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October 05, 1900 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-10-05

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o ~~ ~ ~ ~ 'arsty Gets Hard Practice. S o s g i~
___________________________________De~spjti teiriiiweather yeok-nity a~d
Pubised Daiy (MottO se -ispied) 0 c it Sc i iticxmthe sitfotbl menetH tlisttS ' /a a ari
THE5UIVESIeTY MIHGA ootoal pr1u, epecially during te 1i) surprise you, and the prices that
MAIN OFFICE Ba~vcs olifir 0siltallti e rile ly, isgatifying aemkn hmg ilsrrs
otS'Phones 3. cNec Stt'P0 lIi' tttyou fessmtill remaking t gwill suprise
_________________________________iiIo rctived his high school tanitiengsil oe I il e1o
MAAIdeDTR iii" .ein)teit~tr, coptoain of tie'97 ale for you to e surprisedlDrop
. IIH. -iSS,05 'mt iiy loielcill ioi, att Irontwod, in today and try it
BUSINESS MANAGER itt:asmitiwoo Itktoinute squadtbustit ifiw ~,.GLASS'S SHOE STORE,
* ilt,1an'o1, d ys sitce s o-ioetilu) itt sldttil 0 S ,M i tet
C. Esssittic, 0i~ firti.-ie15 i shi ritter of io 1 9S. ai Sret
EDITORS:t titliy, is was shlownsn one oictsiiti. Open evenings until ANN ARBOR, MICH.
ATHLETICS - G. . Heise, ci E. Williamtis-a cinior lit, hbut new o the 8 P I.
A. . M~coti. c 5. t. 1. ctioc'c iaiesioswed tat his rilt of it ctple
A. . M~o~,Aii.,Ur . . A KN~n', t L. it-ayss -ioc arotudthle enil for aw tiCo Ik
Sfesie i-itL, K.SA5o'3 Siit.DOocic'ci o o i lssit ii te tiscictiiiupoit ii-
ti l . H. Soocoiiwi,104 ctso.TihtIte en, oit strong ott
ti outisi ' i it eth rmiitnuditer-uts
________________________ def___ cerse, ihichtis qit -ais-ctc ttit iii to tell you or's are The Best.
-- The subscripiiiniipriic iie oftD.mis$2.50 ii ttie srcitic, lihe itost of tiemt. Your eyes will convince you that
for- ihic otS-cc ,i-ceithtSa.iregoula teivery cc y lisssir bii it-tcr ssit sc' s ral ilw do not exaggerate. See our
becricc eaiiccii dcc -Notice"c -ititiutitca liihue Still Itlie ' tsii i -t ic ht iitiJiir-lie o
iondotihi ~ e mtct-iitutee fiii ac a-y\' 1 Stroll n
Ii o imusicitice iciiied iniatithic ILofitt c e tt O s ciii ndutu e. Sciasi- i di id Nwlitt tiilieg
bfor 8p. he,-uidairtail ulutoiiot-t~ii
p. cm. of e du ueuuu o ctcoisiI il edt iit'hts fii-liii itod hetiFALL SITS AND OVERCOATS.
ty are estict-irtoiiappear. tel ries' dii tl u t si-i-l livir fora tlt
Stihiciptitoni maceScli-ti t tie DttY Oue, its it
Matesico luoe Slo s cie sttl oc wthc itstt tlsKlittiio-ls Every garment we show you is
favor byiepor intg prsompty at this offic n or003 norii ntii i iiitwill b Sled idiitiinew. Gym. and Laoratory Suits,
fiaiueeofcai o deiOliv-e ppe.
All caltcs in adviiertisin tis ttiic ciin-ilte tit wieif s tir Pisnisttt t ippro( tcois Sweaters, Golf Pants, etc.
thec office by 3p. iii.suthiSettay pviest tiit 1113 1 hu lie tliii-Stretigt lt'he 991ti ii
oiliwh-ichithey arecto tappeatrc.lo s ic-icti.iswill be - -citiib ttit isSiiit Q AEB EHATTERS
tislute isii rol imtt itu clr fls A1D 211iStit
Totetig heslt-tnneli tiismieetig ~I liptt iiia stiff trsic-i'sfSittl. badfor ~ ~ l~ N 1 ot
lt-eitreti.tof tltil inte n fi itit'-sootittSieii ilts'ie-,ittab tiliyt i& Q_,.,~~ W U R H FURNISHERS Main St.
- ity siill bei Sitlul itt lie g~ittiuil. k-e l iiihim fritmtsoriatig- st d il tisiid
tas i ryyeriotsidele-ittiei,- i-ct-t Iins T E S TA
h aic ~ily sisitecst icvrgt- s-r tdentot her ld ply -si s-yilt ti
nil<i iv:Zij: jrlaaside is work agtutintis yeair.awddthey will play iaTsE T E A R ,
ietscCgive siltaa feswouts of is tme DEAN f*T.SEABOLT, Lessee r alN f MI.
iiiIhis itpoitantfgatteing. Atllt-itcs A i dss~sriratS-, i Is
it tu-t'tsity ndthelltreis lno11o011, no miore -thawitt 5ieirtlt-.AnntiAbor M1- FIR. F. C. WHIT 'NEY presents
wyitit the-istitutiontihcliin--ttaffordi to Wadham, Ryan & Reule are sole .JO n. L ei eru
bsitieito- tinlltiiii-asioit. Thuin31- agents for Ypsilanti underwear. nsn S Ulb l~kdt h el.k\AN, HE-C LA FWSIGO IE
ahtityouiifta -tititelttIttd1ictSigt "T H E CIPH R _-n1 C O D E"
thailticru itseaniti' un s inititiii-c
-Student Forger in Custody. (Asutor uf "Tle Hon. Jotn Grisy,' "El Cpuitan," "Hertese,"uc)c
AT m'i~Presented by a Brilliant Company, including
Itlictl"daSow,' "te Sagittaw stulet ~ . 1 Emmett C. Kin, Frank Mordaunt. J. M. Colviville, George C. Staley, Harry
wh-io wa arresied for tile forgey of 8. rA. keS St. Maur, Geo. . Parker, Cecil Magnus, George Murray, [leanor Barry.
o $175c.heck ptssed on the Sate Sa--SAU DA I Kate Vandenhoff, Mabel Aylward, Katherine Erie and Caroline Keeler.
Officer Peterson itthe Cook; house. EWS
Hll as Senthlure ever shlce ouday Prices $.50, i$1.00, 78 and SOc Seats n1o o sale.
moninlg tand site officer occupties the-- __---_ ---
scume 110,11uand aut ll s vtlo iiiiui
Whin-t hecauro-t wass iiade 5te young
tuttnt wtanted o Settliethe l'mtutter ttp __R OY S
wsifthiche aulk.As te tatter -usas per-R
fectly atgeeable het-wuas non coutfined THtE tLl) ELIAIILE STDIENTS HEADIQU IARTS
o te ,ja Ilie as atlosed to camhu- L c u e I L A DP R
ututucuts- ithi his ptuu'euts hopinigthat
thy oud orar tlt mne stl- Printed lectures for all depart-
icicuilt Suaire things. They' hitve mnts of the University. Type- REMOD)ELED, REFITTED, EVERYTHING NEW.
5ot lowutt py il~tiliulk Iwilbohiurtim lt writing and Mimeographing. BRUNSWICK BALKE COLLENDER TABLES
louger thinton tiuightit td MSteIteur- 'EDWARDS BROS. SWITH
--n If we do'therifron is peo- (over Se ua') state street TfHE ONLY U Gj S /{0 { f CIVED
pe, ite wrtisr wfill e oeturiflut EUN ~ J Il
te juttiec tandhut- will Save o sasnd Redmond, Kerr & CO., HIGH GRADE---
BANKERS, CgR, T/oo-,'C94TE
Pih~ii2Henry tihrs, LL.B.,' )i, f r1elu ret,2:New York IS o 4 o , C q4jlE
Chalestoi, IT. TV., -i-iso Itustiso f DAILY hULLTINSC-o01'ALL0 SPORTING EVENTSi
-ni lc o f 1deleigates,19.li rnac S eealuing bsc-tacs R I ND StCE58oR5 flOUTH
'ats 1tliith iru-s colourd tmauntReeive depouto obetto druft. Divdndu I A DTO NTATE
eer tppoltu-td to ub lulic- luiththin utndtiinternestcllececd td remitted Ae ccs y'NO D RSNTAE
te siuiofth r is stae." Fiscal Agen oand negoiate te nseof RSNHLR3 2 S RE
rairads, steret raiwayn, gas cmpanis, etc.
---Secrties oght and ucd on cosmisionc FI r N SANITARY PLUMBING,
Calndr.bcers New York Ecange Caendr.*IIEuTi titS TtisUC 'I'hN AND 4Sv'Pi-iS,
DlesiHihGaenvsmn eu-, EAie. Lis focurrentcofferings sntsft otappiS frTEAtAND t301 WATERt iloATING,
Satuuruay, (St.et-Kuilautuusso College lation. Piladlphia Kr CorrespondenceOr- 207 E. Washington Street. AissiC GAS AND Eiticu)Rc FXTURuiiS.
atRgeSs d FieOtld. NtI i
ii onda c7Po. l eatfiiUntatrian u 1 A nto TY A DFO TA5 HOSc AP
ins-torny l-ire -eof a'eami a Iie
Suniday, Oct. 7,s p. nit.-Prof. fBosK E NS Y N OO B L H E T H
-worth of Oberlin College itt(heUnthr- THlE LIOEMAN
ty Y It. CA tuh et, "Bible Sndy ALL S17-ES 218 . MAIN ST.
for ColeMgen'


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