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July 31, 1926 - Image 2

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1- e umner far from the truth a few years back
1when they said that xwomen will wear, ffly~ l*
~ I I t U flU i J he trousers shortly after they get
OFFCIA NESPPEROF H~ the ballot. It miav not. be long before'
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN the girls will g;o to college to learn 'AT O
SUMMER SESSION th >nl r fbedwrnn hl H
Published cevery nmorn"), 2 \cet % oni'3 h gntea -io bea v nnn wil
during the L. nix ersity Summier Session by t he l)0y5 Stay home with mother and _ .I11''C
the Board in Control of Student 'ublica- learnl to coo0k and care for the chil-i
tions. thn. enler to coknoVo ht e have been reading with more
The Associated Press is exclusively en- yu araemy 10 ota than a little interest, H1eywood1
titled to the use for republication of all]cnewsBrw'fieya-lvouecld
dispatches credited to it or nt other wise'Seio Tng at ih,'wrtn
credited in this paper and thle local news ab'Sen hnsa ih, rte
fished herein. YOST SC'ORES AGAIN7 when hie was dramatic critic for, if
Entered at the Ann Arbor, M icliaaii, A short time ago, a small up-state ur tmemory serves us correctly, the
postofIce as seconxd class matter. Itw atdt ul e tltcNwYr rbn. natcei h
Subscription by carrier, $ r..so ;bymail, tw att obidanwahei e okTiue natcei h
Offics Press Building, Alavnard Street," Plant for its high school. Of course, okw o atclrhl u t
tentioni was entitled "A Test for Crit-

Special Tables of Books of
Interest' to Educators
At Both Ends of the Diagonal

Ann Arbor, ichigani.
Comm uni cat iotis, irign i s cv lunee o
good faith, will hb- putU-Lsid in The Sn 'amer
Daily at the d isceilon of lie kditor.-in!
signed comiunnicat ions wvill re-ceive no coil-I
sideratioii. The signature nmay be nunt t in
publication if dceired b), the wrier. The
Summer D~aily' does not necessarily e--dorse
the sentiienuts ex pressed in the coinmu nca-
Telepibonie 4925S

the usual num ber of react ioni sts op-1
lDosedl it stronmmgly. The mnan at the
head of the drive wrotet to Professo~r
Yost andI asked him his opinion of
at hlet ics. fihe sent a. telegram cn
(- .ntiing this bromide:
"'athletics in high school teach lpar-
I ici lttt s the lessotn of endurance,;
skcill, self-sacrifice, and the necessity
for conistanlt work in order to excel.
At It etics teach the'- student: body I es-j
"oils ini loyalty~ to their g roup) and 1
'. beit all ate inmhued wx'ith tlhorouglh

It revived in outr minds happy mem-
ories of t he ghoulish chuckles we en-
joy'edlxwhe-n xx-efirst read of the test
referred to, the onie formulated by
('layto~n HIamilton. Mr. Broun's com-
ments are pertinent and exceedingly
wvittyv. But that it not what xwe start-
eti out to say.
For the benefit of those who never
Camne across All. IHamilton's "entrance
requiremnents for dIramatic critics"
T hey are- hereint repriniteti

Chlai rmnan,
Editorial Boa rd. -..Eugeple I1. (otektn st
Ciry Editor---------------- William R. lireyer
Music aid iiiam~ra---------William C. Lucas
W.~oiaiis Editori......------.I lia itl 0 otii
N>' lt iEditors
Williain Stockwel '[i! drcIIornlierger
Paul J.- Kern l r: deriek'Shillito
Douglas IDouhlcday
IDona Boyle Nita Kelley
W\illiami Finlay Mlarvc Mac1Ilina 1
Frances Gusteu i-oige F. \IeKean
Laxwrence Ily man :Margaret Ward

dlear in defeat as in vict or y in these ne--ul n te yna ver soAmiens ?
(Lays when everyv stratum o1 soc iety iae ntenv fAnes
i,; pervaded by gross materialism and 't'xxo--I a xe you ever climbed to the
limmorality. We need such xwhol e- -Acioptilis by moonlight ?
somle in fluences as athletics to keep 1Th ree 11Havxe youi ever xxalIked with
cixilIization from slipping be~hind."'j w't ispmm's into the hiushed presence of
This was read to t he cit izetns of the the Frari Madonna at Be1 lin i
tow ina, assInetri. Nxt ear Nowxx'suich anrexamination is all
he town will have a wonderful newl rightI if you're going to hand it out
athletic 1)1ant to hellp keep ci vi lizat ion !to aest hetiucianus. but how about the
ft-om cini ,in p*bhin d.I 'Iiil istine, the uncticlal mind? Can -

Tolephone 2121-1
Circulation--------------------KaetcbI lacer
Advertising .. .. ..-... ... lranci> N' 1 '~
M'abel Chambers Laurence Van'fu}l
William F. Cook Mil dred William>
Edward Solomon
S4ATUI{1AY. J1ULY :Ul. 1926

West Wind Lending Library
Ciie' -.Island and 'f1hr Gei and the Faun.-
- I ^:e rii Ph ip o tts. f
FOR the student or prof. the
superb VTENUS out-rivas
all for pe rfect pei tl wor k.
i7 black degree -3 copV1in'
Amieri'ani Le~adt
w t,* for
Patronize Dally Advertisers,- Adv.'

For the Coming Season
RIKgolden fall day's
4 ad a warm sturdy top-
coat! What happier
l l coi bination imagin-
fi' able, especially when
the smart wearer buys her top-
e coat here? Of soft English
I,! woolens, they are indescribably
smart with their trig collars,
broad shoulders, large arm holes
and swagger belts. In the most
~ flatering of ;fall shades.
} {t (d Seconil Floor)


11i1t11 auIfj7u1}j vr. 111111i.

not one go a step further, and provide

Night E'ditor-PAUL J.KERtN
'There is no dutty xxe so utn ch
underrate as the (uty of being
happy. By bing happy xv, smv
anonymous benefits uplon the
world, xwhich reiain unktioxn
eveni to ourselvxes 0o'rxx'e t hey
are disclosed. strprise tnoboy so
much as the benefactors.
"I do not xwisht to pay om' ia mu
anywhere but mmpIon the stage ; but
I amd prepar'edh 1 deal larigel y in
the opposite (omimiodity. ..A lhap-
py man or woman is better than
a five-pound not elHe or she is
a iadliatinrg foct-, of good -wi11:
and their -emilrance in to a roonm is
as though aniothmem' candille h ad
been lighted"'--Robrt Lti is
11IE, IxEAHN 'o cok
Aceordimmn to -Nis Lillian N-1. Gil-
breth, inidtst rial engineer - a mii othlir
of eleven colildren.uIbe1tlen ofm 1 toay
are fighting s ard fo' the igt to
do the dinner dishes is the voen of
yesterday fought for the ballot..
that. American neiare -i m-tling
to get. especialy in our- tmiver;im h-
Mrs. Gilbreth r-ecent ly addressed
the Internmatiomal 1'tderit ion o l'ni-
versity WXonien amt, tei r convmm'eiIiou inm
Amstem-dam nm the poblemof01'rcon-t
cilinig marriage andi a prolesision She
feels that husba nd ai-e able amd will-
ing to give a hand in thme itebemi adi
nursery aF skillfully as their Aowr'
ican ivesiX'5are;aolilt-to take pat todav
in business. She is of 1.1m0 oiion
that Aniemicsaim ILeli aedtl itchen tl-
tire more tlan n miv ers ityx 'xu011t0-1
need lirofessionialI opportuit miy She
claitms that college miton art- realizig
this anmldtret aiir 51stepst) offst thoii
diffii(ltyhxy h}taktuing timiss i co-
"The pr('jimdic e aga inttdomest ic
memn is beting ov'ercoime,"' she ad s+
"butm1t11h01 moroninsit-eon -xithm
tilehots <;dIiiirl ts oh'the xoomgem-
generationi beclor't' tit'll com(e) 0itio
thei- lull (lont'stfii iht s. A voimug
professoir imst tle'achiiShakespa re
all dnay and rad Shakespeare all ev-
ening, instead o help~ing Iihis wife
with the dishes, as le p refersbe
eauis~be-if th e mi'igbors saw himmi xshm
ing dishes tht'y mnighti so spclt ham It
was not tin aulthority (on Shakes pare.
But a clang(- is oming"
The stops colege mimen arne taking to
overcome the difflty I she dtmon-
strates by the cooses miien are t ak -
ing ini domestic sience a Pensyl -
vania State college. Cornell and Pur-
Michigan, s uisoal, is fairbehlmnd
its competitors ini the education in-
dustriy. f low can imcMhi gan hope to
keep its large enrolhm ent if it does
not give cotrses ini cooking and baby-
care to its etigr sons? Men will
have their domestic rights if they
have to fight for them. Nothing can
keep the American man from getting
what he wants. It is a shame if a
mian cannot take any career he like.'

'"0Mmir chilId m'ii a no su ffring fm-ommfaItouet foth e Babhbittarian traveler?
liore is one we have devised. You
pa rent itis."-_L. A. St omie.
may' take it oim-leave it ; but it wvill
/ ttmltltmirsars ologr om uqestiomnably raise the standard of
- 'At hI eat'hgrlsareno lomget-eomii-tourists Iai(]d -tuce the number of
- -cot 11em (TIs of cereished Ed iropeami
iilisttittiis to a minimum:
IOte--flave you ever sat harehead-
I DITOR.IAL COMMEN'I et in the front roxw of the Folies 13cm'-
A I I'h I If: ATER Two-oslave'yout exer got sonsed
(Tie meTuporia Daily Gatzet te) i aitl theiti ed to climb to the top of
A 1 weelk ago The Gazelle expi-essed Ithme St attie of Liberty by moonlight?
serious doubt about the truth of tish T qhm'oo -have von ever sat with
St o'tes + nmanat inig frmn President hushed wvhisper's in the Cafe de la
'otlidgos soiinel' ('ammil at «"lite Paix and waitedl for everyonie you
line-s. Not tha t the President was4 ever knew to pass by?
stretching his fish stories but the- ? Pour- -h ave you ever quaffed ale
storie that lie xwas catching thiree while sittingt in Samuel Johnson's
amid G- tmsoml jil'-souide(l fishy, 11lit' chair at the ('Ieshire Chbeese? j
true ik heing a I)lIIIlnp fish butt sel- I Thlose lests, I believe, should be I
dltsxx eight1inmg more' hant i)otiuids. mna doa ireqoirmmi emt tfor' everyoneo go-
Th hot1hem' (ay TheK ansas 0'iCTim mink i gtotiEuropi- for the set-ond tite.1
It titit od aIt pit ure of Gox'. A1 Sinithi of O1)f comuse, thme first is a safeguartd
nv xx-\ t' Ii in - Ib te "pike' mthe Pm'es- agaminst Blithben spim-it s who first tryl
idemt had oautght for him nto eat on to ltuiii tli0(' outsidle of 1the if'Kfel Tow-
'Fm-iday. it wxasnit a pikbe at aill; it xwas 01 without the preliminary' practicej
j ust, a skinmnmy"old11p it-ke rel, whmih ni m lime Statute of Libert y.
tb tsittst it andlt1h ii isgu ided fish t'nii l 99
soi metlimits call "G real Niirthlermtmhike' A VOIC(E FRO )fTHlE BEYOND
Imt'alvin Ctiolitdge batd been'tnii r- X Wegot ax wiire frotmiSir Olivei- Lodge
dinary dubi fishemnan aid had l uggted the otlier day. Sir Olix'er, you knowv, is
his ctatecl into ca mmp up motli in the, ottn of our- Ieadinmg spiritualists. Sincee
(;i-i-it Openi Spa ts. xWhero tisil-i-1 tolls i-aimlie comumun Iicationis last
ti- li andthguith-s c'- -nt-six swmootom' 1, -iwi-ntmtat.Joe '/ilc-lihad been coin-
1 hi-(i'ami1) took xw ommd have takzen mlc*n~ Imiutilimg xvw ihlpt sons 5still iving
dis oat inmmgrlool; at Mi. ('oolidge anidl after his untint(Ay demise, this great
kickedi himt oumt of it'e kitceforftm-stinnlemit ol'the occult has been ti-ying
bringimng one of' .the-tm damotn snaki-'! to get int tommclm with the- nted dean of
off time laike-.I \Michigan's;hbamrber -colege.


ritont S-tmlhintmlhas had il
de t c u h bu ha h a it for piosterit y. A ll of wxhich
s Al is a xvise- Cathioli- anmdm
the- ltie irnotcehot xvi 'n pike
Ri's -

XXhen .comes that
day of days-and suddenly
you know you're a Senior,
at the top of the world
-have a Camel!

VP IN THllE ,A11I I{q
''lie I )ilx Ioxwan)
II ighnalt itide-s havemxbeemfoundtil o!
have a p~sychologicalIreltio tmn to per-tim_
stimality, a'cordntmg to i'eseam't'hmt-s
,ondtuct ed by tbhe schlool of a viationi
titemici'm t :MXitt-l-l fiell.Olisei-x'i-m'l
hatve' fOlltiih ti hemt ! 1t'mstmtn m'iac-hm--
'5z a mnit itthdeof 12,000 1feet 0o' muoue
lim, e tar)-i mumis oftenott ihm ahbtindomn-
muent of all inmhibiions amid the ev-el -
atio tmmof t hi' tmrtu- rdisposit ionu. Goodl
cofii°-- m, lu-v stax. alt-erhit-colmit-irrita;
blei'a tit x'iolent, xhile gioomiy m I imi rmis
:uoi'lbhth('omit's hetomei- smilinig auI
lk atlive.
i h e t )I ( ~e o d c e ypla ciing I ho su bijio c .i t lowahm y pl'i'5511 i'iDe n I .o ,'e l(,l GtH l I hie
'lmatniu-r and !art iicially t-ar-ry Iiil) to! Sir i- iver'1s xvirme folloxws:
great hieigltts. whi ile thIie watcher-s . S it' Tob y Tiffinil (-_re Rolls coloni
biiea th tmehor(d( itary-aim 'aImnd nmolte ehal e hemm trying to get ill tolmell withI
irnmt al anmd physicalI reactionis mofI'thn-spiril of JIoe zilch fm ouis dean of
sit bjet't--Thin sertisontaility changes, )1 i imums ba rber' colleg-e top No
sayys Maj-. .l. Poole,. coin mmanmd anm success so far" stop, Will let you knlow
of the school, make)Ime differemnce bu'e if ouf I fiu rt il lier tranlspires stop
xx oi-ui a "wxxomnmdIem- anmd awash out'" as L1-oie
hi i' as aviatIion is concerned. - Sir Oliver Lodge
if time o'hia lges noted by thme air We bayoun't nmch faith ilm Sir' Oli-
school a re-of1 a trtist worthy iiatumrie j ver's ability to conjure upi Joe's spirit,
alntd truitnmdex to charamcte r ammd per- !but xwe will pu blish all his findings.
stomwaityv. then pssibililtlos of tin'he ox«.
!iu'resstu re chamtber- art- unlimi tetd. Ev- ! All oftihlie 0)1d1gtuartd has deserted
cr eyump1)1oymenit burea i.u, -hool builhi]- us e'xcept Michael. Michael's out hi


WHEN comes the day
that can come but once.
And as a Senior you've
reached your place at the
top of the world-have a
For Camel shares of
its own enchantment with
life's memorable events.
Camels are of such choice
tobaccos that they never
tire the taste or leave a
cigaretty after-taste. Re-
gardless of the money
you pay, there is no
mellower, friendlier or
better cigarette made
than Camel.
So this day as you've
safely passed all the
hazards to life's sublimest
moment--know the taste,
the contentment that is
the due of the world's
experienced smokers.
Have a Camel!


i,, police station, andti onie coulId
liey etjmipemto asci'mtaim the truocbs.,-
ptsitio011of emplloyte-,puiliIs, SmishiectS
P erimi-ps thie time is a pproqaching
when the aii- pressure in the home
will be, adjustable, and can be raised
0o' lowered in kieeping withitime need
for' boilstering or subduinig the spiritsf
of time family. In such an event the
need for scilentific mating will be in-

ol'oiimxsl onenowox. The other clay lie
semi us a post5 car'd with a purp~le
daisy orn (one side anti a foniur limie con-
ti-ihmutiomi' in verse on thme othier'. Unfoir--
tunately we've lost the card so we
can't.mreprint the poetry.
Only eleven mioi'e days.
Have you started studying for them

No other cigarette in the world is like Camels. Camels con-
tain the choicest Turkish and Domestic tobaccos. The Camel
blend is the . triumph of expert blenders. Even the Camel
cigarette paper is the finest -- made especially in France. Into
this one brand of cigarettes is concentrated the experience
an-d skill of the largest tobacco organi~auion in the world.

Our highest wish, ij
you do not yet know
Camel quality, is thaI
you try thiemt. We int-
vilte you to comre -
Camels with any ciga-
rette made at any pric.
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco
Wiustomi'Salem, N. C.


0~ 1926


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