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September 26, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-09-26

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No. 3.

Announcement --
The Men Work Willingly belt there isc
Our special line a Dearth of Material for the Line.ai
S 'ith te advent ofliead ('ac u m
of (freign and Langdoss Lea the prospe toiar a it "b
domestic fabrics ning team at Michigan this year ae"'
For the Fall and Winter of 1900 has to cwach his methods of handling tit
arrived and is arranged forinspec- Ite'tot feel cnfidene inIhi ability to letr rmtesudo re e e
tion. The same carettl attention iished a~tie in thle say of a foet
is given to the t leIr and fnish of cl os, i t coijaii it
Mike Bergen, a former triruct.toi lay-iho
every suit, wtiethier to be used formeri anttdaitman of cnsidera'oleiiexrc-
bosnes paposc o fo ftll resoetce as cc coach, who will remit i
busiesspurpsesor fr fil desstliocgh 'the seek adintl etto
occasions. stat the ack field icte riiht die-fi
io8 E. Washington St. tonSir.5Letc dealed thetaisachcl cit '1
heaoure ~~o ~ caer lok heiei.ne n harge,
ccttg the Sacks over io his ccllccgti,
ccc cc iccc te oitytsof le 1 cc erATdunditothmn.-dihi t l rr ieat nhsi ee ice atd dsieteho wahr
ICitt ciccin eemisi to the i c i it Acid i l
cccime , tot5ccIic c 11ch e c ir t he ci
sni iaItrdlyty ctaeiet cc.(oacc
lt iot desirousoorifucandci
Ii U R T H E G Y M , l atec c Iocit h eli icck le, g iccril scitc e m tril cciiis h ug r h W a
s P arm cy hiteis ofit iis Vt egil.ittis ccc
m ic 1'i1tict 'li fieltdcick oreci or.
iii tei utntl. FSthIe full citicihalf, bas
EVERYTHING sliet litctygetcci.
NEW 'ACC-even tie soreccciiiIcccnlcccscccccciaet
itself is nets. We hareremodeled, lhe t clday is gathered 1 Sjticintlan-M
place adiieallourins ocolli c raecfts, is i filicisrSlo.W it-
and inspect what wo have. You ca't ccii. Wcccclicicos, .Slw, ccccr. \1".c. e,
R. E. JOLLY, 308s Stte St.1ta 0isciscii.e-'issicicti EIcoliccrcl. lcr
______________________________________hercc, Ie~let, Woochlcce. Scmic th, liiti
Is, lit ck. ieti c It fc, W l-
WVE HAVE IT. etc. SI. hite, It. Wile.Illcris. Sis,
RRlMNecl, It ccci fielti.Si ccccccccc11.0113,
Witatover Youittitay IIt, Lacnttgilii, Scrrc. Neiucs. cciccts.
need in thecoiles of Scycit. It is desirousit t ccjt Jut ci
DI ccc itmicyic sthcccliicil mangccilcr
LAOKTKTIS, slicichld lt i l i occccici.Ileroomiti N.
L~I~RATO T5~7~lE ' floer ecc-ir fur theieYlcpilctiiii Nice
TOILET GOOD(J, ; c',milcoctcis ao cloigcthelid re n
ETC. , xressedi his inlinticicofinei ngcitcheli
QIJ.RJ .V S istI,:lodacy.
c1i21r~s rs asl m=_ ~. Opening Day fr tchle CiifS.
D~'IfI~iT~ and 'I'll(c, anniualccaddres pnig theli ciric
jJU~.J1J iiicliil ccith luebyDr.DSi lec-s hor . lte
adlirissesi ccie clocimaid bly 1DeaniiVic--
BOOKflJ ritrc I tc ,,1'iglicc uDrIs.ett. icry-Nci
\7 Jt j'~ I~~ c tc c ith cliin, Lotldc, I trcfty ccit
Mat di in, siilliig cioic a i ttci pirie-t
ALL WE ASK IS A TRIAL tnt co ad juidging fron tli great cp-
Students will find either of our eice cithi wricihevcery itrincg
stores, Headquarters for Law fiehalcicccwcsicpromptily tocissiIupicoic
I-iceicik rot, c'itusismistc cat ,ai
and Medical Books, and all Unii higher pichcthanciiusual. Dean-tiu cig-
verity Text Books. halccmiadtic ithc-thieiii'icic cwhen'i
We offer some second - hand liec cadisedl temictoi ct lc-cstc' cr'fisi
books at Low Prices. ciougcciltiich' ioice of cc rcccccccccccl'oi-
A FWcRIES od focming icituertlil ithcitawclcc
A FEW PRICES. ssdent. Ile' closed his addsctrcss icyin-
White Wriing Paper 15 and 200 per lb troctneing Mlr. Pescot. Dri. Prescott
Linen Writing Paper 20 and 25c " icwelt chiefly uponc the iiploracce of r
} Ream (250) ..... ............25C reference reading in lte geieral Ii-
Box of Envelopes (2501........5C Iciary. lHe also gave wcoris of paer.
100 Cards engraving and plate .$1.25
Best Student's Note Book.....20C ilcdvice to te ser students i re-
First-class Founutaina Pen.....$1.00 gcrd to icctcis assocites tndth ie
We sell drafting instruments acdslier numiceros miatters iso cwiic-I fresi-
supplies at Special prices. cccii are rpt to go astray. The other
Sweaters and Athletic Goods. professors spoke along te sice lines
Before Buying Your Needs Try Us. touched uon by Dr. Preseols ad-
tEE r S ooksore dress. Dr. Martin nade lie closing
I p Town Down Town

Colf Club Starts Off.,
rice annual meeting -of the Ann Arbor
Rolf club was held lastc evening in lice
icinni receptioic room, being for the
ost part conmposedl of faculty muem-
es, thongli the- students and cikizens
fAnn Arbore cere not without repre-
-nicifion. Before iproc-eeiig to the
Iverkon of ofluccers ci comittce ecascclp-
cimiii to dracft up cittitles of incor'-
cecceicnindcciecte ciiinamesi- eicctccysee
+c 1-i Sc, .1cad to ithcecpurpccsethalitcte
tilt maicy cciie- and ccciii cc hift)
cise. The vriouicts ri-porits slicced ithci
wel 50ifeet tilep ciii beeic sunik tiponi
ch' gtoiunds teiiid ccci cc ditch hacdi beeni
ug tic drainu ic'elhazard ibefocre the
tith hlie.icothc very trecccocimpirove-
ticiis. (If lii'tine tiictes pliayedcTthe
Fst yi-cir t1cc'iAttic orlic eamccchaccs
ccci tlireet- cuse N%-itli clii V lice cc
cud ly, .ictksiti caii Tolecioi clubts.
''he trcaisiirer-'s reporti csio\\-iii slI)Icu-
Itichei elec-liccuofiffciccc"; thecficiltic-
i- cre clicseti: SCoiii,ie'. Sit-
I itiric'l sicrteciccy. ie. iticilyuc; tecis-
ccci. Mir. icc ctt icboroti f lirecicits,
Isr c''ri clzci. i-cc cs . _Shut istatd
cl. sieera micioreclicitigitWcri
cleil iili Irkyfticest.heiiicly-coitt cit
ticli i ciicici cilcc c ciii cat 0c1 t-iChacitgci
cc-c etcs e tic' tic t cii liislitii Ii cc S3
and. thitt cciori lis froihi 01.;115ct

lead Coach Lea and Assistant ergen
Take Hold with Vim.
Mir. Iccngdon Lea, who has undr-
cikeic to -teach fodibal at Michigan
his year, comes with an eible rep-
atloic scott on the gridironlie played
tckle on the Princeton vlcum for the
easoics of '92, '93, '94 and '9, bein
oicired the Lut three of these yeara
ay ac piccee on 'Caspar Whitney's Alt.
imerictic tean. Dring te sesons of
SO acnii '97 he Was with the cocching
,quad ct his alma cnaicter, acd in '9
caid 'll9 he acted cit ]lecc coach at the
lamceiplace. His ability hacs long (been
recogcnized cas i playec'and s a coach,
itc -Michigain is to hbe congattulaed
pottic-cecienerprise in securing hilt
ervices. In ispeakig f this fie first
itiy of pracctice ticcier his'tteicge.M1r.
cca cuiii saiy only tiatcit'chcci there i
f mccciaItcs very goodccibtt lhre 'is
ot etnouighcfci t. Mcccietackles are
eeidi. ednae gucards canii cmtre center.
if these iist anccceci'there itas nt a,
iccle c.ucciiihtte. andiiof gatris there
rcee cutcirde, cilert-there shoicill bc
IWce ctccit's ical.
liii tbtcks civiriincatre' cut Mr..Sar.
ic 1.it Begic, fcc umiily ittttcn as
"A1lie," caii fioihiicc they Hacd, last
1191' ft-c practeice, nit cnciiof praise
is ititilcis iof coaiteuic-a-nciihicinlinci
tlii tic-curcni w cu-t iicligciuu.as art,
Sic. ixcs anccitt ledy mtiinc
ar. Sic.iBergen's fooutticll exieri-
tcit tis Iii cined uitcci i cccior0
1111,is ict cchi as b h uty. Icclt
Besno 7I helit-lireduarterbicuca cccin
the- I 'rhtedii ir Itv.Bfici haIi
mche lt wi u hi lcuis tecm
lit oniithei re-ae-its Ini'92 Icc-pciy.d
ci doabilelc clil(.hia1 t-ic--ic-uc IIic tueasn,
Zll ci ofthcl S ccliacci ci Athlei
Clubitiatsif Ni-itYorkCityli s vsll
as pcayingmi culuh Cli tluniiitcth-~c
lii i lbteuccocf 'Wasihingtcion. 'The
cccli iug- cii icc-ecwucchedcitce lDe
Lanety schooul uciocfl'hiladellphic,
coutuiugucs inItthu fwo u ccceeding
ycir Pa icchcc inniiciel. "Iliii Itchaou
ccI seasonsttheispncccioaching in1ct ii-
tirsit cut iriicic t-tea. atdtui11cr' ne
year he cretundtteiI-c ettnty
col, cc uric Iec this situcc eced it
thie samcaiti palcelcit sformiely. I-tiis
enggluchre forc-thitsisesontlo, ut
icill trtu iiter uonhis dtis ucic
nettuwcekl. 1cc dcc cuccccuuchc{'otut-I
Lea lhalinuecdiiIchcim u t ci cccwck
.c-iltii-.veryclfagoral-cc-T (ithiitli
Nvorlieac-lcilluc-eingcat goodul.e says5, ds
acl-iat iitiy octhe1colutle,-5 tutu iu-
uc-cait i-a ifthic ccit. Ther- is cctwais
ccciin howeveciusicc-c 'tlhisds tage 'of tlie
-,itnecc foci-umoruc-icccc.ciik]eeyone ctill
ec- clt shair cu tctclo.
A Talk to Football Candidaes.
List nigit ac ceetintg itt clli c-c-
dateis for te footbllitiamcs cias ield
icii-a he yitnasiiumit. Abot 40 cuen i-
tlliicii-i to lie call. CoacrestLecaund
Ber-geucouilinueci a nuumber of ply9s and
I-ctthe ciok lit-ecmt-uinto-s lie exercise
roomsuctndccuclit themcthtroughc I-ie icays.
Dlirec-flor Fitzpactrick gave-c solce ad-
vcei' i regardl tcctraiing and cecpha-
sizedc the nec-ecssityi of stil ic hhercuice
Icc uc'gsliihdcs. 'Coachi Bergrucistuecia
iall fr cctuceeig of all quatic'erbacck
Candccidactes fcr fodhay acit a, c.it.
J uigie S'm. hR. Day ofCitanitonc, .,
formruci-secre-tary-~ of sI-tie, andc one osf
lice AS eccccan:Sanisl pecce comsmis-
sionc is mentioned as a probable Momn-
lie of the 'Chinese counnissin. is
ill-hea-clthc, host-ccer, is cc seriocs cosid-
erustious cwhichlcmight iceaidhhim to de-
clie if offered ac omsissisership.
-ulo Day is cc graduate of lie uni-

(JAir. NEIuL SNIt--c.
Molders of Felloshlips.
liii- Nulsu. hlclcuc".t Co. I-fccccllic
in Cheitryui. cuhciclhviccu cmcccccici ic
L. 5W. Ft-accicc-, ct u VS lccuiccci1Icy
thei fcuityubut still acicucula iii- ucitifi-
c~tolcci lheii-entgucs. ccliii cc-ill mtt
itt ai I-c-tcci-eks.
I'. 1. Slu-uill. hlucdcrccu liii-Suc-ters'
I-c-hicicthhip las 'ct . Iccihs accep-d ac
profetssorcsichis incemitry iccacNoruthc
Sti-dliuuteoI cchc--ecclii sciltir5 ot t1 l50.
11cc- Otis 1I-hih ccidug Vllocesiip
gi-icy iii She i-icigccct Gistscitilon
is to iehldthilis cii ic y 15ccuccucu
'lt-cciustcuuc-ticcg -'ellowshtiipsilcliche
iHighcer aCmmeciacismucj('Isicess hcaie
bcecicgis-eu to hiarlowctS. IPerson c(S..i
1900() ucLand ohn cS. Shi-h'lligutt ('001).
'Thec'Iuollbwcsiiic litcAnmericantHistocry
hs ihldicy ASsW5inifredS Benail, '99,f
dccica;icc -- 'ieroflPo. Ilitiucl.
ioulasucr Pil'"Sly, '001 1, is lctcl
a1 ('iCnnon,0.. iun ite uitmcitILynchi,
llccy & Dacy. Bills ie-er-sucilincotun
tusiciciccciiid gadchcad ctill :ic'icissedl
aurundsi thlc ampiutls this y'll'.

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