s.---More than 100 sis

over 200 lectures were o'alledl for, an~d
since that t ime the numlber has bleen)
steadlily increasing. High School
Groups andl Parent To'acher's Asso-
ciat ions are amnig those wxho mo1(st
frequently mnake useC of the lectures.
Mother's and Teacher's Clubs follow
closely biehind. Manyoi'ganlizationis
call for wvhole series of talks to) be de-
livered perioodically on various sub-
"This mnethiod of health educationt is
mnuch more efficient than any other
evel' attemnptedl," stateod Dr. Sinai.
"Eoducation by means o~f the news-
p~aper, the movies, and the radio can-
nlot be vaei'y effective. Such articles
as those of DoctorII Evans, in the daily
nlewspapeirs arc ver'y gtoodl, butt many
of the newsplapers reports (If medical
conivcnt ions and the like are wrvIittenl
by r'epotersl' 'who havel' 101technical
knowledlge (of the subject and so cant-
ntiQpresen5.)Lt thie omater'ial in its most
helpful form. With ratdio lec ture,,
c:ompel)tit ion is toco keen. W1hen by
Imer'ely turnling a little knolb, a listener
can tunte in on jazz and lively music,
the ordinar'y radio fan will not listen
to) a medical lecture for fifteentinl-
utes. Lectures dielivereodinl their home
towat nmake mlore of an jul press ion."


1'rceT "aa n thi' Columnamust
be le t te aox at the D'aily office

1) o jat ca for' t tttaX~ir1)(st~.el'ae'tre4 00
o'clack pr-ceding theCalay' of issue.


tllrnO1. otemal as ohe 1poeS"''aL 'at t 'I '''-''''''
hieatintg phint;lV ill be cbontaii nko in the
Foreign Students It 'will pr'ov'ide extra floor spaco' for
W1ill gave Pic i lie atitdlinmg of pal'celpost. 'Phishas
been11badly 11(1:010(1for l' 5eal v t'al (ils
I Il0 amid it, is hoipeod that the nexv
All foreign students inth ie Summiler' ( buildintgxwiii be co lltpla tloe fair thIt
Sessioin ofItho' .TIniversity are invited ('bhristmas Holidlay rushL xvhich ltas al-
toi a pic.nic by IDi' and Mi's. JaynelOs 13a wa ys intthet past faountholdl(( builod-
Davis, fr'om :1toit)5o'clock Satut'day ijig illadlt 110'
a fter'noonIl Jully 10. It is de.s~iable thtat - -
a ,ll it tdtitts wahio wish) to att eld shouild L :ONDlON.- - More than 1,000,000 tonis
c~all Miss Hazel Dobson, telephone of coal have been importedl since the
.t518, betweent 7 and 10 o'clock F~ri- coal str'ike' bo'gan, rnostly front the
clay evening. United States.

many of them transchannel anod t.oast- '' ----- ----
wise, are held in Antw erp waiting;a'Today
cargoes because of the doc'kers' strike 2:00---Excursion No. _, starts to
for higher wages. Niagara Falls and vicinity to) retur'n
_____________________________ _ _ __ _ _ July 12.
I' :90--I1lustI'ated lecture "Soe
BAEBL SCORES a Greek Landscapes, With Their Liter-
ary and H'istorical Associations" by
!American League prof. John G. -V itter in Natural Sci-
'Boston 7,, Detroit i ence auditorium.
Philadelphia 'l, Chicago 7 S :4)0-Infor'uii enter'tainmen~it by ie
ICleveland 6, New Ydork 1 faculty oIf the physics dlepartmentt.
1National League for tile advanced students (If the ode-
IPhiladelphia 10, Pittsburgh 6 par'tmnent in the old Phys ics build-

,, .

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