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March 08, 1903 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1903-03-08

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No. 116
last Nights Meet the Best Ever Held
Here-Four Records are Lowered
-1904 Laws Beat 1903 Lits
After the mtee last night, Been
FtpatIriek 01nnounced1't that withot a
doubltit was the best 'Varsity meet
Michigan ever held.
Four of Michigan's tndoor rcord
'Were tbroken, tie tiartr ile, ile,
ahot pt and rel11iy5te1m. tRestock
broke te quarter mile record by two-
fifthrs of a second. Conger's work in
Sle minte runttstspec'ill wrty of
metitot. Cotger wou his "M" tiree
years ago. Since tetn le asbee1n ot,
retrninggthis yer t tke Iis uas-
ter's degree Ie ronthtie 1st halft of
te mile wihi no 01te to psthimittantt
thtentt toote the itdoor retord tby two
and(1two-ifths seconds, bating Perry
by nearly fity fbet.
Tlteo Itt record for tte sot pit was
forty-one feet six iches. t was
mad(0eswitht sitht a sot wslictweiged
mnlty tirteeiit atd athlftttpountds. Cap-
ttttt Robitnsotn putte shot last tigtt
forty feet ttntdifor itches. Tis
record was mtade sitt a sot which
'Weights a Sile' oersixtent pontds.
:Michigan's rec(-trl nw ttWatttdos Sob-.
inson estatblishtedt it ltstiit, forty-
onto feet and for iches.
'Te '(4 laws dfeated te snior
fits tit tielayItits . F1or te1past
two tyeirs te '03 itsitatse ield te
record atttfftyie and oie-ifth see-
-otds. A week ago te '04 laws broke
tat trecrd mtt bitftfty-ive fat.
1I..t ttgit they etabtishedtt'tftie record
at fifty-foturifiat. Hahui, Walton,
Hyde tttd Galtttrani fothe laws;
terrntseitt Sweey, Macntyre and
Only sixteent tt ttrttttIn te forty-
yard dash l-st nigt, thuts naking it
'uttecessary to rttttsmi-finals. Tis
is the fit'st timte tiitmissshpeted for
Several ytars. Hathtad Stewrt ran
ose inth ie dash, SHahn winintg by
about elgite ittcies, atd tying the in-
sdoor record.
Kellogg is just recovering from tie
grippe antd diti tot rnt last night.
iliekey is sick int the hospital and could
scot participate.
Net Saturday at the Ilinois-Mihi-
ganu meet the fitttls In relay races will
berun betweenthie '4 laws and the'
fresh engineers. 'Te fre.h engineers
hae a fist teaim but their defeating
the junior laws looks dobtful.
Following is a summary of the
Preliminaries-Stewart, Hugg, Bar-
*Clay, Rlstot, Hathn, Willis, Gat and
Finals-Hahn, first; Stewart, se-
ond; Hugg, tird. Time, 4%.
Stewat, first; Gat, second; Kahe,
third. Time, Z%.
R s'btock, Tr. ; Salston, second; Nor-
ars, tiird. Tite r3% seconds.
Read and Packartd tied for first at
I0 fet tiree ichies; SlacDuff and
Hendry tied at 10 feet.
Rtobinson, fir.t; Maddock second;
Dunlaip, tihrd. Dis tance, 41 feet 4
I sces.
Hal, first; IHat'itattt.secotd; Dew,
third. Tine. 2 mtitttes .1 seconds.
Miller anti Brewer- tiet for first at
15 feet 11 ittcies Verburg and Keller
tied for tet place.
Conger, first; Perry, second; Stone,
third. Titne 4 mitutes 4% secotds.
'04 Laws vs. '03 Lits.
'04 laws wtot. Law tat-Hahtn,
Walton, Hyde, hGat. Lit teat-
II rrnstein, Sweley, SMaDu , Dila-
RTe ible and Modern Scholar-
'ip" i st subject of a lecture to he
-1eiverc at Trinity Lutheran church
'1n11Suniday evening at 7 o'clock by
Pmf. G. P. Coler.
Win. 3. Bryan May Come
The CGootd ii crtnetit Slub ltris
wrir-d liont. \Willittmi ..lBryan,. acho
spea'ks at: Ypsilanti ott ilottmtty, tx-
ail add~ress 1b1erthtb'ftollowsittg ightt or
somettdtne later inthett week. Althoungl
no de'finite art-atn'ttetents hatte Its yet
lit-at ttadl, thtere is t strtotg possibil-
its- tht t cl ub's t'fforts«wit irsve
successftlItSt is So be htoptd thtt
M~r. Btryatt stitt agree to coine. Alt
st-io hteard htis sptltndid atddrt-ss litre
lutst yt'tr ttt thto Washingtons Birtht-
day- celebratitont wtre- stronigly itt-
pressed swiitttis spea'kintg, tttdisholttd
lito steakthter'again ttiis week Itt
ltndtoutetdtly wouild Ite gretedt by a
Be will Begin a Second Course of
Lectures on ttStudies in the Old
Testament Prophets"
P'rttftssttr Leswis B1. Pa to, l. ID.,
of Hiartord'ThIetiligical St'mtintary,
wilt gisteItis s-cttitd part ofitis coturse
oif ''Studiies in ts' Old 'festttent
P'rophtets' intthiis city btegintnintg totday
anttIcititttiuig until nteat Sutndtty.
Prof. Pattotts lectures htere a few
weeks tago were very latrgely atteitted.
So thtttttttty will be detightetd to teamn
that thte secottd part of htis Studies
intth SbOld't'estamnttProphets betgints
thtis aft-ritoont ittUttiversity h~all.
The extraordiniary sut-tess of ite
firttpasrt tf tltis ctturse nitktts
special mnttion ott Prtofessor t'atton
Oliver J. Merrill, '05 Law, Has Been
Missing for Fouf Days- He May
Have Committted Suicide
Olivir J. ASI,-rtinlt. Ie laws, htas ttt5s-
Setittsty ttistttitt'tt't'lattd nietintrotctn
ite htattlcoii t-tittg tis-wltt'realtottts.
Ilt left itis rtttoms at 10127 ('atto-ritte
11h1Iavse pittell-itttile. is fatiter,
swhto livsait St. ittitis, Bit-I., is int
dotlay lIobteg-fitt it Slortiagt5tui~hsachtfor
his ittisstig ;stotl.
itt-tpeiily lprt'viouts to his tdisapt-
itS frientds. .Att examiniat itontofiilis
clotltcr lte vstut stariltc utat ite tittt
Nvere atratttr attd t a itairoftilt bo1t.
flie fact that Itetotok heis razor, ttttd
leadsItisis friendis 1tiselievesthattt he
execu-tdiilts disigis1. No re-tsoni .tt
lit sutgge'st'edfort tsu ttat-rribtleat
eilit thtat it'1s-titi-ee i Sit' besufferinig
frsott mtelantchlttiau, toutghtnut SoIt
great tdegree'.'iTis stlakes ts'etieory
of Itis stiidte'doutbtftul,tittd te -ause
eeiry dtay.
lectures and ftlt5te chtarmitof ttis
personality svill be glad of his returhn. Urged to Hear Bryan
It Isliopted that plans ts to othter 'lTe titititiratio studtentsiofthSie Utti-
wsork still be so arrttttged thtat all calt sersity tire turged, if it is any wstay
attentd these lectures. Siring Bibles possible, to ite-ir Willitam J. Btrytan
with you. Mondtay evettitng.Il~essilili-i-hure onl
Tite present series of lectures wvill "'Tue t'alue of atlSIdeail." As thtere
he on te Literary. Prophets antd the wvill be nto reservted seats anthie lee-
progrtttttis ta followvs: turt- still be-gin t ttt S'clockte memo-
S. Amos, thtefirst of tite Literatry tiesr of te club taill tatke te 6:43
P'rophets. Sutiday, March 5, 3 tcar in ordler to secutre giod seats.
p. nt., Uttiversity Hall. Es-cry detnocrat int the Uive-rsity
2. Hosea anid his Times. Mondaty, sitottld cattcel tallitis othter engatge-
7 p. An., TatppanttlHall. m~ealts atdttitend.
3. ThteSMinistry of Isaiah before te JOHON B. MSEANS,
fall of Samaria. Tuesday, 7 p. Presidentt.
itt., Tappan Hall.
4. Micah and Isatiah. Wednesday, 7 Oratorical Contest Finals
p. in., Tappan Stall. The fintits in the antntal oratorical
5. The Book of Deuteronomy. Thurs- cotitest of She Uttivetsity Otrttorical
daty, 7 p. in., Tappan Hall. Association will take platce next Fri-
6. Zepihantiah, Jeremiah and Nahum day ntigitt in University Hall. The Pre-
So She Fall of Nineveho. Friday, limtinatry Judges itave reported and She
7 p. in., Tappan SHall. followting contestantts wvill apptettr in
7. Jeremiah, Habakkuk and Ezekiel te final contest:
tthe Fall of Jerusalem. Sat- W. D. Cole, "A menrttat Citizenship."
urday, 7 p. in., Ttappan Hall. F. W. Batlcomb, 'The Antglo-Saxon."
8. The R~eligious Significance of She L. C. Hull, Jr., "The First Ameni-
Pre-exilic Prophets. Sunday, eatn."
Mtarch 25, 3 p. in., Uttiversity EtigenteSMarshtall, "Htamilton attd She
Stall. Contstitutiont."
E. Sitotitettohieti, 'Modern tudus-
TheZSophomore Prom. trialismn."
The titu- Soitooret'rm. ill E. St. Hatllidtay, "True Citzenship.'
The nnua Sohomoe Pom. 'il Te judiges ott Thought and Fornm
tke place at Grattger's Fridlay eveit- h.ayeibeett selected a. follow;:SPresi-
itig, M~archt 27. The contmittees in deliSW.VO0 Thtompsoni, of Ohio State
charge hatve arraniged for a very eti- Pu ttt t .I.Ptdeoo
joyable evetuitig, atid it is hoped ChitSDerit Pion.lo. Wtr Pdwdso, of
a large number will attentd. Whiile Sichligan Agicuiitltural College.
given by te sophiomtoreo it i. not con- Asetnltwofhehrejds
-find t meber oftha clssbuton comnpositioti have been selected.
all are invited So attenid. Tbe btst lte are Itudgi J. A. Barber, of To-
of nmusic itas beeti secured atid re- ,ledo;;SProf. Ldin i A. Strong-, of Ypsi-
freshitettts wvill be served. D.ancing lantit Normal.b
wvill ittgil t aS09and continue until 2 The contest promsises So be one of
o'clock. T'S iteckets istisuatl n-ill be te best es-er hl-hInuder te aspit's
$2.00. The folloswing are the commit- of the associttion. Alt the contestants
te:aresvworkintgitardi tandshtoswing mitch
Snsthi, Beta Thteta Pi, Geiteratlitts i efc~t-tttt sss h
Siu Craitti, IDeIts Kappia Epssilon, subijec'ts henttars' of it siry itetr-
Secrettry-tid 'resre.e:siu-' chartacter, wh-iichi will make the
Arrantgemtenits-Bakler, Sigma Phi; progranmnmucht nore attractive titan
iisoit, Alphta Delta Phil. it mtightt othterwsise Ste. A tat-ge utudi-
tIsviltttitt-tret-s-r, Clii Psi; Stand- cei'still ito sdoubt tie presett. All
Rtecptio-Sullivan, P'hi Kapptt Psi; intyIihS
Steswart, Zeta Psi.
Tickets may he had of atty of the NOTICE.
above.Prof. Shorey's lecture ott "Realism
abov, _____________and Idealism in Greek Literature" will
Rev. James MtcGee will deliver an he given in Room C., law building,
address this afternoon at the University instead of in Tappani Sall, as first
Y. M. C. A. at 0:30. All men are cor- anntounced. Tine same as before-
dially invited So be present. Motnday, S p. m.
The Comedy Clu
'Situ'CSmedy-lyu('hai~s strtetd e-
tetarsitg for teir inew tlay, "Sy
Frintd FrttttIntia,"h''nitder tedi-
ruectiitnf i-di.de onitt. Moust of the
is' playetd by mttemtiters of te su,
totS tere tise still itnte'or tit parts
lift sot anybtodty desig to try aill
Sotme o' f t,-e1p-tileatwIo siltaStke
Sit. Qluttina, 11. Seymtourt-.Mr.Milile,
Miss Vant Vlknbturg, SMiss IWhteeler,
Aliss Sketlittn titid Miss Mhiv irwnst.
St' Atiti-is'Thetlreo iiut Apiril S.
Explainu the Methods Used in the
Pasteur Institute to be E-,ta-
lished Here .
APste tur insitute must be ready at
atty antdtll Simn to receive a patient.
Even tou'ghio tad dogs run amuck
for months, he inocuitations have to
go on daily so a s to keep the supply
of virus always ott hand and of just
She right ago to admiister on an
hour's notice.
Prof. Frederick G. Novy, of he bac-
teriologicttl ltboatory, antd the die
coverer of benzozone, recently e-
plained the method of treating per-
sons sufferitng from he bite of mad
dogs or other hydrophob victims.
As a prelinary he explained some-
thintg about iydrophobia.
"Persotts who develop rattes have
never been kniowsn to recover. They
alwvtys die in a spasm.
"But only about 20 per cent of hose
bitten by mad dogs develop rabies.
"t takes from 13 days at he least
to twvo months or more for he disease
o develop the bite. Cases have been
known to lie dormant for over a year
after he bite and then develop and
etnd in death.
"Dogs have been known to survive
even he worst forms of rabies.
"Once a person is bitten, try and
save the dogs life. If the dog does
not develop rabies, then there is no
cause for worry. And If the beast
really has he rabies it Is much more
quickly discovered by penning him
up alive than by kiling him and then
sending his brains to a labratory
there to have guinea pgs inoculaed
with it. A live dog should develop
hydrophobia withn a very few days.
But a week or more must elapse be-
fore the guinea pigs Inoculated will
show any signs. To say the least,
the avoidance of such needless delay
will save the person bitten terrible
"As o the Pasteur treatment; Hy-
drophobia virus grows weaker with
each day's aginig. Guinea pig virus
one day old would kill a man; but
that two weeks old will not harm. IS
hats by that time lost its potency.
"So the patient, on first being re-
ceived, Is inoculat with virus that
is 14 days old, in other words, it was
taken from a guinea pig 1t days be-
fore. On he second day he patient
gets a dose of 13-day-old hydrophobia
virustird day, 12-day-old, and so on
until the sufferer's system is able o
stasnd virus only 2 days old. This
treatment is kept up for three weeks.
"Then is there atty surety that y-
drophobia wtill not result? No. In
spite of the Pasteur treatment the
person bitten may come down a
moutth, nmaybe a year afterward."
To tmttke tis human safegard ps-
sible it is necessary, each day to in-
ocultte small animals; keep them
pennted up until they go mad; and in
this way secure he daily supply of
hydrophobia virus.
$1.00 DAILY $1.00
The U. of M. Daily will e de-
livered for balance of school year
for $1.00. Leave orders at office
310 S. [lain St. Phone 13.

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