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October 14, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-10-14

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1h o o N ab o



No. 19..


Our special line
I of foreign and
domestic fabrics
For the Fall and Wi nter ei-Ir900 has
arrived and is arri ~gel for inspec-
tion. The sain---scarefusl attention
is given to the styles anal finish of
every suit, whether to he used for
husilness purposes or for fall dress

'VARSITY MUST BRACE 1P, tooks her cue froos his, The signials
i ir- lttiteas slowly. Osly ftwire. hlow-
Case Staores'Again st Us Again-Stat e e 'rill Ctase ssstka isr he r da ld 1(
24 ta 0-Michigan Men Play llo, 'ri' Itetie tios' tess 11l -~ta'herby'
madettI his longintesls. Eve-ry otlier tfsme
a Slsw Gamue. ti-i 0011'ere l eito;) pull1.
- A reislter \Vftsoss w a lIosssatit
We iak,'hi-s jia-istiv otl s E}, otanla tie
llllrtrlbrlh, 1111 atof the' siossiot ss of-
{'ioa(iith1.e saidto to l uts- .. ihie'play canibes to'trfious-ilto tsiln.
itpre fter the 'snettle:' 1-ea risNvaere ioate alroiigli him, isit
has-vii-nlyti sl its' -s-t i tsoi ii-- lleil-ised at just (Tie isronu sime. 'tie
1tays-ti tlu:;eiii tol ow.iis a iiilall playeud avsr-vordinary sort[
t'hey ivrs-io 'iis iss-s nin is-i vs sosl. 'isly sire-"stise11ss eitssul
aint aslows il'-lihe" o'ii' .i i iitheilltoterteril le, so slsow that the(y
'thens, lis.tere \\-d t a it ulls,as 'ssitliiiavesr syvish isisat-
slolA ol l o ll1 .. I ((01tI er-. :1It 1"ile Whsitse otayid it s


tiains (Mlt t list-if ItIti.l )1 t a uoitoro- sii' ii ils v4 iss
G I D C le. 0 55 ttitllhissille lisn t tiits a iiine adliii tiyo excrelle-t work 1a11Iic
6.H" W D Oil;; ansswithi Wale fortieingu" lufealstse. Mllortosdsnotsulfilx1Uee-
so8 E. Washington St. ]]is - is to in-iiii (stilhlestall wus a sitas
a-.- s 5 5 5 i' 'I I' i' 'i . cioltaillsn11515a10sti -a s it 0 is beenli ill
5Th -i a -s ca11111 111 i iiii'li W'ili.11 i' etesisi'lilsid
T~~IAIP .. l ila ii' ossi'. hii'itilt'ii sthanss li
ATi talii nd it Las ii l Dsiitiisiiit1s 0 iin ha 115eitiiiV titr Wtieitic tassed
ALL Iplaye5.1 ai itd 'O(liii liii tIlie Isi litfor 2s yard'st. I ''oiillit1
PRICES 1 ot I li vry inch t f 01 1liii uil ilies tilg hiititais. tist gittbhy 11111
FOR ,t so~nld 555 5\\-(ire cr sed . 1 i' I i i' 'ii s-iebl'-tytilla
YOUR ROO M UOR!THE flYM Iiiinl ersiwelltpeised'i'ilt i li' sl ad asl'lit'rattyer i'i t
t ;t laok t ii' aoipiinetl ralitfe-ol uiii,,-
Wilder's Pharmacy dowe t iil. 1111is. iiiitiis'iit ed ell' l
3:. .Stale 5t. 1 50'S l cellitlo Si-'t iil foi th i rd s'llli'll loi 115.
_______________________________________ miar illsu esi'i ioii in it liii liihe Iayis- 'il ii 111111 ' li i s "..0111111;s ' ill l the
Ea V R T IG~ splendid line of llooiil alill s'1111 'ii'tii'i 1i inatuie iiiiltiiit aivilialO, 1<t 11 i iittt -t
PIE ,CIGARS aiid TO- 'l'iie'flrst Itime it w1111a5 droiicl ii Ii 1 11 i stui'oi ii't11111("11 i' hue iisiao lspeiI i
NEW BACCO-even the stare tir ;v-yardt lini' 'hat i 'edmgtu lrcin l.ili lydfil
itselt is new. W~ie ilave remodeled the vv iteli'itllt'i isli, bull has it1lits layiof a tiriy
plate and invite all ourfiends to call i sy-a r lviio I laolont 11111, liy 'oiillisill asiht tls li'tlltt'a 111
and inspect what we have. You cantt hou lilluit touc'imuliIo I i e b agdi aiitg losti ul11s1 hiiii. tINletolered lii
best our LUNCH ES. t-tt'Ii. sororti'ioil irs lii-to tall onii iiithint.ihe ('hance110
It. E. JOLLY, 308 5, State St. ga, t erDor;1tgnn yalliouys site. stiliw' didi ii 1 rllsiil ini
________________________________________ Sl1111 111nd'a filurie'ii'o lii' ilt is Ailtli' iiaivry lilly. tilt still toot
_______________i_________ ju___ 51 st l it. -a10 hut 111 1 ilithat it iiiitti litii itt111111tols it ui'iiaealof iiiitll
HISTOLOGY and I s-hoit sit.dtwe a llo i-v til- 1-byts aiit v bals fair ol - 1 iiito l ''-
BACTERIOLOGY ihiasow ''n. '-ll'. vi , 1tot l ts' '11'1 tit.'usi bt uh
t isis isi s 5'a" ilsie 'Ib'lli cu lw+ass o usit
-: ilar ssthis'Mititi":siiiiendi ofsitI it sicoi-31 y r s o -_*llt. a dt iis' list
SUPPLIES, t',I'e t han 11 he1ha 1' sibs ' l't' 2) itlsli iiti')'slIE' li(,' is yis (is fi i ' It olh
DISSECTING INST'S , 'll(,-hisost to-sli rad iC ioriih1.ias il.te idisnstisatkisbito llas'. Wi-i-is s'issstssu
Ais ghg GOODS hs--itumm iii'. l o this--seisis' reiwusi' Isu sisliii1prle
DENTA1L G O S i I .:!v 'ilhil i'i\'11 li t liiliihipa' i st o ' ii t his issll( s~'suhsbmt w" s ,4sio o is ;111s
Ilei iiioe. Tii iiemiiip and s mit iip' undemhi nt al I muss ibis an tlea
can illi be had of heat siual- ti(s's' iiits tO m'b i'ga tlts' i'i'wm'r's'tiuu'si-a sl tvils ii ii lbs si ofsithslm' 5'rio'y
ity anid satlowest prices -...-.- fore-(,mttm'mm.andiitibi'oshutshls-- 111111 ' thismi si at- mutt'. --tl Mlis- Is
batss uhsmmis' a -it i hed im'iia'i's hily 1fu '"-iiaiid fr li i-alit. 11 yars ei l(hi -li,
Ayea(is wialssthisestmt h isindlpt t it d IfImlk oi;mesi111lim11tlishe bum'pmmulcautedu
Q TiURi in t I metw i tmuum'hdsms ow ii s mm i s t lf' ouuse ''mh I iss's, ielerI'hiii' isa'spedidih
C~-~tSD"sG so iliii hellss' tilaol' l (iite' iiisliil '0ms'' ai' liildineruslost v s ul
COR. STAE Si. and N. UNIVERSITY AVE. lba '-'iiis i r.'heisi tih li h miitha issit o- lii iissh ajl-'. ti7il
mm'ieb-ne'a, hsurtailssi '1110hb sencme5 'of Is 'hs's is5mue i t'mssme i 's
Qiussrry, is-list1 siwls fur smsilesyeaiisthei -ir -stlo set4,f hum'fisthalf sitd thus' isitilt
B O Sald ,ticehs halEledte ta~l o-pi~dissstomubesiall ssorthy Ssuacessor. Sis
s1'jimhs'liltil'1-, lhlsoa11,(> tSlihii'siash- essrunn si s-its lie tuith ahs so lvouia're-
151 h hecG'f+Oll ihilhf. 0tetlsih('by flimt I 't shit'subIi'e'lis t i e hs'o~lt h~ht50
1 ai. il)haor'tlimo lati e sandsit.I s-bee sl'c - s mi-I s-s as fiislsi It t 'li
A LI WE ASKIIS A TRIAL amisi iivliiivF was suie isil 1- tha iia- fa ii i llhst elh
Students will find either of our the-rse slas In iss, hushsilstizdsuposseveistr ger'oidefshieistfluasloeseia's, ilier
'stores, Headquarters for Law 0ssPTtiiietsail shisys isitl"1timi ee 1150 tue sseeeeaheit wuoodsrah. Sseehey
and NMedical Books, and all Uhi-iii ofit. Thisi hsey dtois'she' Iiigsss hkickedl'lt o-hassd hssBuc eha=lfnt vs
Text Books. fosundit shse islic ouit seof ldaniier sot niotsee'sile in tse shu'fu'se hsto0
rersTexy Bok.fm-aims wsit1iissise 5-yardein iue. 'he isckale'-'autt-xt it ilso nisteulsto'hiscol
We offer some second - Ihand hhubloedh !tnsuthasea'sisissaslstsop"theispteh il0 esoiss isest
hooks at Low Prices.balssthellhs ifbielty. This h tfis' llfaing;soaissit. hta'vle, is-Io followiiedhiisu
A FEW' PRICES. Shawss'for thus'scondsatmhums'deisushi' tshs s a10 ht sliowsin gettin~g ott'his t'ss
Wl.hite mWrting Paper 15 and 20c per lb is-hit-msCist loineshacsisal tir husit is-a-si idsnsm' ickhts'haeseeltiton 551stilr
Linen Writing Paper 20 and 250 f he: - -ekike, 1 n0te.-h .entdne *i'buke--ar ad 115el
IReam (250) -.............25c ~hm 11 i ~-l ' sti-osig udifesivse gone.
Box of Envelopes (20)..... 25( lihe lsae'teft si t111 i- iss(thi' ha lf Ma'Giissie is isate a
110 Cards engraving and plate - - $1.25 itrsaedtiulI-thla-ly four Is hunt.se. oi lie asi stilsill t:ss 25-yalneh'his
Best Student's Note Book..20c iilll';o thhllsenWilsonssoauldtat vil ve ilgh kiss goa soh 5 tsy 3Weer5ttsihes
Firstsclass Fountain P n.....$100 lhhht afIlt l 00 1m. b <>rig-u s e i lIC'i. 'isttt saessts su
We sell drafting instruments ad antdst lehy, kill-'s Muot'ke-i, h'stietraisMihto lsheeikroftshbft
supplies at Special-prices. fslivoii.Pt-ka1551~ lthstous'1h tis'rs n t11+siE-o Isaresealfue ifield.
Sweaters and Athletic Goods. faihhs on ,it.s hieteh C Ohlld uiIt ta-h o m Wts heusslreiot cied fohrsa tsui
Before Buying Your Needs Try LUs. AnhInS 'heldt lilhnkik d W- isi okging s i f thjlsc ar
7h oCaise -it's101 no itIhess a ofk physialvanissue, s1gilt ;ootbaltliilk -ase
RnnsBo ksInre s o4)dtion, and oftenfinsa 5i05 talush o- -xehes s.of isuolls cdv lntageh
Up Town Down Town aut fo lard-up phayers. 'hss ten lelcY bing i tt Mti hi an, hro nghtt sthes th
STATE ST.' OPP. COUR T HOUSE - a o heay the ganin, aMchtgan scores:

y Special Telegranms to the U. f M.
+.1....... ............ *1'++
Chicago 6 Minnesot 6 ++
Iowa 47 Simpson 0
Nore Dame 63 South Bed 110 +
"Purdue 28 e Pauw 5+
Norhwesern 12 Indiana 0 +
Alion 12 Oliet 0 +1
-Pri colon 5 Annapolis 0 +z
Cornell 16 Wash & Jeff. 5 +:
Harard 24 Colmia. 0 +
Carlisle 16 Viriia 2:1
U.of Pa. 12 Brown 0:1:
'tr Presidential Candidates -'01
Yeisleriy smorningithe liii' aCto sshs
wuumulhssr~oof leeisg clalss othessos
ue11hm' mi-us sstltissss hldt s3 s-
elm. Co, liii' uiioiiatioiss sly sies's
niade t lhis timei'n510realt eiihtusisiu
ess mruems-l. Tse office of tpvesiaet
eouaii aitus e umsost msen,tesre eing
'-our iiriui ~tt sumsmahi- fos' hilt -
ice'. I 5 tattmi'ig tpesnsssse
11 mliii'foI tie ils-icebus-s iisgsa:
h'e-ieist-uAt.It. I. Carmody.J.1.Ct
hier . I-. Smisi. hD. L. ttoss'u.
h-rot xshe'lmsuu- . h.arkle'thy,
ils's WI tssssI oust It. 3. t'uu'tmht.
Sei'i-sssl'=-'. 1. (Chssncm.
Trasre-. hi.Millter.
I'cuuiat-:si e t. Vi'. \ilsibi' i. 's
'02 Laws Nominate Officers.
'hiss'JuniorL ril-is-uetyies'ahsiy
mrigat 55t mi 'i-i. Th'icipaiiiio
1 jecfist' lltsinthuelii'mee-tigiwsl'tol
no inate ieNiona15il chelss oicerli'. ssni'
bosd til. mine' ori Itwu iltim-' ii(tate
c'smissi' l fr -omllos's'sstiolusu. C eoshu-
lull mash irss i t osing eacht' u mut suu-
it 111 i'.ls-uat tle tiihii'abtilvaa
(-)Ilii tmutfiuar'IIiv l 1)'es tmsoiutiois
S'seury '}---. h. Ilss.
'h'a-sssure-. Wi. Lahats, .: tFriid.
Miembiuie Os'loealiBhosar-B. Ale-
assite.(G. Otsisge.
Atheticba'snlgr-J. C. Kniught, WI.
A. teisustssw.
(Case. ihiga.
Ps-herksu .... te.. .hedds, rook-
Ctssrhesvsi'setu A....hf .... WVhit
Fisslur ... .. g...... Blrlasusilu
Ladile ........... c.......... Wil1svn
Wisiderltvh ......r.f....-Marhs, Begg
33'stsshiy . i-c - . .5i55.8n ltrqsloat
Cnthosiny .........c'. .Ma'Oilsus.Slane
Sely, ea in......hi. .W3eher. teddutee
Osborisne .. s-li-h.....Woodhard,
Iitsuoiusa-h.Ein-ig ..-f... . -iSseley ege
ttUliire ands refoeee---J. C. Kighu,
Prineaetin;C. Wrest etetian; Lisnes-
muan-Lskstc(e) lse.ffee (i). Tisusi-
%tronig (e;.:Fitzgeratld (in). Touch-.
di nws-Weber Marhs,'Bogge,. Peterk,
Begts. -olo ifronm thoneidown-Wber
(2,Snowv, 'sharne. Hsrrnsten. Time
OfY hthies-0 ntes.


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