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November 28, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-11-28

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54 PiMiLN

Ye. XL


1V'o. 58

AL ur ~pclI lneThe Absence of. the l imptonsi p
uw Feature Detracts Little Fromt the
of ,foreigna and AXnual Michigan-Chicago
domestic fabrics Game
Y'or the Fall and Wig ter st ipgo has
arrived and isaray;. ,-'tlfor- iapec-
tion. The --'careful attention 1 Lea: eLa'-g
is given to the styles and finish cats 'win1. cwe will win.'
every suit, whether to hec used for I . . .
business purposes or for lull dress
ozs.asions. , ' ..


6. H. WILD G8O,
to8 E. Washington St.

JIim linigisi
willt b by at
-hWao nl
ganu's goal Iin-

ax": 'Out
t wieno. ny

pondsandud-,.5 t10%Inc es tal.;
IIcs pisylng tekle fortothirdYear
OA,-thseMldhgl -'V tnybhaiug.wn
ti-he" ins a. e er f efwm
'W8 tein, lii.a ' Mt'yar.he a
on~. lie ;is-one ofthe. si ly
ektu'-- n I cre tground;gamn vsnt bis
Itvs-cicetM. SAPsii' i ti, s 5 tlt' In-Iy
othes' ineiss' £ofthis go it 'I iwo
l415 before Won !flue foetbati "A." Ie
w£igh,4i17) posunds and is 5Ci feet itts
incthes itl. Ilki,% cAking alsiit-atywon-
him n place on thet team 1a"tyear whrile
he sic-es sti-l a fre£shma n. Tot ang in' is
icts'tably thebes t inmier In libe west,
and acds: to 'his ailaitet -i n -his line a
strong ilete-in-ci-e pkny 4and cou~si-stent
Nvso4t. kassa ground galner.Ile qhas mnadec
mtn-velong inns thrugh 'his hidividtal
pttay-ing i-iss cont -tia sitrhtiseether
netmbers of rho tt pinjt etc ge therT.
Ie t; espec:Yaintil sron gIn eni n g back
punt s.
Itarry Rt. Bttosw-, po-puarty knaiwn
.s "Happy," 1ups die -saleatb 220
pounds anduteneniec over nlt feet.
t1e tea stutter ued-ic'. tn ' 8 he ,tiabed
to Giunningltsam's ceo-t',taurt atet yc-ar
trilta oxf -tih-ge-me n-wing -CO pr'esure
of laboratory -work. Ite has giv-cntWil-
,son a havd run- for tihe mnIsid-te osf-tie
btin -itud at present stanidsvas the, favor.
ite:. ic' is tenaggressive.tplayer laud
oftetn tackles in the opexn, a s4tyle of
l4ay wct (':1:Ctt-1iting-atts IIlnaieitt-a'itst
at Atithigati.

SHc playecd onthnceserve s-t season,
whichwas -tasfirsitgyto' et Michigar .
Hte itas bqeen- Criedt.at fultlbacik for the.
past week: or so in preotice-
lla'uoe'=01 Shortss uSc m eh law, who
weighs 188 pounds endt t,%I5 feet 1t
im-hies ta-l. -Ie Opened the -season alt
gtuai'd, buat--lilasisrong -s'otrk has gtve~n
huln a -pis inent place at right tackIc'
en tthe 'Varsity. is -chief fatting is in
r'unning a -hit hig'h beth Inuinter-ference
and when eat'ryug The ball.
Cunrtis 1. ibedden is moother 11)0
Lter. tie weighs 114Iponds-, and is 5
feet 1 ii '-hcestall. From ite start tat
showed, up n-c na likely candidate fot,
en-i, and though a ;trifle o-rer-jauxtots at
hines, -he -hits played a convsisrtently
evoung game nil;season. The feet dint
this is his fii'st yc -a ye-ar In College
makes him espectaity cntnable. ils
itre-ious experriene besteen- -etti-e
Itaerille -high edhoot of 1th1in-i.
Thee. A. Neat, 1%01 Medic, weighs
-tint 157 poudnts and is 5 fA- 10 icles
tall. liia Tat expserience Waes whth the
Anti Arbor high school eand later with
die '% Metas eam. In the fall of '1
- he layed on 't'he .rese.rves taut then
going tisn war ;and geocng Irhe fever-,
kepyt him from the game until thts fall,
w ien hhee s show-n up strongtfer'the
eniid 01fi-he line, in ice ecent of Sncow
going to- quarte*,rback Neal w Ill preb-
aibly be the choice to tatlaitec lRedden.
.itirteon S. Wes,11)02'Law, -s48t
tigit-sti-nsan on the team, sveighlssg
only 146i pvunds. tIe cearn-ed =an "It"
In'St ye'ir, and by tuerd, onslistent wNvk
SP. 1., NOVEMBER 29, 1900

ae Im wilt not

"Wilder's Pbarmay .
326 S. ' State Straeet. - -
Efl li Our splndlid line of * tn-st, n - h-I a,,iotis -peak
NW PIPES, CIGARS and TO-, - -ode l rtan wov s,' sitc i1t' not
NE BAC10--even the store *sitying anyttinrg' -
itnelf is new. We have remodeled the
place. and tattle "altl our friends to call-
and inspect what we have. You can't -- -- -
heat ovr LUNCHES.
It. Ei. jolly, 308 8, State Street. C"r zi-iitt 1", xt-Xtiec'lis at the tie-
-- n-inn of ithe season anti contrary to
b ~lui' 'ritiio of Epriaus years, the
SUPPLIES B 3 crtonis' cwhh Michigani it-i'es upon
Al 3 this Phasnksgiving daay ha s lcane Out hi
1" N 1.)F.K NN 1.) 3 f ithCie tiatntioucii sascxi aten~t it.
ONCE r,0R Iihicagof eneiult y' dc't-ai'tis anld
T r tr aiptei-d unditer' Touo by en-st and lyan,
ANI b = bid -its slit' is, She- can sil itt s o-in ll
O Jll Mihigan, and i-tieb Wo(,-im:,, w}hilt
L~ 0 Iecatsed -lint one undit ih-at os t'heli-
i0 L in stly tag toss-i, tiave n--t plyed tti-
(1 (1)1.34. RR.X' hegn s }hat (Chict 1a ini,,ti-ndlt
0 i~ll'i oug i -tic- ltt sent ti i-oYitaati-,-
V (j ci ris gisve i-he ctetlit-1ens of 0ie NVt-al-v
SkaLI ANti y in-iplc gmosisis for thai" bat.
(4AcilaN rt a THEM. lon-c-c cthe main' land i-te i on-tie
~~t i-cc 'In evidence en Mlaccaail Fiel
ter-ocr, anc wi h fit)l indeirrtt-
i-t,(. -~ aciig their c~elos. for ('-iiti.
4"I"I+I.I444'+I.44'44I'14I.I...Suow tin-i Itt. n-en i-t -i-li ' of ti-he, staid
C...i it( an loyal alumu s w ilse c sin iiio
THEY HAVE, COMEK game o y i-he Il yin - ty 'tat-e itict
to in-stituti .s revived, P-rof. St8a'g
-n1isis cisicki n 'u:mt weIt took to sleir
DR. C. C. IIUBERS color' .leit they ae ,tin it 'amlest in
the dusi. 'ot ave-cnf c ni, tas at
learne le bitt tr tess-a otf is err.tIng
TEXT BOOK- f i n nertn u llexs
ge toay loking fn' a: itd
ctose cegiss aut ci- runintet thaw its
etos 4c all se a smin trhei ttmph of stie
OF The Michigan Men
'Otp. Nell AN". "Snow., 1102. ; segihe '18$
j ulde' anld stands 61 fees 41% tn-thea
l! 4 i ti. tic is p i g Ili ithilt yea ticm
di 'es ,i-in eu a. cal resh-li
HISTOLO t man-a th pae oni tt'll ta i-
1 Good Supply tmn.WfAe iti1 hihach 11
and io th D: A. t -C it a 1m -
titfy th t - i--ast:y bas-
t- a -fid. w le he 'as
' been pltaeodn- onthe -l-W *,~t- fool

Flotnry ir. h.) tare-(q.5'b.) Sheldon ii.Shl
15t 18te 1i3a 175 lii 1855 iai -'t
Itichti~. t A-twond (In-i fun-red (In- cNah (c) lien-san(1it)-el Fait iit 'etiti-i.e.l
Reddemn-(1.e) .Whitseit MSan-us (i gr) Brownn(cKelly In-. at Sin-etc i t,) ISaIno(r. .
i17a ti4 t5-i 2s2n 198ts 't 4
Re-dsner(l.h.t) Weneksi(q,-b. Sta-n- ln-i
i5e 146 itst
Referee, -Pudge" lieffelfingerU pieBoarend
'111g" Wilson, Itid'tI ass-, Lu tight for has tltis yeiir stipplaittth heftinnis ii
ai en-ltt-, seighing only 176 pawnsldtheii"qurterbict pasitioti. tis g eeri-
taut iis stsirestgzli <un-ctagity 'givo huts a J sip 5isunifo iuty goestnitt dhis passing
cit-osig chum on-i tic' pla- eetia-tinutin-- tiiauth Ia itrtt ilosw , is accurate anti
ity to hlcs shoulder All a guan-icagn insis uir'. Sit'is s. i'5i'iilhtsbring inatdii
due s;ia tict'w hi pri'ticatiy outn-f itefenssive 4nsulgets oit t -sihe fheld swell
Itit' rutting. tIe subed at i-ta-kte cas tntiter ptuts. ISlots I) fe-cf 7 inches t-mIt
tn-i year's teen n-i-i-atrea picked 1u i-t IB'dwin Mcd tn-d. ti-i,40-,weighs 1631
the tieginning of the present rsetason for s-attn-ti-a sut is 5 feet 1! Incke till
, hi the middsle of i-thi'tine. Its'-ti5 teft 'Puths y-aa' tins bet-n his fieat al-tecintt tn-
101 inches hilt. piny feotitasi since entering die Uti
Thes. It. Marks, 1901 t Lss. weiqglavermtty. Before,-bosses-en', tieplayed
t1)5 tennis, and stands Eit fet Itl.tie four you-i-s at half-faek and end on -the
plaiyed with tti utdue before enserlng Englecwood -igh schooet beam. Ills -
t'OIhege at Anus Arborx In (-he Cail of '97, quickness end l eeght made im a fit-
As tt fueshintan he cs-n his "It," but the conict for-dihe qutrfterback posit-iron, bitut
followcing yeOar was fighinlgisis conu-hlutegeneralship haa been err-eio, the
Iryssbattles, snsd rein-swing lan-t fell de- tltlumla game sisndhtg as a sample of
vein-t i-a :services to 'the ciWleuspbiaship his cleverest work adong this tine. Hec
19W0 law etlaw teem. Le1xa pIckeod -dm icaptin of the 'Vimvity huasebllt
catt y in 1the season for a Vflate othMjt#e ts-in-. on -ahigh be plays center fietld.
teata and played 1im at tackle at first, Artihur Et. Itedduter is a fresihnsaan
biut laterkgeave him a btat tguard, etineer from thon-wood, aWhere he
cvhicb h e has ocupled in-(all the haetelered f~coelbath under due tutelage of
guices. ohin Butter, captain of Mihgarn'a '97
San.-.Kelly, Jr., wroltkiknvwn as the hacibilt steam.Ile is tight, wieighing
"Kting," is n soish. medIc. lIe weighs1 oust$' 155 poundls", and Is popularly
212 paln-its and les t feet 2 Inche s !all. known tic one of the "pony" halfbacks.
Ili' eser playec'd football before enter- Ie cacrethde belt welt, being a clever
itug te University, but test year lwon dodger anid a tact rnun-e, 'srctis etrong
t "I:t" and ti season 'is wel it s ton0)5 i-hdofensive, le its 5,fct '10
staY 1 ito h nor f wea b te ;"inclues tall.
Ii11 agri ate-fan-i-hose n inn t play- "tDen" W. WIV ar'i a 190Lasw,
In1 lowenugh,-abut coa bingtl aradu- stwein-ha 174 pends, adi s feet 1t
ally su -nivIg ti fault a b --t -r, in-illita. tHe plaed a sog ga ne
prml~eo e cv(4 tng in-tonm o t, at hat ekauntil d ot In e t-l
atrn" gtltus n te Vtby 'auothr ena game. cc e he chehas ahosvn
S;D n. n ginstness and apht -but chits bee
Wmn. (. Bliss, 1901 lI rs', weighttIfr2w-k on defens. 71s i h fist e
-lxuutt .and s 5 fet 1y h10K tall.s U, tala~ed isap ee+2

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