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December 21, 1900 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-12-21

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° t shouild be invstd-with eough power R N
4 in s(to enable theni to ill their positiou0a(1 N OR 5111 NE
execute their trust ini a manier befit-Th '0"$.0Soistehe
i.PblishedD i3lsd.ea cclelduriig liiVit to wear when the weather is usncer-
Caton il~ei at Thai he system of cas s games as ain A little rain doesn't hurt it
THlE UNIVERSIT Y OF MICHIGAN now pa yed keps froint the 'varsity while it affords plenty of comfort on
Merei-. 0 to lsquadsic. 001 a coisiderable nuimbier of el- 1 the warmest of days.
Aru enldgMais St. 3365.StateSliret. iible 'varsity candidates, is nds- Putt of course we have light shoes
BothPhones_13._ NewState______________pited., Thaf the 'arsity fisentitled to -- for bright days and heavy shoes for
tie rati-t suppoilrt possibleoid toi theriy asa'yuprfr
Te auly st-aceids publication with seviii' s of all likely candidttes is erin aylf.oupefr
today 's ism-uiiutil Tuesday, Jan 8. tied Sy no one. The oiily erreciv-e GLSSS SHOE STORE,
waly Of stoppiig this drain on the 'ear
Students who livei counties bertost sS staceai ie o0 1 9S. Main Street.
smllphiox is prevalent caiiinot b teao. Open evenigs until ANARO.MC
caretul ini returniing to their homes for Every year these keepi soime of the 8PM
the vacationi to fake every precaution most idesirabe iiaterial away from he
against becoming exposed to this dis- 'varsity forces. There must le a iioS-j I
ease. Ii filt it is sot advisable that ol of drwngteFeirbe lss--z
studeiits go into Infected districts at es ,o hevasiyorele hecEs
all. They may iiot only jeopardize g!ne otb blihdetrl. ~U
theme owii safety, but that of other stu- Thils is a grave' step aid sliouldl iot,
dents, oii their returin to the niver- aUT N-
therefore, be takesiuiless a recoi- S UA IN a
t . The hiospital aiuthi~ities acted incse be made. The D~aiy adaocates-
quickly and wisely in till'cas isC(lcov-6
ere tll wek ndnost~lctslouoleitire abolition aild offers ia satisfoc- Is again going to ho persuaded to --
Sadti ekad osuetso lesofysubstitute. Ini the flst plalice have________
dto'anything which will offset thle good sii .l-frcsien team. Provide at coach transact a lilte usiness. CAN~'T
work doiie in puttfiig a eheck oill til'e foe tbis. telamlaiid ranlge at schedule we ersuade you to invet in one of "-=
scouarge iii its very stat. There will of Hginels whlicli will be real try-outsy
be no damage if every student will for lhe plalyes. Blake 111cm practice our SUITS OR OVERCOATS, we
take care. regularly. pilrerefoincthleir gamies aiid also pose a swell line of Holiday Goods in Nettiear,Silkt Reversiblo
- -- ~~reward thlose owto make a't Igollsh los-
We re glad to inote thatlth111'Inllander img carfs, Gloves. All keirds oaIny 5 k and Initial Letter HIl ader-
11a1 fallen iniliue and adotledi the Ha viiig made selciall provisioni for chiefs, Umbrellas, Hosiery and Underwear, Dress Snit Cases. All
Daily's coaehinig system, 110 eutllie~d the fteshmen make all npti l'cassilici New Goods at Cash Basis Prites.
ilast Tuesday's issue. Tile plan met wsitit footl li aspiratioins iry for the
gestuentlproa at till' hlands of the ,Aa itfit Bt ini makiiig thils alcrl'~S T A B E & W U EH
rteat tudeit body, tiid ninlSiaiideiImeat 1111eIItlillgement must iprovidet A E L t.-
aids anlothler prop to the strong stut- for tile rsuling lrge numibr or cai-VV . L. I1
tre set uil by us. lWe note with sailOdIll tes 'flirel, fiiui, five, or m11101
iction thalt the little imointhlly isttoaillshoiiud hi'formied. Each of V,
wvv il g 1111under its new ilianlgeimeiit lilsI StIamssolill 111151'from 15 to 18
shakin~g isef of soime of its oldtn u n,11l'a snillny11its an be worked out to
Sdeas. aid ladptintilii Olivtiili sucit It 53 it lgs i every5prlcticel. But
5111'heiDaily has champstionled. Oi tile thils is ot eough. t is absolutely es-
othelr land, wve re'gret that ini its wild senll itiol t these teamns be aredl for
usht to get to the rot it has forgottesn i suic 1aImaitner 1as to keep the meii
tha i 1caai is on the imatp. It adver out To do this till'Imalnalgement must
ris ItO l iinSia'helumber~l just out 1310vide enough colehes to haiadl all
s-cary cr: Bliable article on ain "All le matetial and to give the players
Ameica-I iouall0 Ell l'even," Ill aviichiit the mneceasy attention.
aits to silict ff10 telaml by lmalkig t No lot of mni should be allowed to Dniel dd hdres wfohfl's
etmpoitei'ofopniiioiis f cochesleas'li s'. tiidaround in idleness. Each team
anih w11t. 155llfgll 1 11r11had 11no 11voiceisiotuli litve ts coach, whose sole at-
the' selectitoit 0hltittl5 fact, 1mm e ' litoil it wommiul receise. All these
wsere'mosts -ight mf entirm'ly. Is our maces sommdm wvrk under the adirec- B i Prduton
oinionliitsO valule ll~thanlilthat Of -timiniof ,Keene SFizpatrck, do suehi
other aa-istmerinsmhols omeai~sitn tiones aworko millplay atmahmgames s were
eitheT3here lily bhim'elil 'justifia- ideemed w sism'byhitmtoaiiulhis assistants.
fioii ffer all ini thic Illgd sniubig Tie111111 is feasible aitd reasonable ,At The White Horse dvern."
of lieas-ist ho- the east. Wihy shioumltiasid swouldi be successfuml. Bat tie oly
recognizec ioursela-s? 'W'akei mil, Ill et ii111 ~elkeieh tll tiemenmimtersted
lanmde: lo you represent te imiterets woulmd be a suffticnt force of coches.
of thte Uiis-'tyl t ite l astits tre abolishedan lii
j-ndeqate-ml'-l'a-limg force'mutmtbie ab-R
Yesteray the Dly outmlited its foomi lt iihmtis 1simed om' tiemoseilmimi
btll poicy andimi l itmtsonlen l'mgthi 1mr mmiitbluitngod
elm tiefirst trditila'sions.Theime -t _____________
toint ttlO tof Ia ie' t it~filmrie i "-its
head of the miotchmig sht.tlt'iilher t(A _I0K1e lZ15-SitOiE A 00A G00o0A 0~0A
emnee anti omimsmi.iomm of fti' facmeithy, ,a.I yl ier,10;Ceigerettes, 5c. HIGII GRADE......
the inter-fratenty'-15-sifiliiis on11till(
Athleti'hsi 01 iclBoard wer 11Wh ti mistuet l. .E. 11s ith' aia~odispaoiby Ommii OJ an
Todoy it'e einlilligt tio div-isistat sm.tim s a ttrat'~inmig iiceil tfcmtiom. N' I x J'. ' rc
ie comsicrih ---- ----C I A E T STO C O
tV. Thmtmt catinhlmsof varsit11 Chef d'oeuvre de i B.!c c
t111 is ei 111niitI' his'er.Exposition Universele
F. §t'iitt 15cllas otbalh l tieshe1y mis'>
ablihshedI, machtin ilila'tiah- Wallon, Saglio, and Champier FQ M
Arfr siiilasilgitybetltTie eabisllcc' oh this waskseceivedshtie AT-
A rfor whch illgretlybenfitC-ralntiPriean o fat d talMedal at tie Pais E-
3111-igt's athtics is an11extenmsiont of poitien for its ecellence. All wrksa sold os
till themaswrs mf the in'' sit captureis. -subscription ___only. _-R A_____-
t h aesn toeaa'ast ati e m n ,Te,,QrChii' rigiltaoon the Athletic Boardj Q( "0 S 1 W IS
thakill o Irdhiary adirector. THe is usms- BANKERS
ally ai muchl more callable mianmihami till 41 Wall Sreet, New York It only comes ones a year. Ilease your friend with a nilce AFTER XMAS
meortge officr 'omi the Board, amd be- ' DINNER SMOKE. A Fresh Clean Line to Select From.
Pause of hils exieriemlce amd positiomi Transatit a general baniin busniness.
lie shoud have te decidigvoice IReceedeposisaubect to dat. Dividends r ® i® SCEOROU H
bed sol aetedcdn vociisidinteret esihetdand reimitted. AcmaSC~ E OUTAH
tmtters affeetimig his departmnti'm.Aa hanl Agets fo and negotito the Issue of TO T T
th cie ut o t angr s obot alradstreet ralways, gas companies, sc. RN LDSTAS
t~ecifdt famaae st okSeriies Sanegttaand sold on cerminlo. L ' L ROSENTALEE UIL 6 E E
out for thne comfort amd supply the wat Mit embers New Yerkm Echang. I I
of the teasm, 110 should not be chosanil
wifhout tile pproval of the captain of )EAL IN r QfU U SANITARY PLUM BING
between tie eaptalim and mamnager. List atferet oerlen9 ,,,. so appeaion, Js F, SEAM IAND RIO WATREHEATING,
Tile captain should participate more PHILADELPHIA COERESPONDENTS 207 E. Wshington Street. ARTSSC GAS AND ELECTRIC FIXTURES.
actively ini the business of the Board GRAHAM, KERR & CO. HIGm GRADE MANTELS AND eRATES.

for this often afcsthe interests of I
thte team vitally fand time captaintis a - -_W _ W
ietter judge of what the team wvants T E T E O
than most mnwoaemo tlt
mnwoaenthee.The captains are invariably upper elans 3iEJIONN
hilify han nobered and made them 218 S. MAIN ST. M
broad-minded, and their judgment is _ -
more apt to be impartial,. The captains

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