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March 10, 1901 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1901-03-10

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UND)AY, MARCH 10, 1901. No. 121

..Our Special Line of....
Foreign and Domestic1
has arrived and is ar-
ranged for inspection].
We have the largest as-
sor, nent in the city,
6. H. WILD 'CO.k
io8 E. Washington St.
Help a Fellow Student
Salted Peanuts
Are roasted by a law student
who is working his way through
college. Every pound you buy
helps him. Received fresh
every day.
YOU KNOW where to get..
It. E. Jolly, 308 S. State Street.
Chocolate Chips
++. ....... .....4...4.
j 34 in. Coulaux blade,
{. belt guard, brown ::
* handle wound with
red cord, per pair... $3.00
*' White finished bell
w gard, pommel, 34 is.
* Solingen blade black 4
S handle wousd with
red eord, per pair... $2.00
t Fine quality wire 1
mskeclose mesh with
a and face guard.
+ per pair........... $3.00
evily padded with$12
Fa nlt ea h..... 12

Large Crowd in Attendance-Good
Woik Doe-Leiblee Wins the
Forty Yard Dash
Perhates the larget (crol that has
evers'tiraedout fol sn l inoorsliet
illed] the gycnnsnius last evening at
the regular 'varsity msee. Thee wer
fully .sli~l ipeple present.tntheii,. -
ilsissisue as 'sat lt'tots ntsdsisg
tse whlesi'sset. Thei'swosrk of thnesssss
wasfiis'tclasssandsipromsises swelil'or
the C'hicasgo, ie xt ss'lStuday.
'Iloughssis some tosstheolder sssiss r
ouit. Ithee a'r' many- to 1illtiri11(1plaes,
'The ees heisld 5its'ate'rnssoss
mere pr'iinarsiess's s''slig sssssis
niuli tiseig bou~st. is s ee 5slig
iatchs i avery 'stubotil ilght isIte
lig'tstss'ig1s5 lasisosistivi'-isSvaei'ands
Dousgassbrosugshtlforth'lsmin iy cheers
frthessaiudsienies'i. I lisiglas fitssly or--
cueitifalhal. aissiSsvasgieisfaults's, as
heiads oenes t he s poli isl' ault isltse
evening. Isltse'finial iof tes' issiise-
wesight class.Boluerisssesused't'olonsi-
sentive' falls fississt'iiks's. 'Ile e-
hibtionswithltsf'ill li ss ery'asd
l'igssei'sealsostoosk siwll 'ithi the insdi-
s'si',. I tise'AnisisAiliosrHighiSliol-
sisitrsisil Nos'ssa sla'.itesenoise
mat isonthes'Asiss -ios' teasmsfeslstdoiwn
andctseqenisst-theIsi'Ypsi. boiys iwsoi
esisli. Thie It903tits vsssfroti
19law sisandsithis'110lticossfioim
In tesevinsisg thesi tisisyli asisisi-
hati('i'5 isitsayedsoersresitsihue iss
tsrt,l ts- -estisismyssiisvein'sg their
"Whiske-y! Wausgh! Wausgh- yi'L. eisi-
isg isis s iths Ii '5iiigsii ''I'Ihe'is'owed
cheerieds'ilthemss andi respondedli-i by ssiw-
ing theIsisssy smensflothe tss\lis'itsiss
ysell esounsisis.e'I rangshesi f irlst svsns
-h ic iiso 55iiiiii ssest wssiseu-l
terie'd. for Liile.Ins t l tisiwieiiess'sto
hovi sa'sistr'igsle forfis i sst pace i lth
4i-vsrd dshe. 'tseprslimsinasie's'putl
Isitlir. Ilis. ailssiiasssiBliiss il
tse fisaltheast. Alttse' i-aiisofisthe
psist. 4liefourmen sisgutilt.ffstogeteri
and ikept prty s'ven5 Iso withistlsi
yardissifthiss, 1a15e. esn ssis tt pul's d
ahe it andwon5ytsrofssifromslm.
sits,julst siatsit slIlsiiisbylit fesiw
isisss. Ts,'tills,'riasi54:;-,s'', s is.
'ilsi' iigis t ti'brog'ht osill unc
ofi goods le, slliof siomssisslistovers'u
ft. tiill is lois u' sissison st ., t. '15ll
sassithenssilist5 ft. 11 i. 'lihe iis'rCwa,
list ipt tsI i'. 1 .isinbt Whiinssis
iii iiit doit. IsHissiork this yiris'.i
v'e'ry lsiissisisse. su toIsought is'
ssom' goodistjsssssis inwuenisisiteissoutoi ws
Ito-Matsonissi i'i he liiht-pu'sit with Is
"nosw beisigsecosnd withis t . 4 in.
sits c i'ig' tstslissg. st siuw is' e salit'oi
giate steshos er4s fetrwhn.t
Thess'tissxi cass rs'syIsis' wosnisi i(
1903t lt= itwsi defetedtthe 190i2 life i
vse',ry eciting iis. It 55a55nipfand
tuckisfromssslihe'very Stall. sutisthesi
pepls r e pt s'si' ufeing ai s lts wos
'woul inslly willis sit. Onts Is. lapit
Iatssiistire issp Vii'thest7 a lstisiall
outlt-e rss'e-fors'helsi0inii ts'fsst
f tlkerof sit52-;sri-and.
4Il-yardsclshsi-liii gttss, ILeile I;
Habra~s, 2 Ilsisa. t3. 'ie, 43-l5 srs.
40yardt stsurle-t'isalclest,'ies-
ril, 1t Tucker, 2 lBege, 3. Tine, 5335
40yasrdihigh lisrdle-Finsal 1stat.
-Rohinsios, 1; luelksa.2 Tuci'ser, 3.
Time, 5 4-5 sees.
OItgl jump~l-White, l; Thritt, 2.
(lark,-3. 'Height, 0 ft. i1 n.
440-yard run-Hayes, 1 i iiei snte i ,
2; Breitenbach, 3. Time, 42.0 sees.'


lile rsnil-Fisileigis. i: Sirsge sand REVISION WAS ADOPTED
tisNeat Vit for seconsdi. Height, 10
ctalf-misl-F'oster, 1t calve. 2; Mes, A New Constitution for the Athletic.
Tmer.:09 ti ms. Association Takes Effect
I milei-t'.ello gg, 11all. 2St ttsl, Apil
'lisse. 4.47 2-5 Sris.AplB
Sist'pt-Rotinssos. it Siow,'.2
Iincsst. 8Distancse tillft 1in: h'rievseisedt coistitutiossof 'Vie Cini-
Reslay-10lsits deti tilest 1til2S'ita iss ersity of ieligass Atletlecassoea.
iss fisnasl. Timse. 552-5 sris. is.ussilder te limitations of whislet
fte cpiswsill le gvess sore Ipower
"THE MAGISTRATE" tisssd thestleti boardestcentralized,. was
adpttediat s iseeting' of ssesssers yes-
terdasy sifterinin, There iron'about 200
Will Be Prcduced By The Conmedy msembiers presenst and wene the qes-
Club thus isisalput it iwass carriieiiwithotinsta
Thism foisirfstthe pro'utionsttssosf ilsi'It ill go iti effet on Apil f.
sisylthiatlssthe 'sivrs'ily ('ossedy 'lublNeil ihsnirimadeintrie sotioss for the
hasi'-s b entseasinsgfr hue pa lst filur snisladop ittionft eeisions. He msade us
ss's'i's,.sisidlyy rsssissg' nessr. The sort sirecs us its asslsese. He said
dat, wilenotdefliitey dcidd uonit ewouldsiAhi-fist tegood of the teamsn
syse. ilsiprs'l Iteabousty hels'ilt]]assassil''souldl otc'reste oies'tsastis-
sithliss iish. Thsisis -ssness'-tsfY thesi' sitilisisofsrsftyiniegad
earlir thn usalsntith 'sh hop sae." lHe ss isaid thatie osinly'sway
s'ssruis'rlifssmaissl.le icss'Oiilate 'sissonered atiolnsic'sn te hash ii the
ts' yerfis thli'eseeit stof s'si fthVls'boisrdnl of sirees sssistosredsete Vs
u'slsgs'orgsanitioss. anidiiiit ti'wsibe nste"r sissi te-isMihigsansseest sone
issessasry tssproucelustilue ist plysissy trss'e'hissvehamionisshipstesssss.
eal s possibinsh ordersistsr Iso htis. Thessrs sassiniisfurthsersc hsussiosn.
isr 'sss-s lit sit as'sonflicst osfsla'est lt'he nsJust-eeasdsijornmesnt-lScsretars
oprhus h y wil ncesariy Irent siss sot this'-Aunissocunitini,
have55t5 hesuiroducei s- ill]is's-sri.goferedsasesol'usstiolnsswihhis itendsie
Nu~t sisels. 'Istb s i s sll t'isotnstethliIine t ltiat1th his otiss of isisissgns'sofs
as I isill sis(Isuihts'siy istefre- ssitI'lii'esi'iIy ' Itsshhhi uisg'ged "A- I -'
thewok f hoe ho is t atedswea-strss. It 5555 sth e eelt hit it
bts it csannosttss'e hld iiithe55ma1age stasne ftl socainta
netHpstsat ti('sudit s lltisu'-slslinis tsersfter sususiss lthei sele-
ransg'e-thisis' timsoiststhliy isisus'lt1 iossof ithisser sntiletes'IsI'S"'s'' Int-I
Is-usl slushe'-cl b s-isslil(hertsup- ilsisssireahlseisisand sttishess'w soarl of
po his-hitidsises'ss. s ibeigu , e ls s's is'e es inclwti'i'pisi-
ofut' lediniiig ashdsisbsstown ii 'isisib'eu isris si'thur ssfice'sifthe-associsstinis
or5ganiatins.It wsusasrried Iuaimoshisius.
Republican Cb Electon Failed to Elect a Valedictorian
'liss'nsiu'('iitv teptuli-suc ubi-lsts hhis-lit law s stisl s hss sait
its is's'l I ig for te-eletionadt henscs ususot 'c , i itithus'el5i'iltl'uui
irstlltin f ther ystrd ym is fVas sish -51111 I'ihe u'co n s Isis'thes
hadsnotsaioisis st suhc i's- e rest ansu th hit155555 '5' fo 'ling s i tu-i-i ni isits-s
attsitants-vtais notIsilarg'Its lats-t :ulMsss-canlssndsulr
:A u it ssuuet so ith sis stiutls siIu us isi' sinhis'ss soevu.speveh l t5isisuis'i'
sl silis'si sisi eadhush follos :'s i s is el us ii's.-A ithsi eltust in sslfor
is'. 'Itus' usinyus i s it' rthis' ) 's-i's isi orit an's i l uibssse el usd. isIisi
iii usssi isuy theVii a.tul 'sshe exeutsive si.~ ae itei'ustaehtc
borr1 nlcl halb5-mpsd ,fth l umst iss i'ssil oneltis's iutsfoo'u,
u-lucesh.f istlius-"csiubsafishe xeuisichofs'psiio
comuritee, sall elct fir itsces his T h floiss g us Ill ni' hs-theuh. lero
'I' s us-i'-s.cisof ' st s's-u dIs ene is t t s,''ii ta''ithIsis lii'"ur u iig ess'
ohviteIs's siscuutwichsreqsilts' leditu usmusiwou. t':s-i h''
-ii u i ssy f sot li'us.t hisen e futhc s d llli. 7kis's s. 1
esutti-s i's s hes'esuithess hs' o 'sff l ''sice sit thus-o t i sselluser. .9
a-ar uisu. rsesilledsbya r l uor l 5cisro'ht-s iuss us'osus'sthis-Blan esis's'si
hiofss-huut si il sssssane tin ofii le I'suits essetas'th si ll's-Cls-is I u i ailt
suis'sito get a qi'rumsout.tSit Suise
oists' t-slito fcis'u'I- l sue' si m uin'oriVandal susntusu1
less fussndbideths' te'hs'i'is thi- epese'
tifsi h sllumtt' lii'ares ectssu'su'issg inthsI sTsirencssityIofshving some1155
isis-sutosi iiiutus tsgss5 ihiss usseesusi ',iekssti iiidutyisis tme itnthe uirsitysu
remedy iithese isis-ustislst iA hineinni msemssscmigsorseidn
wl-bheisntwo weekiuiiisit oeuo hisdy Atepsa tivn r
Theifollowinugs ths rustwereeecutedsudenVadlitiate stuae h
for he esu~ilsesui ingya:Irss- s.iiC. A lin ane -fr-h uroeo
sitsul551sssthus'of -ussussubel.; tsi's-p sflu,'steintis si'eests' sathdthisssi nuereos
u.S. sussl iii ofSalssssineAl es':seeis iiW lsith sit v lsusecollhueins is'tset
is-iliiC.his-lt us ississof'eisure, iisi'fill.buhildsci in'som ointihau stthityshosguar
thi'ueia-uunst.rsr.sisithy solraoIe'ee sllleuim. Tis sioeldsisie
ir hisg susl:seg s'shrt-Iia'lus's. . A. (arsrned',ivititsii fisml tuexpens, nf
Calislosf Ihrssitilies. tich"'-iand Csi. havsing this'ralsssugesnts-elsthereo
0T. '.Nortun.- f la'.tlsht r-r- alls time'shIusthiseasndoeetinisoithe
The'y p'rIe suni-elct aniseeir.ing fetureihightubesiadouediitoutheusesoui,
presidern.F . EScottssrey spondedlstitheisbetisrsill heook . This a otuesi ho'e
s-sll of "speeh," std both were greet- agitated but the difficulty has always
edi swits vociferous apluse. '[ic- hocu the fact that ters" was no oie
meiseting sudjournedi for two weeks. to ake charge of such an Interesting
ootk and that no andalism si-s cam-
(Speciali Telegram to Daily) nmittedtoi the same. The museum, with
Notre Dame, Ind., March 9. its lrge collections, is not appreciated
In triangular meet today score as it sold e, although the public
sstat Chicago, 41; Notre Dame, "41; are notw showig mres interest in it
Ihhlusosi, 26. . thans ever before.

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