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March 18, 1903 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1903-03-18

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tilL' X IIT.
NO. 124
Young Hoosier Couple Wed-In Spite
of Obstacles-They Co to
There is a very pretty romance
Conniected with the Taylor-Strom nup
tials, noticed in yesterday's Daily. It
seems that the young isady in the case,
Miss Edna Laverne Taylor, was sent
htere under protest just after the hli-
days by her parents in order to sepr-
Ae44 r fromn the groom, Mr. Jonas
Strom. Miss Taylor cones of an ex-
cellent family in Pendleton, Ind.; Mr.
Stroni tas in the oil business in the
nieighboring town of Aderson, but
Miss Edna was the ltuciest strike hie
ever made. The yong couple had
known acti otiir for iabout two years
and hid tbeenI goinig with eacti other
occasiona~ily, bil oly a few months
ago didi the bride's psrents thiuk any-
thn-g serious was ominig of it. Thlei
for sotne naonitatle reasoi thy'
tok a violemt dislike to Mr. Strom.
Tlie result was ilat one evening the
young lady wats otiiit to prepare for
a long journey. She obedietly made
ready and just tbefore departure was
notified hat ste was cominig to Anii
Artir to te esucatei. On arrival here
sbe imumediatelyl aplied herself dii-
gtently to studsy aiid successfully tpased
the euterauue exaiimitioms aid was
admitted to the titiversity at the be-
glttinig of the second semester.
Ili the meaitimie, however, she was
not forgettiug teraitiaice dow ilsi
the banks of 11heX"'aashs. tar from
it She was receiviiig n average of
tour stecial deliser ceters a week
With a few- teligrams Ipepperedt in for
varietyiiitcti to te amusenent of
the houtsetold whaere she iiad taken up
her residence. Anid then she had
hardly tbeen here a week when the'
Younglousier apipiared oite sceene,
Mr. Stromi registered at the Cook
house, and did not cre to itterfere
with college work, but needless to
say the yoiung lady In question was
slightly distracted from study. These'
Visits wee repea ted at intervals of
two weeks until abot a fortnight ago
Mr. Strom announced that he was
aibout to accept a position with the
Clalifornila Oil Co. and journey to San
Francisco. This news was like a
thunder clap out of a clear sky to the
-Young lady, ut she resolved to follow
the wishes of her parents and wat a
year beore marrying. So the young
Tman returned to his home heavy-
he arted to nake prearations for his
trip. Before leaving, however, he
told Miss- Taylor to telegraph him if
she changeil her mind, and she could
accompany him as his wife to the land
of sunshine and flowers.
Varily Cupid will have his wvayl
Mr. Strom received a glad wire on
Sunday which brought him t An
Arbor post haste. tit the troubles
of trite love were not over yet. A
leise had to b obtaindon Sunday,
andtf the couinty clerk after endless
search was foundt to be out of town
attending at funerial. So the licen
ast to go till miin'iig.
Before eight o'clock Monday morn-
11u, however the license was forth-
Coning andthe lie. Mr. Tedrow ad
tied the knot.
Wh~at is Ann Artir coiing to if
foolish parents will Interfere in this
way. Varily we will hae notter
St. Joe over here iiilcesten Mihigain.
Senior Claso Stemns
Quite a i'' of the men in the 103
it-engIneering cliiss have exressed
themselves s de.iriig that soue knd
of a las stein shootd be adopted,
Iticli tie iieni coild get ani take
away witht theii to keeti as a remeii-
hrace of college days. As a result
Louts A. Barton and Stuart Sins have
heen appointed by President Foote to
get designs and prices fom various
firms, and they will report at a class
Tneeing to 'be held in thet near future.
In the umuantimne they would be glad
of any suggestions from men who .are
Senior Bench Popular
'Ti' lunil nea iir itiliiiai Oak
"aspprioplriaited" by'te li-seiior lit-ugi
iieeriiig class at their banuuiuet Fidlay
eveninig is licowiiig very poptulr.
Whten the hour strikes fr the classes
to piass aliiiost iiiy time of day a
"bitiiehi of '01i fellows miiiyte seei
staninlig anid sittiiig about in the
utiiost giod felloavship.
The tinilyeriy authorite semn to
tie cooperatinig aithl the class iiithb
promioioii of ii good tinig s a siuad
of carpenters were engagedi yesterdaiy
iiooninis.trailghtentig the betii'hiaid
trengthenimng it ini various waviys. 'Te
seat evidenutly was atlitle the worse
fromi the awear it receiveud in its "dedi-
ction'' Friday evening, whlen atout
seventy-five mnm tried to pile oni it t
omce. It wis espeially ioticeable
tiat the carlp-nesid teii' repairing
at the iooni hour alien it aol be
the least Inconvemnience to setios.
Only once ha~s there beetiay
''scrimmaiuige'' for ossession. Tani an
over hld juiior insisted uoni occupy-
ling te benic'h at ii tinie wei about
ten sentors were iii possession. Le
was prompittly aiid properly ejected.
It was said yesterday tiit Supt. of
Grouiids Reeves had offered to put up
aiiothier beniehiop~osite the walk to this
if the clas would furiish the miateral,
but how mtuchi there was in it was tot
Much Good Material Shows Up in
Try-out-Howard, Holder of High
Jump Record, to Compete
At is tryout held ii Waermtai
gytmitasiutmiMody night the Anti
Arbor high school deciued upon the
12 mnt who will represett them ii
the Intersclolistie ott Saturday inigt.
The try-out was very stccesfultinhi
every way atd i a godidicaton of
the clas.s of work which will cone
out in the meet. Nancrede rati the
mile it 4:13.
tHalftmlle-Eagle, first; Bearsley,
second. Time, 2:12%.
Quarter mile-Vail, first, Tooney,
second. Time, 57 seconds.
In the 44-yard low hurdles Heath
made the time 5% seconds. Hickey,
was second. Becks was first in the
40-yard dash, and Watkins was given
second on his time of 4%,
The relay team chosen consists of
Watkins, Heath, Val and either
Becks, hickey or Souterland. The'
first two ran the lap In 14% seconds.
The last three made 15 flat Howard,
who has equaled the interscholastic
record for the high Jump, will enter
for that event.
"Bck" Hall to Coach
F. M. Hall ("Buck"), who s an old
Michigan football man, and later fam
ens as a Prtuceton guard, is 'to. coach
5teidteterg Uiverity football Isam
at Tlffen, Ohio, this year. Hiedelberg
can cotsisder itself unusually fortunate
in securing such a man, amd with the
abundance of good material can ex-
tiect to have a witning tean.it. S.
Siefert, last year's right end, has- been
elected usptain. Ielbelberg's schedle
iiicludes gmeis with Western Re
serve, Ohio Medical University, Adi,
Otterielmi, Worter, amd Dennison.
Woman's League Party
The Womn's League wil give s
party Marceli21 in Barbuor gymmasiutmn
iiid the young miien will be guest.
Tickets at 25 cents may tbe secured
lfrom Mrs. . 1. Jordin from 10 to
12:15 every day a t the Woman's build-
:itig. 'fhle pitrinesses wil be Mrs.
Jordat, tDr. Syder, Mrs. Howlad,
Mrs. Suitvan, Mrs. Fred Wadron.
:The comumittee chairman Is Miss Kath-
erine McGraw.
The editor of the first college paper
in the United States was Daniel Web-
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Spring Meeting Here a Notable One
-Prospective Teachers Should
TIhe annualtmes uetimg of this Michiganm
Sc'hosolmatrs' Clib waill btie ld-luI
AmnmiArbor 'SarchI2l-2, iclusive, ii
comnmictionu with the springmu etuinmg of
clue MithigsanuAcsds'tuy of Scine.
This confe-rence Is ome of the nost
Imprant ini tim edustcitnl siwrd iii
Mtichiganm, utndu. ea-ry shuduet imtends-
mg to te-suhi wihe grsaty beeited
1b' attiemnamce att hs ie-tigs. The
meeting auill comsist of genersil sssions
andshdiscutsshis awithi sveamsl sdeprt-
mtaiul cuufsreuces.SMamny prominenst
ucasstors from a ll oesr teclunsutry
wuillhe tpresemt, amuong whoi re cle
hDeloh Falli stute suprinmtenmduet of
pubthlic imstructionm; Pie.mJ.ISyaser
\iuhuiguumiAgriculturali Clege Prof
L. 1. Jonmes, .ichuiganmiNorma-l tole e
Primcipsal ArnoslTomisuCihiago
Niormaul Colege; i'mof. G.tA.iseckhaum,
HiramniClls-gs; i'rsof.Elbrt i. Crt
tendienm, Olivet Collegeh'rof. John C
Rtof, Uniaersity of 1Pennsmlaia;
Prof. J. Rauleighi Nelsoni u-ais Imsti-
tutte, Chicago;IProf.XW .xuMnl,
Uniirersity of Sissouuri; Prof.iFrnuk
F.. Abot, nvesiyof Chuigo, anmd
iPapeirs aailhe re-d uipoi all lInsis
of subjects sdealinmg ithieucaionasl
subjest, maof thesmu to be illusrat-
u- i h aasl tseopticonu aisa.
'Thesconfer'enceus auill udiieup itut
sects-, ch oiu f ulaahihlwill cosier
sosuk'peicit sutbjtit.tThuis thiere ail
hie i Rtural OSool sectionm, Clussicsl
sectiontPhyas-suhseti, t.
A feuature o sspiluitemtrst aill
he thus'lesturies of our soaanu irof. Isrel
C. hRussell uonu "ile 'olcunoes of
Matiiue,'awhih Prof. Rtussell-
iced just after cle eruption mst su-
muer. The public atd student body-
generally is invted to atemd these
mueetings. Masunyuof the Umiversity pro-
fessors will preside over secions and
read pithers.
The Wrong Henry
A very amusing comedy in rah ie
was eniacted at ote of the sorority
houses last week, tle details of whichm
have just leaked not. It was a kind
of a 'What Happted to Jones' or
'The Wrong Sr. 'Wright' affair Thee
was a mistaken identutty resulting rom
at mix-up in names, in which several
people prominent in tUuiversty life
were cnesred
It seems that a young man whose
last name wis Henry arrived here
with (be Illnois track team aturday
morning and hmmedatey poceeded to
call up hy 'phone a sorority girl who
had formerly attended Ilnohs. The
piano was thumping at one end of the
line, thus making it dfficult for either
;pary to hear, "My name Is Heny
'saidth young man from "Ill."
Now the young lady who answred
tbs 'phone hapened t have a frne
who.se first nmae aas Henry, so she
answered bak, '"Wel, tIhkmow -but
ome iciniy tere. tHoavre you?"'
Thus twa-a thu.t the young lady made
a date to go ridimg inthle afte-rmooni
with the wromgiHemnry.
Now it so chancmedithat au-lenIHeniry
frommiIllintois srove up, the girl with
wshorl te suppouusut ie had halkei to
wa-st taking the air omi the piaz.
Site was ofn course surprised to see
huim, but when he sad, 'Well, an't
you gointg ridig with me' she
amnswered "yes," so quiky it ainmost
took his breath away,
Amdi t it taid the oiler young lauy
who tught she was to have a finme
drive hIsmalting yst, and It is cetinmly
"up to" thus other Hsry.
At Tufts College nearly all te
non-fraternity men have joined the
new commons boarding cub. If
the commons proves successful the
john also.
",Mi s mplhchty' tksb eenIng.
In Memoriam
At a mieting of the ucommiitee of
this '0i lit class the followaing resolu-
ionssaue sdrawnup i:
Ammn Arbour. -Mih., isr. 17, lJ0.
Whereci-as, Cod mu hisinufiite awisdomn
lissee fiemit o remtoe fromtu our midt
one so sear to thus-umenbes of hic
freshuosmnlieraryclasusaof the tmiier-
sity of Mtiuchiganu, Ermnst ihmersehied,
hRisolvedihlac in hiis desth hie
freshmsamclsss has o.tti true frietd
unit sc-holsr.
Rtesolvedshlacte extend to cle be-
reauved fanily of our schoolmaste the
sympahyi3 that comues fromu the depth
of our heartcs.
itesolvedth lat au- as a body feel
kee-mly this-lhss oftt himtoughuliehasi
muen mun ourm istotbut us shrt time.
Resolvim, itht a 'ucopy'of the.ereso-
himioumste simt to the fsmily, that a
copu~y be'plusted inisurtmiuteuns, and
thtlistiheuse resoluutiomns be published in
the colegelapers.
The cass semt a very creditsble
floral tribumte to the deceased. The
piece aas it large piloav in design with
thic tumumersis140$ set on the ahite
flowers in purtphle.
He will Remain Here This Year-
Leaves in Fall for National
'Thet smnoucememntwasusmnade pub-
lic ithis week ilacrof. A. 'Mctaugh-
int wuld ntot Iete Sichigan unil
Septiemuber, this opemning of the 1903-
10)4 college yar, isttd of at te
present time, as auas previously an-
Prof. McLauughlin auill begin the
aork of organizing the history depart-
tmuent of thus tew National University
amd expects that detais will consume
this major portion of his time during
this year, He will not receive any
students at all, the university not
opeting its doors until the year fol-
P'rof. McLaughlin has a year's leave
of absence from Michigan and if at
this end of this organizing work he
decides that his new Aid will be
satisfactory e will proably remain
If not, the following year will ee
him bock again at Michigan.
Mr. James H. Russell, 03, at preset
secretary to Prof. McLaughlin, wl
accompany Pirof. McLaughlin to the
National University, where he has se-
cpied an assistantship ha the same
The ebxate eweit Michigan and
Wisconsin in 18193 in which the former
won, was te first intercollegiate de-
bate In the West amd second in the
Utnited States. The Yale-Harvard
intercollegiate debiahte n1.9- was the
first in this coutry.Shute then both
instituiomuslars 'econic a-ry acive
in this branch of imtercollegiste work.
It auth be iecessaruy for seniors to
order their castsanmd gownsit once
iii order to hisvet11m-in iime for the
sawimngout awhichm aill be ieldiabout
spring vacastionm time. Fr thus next
few ar ys the commnuitee wil be in
Rtoomi C, Uniersity hal, from 5 to 6
to tke measuremnt.
11. T. Danmforth,
Of the fouur thusand student regis-
tered t Columiautoily about five
hiummitrsdace under-gruauts. Ter
arc ive bumndred graduate students in
politicsal sciemnce, philosophy, and pure
science; five hundred students of law;
eight In the school of medicine; and
seven hutidred in tie school of applied
acience. The remaining thousatnu are
in Barnard College, for women only,
and in the Teachers' College, which its
c-educa tional.

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