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December 21, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-12-21

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l I .. . V T 1 lXT

V OL. X1.


I~Our special line
of foreign and
domestic fabrics
or the Fall and Winter of i900 has
arrived and is arranged for inspec-
tion. The same careful attention
is given to the styles and finish of
every suit, whether to he used for
business purposes or for full dress
6, H. WILD CO,
io8 E. Washington St.
FOR LADIES: Wane Crest Ware, h~andi
paintedtith goldstrimm:ings
FOR GENTLEMEN: Ebsny Tsilet Sets
FOR EVERYBODY: Lownev's Choco=
lates 1in bulk afan~:c pack-
WiI4r's Pbarmacy
Xmsboxes of 12 and up. X/
Ml for Student Rooms N
A ons Boosso tipretty bones A
PIPS .ndSokingArticies
S just radeive for Christ-S
Lt. E. Jolly, 308 S. State Street.
Tooth Powder

THE "ATHLETIC SITUATION" Michigan-Minnesota Debate
Will BeCnieeri ofeec f, Te s-elate with Minnuesota: will oc-
Be CnsieredBy onfeenc ~fcur 0n Jant. 11, the first Friday aifter
Faculty and Alumni Tonight.- the lholiuday vacaions. Ti:: debate will
Plan to Raise Michigan's ibe held ini University hllaid 1Gov.-
Athletic Standing Elect Blistwill tact as presidling
5 iiThitveing ne oI(f tittheomo t import- Thei:' iiettl tdelbastes srecogniiitg
_ itnt-onfeece-cs ithelhisory of Utti-Micigattis resitisisifo:- turn:iing-out
versify athlics will beshll. tradl sisitititas,:o irs' hardsit west.:siposs
ifog salumn:si, faicutly delegsatcs, untder- thelie stionst:ansd they expiect Ios:nake
f ts gautoesi tiloed is: minenstusi- Theli cogitllege of ft'eslorttiwill be
?eleresctilcwilliymettrtoeditcyte. theIties::
t etic sitationt.-.5: 10-has Jtii-iitsrrprsne 1 r lcnyeamm
not beensusccessfusl is:fotbalttlsi for two ir of 1:ist yeirs victorious tesmini :
5 yesars ? Wht arte: the cases for tail- the Slliniicsitsi-hIiwsi idete,:i. attil
stre? Where lies ste blaiti'? Whatt Mssors. Sestili' :a::Isanes, whtose work
mneasureo cast be ttaent to inssre tfuture ha:s btics': isinltite~ir-sovieiv-.
succes: Thtesei'ntuth iler qstsiosns re- Sipi':kinig of theicominsgsiebasie the
sain g to: or:11:1'Si:-s as'e iso hi'dis- I'l ii':ssititofM::iitasota Dily lissthe
ctussesi. All sides stiltlibeiepsens-sstedl.follow-ssis: to sysits-iur- proisipccts:
rTs' playcr, the ists-:c-or, lii'elbusinses "lici :iti odobttha1: tAisligant
msilags's- siltls-sach: :'resnt his pha~se otf sill ibe sablys -r'upreste'hinis:this 'earss
the q tuestiotn.sde'bate- mid s-llwith ' t 'et-iitanditu it's-
Ti:e'cotitesees-:atsscalls'slby almniliss-oac-in~g o ofi. Tritebloodi of
otit of the city, bec'u:se, int:heiir ope- Sii:-ma:'s despar-messst foratoriylies'
ions, Michiigsstthads tot mantast:iied as spicskcrs still Iii' sis st sropig c-se:-to
high si stasndinigis:itliletics hasitnoolier liii judigi'."
lilie's is: recetlye'ars. The coniterees
hasvc ot coors:'no usathotrity to take Football Captains For 1901
iatyaiction~ bitinitg outr athtorities. Bitt
fthcy still cas-efully- andsiftlly tlis-us Tie-elsio : it i llilgatis caiptsiin
ft'esitutations andiSrecotmm~ensuchs::i:poll- sotmpiletcosIthe lisi, if ml'liiihst-ill lceii
ti-et as thesy tiilststotrlut- lileti-l- (:-liei'fist ali tll 5:5:5 o I it -i' speivei
lueiesis. Eecaiuseofthe::-l::ai-aste- andil -::is-sforIisle ii- i5ist
iniflucei'of thise'who iwsill lit'prisenit tli-ilois testas phlsts y thIsi astiof
it is-sit" i saf st-" t lids-t-i-teil:silil::sl th liii'Isc' -llcou-;s to - 0'il." c:5115551
liuts siill in: lii i tuu::li'itssde-l b ie fiii Lo aisty lyitill. -.('iii iisstu'ii oo
0-ufrt' later on. si fut~r the ilos: if tsw --ases:1.
liTe attests still sssetisbis' 1 lt'hliar- Liii foilosisgs 5ai ospiii- list sit
list::'gymti ::l0standsiti-ll ass flrus::heinewscttsptisilso;isd tie coslges theysy
lis othii'ei lCampu~sss cilb,st-lie'II. C. rre:isenit:
I tymyaissistill s-i-its-dinnert . Allis lt-e oto-rn s --llaNinet-
lii'sinnerit'h-liico-nsfcrecet-isill ltbe s irasI tais01bite.
hldi. A hitigs- sinumblers-oif alumn:si 5 'isriuIsiicgless ls-it.
havesipeet-sinvi itediiiciusili .forerirsiss tlisterti-s .(t. E. Dietz.
thu fsissland lssfo tlliplaycrs. [lie lilisissisL l I. Iiligfrep.
. boardii sitContrl an hd ofter fatihy W'isssosi -lss hiliicI'illis-.
miembeliroslttilsiilciis ta s romsin~ent lisiletsotOl- llor 1 I Esiosvltli.
licalbsinsessmsisianisd aluni, siill lie I-its-Cly's-st'Willissis.
4prseti. Sitmstsof itisse who have itesi- I sssilssss WillissmiSisal-es.
sillily lpromsis-dsioItstiendilare: It. 1St. isitni- IsolisitOMiller.
lBllss, sc-ster( if the Chiicssgoitts--
niAssos-isslisislt is-siliSlililanisd Es't- I-st ,- Mlait:
('il:iils-l.iiisgsit (lili-sigo; Sc::- Stlt( -ists li-s Gousil.
siolts: urisi. Its-s. P. toutS sisdl Edw-itn l's ii lts 'taut1. 1l(!ll.
Denbylsi of Dto-ill;'ishad. ts'arslhsaitof lini ssitsil lDtsidii 5 sl tl.
fioli-do. Pti'iilstlivlli-h irt fthossel: -sirs tin- Plls lts ilChirgt's stllscis's'. i
iit-il siill ie- oi:lisbatd._

No 7 4
Ilifferest Departments Are Starting
S Museums of .Their Own Which
Alay Same Day Bevel! p Into
Goad Collettionb
Illis a foregone conclusion that some-
thinigtist lie one in the near future
ta relieve she crotsded conditions in lie
Unsiversity susoeuim. fhe large 'build-
log of the southwtest cocos-c of she cam-
pus is already iso small for the pur-
Twvo or thrceefdepartmnents have com-
sienced tWhat seems likoe the only prac-
tical solios: of this itpit seing prob-
The geological departsitrbelongs
intse -iemoseum bu~ilding, atid so dorise
exhlbils like s'he Chinese coile-ion, antI
others of si general eltatter. ju;§t as
lthe general library cotains all isooks
which sire gceneral in their chsaracier.
But just ao each deisarimenit needs she
libriarywis-htdealissvil lb tspecial
psrobleiss in close psoxianily Is its class-
oissi oes0:5it nesth ue mnseumsicollec-
lioss which illstsraiessits spsecisal line
sit svorla, close ;by 11s siudents, to come
itoisractical utse intshieir'clsssroosis.
'the dental anS lpharmsacy ldissirt-
scents atid too or three 'brsanchecs of - ie
smesdical deperlineni hsave startesiiu-
seus ofs ithisr a-sinand Stheir caller-
t siars vsishilt' adjutsis, slinsin s-

Has all the desirable' qual-
ities of the beat
p and g (t

ingredients found in so Unitarian Sorsg Servite
many. ~ 'it- ollox\u l is lugStericis-iis ts lie
." (( Q i\o I Iithe iiitiriti cs-is::s-u- stx
25c p-er B~ottle. itindsis lss sssissow-
S)< is .Slh~isss s is. lto it-sil...Duirs' u'
___________________ MISS__________ t illiusi ttsirid '511th ilsre o
I uhf- -hen,"IulWtialis 0isi
5 - "A -.01r.:l.si..'..t.......hisfIa.~ ox
+.1. Miss- isyuuiilo, Sic. Clotwsortliy.
Sirs. I lsstreils'r.
I + So~veni A ithiis, 'TliseeWere Shepherds
XA n 11Az\ rb0r .Stilts '()til y Nightt' - Adants
1 11tt'Ms. Iholfe'.
+ 4Clou,"tit h hrbchs!
+ 41 ist.ailists-ius75-'
+i coliit-bu ~siflihusriftneS'oslo, iItheard the
+ phto - engravilhgs j 'sssss it ofIlsrpers"-I~rowthsels
of College Build- + ily ('ily- - - --.Gaul
inugs ahnd places of Trelele-(1f tCtubsitndiSi. Ellis with
soprano t' il ulgsuls iiv Sits Farhtlitn.
interest in Ann Ar' Posthtdittsi-----........Wachs
+ bor. Attractive - -___ -
+ 5 silk cloth binding T'hie Jantittry bookitigs for the Athtets
of blue and eil- thleaire hilt fair to surpass those of
Ter anexcllet *December hn pohnt of excellence. They
veran ecellnt +are as followvs: "Sherlock Itolmes,"
thing to take home "Couritig sti Gree's" Otis-er Scoit's
I with youChristmnas. refined tmitnstrels, Willie Collier in
*"On the Quiet," Marguerite Sylta Op-
Sera Co. Its "Pritncess Chic" The! Burg.
omnaster," Lester Cotmic Opera Co.,
W A H R ' ," inegatns G all" anod s"Tle Limitedl
-------;- Me::u::It: ail"

'sihiiiuiis -W'. R. irisy.
Ionl iusuli'ilfiss .1 -10. Wrier'.
l.;fsys'htu-F. Mlts1us-su
I 'sllii ttis'aly Ptirce.
Ilrssusiss 0. It. liti'.
WecstinusitsdiimIF. Csas(
Atiushtiuis--Niil E"'. Niellosls.
is-hi gh-P. llsurs ilti.
.Iiti isuuthi.. '. O'Connorss.
'sluld-Coss-huts 0Vs'Lawlor'.
NotresDasih ls-hrf i- l'orfitt.
I hitttinti-ltits C. Furitscht.
Frcsianli-l'.I. Hasntley.
Wi'tteetricg-Sirs util:ler't.
RushlMeical's-I. E. Schwevn'deer't.
51::totet'-'lars'ttse Sishalits.
itislhattt-Guy Little.
Law Debate Last Night
'fTs'esld'ebate bestwsetnthis'to:lawsvoi-
eileties-00'ebster attd is ffessotiftati-
ocscsutt'edllitsitnight. Thss-fortmer soci-
ety wonuth te first isvo:pluaceestnd alter-
ntetastd fts'eitird pSlace'' wet tos:ths
Tefi'ereoti:t scie'ty.
''T'est's'isisiti:softs' jttdgsswa s
Flirst-A. B. Irvitne.
Se'cottd-(X. A. 0O1iniier.
't'htrd-L. Cole.
Alterttate-N. T. Boose.
'Tsttight will occur the debate he-
twsees thie Adelphti and Alpha Nu socie-
tlee. which twill also be hseld in Room
R of ite lhtw hsildine.

I uisliussii ualeItolieu'i lssroomiwsosri.
i'-s ii tt'no itime'hss - sgncerist
sdeparticut has placedin iithse gieneral
sinisu'isnusiaterial for-11itstsi.So Ifar
fromsi heliii css rooms, I;is ar>tssluauh
r'etrograded,'unt :sil it is nusts hutte moe
thispa suce fills'.
:! little cffort WtouSdco-'t a lot of
vailuabil-' imprciial inhi subLu % 'aidut5v'
or luree of those isuicresicol iti the sit'
15:511 ilet-si t lking tieiu stionsup ii
sussionsig li'ssl-cs. Aienusualsi'ila
nusune:~i is likely 10 be'Ihtelit tifind
i tirce i:in te udepuatsets.
'h'reu're'sciiaiiy legasl lsiutintiis
us-iis-s are shirs- initheIlic ilr-.' isiltl-
li,-,a'.duSotihi''eru111of-ts it'22tpla-s's.
huhndseilomlifi' vses'n.cull es '- vs-
(srte: I'o sf I hurtlnsushi flist'his asrs',te
tit Ithuese'Mstould forii nsilleltcissihi"_'
cotllctli, 'si swiin!sigulhsali
s-sll su si ad 4u t'i'sshes' froa rth isirI)55
s-t ts and susul stti es. to fuss-its loam
su1iseusu si to al s tue this 5 i uhssys
hisswshosles' hehus 5i-s i'i-il l so"
t ssil sit-i'es'esemus etvery' ri-ssosto
believes'lushit still tuake lasughshs'fosrm
ins I iesieaur future.'The crowdd co -sn
dlitiet iniiics-ry huilding l is h grei'
psrolemt but lie rapisdly acciisastiu..
ausirial along these litses is less sa'lu-
tils'for tis-chitig purpoest-o 5lsc a1-
euotoe e uptacksedaas-a?' Ithiliiu'sici?,
atu scas-ircis'ly si say hpasstist hstltlsa iiat-
her i hoet tsakSes-oer insoi hiway1,'
'02 Medics Will Publish Annual
The stuene~ts itt the juttior tiedical
silshavesor'gantizesd for the purpoe
of publisintg a deparitment antoual.
The followitsg board has sc ott electedl:
Ettsori-~fe, Norman L. StcDiarmlsl.
Hiramt, 0.; associate editors, Alice B.
Ellswsortht, tason, Rich.; Claretice B
Ripley, Hinsdale, Ill.; Albert A.'lWe-
her, Jacksotn; Corties N. Jams-sot:.
Rochiester, N. T.t busitnesstmattagers.
Htubert D. Russell. Battle Creek; Bur-
sOette S. Frary, Tpsilanti; 'Harry A.
Schirrmaun, Portsmouth, 0. As yet tno
tnatme has beeS selected for the ptbli-
catioti. It will 'appear early toni hr
sectid seester.
Ths-comtmuittee ltavittg ctargil of ite
-Welstecbansuet Itas decidet upoCn
1Thsursday evening.Tn. 17, for fts- an-


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