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November 25, 1905 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1905-11-25

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The largest stock in
the City of exclusive
styles in Woolens for
Gentlemen wear. Of
high-class fabrics and
special style for stu-
Gw. H. Wild Co.
311 S. ytate St.
We have just received a fine
lot of mottoes handsomely
printed in colors and mounted
on glass. In additin there
are several water colors, Gibson
and Chrity heads and bits of
scenery, mounted with glass
front and passepartott edges.
Come in and see them.
25 and 75 CENTS
Sheehan & Co.
Students' Bookstore
Get Your Room
oh Phones. 224-226 S. State St

ITI- E MYICHiIGAN D A ILY.I of tiesefiles should return the papers

ns rd ss sed clas sate rci the Ass
Abhr Pstsffice.
Publishsed daily (Mndays escepted) dernis
ths college yar, ait 17ast Washigon
set. Bell phe 892~. Hes pheso76.
Managing Editor CLYDE L. DEW
Business Manager. WALTER R. ANS
Athltics..- -......ClancesoE Eldidgo
News- - --..........Leeis D. Sikey
Eselsesge-.... .Cianet E. Wisetad
Music..............A. H1. O tesyr
Woe ...........-Effie JArsroneg
legk Altos Fraki C. Park,
R. Clans O'Brien
Gierge A. Ohrs Harld C. Sih
J. Earl Ogle, Jr. George A. asnes,
Perrs N. Smith Frank J. Clark
lRsbert H. Clasy Hensry A. Mntgmery
D. . ISeesona Waltn Mtetam
CGen D Bradley Jesn F. Wre
Roey V. Lll Flyd H. Jenes
RATES:t$Be5t pee year, o Szoasi paid is
Address: WALTER R. ANS Business
Manager.286IS. 12th S~. Phone 849 L.
cc torToday -Waltereleteaun.
Nov. 25-Intter-department debate, Adl
phl vs. Jefferseniare society.
Nov. 25-Annu~al atqt Micligat
Almi Associaions of Deroi, Fel-
Ioncraft clth, Detroit.
Oberlint vs. Miligatn ottFCoryfiel.
No. 2;-Dr. S. 111. Zwetter at New-
erry hltll 7 p. It.
No. 26--D~r. Zweveter speaks to toe at
MM iila all, 6:30 . tll. Special
emsic by tatle qtte.
Ne. 25 (eveintg)--Thakgivig re
cess b Iegins.
Nov. 30-Chicago vs. Michig-enott Mar-
shall field, Chicago.
)tily otd ltttceot at Dyter ay
Mt 12:45 tttact.
Tiec last ftotball gateecott Ferry field
thiti yeatr twill ie played today. This is
tie last tcpportutiy ftrtmaty sttdets
to see t'- team n actiotn. Everyone
shouldtrnt out tt gie te tmettate n-
thuiatttticcovation t 11teir ltrewell ap-
pettae cott tiethe e gonttts.
Marvttte ntteent-. are perplexei whether
tt ctttte a Thtttnksgiitg ditter at
ho r te Chicagoe gatee. It was utt-
kittti tf tie S. I4 A. maagemenett to
tnceae tiperelexiy iy pttitegott
tne of thei r 1ttiers ith lis same sea-
Whitie it tas always bett the policy
.f Thec Daily to allow sttdetts and
othters to tse the iles of college papers
itt the Daily offce itt Rotote C, it sold
ie tttetoodthat atyoteetmakitgese

ats thtey fouttthiete. Of late soteepleo-
pie taebieett rathter careless intshlis
regttrd, bttweethitnk a tere mnetiote of
the matter shottld correct all "sins of
omtission" ittthe fututte..
The nearried mstcleb! May their
bteards grosw lottg attd their childrene be
as the stars of heaentt! This noble or-;
ganizatione has ottr heart-fell good will.
The steokers of today retoitedtoner of
the old ones ttf Hamlet, with Hamolet
left 0111.
Michigant six litters ? Eckersall fottr
A neneher of the Stats street neer-
citats have cotmplained of late of the
htabit of somee of tie stttentts wvho,
htottewartd bottteti medtownto twne, tolt
it 1up011thtettselves itl relieve thtese
sltres tof thesir sigtns. Theyvtdecltteethat
iklepttttatnia attd thttt somee of the st
tettts fintd it ttbsoltttely bteyonttthieir colt
trtol to keeplthleir itciitg fittgers off of
antythrin itt thte litte of a sigtt, frtott
stttttiplaeardstsoIlarttge, gilt-letteretd tf-
Dtte tf thte tmercitantts reteanrtedlthtat
lie tidt no1 tmitttiif smtall tinigs swere tale
ttrtttrittteti, btt thti it rettuiretd atstretcht
ttf htis tability tt appereciate itumo11r tht
wttsqitie bevttdetimie to see laly fttttill
thtt fact thtat scoll sttttetthttt ptilferedi
tis store sigtt it ortier to atitrntthie wttlls
ttf tiertotote. IDutrtitg tire lest tteekca
nuett re of sttchtdetpretdatittts ihave ttakett
place, wttnrdttg tip wtiethte tisaippear-
attce of a lttrge signt owntetd by R. E.
Jttlly. Nttrartlly, thte tisiteteser of
itutchtes ittstrotleati his gttttd ihtutor
ttncresdc by titis tccuttrnrce.,tttti it
hats offered tt rewttrtiofttf etndollttrs tor
tile tascertainnet otf thte tnditvidultrti th
tile itciitg intgers. Mir. Jttlly tttakes
tis offer, 1111ot ectlselhe letves tis signe
motre, butibiectttte itslot-es thte sigte-
tetltitte less.
Stricttortders hte- eencttgivent by tilt
Yttle coachtes ltat to play-er shtottltiittr-
tile wile altteloppoent sto11111wtiting tt
tackle. Thle decree seas called fttrtht iy
Ite senlsatioteal lep tof Qurarterbtack
IHuttchtinsott, wvho jutmpted ive feet itt
Saitrdtay's gatmte, elttdintg tile Prittcetott
ettts. 'If Cata~t~in Coottey ha~d tckletd
Hutcinosotn httrtduitnttheat lettp,"sttitd
ttott Macit, thte Yale traineer, lee teight
lease itrokett Hutciitsoirs ceck."
It is said tht George Ade, thse ettt-
oitest, itmselif aPtrdueetmant, witttessed
tie Chticagtt-Illintots gatte. He sat na
aCictago teat wo tlted tmidwtty ttttil
Ate ielley sot sore.
"I'llbert you," he said, terneiteg to ite
Chitago advtcate, that Chicago wostI
teal Micignsate y t- itte intthie teet ft-c

TICMiRE C Itii liiiS5AT
OtlDS StITB is N'SCiiEiS
Cotnsiteleil l-feir.L ittstd eeotpte
beslteenthie seter icturiee cmttttitees
ttntd Phroograprenett setler, It htts
beer thie ctstomt it in t:' psl orteec
class to tlace its elntrs.ct wit i ngtie
phiotographter, ill retutrn for whichtiett
class gels its big framte'd Ipitrec free,
also free prints for tr Miciigareelsiart
anti free sittings fttrtll ttemercs tf te
class wtether they orterary pitres
or not.
Thist year M. Rettschler les trokete
in1o ties ield indepedentvatd orgat-
iced it syste of sttlicitatiottttnter Eet-
est Hallirda, a snort las, givig a bte-
lee rate tanse itwottldigie to lie
classes, andtr tyintg to secure patroage
frone all the departmenst.its is, of
course,tot ibottttdto futrtise tmottnted
pictures fr ties class on free sittings ftr
the satee.
R. C. SrCMillarr. cttirtmatn tf te ltw
commtttete,mnethlie folotitg stie
mettlatst ightt: -We cotsite tis
tctiotn tf Renteshler tttfairtio1tie cits
tatttito iis cmettleitttrs. wre thave-
aartdtetd ottr ctra-ct Itto ttandal ttttd
tieIs ithlave gisell teirs to Alexttndee.
antdtittoes't semltrigte for Rettshtere
to invattde teirontraetcts. Etttttlliitttt
Alexatttdeccan ttny tffortetotgistbi
ttoctntet icittes to teelasses lecsts
thtey get liewhttte cttss. We wttcttd't
tat-c any cltss pitet tee ettsrit
le's systemetatttd atnyonte twhtttclttt
affordto 11get -t tdttettpicitres tkec
wottdtbeiceptcitt o th ie csitur
andttth ie ?stceicgtrertitt. I sppotseitt
sill wtekou1ttt thosccee s-iotcgetthir
pictltture ttai enb Retche otttr gel
intothtelcslass Iicue unllcess teyttmake
. iD. Etgle, ttticldcittir tttcttt-
tressetimitsef intthelic e ettr it: "We
htatvettt' cest cteaare or cntraect yet. uttt
stttter tie cirumtano ces I tdott see hl
oco mmitttlee cn ivt-cit tocenettsclie.
ErtmatC. Whtite, cittan ofthe rslit
erary cmttrlee, sets idigantorttelc
matttter. VtWc gttvetll lie plctt tcgetttite
a ftit showc tntdlwe rdon'ct I csde tatc
cs- httte rscesitetfirtctietetro mecc
Rentsclter. 1Tihsope tt Iall te setior,
will iave their pitres 11 le t thlie
ctts phostogrphers. Its -tttlyfirctitIt
Mr. Retschlierstti ottte subjet:
it ista bturitess Ipropsr~titionthtc-tltus.I
mttate this tlarrge t-s-ewsit St. Hi
tday ctnttlie takes te colecting off myet
httttts. I at-c grrees it all out1. lTere
tree ta lot of free sitings andttttreicie
110 cmtocey ill tat, atttthe lt piIctulrce
costs tt lot, anttlI igredncouldsctit nuck-
mtttrethis wtay. lerishing tebititicls'
pictttec tecars ta itostt us, a to lN~l
sell mtorectateseene or eigttof tettt
I anticipattetatthlie ttoesotlttprt b
taly mreetseit stme opostonr, intctt
tmtrtepiredtifirrtt. 'Te tw-hoteThinI
is purely andtctimpttlly.-at tttile-.-.tic -'
Watch, jewlry- adeys glass repiair
irng by skilled workmlen.
- HAIU's Jtrwrrv fvOrr. Mait St

Auto Girl


A Souvenir of the
Great Michigan-Wis-
consin Game; the finest
at the price offered on
State Street.
10c each
The Bookstore that's never Un-
List of Late PublIcations
Holt's D~iseases of Children
Osler Practice of Medicine.
Butler's Dtngnosis.
Williams' Obstetrices.
Bryant's Operative Surgery.
Sahli's iaignosis.
Nancrede's Principles of Sur-
Oppenhseim's Nervous Diseases.
Lippincot's Medical Diction-
ary1 1905.
Cunningham's Anatomy, 1905.
Gray's Anatomy, 1905.
Rockwell's Dissectors Guide.
Evans' Crown & Bridge,7th ed.
Johnson's Principles ani Prac-
tice of Filling Teeth.
Black's Dental Anatomy.
Burchard's Dental Pathology
and Therapeutics.
C. E. Barthell
326 5. STATE ST.

it is reported teat tire Chricago teart Retrtsclrelee offers
slopped talking. adtv. crc cage 4.


See cI-l

Announcement of the
Students' Lecture Association
1905 tFifty-second Season 1906
Jerome K. Jerome
Chas. Battell Loomis - Dec. 1
Jacob A. Rils - - Jan. 16
F. Hopknson Smith= _ ___
Lorndo Taft = _ = Jan. ai
Frederick Warde - . Mar. 12
Pres. Alderman r iar. _--
SOUSA'S BAND - Mar. 30
Leland T. Powers - May 2
Oratorical Contest
Open Number___
Tickets for the Euntire Coturse - $2.00
May be otined at S. L. A. Office oirons Student Selleen
Seats reserved-50 Cenits Extra-at S. L. A. Box
Office, Main Corridor, University Hll, beginning October 30
SINGLE ADMISSIONS $1.00 S. L. A. Phone 52
Office Hourst 4-6 Daily (Saturday exceptec

On Sunday, more Stationery is used in Ann Arbor. then on any
week day. On Saturday, therefore, we sell a greet deai of it. We hae
every style in common use, and some very uncommon, distinctive styles
as well. We sell good Box Stationery from 11 to 35 cents, of the well
known *'Autocrat Linen" and- Pitanffi1 Linen" Standards. W e sell de-
pertinent pasper and writing tablets and envelopes.
is here for every Sorority snd Fraterinity in the University at prices
varying from lit cents for one color, to '11 cents for crests beautiftully
illuminated in color.
Buy Yours TODAY so that you wilt not riun short tomorrow
At the Co-Op.

Men who Shave
run big risks in using any--
thing but the best shaving
soap. That's the popular
$1.00 to $1.50
Fstiy 6G-san,.atoced
OD i ret,lirIttetiaresire 1c-osstmartse
foe thre moey. Ptinewtcreain
J. L. Chapman, 206 5. Main St.
Capital. $550,0 Srplus and Profito, $65,001
Dues aGeneraletBankitng Business and Pay
3 per cent iterestsus Time and Savings
Deposits. Saetsy Deposit Buses Is rent
Ias $:.00 and upwards
H. KnmPe, Pines. Wt. C. STEenes, Vices-Pes
P. H. HEsSER. Cash. H. A. WILLaIASssst
\!Lc1ui"AN CENT'~l
'a '~nrr ad 0t Chitago Buffalo Bosto New York
Through Trains East-8.18a.im., 2.ds p. m,
is)5 p. im., 9.30p. te 111 50p. m
Locals East-.05i am., *11.10 am., *4.f5 pItt.
e8.3i p.m
Through Trains west-Iot7a m~,,7.50 a.m.
9.18a. im., 2./l3lp. rs1020p. m.
Locals Wet-t24. m.,a828 a in., 01.601p
mn., *61tsp, .
Consections at Chicago lee tLest,
Kcansas City end te West.
W. W. CASE, Agent, Ann Arbor


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