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July 29, 1926 - Image 2

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i s a.v ..+ ... a. a a a aaa a .ps is W ir JL-li " i.!(->l L l


Published every morning except Monday!
during the University Summer Session by
the Board in Control of Student Publica-

wvould, d(omeC through the definition f l 0J 1
the word ",liqu or." ED'nL
fir. C'odiinan'.s plan is simply this.
Te next Congress may repeal the
Volstocad act with its (definition of liq-
uor a: a beverage containing morePNH
than one half of one percen t of al- ITN
cohol. It has the legal powe'r to do
this. The Supreme court hasaled Upnteistncofumrs

Special Tables ot Books ot
Interest' to Educators
At Both Ends of the Diagonal

The Associated Press is exclusively en-! said that Congress may define
titled to the use for republication of all news
dispatches credited to it or not othei wise in any way it wishes. Congr'ess
Pr~'1t rlinthc ------.i .i.. 11 it ie W T,.- I, .~.


Ifriends, we are about
debut as a columnists.


inake our
much for

crdie ULtin11 thI~ is aper anattiloca~IlI'ews<t IuDi3

Entered at the Ann Arbor, M ichiwari,
postoffice as second class matter.
Subscription by carrier, $1.50; by mail,
Offices: Press bilicldla, g .Ta:na: Li Street,
Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Comm 1U nicatli it ig ed as CViuce Of
good faith, wvill. be published in The Sumnmer
Daily at the disc retion of the Lditor. 'J ii-
signed Conn11hilicatiois will recoix c 1n41Con-
sideration. The signatu re way be omitted in1
publication if desired by the writer, The
Sumnmer Dadly does rot neessa riy e .Antrse
the sen time nts expressed in the coommunica-
C ha i rm an,
Editorial Board...l-:ng ne I H. iw s
City Editor............ Williamn R. Dreyer
Mlusic and 1) raa--------., .William C.- Lucas
XWomani's Editor----------.Julia Ruth Brown
N i~ht Editors
Williamn Stockwel Theodore II 01 aerger
Paul J. Kern I r!(.eritek Sitidito
Douglas Doubleday

bhe- fully within its rights if it went
lack to the old-fashioned definition of
liquor. Alcoholic drinks have always
been divided into three classes--
liqluors or distilled spirits, wines or
flted 1('1juices. anti beers or brews.l
'I'his would leavxe the control of liquorl

i ~* * *I
L~t would probably he well if we fol-
lowed some of our better known con-
temporaries. But we cannot do this
because it is against our idea of col-
umnl condlucting. What we means is

. . ..

iln thle hands of the government as it! this. Heywood Broun, Frank Sulli-
is in Canada. van, F. P. A., and the others h-ave all
selected an animal, often a pet, about
Mr. Codm an shows us a very nice! 1

way out, if he can make others see his
Niewpohit. i--e would leave the drys
the pdeasure of a mral victory and
yet give the wets the cup that cheers.
B fut, thenr, it would take prohlibition)
ot of poliicls andI the parties wouldl
ha1ve to scuriry arountd to find new is-

which thtey fill their columns day af-
ter day. That seems like a lot of
Banana Oil. A good way to fill space,
hut it shows no originality,
Now, if we wanted to write about
animals we could. Don't think we
haven't got any, either. Not being
an urbanite, we have plenty -two
dlogs, three cats, 25 cows, three calves,

West Wind lending library
Love In Greenwich Village - FLOYD DELL



Dona Boyle
William Finlay
Frances Glisten
Lawrence Hymn

Ni;ta hKeile
Al ar:y Mad)ct Xnal
- 11ariart'c \\ard

Telephmne 21214
Circulation ..................l'ennet 11 ovncr
Advertising----------------.Frncis Nor~ pnist
Assist anta
Mabel Chanmbers L:unrence Van 'uyl
William F. Cook :Nlitdlred \ itllians
Edward Solomon
TI-IURSI)AY, .J1ULY 21.1I a t
Night Editor ---l). V-. I)UBLI )A

About a mothti and a hlf a;io the
I-iaugen farmii iel i r tin es rc xwa d
feated by the a dm i nisrain leater
in Congress. The farmer-,,and the
tarmn vote wre just ly aroused, jtt
the tsmug lRcpubl jans,. 101lieuI-iIii
the majorityxthat the voler of thec
country had accortded them in ever
elect ion since 1919,.justa grinned land
tturned a deaf' ear to the plea ofi the-
farmner Theprioperit y of 1the farm
belt, thitey decliaret, was depeniteni
upon01 the prosperityv of the Esi anti
Eastern mannufactutrier. for ift her-
wals nttprosperity i ilt-,geat indus--
trial regions of the countri-v the peo-
1)1e there would stop) at itig and thrni
where could the fatigs]lI tier food>
The lHepu bliems had done ivet- thing
they could to aid the prosperity of the
East; they' suipported the hih tarif,
defea tedihe(- La kes-o--ie-t a xwatr-
Iy?. plan1. 0)1(1lprotectdtthe great
East erni powd er intersts when t hey
I'ftised to hbarermits from te
mails. This would cont ribut t' to the
prosp~erity of Ilsernrs, and theY in
turni wouldfi 1) able to buy foo] and
htelp )thet-'farim ers;
It soundihs logial, -but wh len the
fa rmers, who don't. ont ri lnt e inmich
to the Republican campign fund any--
way, couldn't se the poin th(re
threatened to hI-' trouble0andthtel ad -'
ministrat ion~ has ball enough of it.
every since. 1t seems that the re are
aboutt51 ,00f.06 tpeople In theIi n ited
States that a)re depeIn dent uipn thei
farms for their livings; and although
the Republ icans have iisun ly een
able to dece1ivethle farm voe ly sone.
senisational1 grandstam] p1aty just be-
fore elect iotIime. theh v bni to have
mifsgivings abou t 'orfoui ithelbIfeat'
again. Somre elections went0 rog.
far'm belt senator, labell eli a on Ir-
('flc wits hel11. aiil t lie gtaml old
partyvibegan sl ippinig in te o Wst.
The whole poi ( f t e joke was lost-
Now, b oweci, with Ii nt o)Ia ry
suaveness, tiell'te]nlIi(-aiis havean -
nounced thai as oon ias: they 1ak1e1
care of the powdern a nnifsact rc rant]
the big financial interests in he next
Congress, tbhey will see ht they (an
(10 for the farmers ut this timel the
farmers saw the joke and real ly a p -
preciated it, mU(chi to tochagriniiof
Sen ator Pess awmldihis lenchminn.
The administration had a large inn -j
ing whlen it dofen ted lie farm rel i0d
il, and it took advanage of it to
the ultost ; now, it eems, te farm-
ers are to0 ha vIethie Ist laugh wit
the bal lot, and tis is not. n1early so
funny-but thlin, ithe(' ast nt i tdus- i
tries will close and thle workers won't
buy food and then whoic xil tie;
farmers he?
Mr. Julian Codman, noted Boston
lawyer, his idiscovered a way Ip get I
around the Eighteenth amendment
that will satisfy th wets and shouldI
quiet Mr. Borah's outcries of treasont
against a referendum. The am end- t

Pi'o tie pgesuf he eset Nxv","d Iyour hlorses. Ilowzat ? Don't you
think we coutld fill many columnis with
of Salt Lake. tUtah, conles the an- th1at array?
nouncceniun tthat "anty wr itelr who di- "*f*"*
redtly or' in direct ly encour'ages the use T he calves names are Gwendolyn,k
aof ciga rettIes is a mtenac-e and should I yllyanx, and Arthur-they are a
be' barred fr'om the public prints." C I.nighity clever trio. It is most ludic-
'Agitation or this sort is not a new roes Ito see tihe way Arthur ttries to
hind, in U'tahi. Five or six years ago, imitate th~e men arotind the place.
t hat state antualnly torbade the salej One lay he0 acted awfully queer-bel-
of the "l ittlei white devil'' withi the h crng and staggering all over the l
astoniishinig result that the state's best yard. (If one can say that a four-
cit izelis hcra nli la-breaktlers. Smok-I footedil animal staggers) We couldnf't 1
h(U was restrictetd to roomis especially figure out what could be the matter
designed for that purpiose, anti it vN asI with him so we trailed the little devil
no tt longy before 'tihe ma in dining rotmis!aroundt. He xwas having a great time
ini thelo -adinig hotels becarne simoking " chasing the big bll all over the pas-
r 'oms5. tunec anti doing other childish pranks.
Timh~t anyvonie encouraging the use of I finalIly, hie wandered off where hej
cigatret tes is not a menace is a tie-1 I tought no one could se'e him and
c larat ion whiiihvary few tdoutbtMed-; O1 oi made a bee-line for the wood-r
it-al authorit ies hax'e not condemned; sbed. I peekedI through a crack in the
th.1wicigarelte. An individual who be- door and watched him. Now in that
licexes that entconuaing the use of cig- woodshed was an old earthen jug;
atrettes is a Inciiac e seemis rather fool-( filled, sonmetimes, with old cider which
salt t oclly. Buttthe note taken from the me n lwere fn fdikn o
the Desert Nxvs recommends closing noIn hn1olrvnthltss
t he priess to) such encoturageinent-I «elI, sir~, that darnetd calf went over'-
that. Snagestion is in itself a thoujis- to t hat jug, pulledl out the cork with,
:tti tinies muore- tanigerouis titan rig- his teeth, anid, grasping the neck firm-
1arettt-s ever will hie, It is itterely the; ly in his mouth, tippled it up, drinking
rv of fanatics. in loudl gurgles. We just busted outt
- ------ ---- laughing. Art was so scared that he
drpe h u n aa era EDITORIAL COMMENT he rculdi approach the act of running.
i ~Now Arthur has a jug of his veryf
A WA VA'VlNV wii, from which he alone drinks, un-j
th1 - l-m pori a IDaily C a zt et less he now and then treats a lady;
One of thte shortest, hills nowx be- frientd.
folre ('on gross,conttaintiig 0only14 " *
iin4-s of text, is regardied by a ul- Gweidolyn, we call her Gwen for 1
bet' of im~pormtant meni as conitainintg short, is the darlingest little tike you
maitiy ofthfle pr'operties mie(e triy to, ever want to see. So cunning in her
ktiltill' jinigo virus, ways, and so lovable. But one night,
11hen t this bill is passed -as it like-;we, dreamed that Vilma Banky had
Ilf x illI be -iiice it hasa beinreconit-' be-t over outr pillow and was kissing
ndned by ott reicenit ptresidents5 and!l 'is. Of course, we awoke with a start.
mat~ny of on r foremost statesmten----it; Lying on the covers, and snuggled up
«ill 1we a ll iht t raft billdle'lgat-, close to us with her nose in our ear
ilg 11(1w ceta t o 1tliesraident which! was Gwen, sounid asleep.
'xililIetale Itiinitotomicenit rate all tOw' * #
- i'4 >otl 't-c5 of thle'ohit t y 1fo' ta nat ion - IS you see, we could fill a columnj
' ei' 'O IVY. every' day witi) the antics of our pets
* On of he 1)01S inilortntI if we wanted to but we are going to
1 iits of tio bill is liatxwhich gives stick to a. higher sort of-----stuff. i
te I residdcii power'i to "'freeze'' all (One could hardly say humor, be-
iprit sc an1d01inteIr1est matles' at their then, cause Rolls isn't supposed to be hum-_
le-tI xxhewil'xem- he feels that war is ~')s
immiinnot. By executive- oarder' he con i * * *
conipti all the re-sources of the na-; On our way to work this afternoon,
till, -.1-VtOt Irootps, reven before Con-!Yates (of the Ishpeming Yatezes)
gres hasdechi'edwar.handed us this poem and says, "Here,
Tbiis ;)scriptitin of industry is go-1 when you get around to writing that
iwg to loosen te ptrobabhility of an ec -!hong p romised column use this. Save'
onumnic wlat-, null the ''freezing" of' it until then. It's good poetry." That
enr g 0,1fll price tua ilria tes(If interest is what really prompted us to write
xill ha vI stenI Ii 0 y 1to imItinish tlleCthe col today. He calls it----
Zst xxithIixxhichi IRig Btsiness becomes
passiotatt-l patrioitic wxhen there are OI1 f GARDEN O~F 1OVE3
ius to be fire'd, 111('11 to be killed, an Wonderful sun that shone oti us,
tiot'lnius 5(Ittn ii] t is of everything to Wonderful skies of blue,
bo tmade and sold. Wonderful hours I spent, dear heart,
______________In the Garden of Love with you.







- the kind
you will use
in business
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RLU aGK Colors

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The fines exclusive excursion steamer, the Put-in-Bay, noted for
its large ballroom, makes this trip a memorable one. Orchestra and
dancing aboard, without extra charge. Cafeteria aboard.
Four hours crammed with outdoor pleasures at Put-in-Bay-bathing-dancing-
groves for lunching and athletic fields. See the wonderful Caves, and Perry's
Historic monument.
Connections at Put-in-Bay with steamers for Cleveland, Toledo and Lakeside.
Daily to Sandusky
The Put-in-Bay goes to Sandusky every day. Fare-$1.50 one way.
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A special excursion is made every Friday to Cedar Point-the fresh water rival
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- a '
.. .' '7-

Read The Dail 7 "Classified" Columns

1 I --.


r I 'i

_ F =tea


f y,
a7 _ - _ Yx _ _a~ . a
ris yK =_ _Zc- "~ate

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Loom Suite
Rocker, $f2.50
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('Ihe I 'i Iatllh in.I l'l icLedger)
Tie o ld 111rhaves of thetoBatmnocksl
iand Shobiysi Ol dancItiing the sN n-tlacc
o Poc1a ti-Ilo. A bor'ed farmer' tooling
asntort ing tractor dloxv-n a July fur-
r'ow. * * A buffalo skimll on a totenm
-po111e in the cente-r of the dlancing ring.
A lip--st ichod Iady p~owderinig a sun-
hurnt i-itnose xvii lo sitting in a nimckel- I
' lilatIedl limiotusinit. * * * A Shoshone
-buck clad in .a little hlantket, a bead-
odl bell - a weasel-skiineckpiece andt
afermo(iots gmit). A youngi squaw in
sa tint sli ppeira,blu ltfhose, a blue 0tray -,
(lin unit and a Mexicani hat carrying
a a-'egingeae dog.* * * Bucks dancing
in g;host paaint. anid squaws watching
iii powider and rotuge. Blaniket Indians
rubbing elbows- with civilization's ye-
neen and savagery in the near raw.
* * * Thie 20th century squatted) down
a lon gside a dlying barbarism that goes
back to) the time when Idaho's nmoun-
thints were young. * * * For the first
time i four years the White Father
at Washington has permitted his red
children to hold forth in the good oldI

! )ablinlg brook that sang to us,
Whispering leaves above,
IAll lbhe world knelt dawmn to us,
Dear heart, in our Gharden of Love.
'A streak of red where the sun has
The rest of the sky is grey;
Amid so, Dear Heart, I sit alone,
Alone at the close of day.
Gonte is the brook of yestereve,
(Gonte are the leaves above,
And alimony I pay to you,
'Stead of rent-for our Garden of
isn't that beautiful sentiment? Your
poetry is like a golf ball in the rough,
Yates. We adore it. Send more.

No miatter what. you retauim-e in nlexw-antd iup-to-datau
htome furriishimngs, yotu will save tilme and tmoniey by com1-
ig to outr store first.
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Lloy-d Loom, it has the- wondeiful smioothtness of weave
characteizinig all Lloyd :Loom products. Note thte pr'etty
coxvereid uphmolstering, luxuriously comfortable arid easy.
Many designs--mnany pleasing color effects, in Lloyd
duotone fimnishies. Antt many other unusual values in
high gr'ade dependable home furnishings of all kinds.
(Third IFloor)


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And now we are at the bottom of the
p age--
Karl Snowdrift.
imay or mnay not think about it, Lo, the
,poor Indian or Idaho, had the time of



I _________'

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