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July 08, 1926 - Image 1

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SuNDO/ALL rSPE_____________ RNCH COMMITTEW Oen55
..Tourney F0TWillAFOTI
OF PUBLIC HEALTH /DjB1T SETLE Et~mhUwnesty'"10 rop en Ir ISNlOFTID


Pres~ent Aetiiity Is Centered Upon~
The Person~ And The Social
Sign lficaltnec
Public health today is u ndergoing;
remarkable changes, acecording to Dr.
John Sundw~all, professor of hygiene,
and publ ic health and director of the
division of hygiene, public health, and
physic'al education, in his lecture to-
day on '"The Modern Trend~ of Public
Health Activities'' in the auditorium
of the Natural Science buildling.
Before the war, Dr. Sundwall ex-
plained, public health activity cenlteredl
its interest. upon environment. Today
this interest has been shifted to the
person. It is turning more and more
to the social significance of those with
whom it (lealIs. It is corning to con-
centrate upon those age periods which
have the greatest social significance
because they embrace the people who
contrib~ute most to the world. Dr.
Sund wall placed this p~eriod as being
from the age4s of twenty to fifty.
Among the diseases which are re-
sponsible for most of the deaths dur-
ing this period. Dr. Sudwall named
tuberculosis, pneumonia, and heart
disea,:e. The first name(] is responsi-
ble for more deaths than all other
diseases combined.
Dr. Sundwall sta =d that there is
much human wastage in American
life. In this country, people begin toI
break down about the age of forty.
The great problem in modern public
health is to prevent, this condition.
This can be dlone only in educating
people in matters of the balanced diet,E
in methods to prevent infection of the!
teeth, and in the practece of daily
physical exercise.

'4iltomous Ass~aultIs Als~o Made Upon
Expeuts' Report and Stabili-
zation Schemes
YARIS, lly 7. --A vigorous assault
U poli the N~ashingi on debt settlement
anad on Ambassadlor Ber 'uger, and a
sharp attiacek on the experts' report.
< id tihe government's stabilization
scheme put the government on the die-
fense in the debate on finance in the
r la in er ot deputies today.
M. 1"'ra ukIi n- Bouli llon, chairman of
Slie foreigni relations committee of the
chainmtr, dcl a red that the debt settle-

ini 1'e -,"ar tennis classes. Entries
for thiose Interested will be received at
Barbour gym nasium, p~referably this
week, in order that the tournament_
c'n begin the first part of next week,
The courts at Palmer field are open
from 7 o'clock in the morning to 4
ao'clock at night daily.
A separate tournament for those ini
tennis classes will be held the last
two weeks of the summer session.
Grand ltaijds Public Hlealth COMInmS-
sitoner Is Fourth Speaker On

' ..
' ; , s -' s
v f , ,, "°b s..
p ' _ ...
r r 3Yr .-. ..
Q.,w > 1 i? is y 2( ,5 t . - ;t'l
a_ ,
CAS \% r2 :K', . ' .
. ? , , ti_ ,c
t :r
5.5 S
5 .y,. , fr2 f 2 }s .

Great (C1ovoy elps Tow 'Naval ("rave
t Of Submiergib~le's Large
! Crew
Thle i i as floated at 9:1l. o'clock
tonight anid her journey to the B~rooh-
lymi Navy yards was resumed.
(By Associated Press)
New York, .Iuly 7.--Within sight of
the goal set nine months ago, the ill-
fated submarine S-51. today was re-
claimed temporarily by the tide.



1110e1 a niot111t ed to ''sabotage of the to the Brooklyn
P'ronch inte rest s.''Ilie could not give EDO E ENXIEE ruddo
lii! conihdonce to a government if rati- Williamsburgh
ficat ion of the acecord were insisted j bridges and rema:
tipotil, nd( he demanded that the gov- I As the fourth speaker on the sum- trl umre
erniulent take advantage of the fact! mer progr'am of lectures given under awaited the aidc
that the united States Senate debt the auspices of the division of hygiene The navy alrew
funding mission had adjourned, to!
apelfomteuin'r}d mrcnandi public health of the University, f What, according
'Dr. C. C. Slemnmons of Grand Rapids IatlerEllsberg,
to a be>ttor informed American. It 1',at . Washington, h,
was an impossible thing, he saidt, that will speak in the amphitheater of the
Ihble. It has brow
the worl should be offered rya spec- i Dental building at 4.00 o'clock this from its bed 22 f,
i aiwlo of a people which had satisfied afternoon. Dar. Slemmons' subject, by six feet of sal
ltself in resisting a common enemy, will be "Some Problems in MunicipalI submarine that p
h('imig 'm'mi hed tunder the exac'tiotn of :~ -1,1 a r-

The *Josepli iii Ford'' comes hom. Theb great m onoplane in w hit~h
Commander Byrd mode his iihistorie Northi Pole flight returns to New York
in the hold of a ship. [Hertz are t~vo views of t he histor-making plane as
it is being 1 aii d. Abhove, t ho huge miaini plante enmerges from the hold.
Below, thle fuselag e greets Newv York aga in.

;1 aLI..Lvein rukl ite
[navy yards, she
rock lying between
and Queenshoro
linedl fast, almost eni-
d,, while her convoy
of the rising tide.
dy has accomplished
to Lieutenant Conm-
some navy official.
tad declared impossi-
,ght to the surface
rathoins low, gripped
nrd, thte hulk of the
plunged to the floor
er being rammied by
nC steamer City of'
*e members of the
ed death and eight
Fred last fall.
rto the navy's feat
tnee of the tow had
[nds, after weather-
herous currents and

E '';111W01mi1inhas a diane,' to th'
ECOME? te ueii of Bulgaria, if '-s'p~sss>
es beautyt',gentle bir'thi.a st iint tn-t id°
natture 'andl niodeltral ( l 11f <1r,

Dr. SundwallI recommended thle 'Tho("iareIctilequtatlties d'Ic an11( Ilin
practice of having a thorotigh physical a 'i~f' by' King Bor'is, the only tjaeh-
examination each year. insurancelclo-veig inte ord 1"s
statistics have proved that this is an j frictids say he has give'n tiplhope of
effective method to prolong life. The finding a cotmlpanion for his hr-one
belief was expressed that more careful among the Royalties of Europe, aid(
attention to matters of health will (that his eye>s now a r'.- focunssed 00oil
eventually prolong the span of lifel American girl.
imimeasurably. Of intensely demooc rat ic andy; m
nature, the thirity-two-year'-otldm' ul r
GOING _ _N_- ;has lwaysheld knerit-n s i %, : N - -il--reard, -d-i ti-l""has al waysh i o'AT'S nXnis drica ii sor i thnverc
N otices to appear in this column must that he would h ve iio otbject iontmo
be left in the box at the Daily office
provided for that purpose before 4:00 sharing his crown and hiappiness wvith
o'clock preceding the day of issue, a. fair heart froni acr'oss the Atlantic.'
H-e virtu ally has no Iii eons tof Ii-is
'I'4daY own, his country is tpoor, anid, there-
4;O0-Iecture "Soulc Problems in !fore, hieimust seek a wvife who pos-'
Municipal Health Administratoin" i senses a corn pet ence of her owni.
dental auditorium by Dr. C. C. S1cm-I His own civil list or salary from the!
Mons. Govern ment is $22,500 <a1.year. Ill ad-
,i:00-1,ecture "Expresslonisin InI dition to this, howeve'i, he is allowe<d
Drama" in Natural Science atuditor- I ab~ot t:xl]00,000 a yea r ior thle ;,hetl
lum by Prof. Oscar J. Campbell, of his various Pal o(:es;, of whfu ic h < < :a
8:.30-Play "Sweetheairts"lby "The three, two in Sof1ia a-nd one, ot Varna~
Players" in Sarah Caswell Angell Ion the Black Sea,.
Hall, While this sture is quite ad(-quiat e for-
the maintonanc of' his pal aces and the
Friday !salaries of thle ma nv court, function-
:0--Excursioii No. :i starts to aries, it is scarcely enough to allow
Niagar'a Fall. and vicinity to return the King to entertain onl anylhing lihe
July 12. a liberal scale.
i::(----Ilusrated lecture "Some c Contrar'y to the belief of many, Boris
Greek Landscapes, With Their Liter- is not of Slav origin, but is of noble
ary' andl Historical Associations" byj German Birth. His inothicr was Pin-
Prof. John G. Winter in Natural Sci- ces Marie Louise of Bourmbon-I'a i'moe
ence auditorium., and his father was Duke (lateor' King I
Ferdinand of Saxe.
PE KIN.--The new Chinese cabinet!rrhe young sovereign is of' nediuin
at its fist formal meeting appoinited I height, slight build, has Sparms'e black;
Admiral Tsai-Ting-Kan acting foreignj hair', symnpathietic greyish eyes, pleas--
minister and asked hini to continue as ling, spiritual f'ace, prominent act ulline
delegate to the custom conference and ! nose, and firm niouth. Tic is desc'nil(d
director of maiitime customs, from{ by his friends as possessing a tender'
which hosts he resigned last week, gentle nature, much sentiment ondl af--
i fection, a keenl intellect, and a wide
Our~a her~i~'n variety of interests.
Botn4, Philadelphia 2
;. National League
' Cincinnati 2, St. Louis 11
IPhiladelphia 7, P-1it tshtirgh
Predicts fair and warin weather in Brooklyn G, IBoston 2
geneal, ith he eer-pesen ' rooklyni 5, Boston 1
chance of a shower or so. I

ll( loes flowers, hirds, aimitals !ill(
_ 11n rf i le l (,ermy 'oi'm a11(1 is tan ex-
l Iem llhutr, .swimnier, horsemanmint
notrist - He is lonely, and craves
£' )Iilli£iioi5hip. The only relative IIo
h.,-, ill Bultai i5ishis youngersitr
who is alSn tinit'rietl. Of alnia
fr i'- md, .Ii e as minlly incltudingiog
111i, friends say he possr:es evem'v-
lugwhich a King ou,_ht to have, e:
dE £pt a wife amid reali happ iness5. Tbha
is why they are 1nowemcouraging lii m
tn look among thle demiocratic Xvoinan-
ho od of the tUniited St ates, foi' a Qu(eer:
to shor'' his throne.
r (t3l .1sA','uiate° l t'r-s';)
N I, II h 'S Ne fo k J IIy z r s o f ci lf- we e c asdby 'r (:sident ('oolidge today as i n t hl
secu oioni of a forest of the Adironl-
diack lis e set tletd into a vacation ar-
ra iir' d so os to give hiint rest amid
strenigh for-tho e 'amr ahlis tiead ot
1tie, nlIon,
At'riiving a XtWhiitePi ne's camp on
LakiIe Osgood with Mrs. C'oolidge this
miiorn ing aftei.r on overnight i'un on a
-s icia I train from Washington, the
chief execuivce rea'tedl quickly fto his
21£ w sur'rounmdinigs. Respondimig to the
ivigoram't ing 0air and the v'acaition at-
ntospi~pr(m. Coolidge had one of the
mioftorboat s with whiiichI the canip is
eqlilippetl brought; to his private ni aim-
stun amid he anid :Mrs. Coolidge took a
201 nunlut e tur'n about the lake.
lFor the most parimt, however, the dlay
was spent qtuietl y by the chief ex ecu-
tiv'e, durinig the entire period he and
Mm's. Coolidge rmiaining within the
conliiiies of the camp and rceiving no
v isit or's. Strolls in the lea y lanes
an il s mucoh rest as they ci mid gain
ithe liinst to of tilt' houtse settling was
their p ro;gralf>I' the dlay.
h'ERU~lN._ The G er'man subscriptioni
list;, were oversu bscribed five minutes
aftenrthirm opening yesterday in the is-
s tic of $$3I0.000,000 Unilted Steel Works
'Com'porta tion iof C ontoany 6 1-2 per cent
:gold btomids.
HAVANA. The Carlos MLanuel do
('csttdes mnedalI forl extraordinary ser-
vied-s t o Cubao has been conferred onl
thte American aimbassador' Gen. Dine-
H1. Cr'owder.

'its ally."
M. Franklin- Boulillon was applaud-
Od thrtoughout lis address iatIinies by
" thre' itr ensof the ch'ainber. M.
Itim wxvu, well favored at the be-
ginning, antiis i' words caused great
mitieasi hess on t he government bench.
Btit tie cmithu stasmn in the chamber
cool ed wvhen he gott to the capital levy,
and the governument barometer rose
sothiewbat at the close of the clay's
BIlldtingts and G;I otmnd.s Departmnent To4
Rem odel Roomring lHoujse For

H ealth Administrationi.''
1)m'. Slemnions has lomig been asso-
ciatedl with the field of public health,
amid in the opinion of Dr. John Sund-
wxail, professor of hygiene and public
health, he is one of the leading men
in this typie of work in the country.
At the present tinie he holds the posi-


Rapids, and lie is also chaim'man of gled over a course plotted by the navi-
the section on public health adminis- I gators of the Vestal, lead ship of the
tration of the American Public Health convoy. At Executioner's Rock a civ-
association. ilian pilot came aboard the towing and
Dr. Slemmons' lecture, dealing as itI guiding tug, b)ut the Vestal drawing
will with the problems faced by the muorexvater' than any vessel in the
mummicipal health officer in the larger 'fleet, led the way under Hell-Cate
citie's, will be of especial interest to brtuidge and dIrew the top cove shoals.
public health tnur'ses and others idlenti- Thier'e the leail was taken fromto ie
f ied with the public health and hygiemie .Vestal and1( the civilian pilot took up
novemnmts in the large cities. the task of guiding the tow through
This is the fifth lectunre that has the channel to the Brooklyn niavy-
I c'n gi von undter the auspices of' the 'a rtds.
division oif hygiene and public health! Within ten minutes a warning shout
this summer, Miss Sally Lucas Jean canie from the bridge of the Vestal.
of New York, Dr. Guy Kiefer of De-, All eyes were turned to the tow. The
troit, and Dr. John Sundwall of this falcon was seen to drnive in among the
University having given the others. ;pontoons. The flag omi the conning
All of the lectures are open to the tower of the S-5i, barely discernible
public and a large nunmber of students anmomng thic eight pontoons that gave
and townspeople have attended every, her buoyancy, showed the submuersi-
p~revious one. ble was drifting to starboard. T~Ile
Next, week Dr. Ecdson will be here flag had been at half' nast upright
for the entire week for the purpose of but she sudldently seemed to be tdrooils-deieii eiso etrso n e oosatraj~myo ,1
public health and hiygicene undcer the miiles thirough many dangers which
auspices of this depart ment of the were thought to be the grea test perils

0f the ocean afte:
the Savannah lit
Rome. Only thni
crew of 36 escap,
' bodies were recov(
IThe anti-climax
camne when guidai
passed from its h
ing terrific treach


!Additionis to tbe c-recrted to the Uni-
versity lau ndmry will cost molre than
$1 5,000, accordling to Mdwa rc C. Par -
toni, supnerintentdet of the buildings
mif a il totIn is departtm ent in an in-
I evi'Xicxvyesitermday. Mr. Pardon also
stat(A th iat betwxeeni $19,000 amid $20).000
is being expemidet il a cdistribution
system iilri ioughioutt Univer'sit y build-
ings, Mtime h of this work is of the
cliarma tcm' of replacing fuses, which
are now iriadequate,-
Woritk has also been started by the
di'part wnti on remodeling the PI'MChi
hiottse inionider to make it a suitabIle
r-'sidclec for the wvomnemi now re'siding
in the A lurmi xi house,-'.lI e latter' build-
ng hav~ing to bc' tor'ni dowvn to make
wxlayfior a strect
jThe buildings and( groundis depart-
mecnt at the present time are employ-
ig 307 meon in variouts occupations
con nectetd with the Tliiiv ersity. The
gmeatestiinumbmler of men e'mployed in
any one occupation is at the laundtriy
wher'e 71 meon are engaged. The jaui-

' l


Financial statistics of the State of
Michigan fcr the fiscal year' entdimng
June 30), 1926, have been anntounced by
the department of commuerce.
Maintenance and operation of the
general departments of Michigan
amounted to $43,691,390, or $ 10.6:3 per
caIpita. Primary school funds, ap-
portioned to mnlor civil divisions of
the State, make up $15,055,175 of this

tiots ('(m1e next with 638. Among thosei amnoutit. The pre capita expenditures
emIi tloyeti by the buildings antd grtounds s were $9.53 in 1924 antd $7.25 in 1918.
(1(1partmeniit ai'e 20 studentts of the Unti- Pic service enterprises amiounited
xersitV. :to $82,122; inter'est on debt, $4,219,940);
anti permanent improvements, $31,-
Excursion To Ford 676,192. Highway alpropriations
N'were $27,915.618. The total payments
Plant iDraws LVIUfl3 for all purposes were $79,609,644.

gani, as wvell as those of thle pr-imnary
school fund.
Business amid nonbusimiesslic-e
miade up 21.4 pen cent of the total
r'evenue; buisi ness licenses con sis tinig
c'hiefly of taxes and instirance comn-
panies, and saltes tax on1 gasolene, and
nonbusiness licenses comprising rtnctoi'
vehicle taxes, atnd hunting and fishing
:Michigan's not inde'btedcness xvas
$81,619,233, or $19.36 per capita. An
itncrease of $1.44 over 1924 wvas dte
c'hiefly to bond issues fcor highw~xay
The assessed valuation of A ic'imgo u
propierty'~ subject toi ad valorem t axa-
tiomn was $6,536,601,622. State taxes
levied were $24,61 0,750. The per capita
amount was $5.99.
MIENDOZA, Australia.--A condor,
one of the huge birds of prey common
to this regionl, is believed to have been
resons)tiible for the death of a 2-year-
old boy whose bones were found i-n tile
foothills Sunday.
BERLlN.--Former Chancellor FHans
Lther has been appointed a member
of the board of directors of the Ger-
iman Federatad Railway'.

Riven Rouge was the scene of the
toutrith University excuirmsion xvhic-h was
held yesterday aft ernoon. Leaving
AniigellI hal11 at 1 o'clock in autfo busses,
a large number of students took the
oppitortumni ty ton visit the gigantic
plon ttof ft'eFond Motcicom'nipany sit.-
mated Ithere,
Phc' excursion pam'ty inspetcted the.
bltast. furmiaces, the ccke cvens, the
power plant and the electmric furnaces,
The F'ordsomn Tractor' company was
also on the trip itinerary.

-$16.04 per capita, in revenue receipts.
Exclusive of permanent improvement
expenditures, this was $17,952,409
?mnore than the total paymntts of the
year. Including the tcost of p~er'manenmt
improvements, it was $13,663,733 less.
-Theli additional amount was covered by
proceeds of (debt obligationis. Property
taxes represented 53.4 per cent of the
amount, or $8.56 per capita.
These figures include revenues and
exp~enditures for the Michigan State
College and the University of ?lic hi-

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