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April 05, 1900 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-04-05

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Pbihed tiaily (Sndysepte)l decug th
xCollege year, at
00 c The buland Peons, Hning Block.
Both Phocco 17.
F a. ononU'1L.
O. 11. llnc. 00L.
ATil 1.011 C'S, . G. ,.1). 1Iteen(.''e'. '01 L.
T. F. 1WoanuoWO L. 1A.. lcn rent1,'1
A. 0. Bxoo n '0. . J. B. WOOn. 't,
L. J. Mncon'a'0, 00. i1. taen., '005,
it . JccscAN,'01.t\'.A.Km'c'01 L
The-lcri-C pic o treD(0tcsle$250lo
thecolego yoe, nih ane'(0 crolicr)ceforey
enon cl y OtioFco niiaton n
oher rlnleintncod oe cmhc~ic (1((1 no h
,a (o eionn ic fccate ii c Office,(i
ae ce (1(1prom10ly( acc th i iccanyofailueltof
a11ier 00t o decliercpa e.
teof cee p ico ntiholy eprneloustoccthatcc
onw inch tee t'iouja
In harc,,(.,of todaysnis0000
Therec 'ill lion a meeting of the U.1
01 M. Daily Board Friday, Apriti, at
7 p. tm. at the Daily office.
Baseball Progressea Finelt. __
'1110 flne weanther yesterday cered
the double purpose of bringing ut not
only ol of tie aeb'11 candidaten
but a good sied crowd of onlooker.
Six itningn were played between two
teams, neter of w~hicha could be call
ed the 'varity. The score of 4 to 3 in
an indication more of pitching and
fieiling than of por batting. Beitle
and Utey allowed p better than any
of the othern who apire to throw the
ball thin seaon. In tee two men it
in prbabe that Michigan will find her
main strengthn in the box thio year
juldging, of coure, from the condi-
liotnn of affairs at preent. Both men
are excelletnt twitra and have lotn
of speed. They are far, though, froan
being in tie class of the other wbstern
ollege pitcher, wo will ply thin
Of tlne old m110n (lut Condon occulied
the initial bag on nne tenon and in
ompaeiy with him were Blnoeoat
sbort, Flesber nat tird a11d Mineni
at middle. Matteson ad Davies
made op the sutm totl of old arity
material on lbse other team. Snow wan
bony with his football candidates and
couldtnot be outet
In the, n110001011the coche have
foutnd a wealths of good mterial for
both tho in (1111 (ut fields. Whitne
loll Matthewn did the bac stop worn
and bthn did 'sell. Witney is an old
Amhert tlaer beut anIne tok~ a de-
gree there last yar in eltgable tn
play on Michigan's teaml. He stndts,0
at presentf.tle favorite for the poo-
tCan bht hMatthenws in o cloe tat it
isn io cinh yet who ill play teloslni-
tion. Acheraft played secod and(
dlid well in fielding cosiderig the
nature of the ground. a did a(It the
fielder. In bactting he kettup te
good work eguna Monday toglhils
record in not now as clean an it was
then, when his average stood a t 1000
Moore at short stop did well andl Lar-
die, who played in the field thin timee
did 00100 nice work.
Constiering Ithat yestcrdaysgooe
wanshbt the secon1 the men have
played thin yar1' and that te Fair
Grounds resemble ,a plotghed field
more than they do a ball diamond.
moth encouragement may be fond In
the workn done. And mos1t of alt that
is encouraging io the facte that in the
]lot of new pichigl nctejo I1two
sorb good men aso tho.e named alove
have been foutnd. If they dont pll
Michigan to the totp this yr they
may yet do o before their 'Vrity e-
perience i. completed
The Daily hao It on authority that
may ise considered relablse that the
date of the freshman banquet has been
set for April 12.

The April Alumnus. LOOK TO USFleC thn ,H s
Tine April number of the Michigan
Aluonnun appears with a half-tone of FOR
Judge George B. Wanty of Grand Rap' n unsig
id sfotsic.JdeWnywowas recently appointed by Prenident
McKinley an Federal Judge of the_________
Westerin District of Michigatn, is a
grauuate of tine University of Michi-
gan wsitih the lasw clasn of '78. The Our first offering connists o(f the advance otyle, frensl froml
ficot article in fromn thc pets of Dr. Vie- the hanods of tile foremoot Fanhion .Makere, THlE STEIN
hoc C. Vaughan and in entitled "The BLOHC.EeyFbi hthssrnt n hrc
Senni-Cnteiale of tethe aMedical De-LOHC. veyFbiththnsrghadChrc
parttment.'" ieatcei compre- tee in replreselntedl in thin collection; every ntyle is vogue in
iensive Ihitory of thne deveopment of hlere. NI) enerhant t'ilor swill gire yell the came style and(
thne departmnent,. It containstatisues5 1 patternsIt 5 percaccc. nmore money. .....
(If the nulmber of stucdents in the nec-
(-ell classes for the different yearn,
alotettlnme fsuet eitered for eachn year and the numbher
graduatfed at each of thne ffl~sty o- j j [ ENS\/O! I I ' T
teencerncnts. i<' 1 EN 1 ji ! i 1j
Profsso VoneyM. palingcon & P I! i209 S. Main
tributes ano article otn the nelation of r .,
the University to 'Michiga frstystreet
problenno.IProfehorlSpling isthe__...... -~.._______ _
authnor of theno'vieerntoestbulletin 011'
tleni*'I[se White Pinoe"11nd cose-
qinentlyis 10especilly'weltloted n1 1(0 rs1) qesiosp rk r1 C,.--u
1111hi111r11010 th1elen v t en inter-c0(110
bchI 11 paicipan( ct 10s10i1110btinCiar10.
S(1(101(0 of1tieccpnrtmnto Ielocu1tion. ........4'French Cook in Charge
(01' tlno (0e(10eventetes Michila(0hla
w1(n (ei1(tincld~inte Iaset six lcol
te inccch shne t0(1oolat
lT eitoril commen0t l('cc'll(('(t 1i0 FDRNISI'ESoFRSChfSS BOARD.
this' mon(ll lth's nber'isc (''(herlt more
va1(1le 10ta 1(om 1of eedtor'l REGULAR BOARD $2.75. fIEAL TICKETS $3.00. Short
It. dal th c111(1to Ir(therIIItha nies. orderslprompllty filced. Fresh H'otmecMade Catndy nosw'on handi
Thttcr jtofflowcs1110ipinthe Utni-
010011' 1s ta((eln 1(1and cosid(ered ilot wthl the fattolts SpongeCc0aramoel a spoecialty. Psororti balls
t~n~e'(t l~l~lne 110001saltedl peancts 00(010readyl. Comtno in td try thtcm.
liece I olfltomerts, hich forianin'
tere' 01n prt('lithe tmcagazninnte, (lee0111
toI theisua(1l(1highnda'lcrd.lTne W S. PARKER
paigeson((11cC Ilethieotel- illth111interest-
tug fatleOsl cenitng'thne retent trnckn 709 N. University Avenue
toeeto. The LUniverscty Nesn nd Thne
Juvae.:t ew rmtetlsshwvri nrestangis Dace ys. AS AND ELECTRIC LIGHTING SUPPLIES, SHADES,
juirLw ac . PORTABLE LAMPS, lETC.,
Finding imme 11111 ditteergnil((Orb A11th 5 01015 Y15 s-i tans UING1110, eSTEAsicND110T' WATERHEnTItNG 5.
tn let slit their surlsianerguh lt r'-
theilti lltil co0nquests,e ccawts.h(ane d. F. SCHUH, 207 E. WASHINGTON ST.


en~teredlthne dnomain of0soety anti
dcddto hecotmesoal lions.o te
tieving their success 111 the (101(11tmllt
daclbe earlier in tth season orntend
further undertakloings alontillin(e,
tomelcfche n''brscofntesappr ,H LA110I E R
classeofstde'edtoieti classIt hdances. * @
"'lie juninrs gase Iirs a t gtat
Granger's and tht. se~lI511nioswl av(Ot.
one next IWednesoday.sa nmo nlN O ~ E FrPris eetosEc
'lhe d'aneclast nighttwsams nFrPris eetosEc
joyable one ini every respnect. All or- AND
rangements swere nwell ctried 0(10tod
mest every need ohfttle oceason l. 'T'ae nI
music fulrnished by Mrs. ITyler con CO.AUP ES Goad and Prompt Servcen
sisted of a five-piece orchestra and
was of the bent kind for dancing. The ''' '
floor wan in ine condition and a0 JaHN F. HASKETT. DEWITT ALLEN, STAB E S
abundance of lenmonade punch wan 223 So. Ingalls St. 720 So. 12th .1iB E '
provided. Fnrty-fiv'e csuples attended New SttePhneid3t6.c Now Sloate'(,slcc2903- R
and daneed tw enty cegulars and iveA
extras. 'a one cotmtiittee in charge eon-;"T R
sisted of S. M. Kohnn Frank Kimmel. ?D IR
J. 0. Ackley, Martin Kelly, and H. , oT T R


Schatzt. 'he patronesses were Mrs. PICTURE SALE.
Sewanrd Crcnoer 0011 Mrs.lDr. Thomns Campos P~otoqrapI ers FRTNDY
___Havte'a full(li(eofat.tofsit1 end Ass Arboo BEGINNING..
Additional Members. Views. Makera secitdltyoStuldens'sRoossoin
:Amnnng thne naniesof oneniber' ofIdI tgaorsenooltp M rdy M rc 19
thne Athletic Aasociation wc Iwere cViewsonsaeatalinds', Schledoe's , ovolt's, 444
(omitted in the list Published are the I EdwardeBro. asdScShaoliro. Bookstore'. IMPORTED CARBONS AFTER OLD AND MOD-
folltscing: cj ERN MASTERS
Ito, ntlotiroot IR. C. VWodwoci " Imp edrina l szeReglarsPrice$4.00, darnga
Dlan. J. Wessels, I. J. RItsan ito1011j 1 uiijfiRoyall0 sale $3.00.
McMahni H. G. WilliatmsBarrihs j lsatsineReglarrce $35.00, duingle
Rtalston, Benry Meeker, J. Shialey $5.00.
Folio size,fRglar prie 1.25,duiringesale
Sytmotns,Earl B. Thoman, Jr., C.B.-s00 cents.
Ford,1100ff. Montague, Menry Ht Man- I Ethinge, nllsieso l5 rces.
sellHer .BrwnDavid Sth I~ A MOST EXQUISITE TOOTH PASTE Phsisagrnc oe znlarpe 101'00. durin
Gesrge E. Dierssen, George IE. Finkn. Photographs, sine 22 x'28Begulcar Price $1.50
!Itolandl ltunret t ad Archnie Barrett.,7 ' during oale 75 rents.
Whiteno, tbeatifies, annd prenerves the Phiotnfraphs, oize 1 14 Rtogular1pri1(000,
tetl durng al 35cets.
++++++++++++++++++++ teth.Plaiso,siel 11 x 1, Regnlar prce 75e, doer.
leg eale 45 cents.
+ I ANTISEPTIC AND VERY PLEASING TO THE7 Arotypeiee22 x 8, Reguar pricoe dur.
I TASTE. (a;ldI fO)cll1 Statnary and Framed picturesdrn
a. Cigarettes, '- -05c 1kg+(hit rugi tA cnsEorby m 11110p1n 1 featon35 alfe,
dirlggins beotn or nical cMedallion 19centsO.
+Abdlailab ticaeteiocin receipt of picet. STABLER S ART STORE
+ Perfecin Cigalretties o' - C. S DENT &c CO., Detroit, Mich. 217 S. Fourth Ave. New Slate PhoneoN. 173.
Richmsoond Straight '
+ Coil Cigarettes, - IlOd lA QfRER O
1I(oCigars,1-loUseLittle ro Trunks, Valises, Telescopes, Dress Suit Cases
~ Cigars, & c ~ E11e01 Deseriptioni. 'DRUNK ANDS VALISE 5IPAaIeNt atdL 1oeOsties.
I 3S..OltinSt, rn.,Libety. HORSE FURNISHING GOODS.
l+++++++++++++++++++ ++ 307 Soth MA tal Street. AN T ON TEI FFL.,


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