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October 19, 1905 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1905-10-19

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Ga Ho Wild
The largest stock in
~t the City of exclusive
styles in Woolens for
sq Gentlemen wear. Of
high-class fabrics and
i special style for stu-
G. H. Wild Co.
311 S. ytate St.
of a writing paper that wilt save youu
muoney. Suitable far the finest car-
respondence, ii bas cloth finish, sty-
lish size page--causes in blue or white
and is pot up in pound packages can-
taining 4 quiies af paper far abaut
thb pricc that you've been paying
forane qair.
Price 35c per lb.
envelopres1enper nkti

ITHE MICHIGAN DAILY.I it very ail. ito an sllcoite itt

Etrda ecndcss'ma tters at thieAnno
Arbr 'oscl'toff'ice.
Publtished daily (Ilondaysecepteds) duincig
tiec ollege year, it117 Jhost Wiashtingtons
streot. tietl itshrneao. Hoea siter70.
Managing Editor, CLYDE L DEW
Business Manager, WALTER R. HANS
athltcs..... .... . larensce -E. ItIdrisict
Nes............. Arthuris'C. Poundts
(sitxhe ....s .... thastes1E. Winstad
itlllic..I......... A. It. Otliyor
Wome .......s .......IEfietoJ.Arsrosn
tlittetsAllcen Frantklisn C',Ptiks
Louis51. iStiknecy.
eorgerA. (Oshaca Harold C. OSmith
J7. Eari Ogtai r,.it' erge A. Bsars
RI. Clara OttBrlass Franak J. Clark
RobsttIt. Clasncy 1Hensry A. istastgolary
it. F.Stes n sss WSater testtnaasss
RATES: $250a 8rr yrar, or $2.00 it paid in
Address: WALTER R. PANS' Business
Manager, 236 S. 12th St., Phone 849 L.
'C CIlIl'R S DA l., OCTOBlR s9, si0e3.
Oct.io---W.C A.CA.cles-ilit.
Olit. t}-Itt>iS liitelsts nlits coeseC,
-ctissg st Newberrycc
\lsstims it 'MlclilltiihllI, 6 :45.
(lit.i2so Cl-isa sss1Ctitg sts tUniversity'
s111i 7:30,stundecrssslices aofts'
Mihitigmi t hsists.
flit. 2IFottu illNebratskat 's. MDiets
i-s-i ts 'Derci- fielti.
l)t. 2Isac8e-iee lectioitt' scs
t-tl 'tl si1n ts' llf
Oct.-2j-Fotall,ilAlbsionsis. M~ichsigans.
()Ct 28totall tDrkeis-. M Ci 'is.
it I stir sfieli

contc itso-i hiligansslife silsthsti -
inhsis ielstiland55symptlis broad 1 estd
Thi isan ppotunto'imsts'r ever'c
Mihiga mani st tsotoetngatulasstetim isel
snits con ectionesi'thtiis gresituye
citassdlto resletafesi tssdts is pstir
its estsllising Mihi igsn supr lte itn ll
resplcts ,amounsg CAmericantscollegs.
.\l ('111R'iS REiPUTAIO LN
'Fise folloinisg is asits raict4frsisis
lie esiveissilali memeris s-of 'The
Da ilt tl Iisaf rotidn'eyttisR. ' lit , 0o,,
l nara sitllsesits iiiofTs-
IDaili.cosits nd inssg secretrsiiifteS.
1. A.,iand citta itman iifsits cats ad
gowniiscommisstlc titse, isis san inv set
broeralla isDcinieis Cole.
I stnd that isere ithlisascMihsignt
hosls equstlorhitserlia nk'sisiiw i t -te sic
liii -ii AndC it isso tslut itshilseis
sloe t istsfosotbll thelisblieveiis sch-
ingi ed i-sits litnit'he iDer s tsanitsosid
Pricesitsn tsnott. tutu lit'gretss potI
proutts-is inteissiitsys 'i ihI I
gastever stites'sYatle tl irst rf isetsit-
isis'sfiplity sill Strat5 i ie et s t es. e
ceti ofa iitil eissstn siftnss and ftut etlt-
lit i swiile ta walk-awaysti. CiAsd ishat's
loitosa ty everyoness s lst its-er- its
is-se. Mihisgtansas atis l i hersss it
amon--g Dssene's est bussiss's' .
fthnkth u irsit issofiat
Chi llser .Itsi isitesalfistar sts a 'it-
tratios ad houdStiwl llsnie.
CWithCbestlis'hts for lyourisl.Theiis
sit Crisise unsivesis ,1m
sit ~ ~ ~ Yor iallbwayi isliiis.sis s
arse lits ials til oerSithornet'sisdea s'sf
'heise stciS- t ush.sills ti-ill as
singssif'r.ThDilyistoitellis abouteitil
till boss ss'ti-or tth eiorstoassist .' It'is
silt wlett ssisthans-iasiltysconstrol.i"
sTshe sivssar isty seslftletiswslsi plsayt sa
cl'ubitnsthe glocalis -ses atilc usdthy
steels . ' e lTistsis-ilelii'ti-msatchil swith
'nluie teamiill i s sseaisofsuehue1r
lit- te'miisigi tiesite ec tedsanCa p-'sis
'ee.ls e e ams-is wi itl e selcteds oda
Thereille a eins ofthAel
p isliterars ocett i me iaeltate
Telloig isshepogram
Spech-Giordsonsss. 'ut siesiii
Drawsings for teWsc'ionsin-icsh-l

flees'tliis'siing o h i' i club'iji ats 7
osss'coktIis(sitstlti sili
lee chsi i's ig ti vnig a
o'loc i ll ('. L ist haillIt 4 iilItn
s llo'ssss.p l i ated forlthei m ndl
sin tlubs'.oiSndiits to lainstill. aSe
lucre sreet-I isis
losi iis it it litsion t ofo it slient
Roii oCi iss er ssssit alistitou6tis n
afterniossof limst it sls lI 11'i s oses-
itchn isap's'eI.d iUiiiis.si it e gessiSes
slit it) ri amst isisig stif e .
lis itio s of 'la s it h'jsiist pisi n -
sstssi itsh ae ome sudn s fts. sits
lnstiulc h ve o~ganie a stil cli .
Th illoItl puss s Iis- s iaffiiate \ it
lsthe sh' sllb Is Yilats om l
'setroiittI~a s cholan D t itMeical.
ctllegs.T efu ci sarinte n e
on Xctis hed, A.It. i t 'sta
Ulivs halli. RepshsenItsiillesiofts
Isr hl) is' iesi stil rofit so
lit-i' lkof crit- and s-tis \lse
liislitlsss'peak.ss i
smelg i mft--ilt' isl st , ' su i' stsi i s lit'
Ite lub rc 'thn5isticabout theli ro-
ject. T ii i-isi iii lli' eIsis idedl llt' it
SlIC is i 711ilciias erlht licillof
itver s on e o dsitu dent's'gi ndiin st hesiisi
lags feeet tois e unisrit ills'she
Istae sIt lscts ss a, lishough stheisFSrits
chl iSo ldiensositerisno toei in
effectigal ropeo s rglni iii .'i
lists i, stll st' suI 1 s-s's II
isi that cill tsb-s os cos etIlsl-taIis
1-1 lii) sit 'o ' sl i ts-ill nowsins ples atil
street. It sstied ralseaserns aisi
hiiiitcn hesiandts stss aIspisi ltghtlasis
fr ea sil oai1hIsis b\ s i h'ist-fnss ni is
ofe tos-a piss cored isihes'' satiht -sis
tliittIsea s, 555the 5 sits1) ii'oit-ia its
Isis' ll-los, t g s' st-si le' o
th fli' is at-i , an(dfscors ioi- l
As's im isasfe s t u dets f1romi' H owe ig
gisthe lisaia sstiisils-pu.rIlysoials, nd
C.equC. isssllsinstiw ll e.. hel. sre ursDe.
iset fo stre. ifyar

h's.can ssuplysi) fotobali
outiti to your1 highest satisfaction
atid aithillwsict laai'esithtes
Football Pats - - 75c up
leadgears - $1.0 t $5.00
Pads . - - - 2c up
IFotballs 75c, $1.00, $1.0, $2.00
$2.50, $3.00 ad $4.00
Mrilf Noseguaris - - &1,50
The Booksore thas never Un-
C. E. Barthell
Cash or Exchange for Old
C. E. Barthell
326 S. STATE ST.
Telephne 71
Your Face Tells
If it's soft and smooth and free
from irritation, it's a sign you
nse the heaing
lExoch Dietecle
Embalmer and Funeral Director
A.mbatce-- Calls at re neldy r nih.
210(51. ills Ave:sic nce'su msosi
P tt'oti40. A Ar brs.
121 East Liberty Street

"ThNiagarsa Fullsfa reA"
with direct eonnections at Chicago fuss
St. Louis. Kansas City, St. Paul and
the West, For information ansI
through tickets call on or write to W.
W CASE, Agent, Ann Arbor,

2 ton 25c. 15 iuii scsis ut
M ca lss'wuse ulsarstuiestly
y(n heU idSissies. CWe ectissafely
crgailt ousrslvs oitl this sue
( roo of shegreaultssaiofistar talmas
Sh eh n C o atr.T a;supsremacyte oiisumssscais
N te rsutsoiastile andulgradtusal igrowth,
Students' Bookstore thec it-isiswhihi lies in ocotuitus
repteofthelui''ersity uinsll tiept-
_____________________ment;.__the__demcsratice s-pril dc coeps.
otraheicre slugs',theus'lIl)Amssercns
Get Your Roomt ieal of 'hestateunsiversiy, s-tutiuse
liDeco I'LtjoflS ctuits frosheerco-srlier if she reipublie.
Nsir ihiss- foresignes'aneglested its shows
IL'LOWS, BANNERS, FISHNET their uprefersence fur :Michsigans. 'se
W~ASTEPtAPER BASKETS, hasve altte urisugly la'rgs' tuuliar sal sman
I rl t ht s ierscassitries whli a'us's esekinig
SOIUVENIR.S, ETC. sinlCiAmericasucsssatiohul whiere itia
at- bsttlussobta'ille'd. fOutsida' if shi e'dues-
I)ARLING & I1IALLEAUX tionl facuilities, te soceial sadvrantages its
such a lcsp litn euultuts it)' ara
ithone~ssr. 224-226 S. Sitate t.

Announcement of the
Students'P Lecture Association
1905 Fifty-second Season 1906
Ernest Thompson=Setosn Nov. 3
Hon. Chas B. Landis = Nov. 10
Jerome K. Jerome = - Dec. 1
Jacob A. Riis - . .Jon, 16
Fi. Hopkinson Smith-
Lorado Taft = . Jan. 31
Frederick Warde =-R Mar. 12
Pres. Alderman . =liar. --
SOUSA'S BAND . - Mar. 30
Leland T. Powers . May 2
Oratorical Contest
Open Number = s ----
Tickets for the Entire Cou~rse - $2.00
May be obtained at S. L. A. Office or from Student Sellers
Seats r-eserved-'50 Cents Extra-at S. L. A. Box
Office, Main Corridor, University Hall, beginning October 30
SINGLES ADMISSIONS $1.00 S. L. A. Phon~e 352
Office Hours: 4-6 Daily (Saturday excepted)

Pictures of the Michigan Team in Action
College Souvenirs, Flags and Banners
We sell to everybody-Members obtain large
Join the Comwp

Douglas Shoes
Gym Shoes

WAIIR=The Shoeman 28So. Main St.

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