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March 01, 1906 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1906-03-01

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The Michigan Dailly

'Ots XVI.

N <. 105J.

Four Men Chosen All Run in :13 3=5-- "Die Jlournalisten" to be Presented
Will (Give Sophomores a in Sarah Caswell Angell Hll--
H-ard Fight. Financial Success Assured.

Vote Shows That Student Body Is Be- Steals Away in the Dead of Night,-
hind Michigan Union - Grant's Sophs Believe Banquet Will be
Statements Contradicted. on Friday Night.

ices-lFitzFlptrick sen1 a large patt
~f 15 11 sc ittyitaftenn holig te
t ia: or the all-fre'sh r110 tean. N\lten
lie was thro1ug1h11he let the track iwerig
.tivery0satisfid tleI Wheinased if
tlie freshman r1e1l1ay1te1am1wordl]iwin Sat-
douiiillitand itlo "een" smile he
>Iid e wa rum l ostateI.
Hoevriisvryeidnt that if
th-op m~rs wllit ill 11be lby t le
iis lea is Compiiiiiisediiof one 11.11niho
i~to 11111 13 -i ndthre ho ae
I"c-Milt ofiasiondi slote.Theumtet
t, ho m teet eamli lii are11111: 1ito so : 3
:,: lar, 1 3-5 ('tto 3 35 iatil
tIii ini :133 1-,,. ftir ti I l t itad
lti-ilhosenirecio F'itpatrick cacihiel
dv iten liiisomtie111(11ouch ingio f1
The1ophomor t linnt IbeeI
pcedbut it it 11111ultfulif foit I e
t;1111b1found ho awillaveae biel
:m rcia l iat e eait. asthelid
the track in 13 23 thtesr men wo i
eli (; ood itac I of1mkigthetieaImll
arc hu 0t~y 13 -; Sltik :3 3 -,
1111, 1,3 l l ((list ilt l 13 stt2-3. ol
Th ietsy lanksilfor ti0lte ti rsit
gymnasium, iaid ll eitries i' t e i
1, ticl oc to nigh1111t. Judgtting fot the
ise athleltsititeto lweritciases
the meet net S 11urday ight will b
''e ici teterii eino ee ssthet
T(iicoutl sot me( t i s els ii Ite
oca ion iof s]lettr Ind1(l ifeli ro tilt
t vc (1surpssing i thi Ies et Ithe xir-
sity meei litiadtloes foliowiithothcrt
((tltgs.liT is yeari the la sse tilliii
11111ate lo rder b sto g ieib tsroptptotl
111ledob 1 s xpess siltohethe
Coethe litputertillofrepreset 3the
fresmen ir littloest.11111lieg thtei
exmlest i naiiiatelllhtlst yier,
Coe ist ilaimed bity both1(0(clastes.lOe tin-
terist s ig ft ige n ull tles-ultsf
his controversy, oti hers tsintte p ibil-e
iii- thet is tet vile a e c1 tsist ide t e tiu is
(linteilfete tis l If het reprse ts t h ote
551hnx s at0(11)1(01( i gh setitihc wsilt ib -
huh-igibltiote ntefehitr
itthtltstsc ilttilfoe spigilvacar-
it.si s i wou(11l ive Iupthe o e
(tilt p" tts haIl ice to ob1liitrate IsxR tee
le sx ttilce t e s it lelv 1111nd Ite xi
IftCe s e 1tr ll g ito enl ttiley s-Citotii st
iescoeO the meeio tl ftttsi lettmucol
toets eoll if051iseitelxxpointsieence
sntipenough- nto ie t c cxthield.I
thcculetite evxuuens tdwiltdn
hopsdtfo rttepfetthix earxit 1reshmto
onte s alco t , te ltl eri

lot-rx-tiitt0stiltreadssfor flthleiprlie
senttion os"iteItsJo111 irinll ip byte
ASit fin sit toss ieeasol xxi le held tist
'Tle saliofsitcetsse ilcesITuetsa
been inll e (ee txax(en0111u(011111ttte
undertaing.kotslfar5aIt fino cittlt succe(ss.
is conce rntedthaisareaItsstod
tlie uti11111lete1ae-tifosrtieYp11i-
Thte c1111let e atofIchrclets as
annouxinced lit:lObeIst Berg, iurret
Sh itz. lit; Itta, enisens1M ito
Lowcnierg 07 litt;-OldendteofTicardts
Scitottota((st 0 litt Blst, IEsdxart
-~nr it0ohlitt:sIklto mo J Eed WXootd-
suf,'S lit:l'K ttmpe FssottM. le.is07
lit; 111 ihie t I (torn t Iaii tuu Ix itt
Selit s i10rtz eIs--r 07 dentxiPien
''is 1,KJ. G.is tewrenf~l it; SMrs
ieplenink i (110 stus (111(1e. tttebteur
n't litt erthabitsIepeninki( \lso Irete
Stibgel, ohlitt Kleinieoochel Asthurt
Coe 07 lit;-Fritz KlintttticlGeorge
I.Dentlonh'0,litt Jsiztte5Scwxar,
Imaul FIrantk n03 itt Kotit Beehet
's) lit;tKarlIn1 seclBttierild, ttfllitt
Thetcommttee ht ae,httadt tlte llay
il chasrge is cotmtosed tlof Isaculttesr
icli, isIr~eeStrtnger (11(1J G
Th irstsf the tmottlyxFacutytconet-
Iers f this semtester takes tulace tttxgtt
i1 11 oclo-ickinttFrieze 1al11 - Shkes
esrc-ul sogcycle costinxttg f tuetes
Oh1(1ndilnrets is the fettre of te
rogemtwle (i tstrtttenttsl timier
.%i lesitserehd bypHeri Ernt sndtiAlbert
Lock (lis.The iiplrograml lis as follows:
SonatainoD I)aj oe-hdagiuo, allegr,
l ro , allegrio ... ... .... ... andlfl
Sl etLokwooadIHeniri IEr.
sets ltte tandl Dohuble; Gsa-stte sande
Mus elle:- Iretise ttnslFsgte- - - fch
Alert tLokwxtodt.
'ycls IIf Sitakspeare Songs:
Quartet C rbtbedi Age sttnd 0Youth-1
T as iot lrim)1111
Alto solo Sitces Brst,(or Sote
(11(11(1 1,XV).
'TI io toass 11 tteno iad opornto)"Blow,
Blowixo u1111(1 ter Wind" e As SYNo
FTtnr solost.WhXitsttDti)tsrce-I(Sn-t
net1 \\lX)
DutsI(alts antttslit), ItXWasia
loxvr stndii-itsts" (As Yot Like
Sosprantotsolos"ThtenI tetMceisXhen
ThoustsWiltI(Sonnet C.
Qutrtet I'Tll ale Where is Fncy
I reti I lert t oi(f Venice).-
Duiet (soptlro and ttieor)- "Oit a
IDatx Alack te lDa'y" (Lve Lao(sr
lass so1os
(a)1"T1mitt s S son of Sylvia I'(Te-
Gentlemen of Vronta).
1111"Wherth Oe lee Stcs" (I'Te
(c) Sw-eet'ansdITwetyp" (Twxeft
(td)I"Soie rs Sotg" (Otels) -
Qu-rtetlUser te Gretnwood 'free"
I-s Yon Ltke It).
.MitssLeelaIStnston, soprano.
Mitss Nort hot, alto.
Fres ilelenteor
WX ilanmlHowland,bast.
Siss Minnte Dvs, accompais.

5 slTR t sills'iHD.5
Right Tackle on Football Team Leaves
Vowing Never to Return--Contem-
plates Going to Yale
WalsterI Rheinsehid, rio-it taclu o1sthet i
stcuo nrig le pct seassnl thIastt
a letter of honttsrblec di sus sl romth~e'
lawt iie1(11m111toand1lest for histomist e.
at 1~o AnSgelso Caluftowing11 n(xecctot
r etsirn. Rheientohlduffilserdtixitehtfrot
tslibtisding1 th"elipaslotsemeste.
Twxxice dntingutthis ool sasooishests
confthieditohis bedsiIthth lis(uesot Ilet
us seiszetdwihi t (ag11ain srigChrist-
11ma sellatioil (1111 retrnedIt ite (li-
rsbit c thr eeks at. s sastlto
thist it colee'wxork ittturaly-ufi--sifered.
Tsetlaw If(sillsy (stits i t otak te
allosties xxiucs Rheiseitldthotuglt
15o lakus e ttesr itfihonourastle dsmslltthb
antu-eI-elMitsga ItoHilanslorlstte
future ars untsdedlsl tbhousg hitscin-
tempilaes enterig Yalcitst flll
Rhkiseh01ildisetetedlt ldep asts-
m t ((inltheii alll hut 4.un lisbttfres-
mtan yusasilie was ustiosttebendindfalls-
isc cb DIutrin tpat seas 10155~on h le wast
given areguia lace as.I t iIackeiadt
ws ated Is onsie sottie stars usf tt-
eam sIn ithibisc osinxlgameite ished
hisow (1t-i(5tilt"Slam"i liste (llui
xcis intabushlesitndIisfots-suit tint
was(thlIogest gatoutsitbus'Micitgn.
hOltOU ILk AY XVtllui'cr
XX 11151;'IF soil SIll T1
Theli"lid" its een laemptelo(lustso ~
tgittt sI ts ibridge -uwhiist sitd isi-
0t'cste pedroisaieostshut stenlbroughgit
If yoniait ridebitstand re1
ltw abiditu citizen1,11tipit. iiIt, 1dange-
ous 1 sseesulu Sawyerhut e shusbu
)intinIyst-erdatha ltsithit gamte n-it
tnlueittbsinutheuprusestios of tecccup
ordibn-lnce'rettigto1td(isrderlb son(sls.
'A ectituoIthusorinaniobtuce do
"Allypersonor pul eshlt, gamnitg fuse
mtley or oi ter propluey usertig wit
hoadssiy pubulic o01-rivae pae' in
saidI citiittuiy.ad -n esonsou esousspuer
mitinlg anyl gmetol tbesi btpled fo
moneylsriosuer lt roptety rl sthngi
any bsuildlit"g01(r((rllom suownedi, ocuiuse
use conitroedbcru sussi hi ts-it or the t sibl
bus punilshd si hereiafte ru ied'"
put1u1 or cuardtubparsties sre icludits
the teti "othersproetyoerbuethitg."Th
penalty~ it a inett tbexceedng $on
'Tle seiior re-osdsblansth~ttlsthe' fillel
ill at onlce in orter to isure getig in
the 190. MicligtoentisstcBlanstray
be sihtaitteshn tie crd caalosgue in te
getneraltibhlrary atthe(lwttolirary, ats
Irom the departmeutal -repreettatixse
in engitneering antIneudicite

Asthe recstut of a stbteeht in Jutdge
Gras t-ier ittthi ls-tAnus1(1((1e(is- I
boigthes' suitilsus ufitie stdettt iosi
towardasu clsiubho us, a sscssielet
' in utberiiofituities-ip-sctis stiud orgn-ti
nainshveptssethformalis Ivutues of sup-t
provxal th ie Uisiphrojece.
'(lie knitinuti e -l itusDeistececuassa
resuthouf thu s llif ittudet lthuy
lula lub chitoxuse.Varius xinsietts liave
occuiredsl t ouswstdeittsocti1et in IIl
thue mattbe. -At notim hav testheisons
directorseltdbthtthe tsctentsbodp wsst
lut behindlthem.t SIttesf suct c-!
set dts5te actonof theicsenior isawt
cass inl giitgovenut-ceitliehonorutued
cstoobfl(eaIisng 1(thus postritubof stso e
proesori sas tisclass lmemoilt, il
siller bus endorlse thus ciusb uselprojecth,'t
wusld u sen tohuhebus utissut tft ihigen-u
erat atib d
Stsuden1t osentmct(eun it on bate, hss-
s'serbushavigthsusbencalledthisn to (hiss-s
tion,1 lthe siretrssts kedb lurhaudefinie
vsote of approvasixfrom ( l111 i tuteisup iior-
gantionuhs ittode attusilbhpixmigtsgui
t te -lutmn i atndtell themthlitstthu stu-I
den it0sterecthoirsotghtly usfaxvor of te
clho sse.
Alr essdlx-resouituiss siofhconfdeces atd
fraternI issinsolegetiabutsuigncd111reseex
ltolf apprsoval, anisimilart ot sies
issu en stakebeyIpthus followsinog orignl-
iati11n1: l cligarthx Baritrsr, (Osi,
Stubsinxltubdagsar clutb. Rockehp Moun-
titclbhiKeysone cstbKnickesrbosc-
ers, XX s st c [Debainhg socitup Jcferssst-
ill soisetylx Adelhi sity asdulhelsen-
ioultepycass.ITe shi os ihave
tubsadvshowtnttheisitstittuislullthe at
hir andiu it s e'xeedehaIt itholer classes
adsoul ieties willtaeihess irst ttuoppor-
tunitylxof etoutsuing thlbs apuroal
I 'Lf(C l' IC IC -hiS
a itap~er befonre thic Phiiolosgicli sciey
sui "T his lales tof kitunerst 'ale sof
Xlhlihus andituof this C stihrssTaIstes
ther Talscktu hs owednuli thtthis Tale f
Sbeibust itlst isasceiben witlte tfter
(3716, fus, e0slietdChtticrs stinssi
of ai passge in sticteh ieIFrencihli(rig-
iusl of thus-'I'ais of NSleitisitwebs xii
this-misery ofsalandtifwthouse kitg isa
chil, howxis iiitle wassanxlus) t to s
sotf lusiharstIiI.T'rforefuicthis'tale
iust haveie sen wt tenhiafie137(, whni
Rushardii lie ot le(apparsnt.ulh(lie sc-
elite inithi sta isis etriotecal ies.
whicehise aits i ctinipoesus ofsthn e
Froiusit tis IigtisTal'I'esusdxceWife
of Bathi's P1 tju"s hosfit htit imtxts
havcesiten stritchn tfter thes fpoms.
Ihelecsttrernasituol show sdby a isitosr-
uscal reericto hle Desripiotsnilfthe
Squoire initie Psolougie i that ue Pro-
gic matxohtelueetiwritten istr ttant
133; andtat i Chace'sucincepionaiof
thst CatiterbiurTal tesittaivdtte frt his
resssitsnceintorInitcixbich hbegntini
05010 ffhi . SOC'I'Y PROGRAM
leet ing ouf Maisrh
Curreslt- vnts-XlcCttiip.
Deba te~ Resolved, that te [Jiitei
Stales governmxxet shosul preenltihe
e dstlui enm of Niagara's beuties for
icsistxnecal purlposes Aftinoaive, Scot,
Va WtXinkte; negative, TFinsly, Clark
Croitics reiot
I This meetinig is imipotanti, as at Iis
ime p1ces will le drawnxfnrte cup
debate -- -

The(sre isonesorhss usingof uil-
icetnsedl t ewordsiiesophmoe cmp
for tx-lip- yreipuKleenits toastster ofslu
tse freshmtiantchishoaso decampedu-ut
parts slitktowntndt llsouh sits sgci'ty esan-
nxot tiethhlt i.
Whlile5wilhuhrotostof i to-sir-cutting
lwsle still shutroadsub e ttsay moning;
Reezisli sou oopublas tout sh otysaftcr
onie o'coctobole ItotithiesSi'o vsibs
plice. X'Whliss los wensoushaust suly
sophooretouldgve tu trtseisys nf
col-egs' workhtosknsowandsouthI he will
gel basck utohc oenieoil thistbanuet is
asposibem sowIisIst(buy daoheticfbis iihi ts
It isupret'its-ene hip- blsielulsdIshbout
thir hbnque ts o rib eitsn gsb ofth isle
steels. 'Tesopihtomtoresoar(1m'intg an-
rsuuige-tieoo hforlihstrube hIt(lht ltie atd
te freshmens whiltheybis avouisosthinug
tosait on this mattet, stilt dispola y at sit
wtonitedlintereisst itIsair Ilaissoulddres
As onuie disgutsdchfreshmnuiesxprsed
himitself, "Were' itnfoshhueoise bosominbg
coedus, te sosisiotuldtnevse-rhkow oh
sur bhanqut. We5--eobessshsSeIof keixng
tlis thing sid'.
FTe storp is thatb solue yooug iLoch-
near sdesitlng saddhed o r shu i isloadusy's
eyes mltihertebite lsic hble saipproch-
i11g banqouuet:-, itsstrict confidenioc. lut
te uisnitulstsed heri serul tosorouority
sisters, aith thusoitoh s oshait"hybfriiesnu
buats afindisatushthushoritud' soothenda
friendl.andh Ispfriendstohe worldisi
madi."wai cxempifbitedoncu~e Io
Amiuog the s-aris scrowsonothusesetc
umeutiwanes warmait oh omorsesasec
busy salrandy wsih bxthe idnaing uof o
0og men.Ici t i sttuorecii o sWhtuis sills
sideretd goodt oirtythuat thes rsh
mieinttaveoteoahustmsb tes southio
pnuxets siceibtsyso tioshutsvisou-
ment Thieyhbegno booloive tsat lisp
muisst captuoreeey-mninstebloclacts
wchousot tilonsgce-thd
f Keena' s capureiands soul lumh'roo uint
)articulasr, thu-t he ws tt enbslhst een-
in1( wilic bording at Vpsiatsoiicre au
Pasckardane Satestesgsied con
sislertibe ceencoe. Noe f these sories
'lausdeehues t i iodup o une Oils'figig
bus taress.
If te frexishmesicrtot ging to ae
temir banqet l ntFridasy ight, they art-
putttigu p a goodi"bluttff," oand te sopi-
stisuses must acknowledgebtsbchoc Iact
Onie tagreeable feattre of the situatiotn
j5uisht nuo ar-coiing has trantsiredias
v et, althoughu big hiodies o oh uxomoiores
are pahtoling the steesl
As usual, Coach iMfcAliter suoed
is spiti or genealsh~buip iicbiog ao
ixudoor teaixby dlfeaItsi*sa sospeedy
bhitteiof youngsterso1a o 6,Cu_- lcdtus
hilt tuwntpichinugwhih sccountslute th
decisivesvitory Logigs nd il igsod
btuntst were prealentIwitih boths tems
the 'stquieze" shy buing Successfully
workeud many tnes
Sanger stppeared it he cage yesterdayu
fo hsn fiIst te in uer auwesk. --is
wsentlinto lte boxor hbaottngfprcice-
andshadthuhe new msenu borttscared adh
gitessitng at hiltstitch cuives ansd speedh
Thtere are onxy aboust thirty cndxiates
ou1 at hreset, tnearly all of whonm giv
promise of ndeeloping itoufsItsterial
Harviard's itchucomue durigthe past
seaxon Intum uontbal illvh appoximat
$6o,ooo. The total income from the in-
tecollegiate games at the stadium will
reach $ioo,ooo and uay go beyonxd that

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