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December 19, 1902 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1902-12-19

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We aro able tot show 500
of the latest lpatternls in
English, Scotch, D~omrestic
anid Worsted Trouserings
The U, of M. DAILY, 1th Year.
The 'VARSITY NEWS, 21 Year.
Entered a a.s ccioct-ctav.s t attr at Antn Arboir
Pst Oflic.
it atholge year at ity Uivetirsity oftichii-
gatn, by tic Misitigati Daily-Newts Potitistiiag
Comantay (tnc),
R'obert K. 11"alton, '00-.
Rtalph E. . .fcacg. '51.
Thoas BI. Robets. '04.
whe itthe lnew 'iteration coomes up it
will Ste ready t face the itewncondi-
tiotis; anti wheni it does coume up MiefliAnn
titI5 wliit ontily isgain hier place
~ ~~~Ana. Site twill lhave'an esenitetrti_____o
reptaioiltho aturefrth litishli-
11 1,111 Shett nwliii'efiltrs, aAtisat o iArbo
willt site Wl il 1 ril'5 th, l iii I l iii ai
stringili orfi' Us nivsrsiia-
lenids litblu-ilitit utiliaft-c the
(tltristtits itt-ai ti.Theii'ediitor, Ithe
this opporltun ltiiy tt1wisittheir friends
all te ioysaor thie Holidaty seaisot.
LOSI'FTtn say, gold wattit with
ldtk stinxifob-t-ary 8tewari, 0ct.;
24, 1894, in hutck.itewa-rd for retutrnt
to 102411ill St.
itE'PTi I ilbil ia2it dail's studio.
tiottled atol Oit
. 4t 1 Ilk #1 ^-4-
fax Finelstein, '1i'03nttti---T he largs t uttolfinesl issoit-
SylterS ol~~,'4 1t IV.. Ilal, '51. pltttt f suit cse 1n te it y.
IlttttdandlyIt. Ilaker,', ;. "AT AtLit'N'S." AT
Loutis A. I,'aitsit, '
7'j d~rs 0.O~',.,N0Z.108 E.Washington St J S ra .'05. a t11iiicttrt-s trt oe 3:x3 itigat-I WAHR'S BOOKSTORES,,
T'.M.20i 1W2. U '5.n tZSilS that, iesN i tis.DW
The outs sripcian price of te Uttlil is; tit S iti or~£0
ANN ARBOR - MICH. Dttiy-Newas i '5for tha citiliie yae itNo seniors, at .spet-hul rait's, tuay' le iad
tisps, ctommuitnicatios, etc.. must tie handedl
in th Di i oly Ne'wsstia ttthe bfoe8 .5 o t t itittlll's o er itcltl's. Record
_____________________________________ maitled tto t,- 'il btia teti :3 t. in. of t tY Wani s , mati ituy be secured t.i it teal 5o'
preiso to thtat Ott which lth'y or' axpsicteid l riia
lii I-tttI,.ttattN
Dr. Newell Suitbstriters will aneraefatitr by repcitspopl tti s oftie 'nyfailuerof arriis M
to7. ii pse ~ftor histtin a oytsigmtterut eaM L
in 5 ite t p . m. on taeldyaprevioust
lihat an wichbIaea t i-'ps d ' IIt~iA Mllcigti fl )t 1 I cii -I
D wv ight Hiillis New subscribers $2 50in advanoce -itiar it liallir's. \AIFtE.A1
Ot ilthlii 1aily Aruus citi t.,No 3t0-South Nt)TIil. BISC U-1lii
ii~ i (I~MaintSt. Ttiapitae No.1i.. Tiltssecotsiiirirt of ii iii Ia it it UI1.J/ 1
B O O'Sttiversily Sch-oti o1' 1) utiiwill
-i 'oiittettt-5 W't'iittisdty - i itn, tan.
_________.____________ '''1ss iv s toeeks $3.0.4,000 Stiudont. will
{, t or T, dayl o uis 1 .1 a tl. be eating-
A,. Mottos aints to :Sasislty-$00-- -TI- --L "MIIGUA'N t
;reot Books is LifeTe3,achers.. 1 ac I ioligit Ilinow. ranksi
'Phi Iit,'s'tttni tourthii lttttiiit liii list tE latt'e Alitetis-oti x'IirsI Ow . D i) 1111 1
F1i t l itititI itt titt " 5 nislit ie s ilp r itid fttitt, ittis t' ra ng tt iiitdlt ti u .L
Ft'e.h o itil 'tithe I s-ocsts tf ace, 510 iiS it-tutiful titliepage f01 Plao rtopy
Init i theti'i',i g ...i 's °' t ittiatt'a iltsit i N ~IRR ~CSOtPt W H EAT
ILigiti I rins tt iSt}SInltheifirs t i~tthe hiacttll ttlitt 20-1 s, l aSsotiglon St.
Pia Mas'to' ofthlt' 5-iit't0'i'ofi liii-,'is gui-terthan it hiss nrt41nt
^txe, lilt, is 'if Iilo aihu.. 0c ut~i, 1)t sd -x-ie i lii thie iviti('11%11-tlie ) rs tili i l ""is Evuta eoetl e loo 1 5C
Aiisi to Inwl-1'I 5 ii I os flt ' t iltsiifu le111141(10o 'it i t-i t n ii ii ' i t ti- i'l.l i lis a thea eaie Is ~eo s e
Lut' .i.......'.i (ii i .' il1ii ii -siiti 20 1 i1tuu thi- -to serve, Easy to ed -.
. tillit-iloilt i is 'nlti o "e- ilii ;a lrAl ids at Artisa''stud Photog- tist Gin your landlady's
I'h it tu- ou hli-jin ....1 ))tio i -tiec - it al s--i. I r-tphes ' suiplie-. Cushing's Pharim- s'C in lg
-i iii-S 5ltst IOalYiiusitipitai atiaAyL
i tt w irlIt )i is l ii- it yIt V'ii!t i sxcli f s i -s sL
Sheehan & Co !et-i-- tulitswo!olpr I to m-! --_M
University Booksellers lt t ifs i si lidf l t heut 111 ul ut'. iIA1iA:i 1,11. 5Et12, Y SlIfRl.
go lp olt i~l1Iiest. I s320 5. State Street. -- 1 iii siu Itticklu lo\Ve',itltiti :i j St',iisilhcfor htthutDily'is B I ~C L i1 1
Shoe-Balance A______e~tr
As chain us as strong asitus weakest link ToMor~ vnn
wersaslngasitnongprCalfskin" was necessary in Regal Shoes to laonc
tse si-erlaiting ivear of their 1itllve tiak" leather soles. NINE RAHlS FOR DODO
Regal'anineries were necessary to protluce turino5 Ca ii-
skin,'-nd to pirotect Regals, against the "iaccidents" of the Ra RahhI Rah, Rah, Rah!I Rah, Rah, Raill
tanning !taths.
Regals are $6 oo shoes for 53.50. [Ia, D d ! Do !! od !!
12oo- he e a She 122 wood~- "
ward Ave. " S o Wod e
Detroit, All Styles $3.5() One Price Detroit. 'teggtlclays poucincipseYocvi
SOLDAl M[ Y[RS' N[WS STAND, 611 If. TWILLIAM ST. comedians, :l in chorus.
SPrices 50c, 75c, $1.00 and $0,5o. Se'ure yours eatstod
fsThe man in the collar .
ii! ,
will continuet shi: tlts on the ,a;: i'tolrlty cfthe
Ifterthisvtcation. Itewis hesiyou11 Merry C hristtastandi
a Happy New 'iear.
Ask your triends at home if they
know the "Man in thc Collar.

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