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August 04, 1926 - Image 2

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01 4 P i~~~~~ u m m r i ~~~Il IIII lIIII~tIIIIIiII111lIIIIII111111t III 1lI 111111f ra n 43 a iC M U O P NNM uc Ad
~U 1 V Anonymous communications will be
disregarded The names of communi-
OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF THR cants will, however, be regarded aar m
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN confidential upon request.
SUMMER SESSION-- 111111l111lIIII1111111111.
Published every morning except Mondayl LTE ~iIP'S ATTIT'UDE
during the University Summer Session bye1ItE0 EI3Y
the Board in Control of Student Public- IT h Eio:"TlE SHIO W-QI F"
tions. TotheiEdtor When George Kelly's amusing con-
The Associated Press is exclusively en-I st be hoped that the reader edy of middle class life, "The Show-
titled to the use for republication of all news will not take it amiss if the discus-i Off," is presented Friday evening by
dispatches credited to it or not otherwiseT
reditcd in this paper and the local news nub-i sioit regarding Eur'ope's attitude to- the play production class in Univer-
lished herein, ward the United States has assumed siy hall auditorium, the dramatic ac-
Entered at the Ann Arbr, Biia, larger Proortions than the present tivites Of the Summlrer session will
postoffice as second class matter. asn WOIi em to wrnt toac5.
Subscription by carrier, $.5; by mail,OI'se ol em 0wrat olet lie
$2.. However, I take it that friendly dis- Included in the cast of this comedy
Offices: Press Building Mynard Stret,Icsinmysretclaupctinre aywhhveadosdrbe
Ann Arbor, Michigan. csinmysret la pcranaemn h aehdcnieal
disputed points in a most intricate experience in amateur plays. The
Cmmurnications, if signed as evience of sbet leading prt of Aubrey Piper, "the.
good faith, wil e publishcd in The Sunnir~stj~.
Daily at the discretion of the Editor I-! I fully agree wyith P'ofessor Slo- Show-Olt," is taken by Cary B3. Ga-
igeda communications will receive rno con-
sieration. the signatre noy e omittd in ';s't lwe he statue that the snlking ham, gad, who will be reiembered
publication if desired by the writer The Io,> the Lusitania ws the most dram-j by those who saw the one-act plays
eSumsetmentls os o eesriyc-os
the sertiments cx r nsscdcin the mcoummunica Ut iC icdet Of a long Campaign Of last summer for his outstanding work
cions-. litdrt tsea lBut halI it not een as the condemned prisoner in the one--
EDITORIAL STAFFfo this culminating dramatic inci-ace tragedy. "The Valiant." Mr. Gra-
1&'l'Ph~i*~ 9%'idet ini addition to one-sided and l- hai shows his versatility ii assun-
MANAGING EDITOR ig Ithurop'tI war proaaganda in the ing the difficult comedy role of Au--
MANNING HOUS7EWORTH t Uinted States, it is doubtful whether- brey. Mr. Graham is a teacher of
Chairman, Bor -Egn L naknt vesho(uldl have one into te war,Ipitbl ic s peakinrg in the Cent ral Hi g
Editorial Boahool..ofuColumbuGut Ohio.
City Editr---------William R. ireyr 'As rega rds the I1 usitania, the factsscolfClubOh.
Music and Drama--------.Willam C.- Lucas} of the in-se shouhd have kept us Out The part of Ms. Fisher, Aubreys
Woman's Editor -........Julia Ruth Brown;
Nri~t B~rto0of hic war. nttvttlOf gttngus into Unsetimaenta, vitriolic othr-in-
Willim S Nckweliteodorei nere t. 1ivopinion IS hlased on Senator law, is taken by Mrs.FEmmna R Hutch-
Paul J. Kern Frederick shblito l.a Follette 's spech of 5tniltt 30, 197, is, a woman of considerable experi-
Dougas Doubleday !the relevant passago of whith I quot- ence In amateur danat ics. Mrs.
Assistants eoi in Ithe Da ilv of July %0. The gist Fsl is n) hypocrte and her frank
Dona Boyle Nita Kelley of the passage is as folos: Tlhe I ext eSiors of opinion regarding her
William Finlay Mary MlacDonald b'g ~' o-nlwtr tl1C8o
Frances Guisten ~eorge . MeKean LItsitatni;t had six million poundl fbagr o-nlw aesucs of
Lawrence lyiam Margaret Ward niuuiinabad erie xpO achiamusement.
yes. a m hel asengrtheopr- tle- zieng' dugher, A'yandTeephni-o2- Mrs. E tse Fisher'stat esedaughtersplye repAmyvlyb andm
BUiES LF psdtosi oiht eslwere Caa r lydrsetvl yAm
Telphoe 2214aiing n volaionot sttut 01Stiner sand orothy Hilliard, Miss
BUSINESS MANAGER aln nvo~to fasaueO
PAUL W. ARNOLD this cotltry. etc. if the sinkinig of Steuler's portrayal of the sentimental
Circulation---------------Kenneth havea the Itisit iflt, con1sidered ti a iol- d aught er who marries "the show-off"
Advertising .................Francis Aortist ion of international Ilw( whcil irein is rich in human appeal. Miss Hi-
Assstants aliht v.it wa"s rnot) ws ac rsefor d-dard, as the practical Clara, contri-
William F.o Cook Mildred Williams arneilms ', e 'lring war on Cermany, why (id we butts t cOarvery interesting and covic-
Edward Solomon Inot declare wvr on England1(1Tor r jinzchrctrzain
lag anui searching our shis? Other membrs of the cast include
In the Summer Daily of Julyv"7, Arthur Farrell as Joe, the son who is
Professor Slosson dwelt very briefly an amateur inventor; Virgil Baker as
WEDNESDAY, AUiG STl -1.7126 on the injust ice of E9uropean atPtacks Mfr. Fisher Richard M. Johnson a
Nigt Eito--W NI 13 STCK~a.L }on us. What I did was to deelop rank Hyland, Clara's husband; Henry
_______________________________________more fully not merely unjust foreign ( . l ingel, as Mr. Gill, the factory
comtmnent, but freign treatmient of worker; and Frederick J. Cox, as Mr.
TIL L AYERSi 1'American tourists, mroi- especially Rogers, -an insurance agent. Each of
The University Players hace finish- In te streets and oil the boulevards thSe people has had previous ex-
ed a suce ssful season of sunmmer ; ofParryi, impljlying that such treat jplerience in dramatic work and brings
plays- successful both in a financiall int was disgraceful in view of our anl individuality and consistency to
way and fit the way of furnising a t services r endered to te T tenn dr- jtte playing of' a minor role which con--
high grade of amusement for the stlt-ti in the Great War. The fact is the Itributes in no small degree to the
mner students srandled in an Other-i Entente owes uts everythung-, not1 total effect of the play. Reserved seat
wise dull city. They have netted very; tn-i-v- its xWar deobt to us, bll anl Itickets, priced at 75 cents, have been
close to a thousand dollhars for the (-atucu-lalle mortial deht since we say- sell jg rapidly at Wahr's and Slater's
'Women's League, which is to be uised1edl the nations composing i frontI State Street ook stores. The sale will
toward the coutstruct itmitof the greatly faling intlo te clut ches f Germianyj continue through Friday. Genera
needed League building. I ~rarexeith Professor Slosson in admission is 50 cents.
There is little doubt t hat the sum- 'Viymtattliiiig with the sufferings of e a *
mer season was inaulgurat ed by The the Euroeans. HIowever thre dstinc- LAST PLAY PRAISED
Players more as a Ia otatomy. :a place t ion bet ween the government oif a toncerning the last play given by
to try their wings. thatn as a financial cotrytt cv n its indi vidutnl c(it izens The Players the following are some
help for the league. lu t theylihav'e does not gettts Very far when da~lti of the press comments bestowed on
succeeded in noote Was;than they iiotns of inhabit ants, thle tlt imate the product io.
had anticipated.,IquIestioni resolve. itserlf into this: The- San ra uisco Chronicle says:
There were many faults to be t "hallII t I- A me ricani tax -pyer makes H.. Ia idueii 1)rill iant play. . t is rich
found wiet i e coin pan y, lbut t hiseiWi' z( ad t he tdetst rucit-ion in to whbichP am - in color antd characterization.''
must overlotok, The cast ing was not bilious, rd intigu in g stat esment haver From the c olumtn of Walter Pritch-
dlways lperfect nit, to tbneliking of itugeti Lu rope? Wond sutch ation arid Ea ton- in the New York Herald
the aui' nci te it few lperson:,l catriedoilnitottr part ceate ainmore peactefuI"Full of color, passion, and tintagina-
all the wvork . The piofesiona I i Europe, or would the mtoney thus say- Ii e appeal.'
of the acting xwas often t ouchetd withj ed hotIbe itscod for fitrthli-i'arniamens ? The Newx York Wold's comment:
a bit of lie amtateur isli ut oflt-at that l-ii.'t Ily, wxoulI theIto 'lt iopt-ais t reat '"- a glorious it of color from the
helped to give the play addetd fresh-( s with more consideratit after- wve Capathian Mountains, vivid and full
ness. It xx'as amiazing that thle liarits! Pad IiaTi itSteil once tin i our gen- IOf action - - . - a dat-ig ut well sus-
were carried asa well as they worete; it? -tosity to atemt? sainedt symbol of spirit of rebellious
shoxw That ti, re was a lot Of hard (As for the genetal quest ion' of war'outh''
work and close co-operation on the re csposibility, nyreading leads tee to
part of the entirie cottpany, thteiconclultsion that Russia through writers mentioned dwell upon and
The repert oire itcx s eliosen xxwithP s okliai antdt lFrancec ttiouight I oincare condemrn in the severest terms the
consuina to skill in ani endet-orto -ilre primarily to lante for the ou)tt- secret diplonmacy and the Intrigues of
get as great a variety of plays as tlreak of tihe Great War. I am tunable j Poincare in collusion with Isvolski
possible anid still mainttait a high ar- o change ity opinion until few (-ud- Moreover, these writers prove that the
tistic standard. Anni Arbor has been c-mnee arises ~tt convince mre that I am secret plottitgs of the protagonists
sadly neglecteti in the realm of dram- wrtong'. ?Fy sources are basetd excl' n ust inevitably have led to war If
atic art until a year ago the 'sum- g ive ly on rench looks and lamph- itis is true, and there is no reason
rner season sents to be a fittitig cli-I lets whicht in their turn are hbased cA1 to doubt it, then the chief guilt falls
max ftr thle d'MIiti i sasiitm on the docunents found in the archivces of upon the plotters.
campus. We have alw xays nededRuss<ia, (ermtaux, Austria, Belgium The three volumes* mentioned last

somethiing of tis sot in the theater and t-rautee .As regaids the latter,! in tih- above list of hooks the more
--something independettfrot t hi- of ber documents covering the per- particularly recommended to the read--
box-orice -"ii h could st rive to give I otd of I1912-1914, Mr. 'Poincare allow- e r wxho wishes to get a more complete
us the best ptissibto ilt a. higherI typie i'd Ott ly seven meager piages tto be ;pictutre of thes diabolical character of
of dramna. In this, we mu tst concetdeE p Ilisitid, And vet it. was just dur- )IPoincare antd Isvolski. These volumes
The Players brax'e beenti uctssftil. ins 1that0jPeriotd when iIPoicare was d (oal with the recall of Georges Louis,
Five of the 1t ~itgrotulp U igt- thetlomin ating force of the foreign former French Ambassador at Sit. Pet-
ing to Rockfortd,[Ilintois, to it,augtirI' poit its; of Franrce! W'hat future tis- ezrslbuighi. and the reasons for that ig-
ate a little theaterc xwith11fthe aid of a elo stit-s Mtay bring when all the archi- In]olet act, Georg's TLouis favoredl


.. .

- -


Special Tables of Books of
Interest" to Educators
At Both Ends of the Diagonal

just afew cents mae I



-all the difference
.Aft between just an ordinary cigarette
and- FAIMNA, the most skillful
blend in cigarette histe:'y.


L- -




d I :



few persons, ot hem-s of t hem are goiung ivos have been opened, no onew can peace and he was in the way of
to other ctnmmiti s to conttiuo i the Jlotc,t nIl. Stuffice it that the bulk of the the bellicose Poincare and Isvolski.
career they have alrtead ystaitdt in documnentary archival evidence avail- Therefore lie was recalled under the
a small wiy. It mtay be possiltle that able until nlow poitts infallibly4 to flimsiest pretexts. The whole story of
when the (du111:season toittes il the the factthtat Germany wvas neither the disgraceful transaction is reveal-
theater dutring the stitrrifil tiouthis teonly guilty Tirty orthe most ed in tetrevlmsmnind
that this same group may gathtor to- tguilty one. lay corotectree oluesmentioed.ay
gethier again in Sarah Caswvell Angell (Ed;,itor's Note: -At this point a list ig, "ciermaity and Austria made the
hall to give the stranded souls anotm-' of :3S volutmes by :1 differemit authors gestures which rendered the war pos-
or summer slightly relieved of do- !Fi=Was iitoplorated in the letter, but, idhe rpTe Triple Entente made those
pressing ennui. the limited space of The Daily pro- which rendered it certain." Also a
The :Players cannot re( dive tio hibits their publication. Siiflice to passage fmom Montesquien : "The real
inuch (commlendationi for fur nisbitig us Isiy that niany of these b.ooks wvere, author of war is not he who declares
with clean amusement and helping tI wxritten by eminent 111n11or compiled t it, but he who renders it inevitable."
builtd up a greater appreciation of the I by historical societies; Mr. Levi has That Germany should have been the
dmtanatic arts on the cĀ«ampus. picked his auithorities carefully.) first to declare war was precisely
Now is it conceivable that all these what the Entente wanted, because
JERUSALEM.---Fifty thousand ani- 'rencbmem should accuse their own that gesture made it possible for them



0 gym




We are presenting here the most
extraordinary values in up-to-the-
minnute apparel in our history at
breath-taking prices Only at
Jacobson's would one expect to
find such a combination of
Quality, P'rice and Style.

orals in the Wahibi territory, valued at C statesmen and those of their allies if
$5,000,000, are doomed to die from ! their assertions were not based on
lack of water antI pasture, unless the facts? The reatler will note thatF
director of agrictulture for JIerusalemt such accusations are wholly against
raises a quarantine now instituted to I French interests, Would it not have
check rnder pest, been wiser then, either to say nothing
* or to exclaim--"right or wrong, my
Radio parts from America and plac- country" But those writers felt that
ed in cabinets made in Argentina areR the truth is worth more than country1
plroving popular in Argentina. ? and life itself. Nearly all the French

to force from G ermany the admission
that she was the only culprit. (See
article 231 of the Treaty of Versail-
M. Levi.
*Armand Charpentier: "The Re-
sponsiblities of M. Poincare."
"The Notebooks" of Georges Louis
(2 vols.)
Ernest Judet: "Georges Louis."


' 4,

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