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April 03, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-04-03

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No. 141.

G. H. WILD & CO.
We have just recevedl our line
of spring woolens for men's
wear. It includes everything in
staples that are suitale and de-
sirale for the season. We are
also showing full ranges in nov-
elties, in quality and style to
suit the most exacting taste,
consisting of tFop Coats, Suit-
ings, Fancy 'Vests and Golf
Trouseriugs. We invite you to
callsod inspect our line at
108 E. Wasbipgtop St.
Artist w avetogt u
testooks ofAtstta
Maer als ias ro W
Maeil nd has ve adde t
O Pains Chiao
ansd Brsshes of al
Wilder's Pharmacy
THE OLDFo vrlwesw ao
I'', A 5'-.50 GIAL'cY.
In News Styles snsi Patterns

Plata A Five Inning Game stranger than ai truce keeps the peace The Auditorium Again.
For the first time this seasan the ini the Middle West. There is always The falawing cmmnicatin ram
baseball squad indulged in a gm the expectatian of samething happen naunswspitdi h urn
yesterday. The personnelle at both tug in again bring n internecine 'war- nusmiber at the Inlander in response to
"iic lfee aelitfo iet ue recent article in The Daily. The
tinme asid though the presence at Capt. "Wiconsin was so precipitate in re- credit tr The Daily article, however,
MlcGinis and Davies, the only old auigahei eain ihCia belongs to Pen. F. N. Scott, University
'Varsity men aut, gave asie teaiu the go as ta create a suspicion that the editor:
title at 'Varsity, neither had much ad- pecuniary advantage at an exchange I notice that the U. ot1M. Daily in
vantage in the way at scres masde. at games weighed heavier than the one at its recent issues advocates te
'fl'ie slay was marked by many errorsspicpea qa ihs gi hc erection atfaamonumental auditorium.
and ai cecinued lack at ksnowledge n Wiso lie hd joined Michigan and This is assuredly a steps in the right
the par t sonic ot th new msessc- ..inois in a demand n Chicago. direcias, and The Daily deserves
gardting the finer paints. at the game. Frasky speaking, Wisconsin lst the creit tor being the first ts sdvcate
The trowig wa somehat ild sisfidessee at her allies in this con- it. I wish however, t take issue with
might tbe expected at this very early trvry n-a adyb adt its esitrspn the qusestin as to hows
tinse in tse seasons. Utttey, 'salshs ail sure gusinestthat at Chicaga. Micii- teeeto fs eial uli
gssii sisiuitIhedssatsdbyfinsistingaass the"hall e accomplised. ie suggests
thMamsgteistamlferehistgatae-aprinscile tr which they estered tein sthe cocslsion oathisisarticle that
ciddl th bstof t n te avof igtsouldss te in the strosngest pos- sae Csresd atthe tUiversity wauld
keec~pisig tse lits dsws.Evseryonesit list nsas 'set they, to, have beensosacusslbestow's . lasting beneit uon his alma
th bl mreo lsshrd btheetinussously c5lseted s i'tslpreparei sthe ma~ter sby leqeathing it the ftnsinnec-
thu isr sls a u sisisiiss sssuetsi'i s sas rncmns"tasmake the eiterprise a sue-
Linsg trs'esiges utssifat ' s mnysvrssgisei es Cli' 'sasist t e s very fine thing
tisses.at it.IsAii5ssnfotsunsas-te'acst- Ortcelindeed, I grantsibutissniviewsvot the aL-
1enhpp1 etoChaiss-s'liting.ssig Vlilt' slid I alElection 'sosult sost ilssssgssstsasnsnmer ol'b Iequests
sigtoi sessndi le i'sis strucki-nsiici'l ste.annualsiecectionisoatthe Os tass to the tUniversitys in ths pastac asst
sideli' sieheati-stbys iiti s asls5 thrwc sociatioin tonitht wilhbeilargely sggesionseesms ta me ts be at little
us ichscItsersslietli' ciic.tteidesi of1tthe eotistfatthe anpaiga assr.I c esta isrtre ots t least ss a as practical value
w sest tiisi's ts'-essame isiss'swit pobal a n s'~iaeri sisisothsises aeri rcitesiosnis ccsned X h's sit lak at this
prov to's eisnlt- hinssg sersass ro st itsicthe lirsasesmisgly ihave te ad usastes in5a busin'ss-aslike wsay?
isis'sn isi sitplracstise uittrosisi'st a s--st-se, t-esits it they ecussget sot "Topasre'rtyfmnin
reguliaseg-seib'tien'-c woI''s-s rnssthiessfull strength iil nuske itite-s gingau'sossibe s'sltio oftento
made up ft romsintarsquad5, sassilbegin- istisg tr themdst 5 slssiil iiiis , h
liB i csrssric.CsisneMsias ph ai'r sus a ne: -irbleim. I is swel-known-ssthat rte
In a furo'lok CndnMationncc rehe, ndSow al ld la sidenssst.Lciwcllyss tle, 'It L., regular incme oathueUnissversiy of
illsserlilsisr nd isarsil 1Mihigasn has heens materially in-
Vissity iii'niar' expscred-siu'stola to sr 'ri'-rs'siden 'st-it 1I.Crmer, rus!s reitlasetsemr
jotin i is e isis. '51 ,iisacsiiifoilii ~that this isnce irvides the niver-
_________________ 52 5 eli cii-suiir, tilaseci'S.rPig- aly aitis a large surplus over and
The Athletic Situatioss in the Middle gut'lii11 - tr stlega'sir l I abvshu e sr acusal early runingsse x-
ttest. 1 I li''s ,ati i rig 02L, ese.Itws h itnto o h
Thuetiollownis'an ta c't rom isissicrs isis ofiii tri Dehatisng legisi'tre h ssa's usehatntrplus athiua.
Apssit Outng oisisetine'stiisitsuatsin ~as-ue,'Jiohus SGlies aits '2et l'ilusdifrth-s 'uits s t'erectl'inglusss
us t ir' dsdule''sesi: us s 's'sil lafgh et'seencs
his ss~s 5eahic~s ru'' aiiliak -li litliiI. set rai ne'srbiissuigsth questin of Imme-
"121somercspctsthe u~lok Idiate eed being the snly guide in
amousng thur leasding Mhilde Westernths-ofsceshis'saselegate tois rie Nrthsern 'irs ,neesisg wait te cassrater est
sois's ii s s usosaltigther pec as- Oaoia a h uirnm
suuusu 'tis ug eruu si bythchiasinuatediiHenkseld suiteurrw cu ru alis thcsel bxctulingssouldtshts. It is tie
clii ~ .s'ss''stI ii -'"'sr uitasesssi th B sut atRegents ta
srit Chicago uponsiausfontball ganinssuess us . te.ficeii iiss'shol ao i's''snlc ild risgs ie arsealis-itbecause'sthat
tuuicugs tr sue .gsk'sys Craig. As'stu honos'snsaue Tits ue r. s sis tinsg ts-t s issperstively need
sssas-tss'thsc-lors-iss,'svrwatcug attlii-cscdritNow's'syisain's ossut smue csncerted
secirs ht'ss ns's axe s a ' iii so)ost'irseutl ecmutb a . ohfciu
's~h- s 'ten usiri-sit ru~hril isue uuree c''s niij'srln's ix actt ioisn betakeni bythos'se 'sshiis ifavr te
's tush - strngprssreonthe Re-
wh , -iis -'s's 5 c i to'ss hsei vo't'sdiiisislst tis yuris tsc "sit' niuts' ly an-di ii o'llectivsey to
i c a i i's ohls is a nd suit noui us h i is's r s t ut \ -usuuus"Cuss. s a ' uut'tei a sss-'ssitra p
sIsi t ubsuc st('hssmoressyisnis canisi'sis sfr' Iis'segiteslussrsionotiei uada-
I~~~~~~~~ p':soa o iss'sssotri tuf-siastsstsiis ui iiu su u'"ii hu s s'it cslha'- snss'sApsilr'euaiisar-skeIb
sirtthursthrtNorthernts iratoiiiralieIueag-
s- sits's sic--si's iii's's-s s-s- -in.o'd the aumsentro' issrherats, tnecue
iconslustd515 se s-lyssqiabbtesir n iii its"ehs--issit-s ust upuuoseisompleth
suitsuit rsis's st's d'su ts it's suit u i 1 n i ll s ppirsit-o th aend s ur sthe' s 'suaii a
;.s'' 1rhn5' s' isslssss i'--iven iiss s busnsi-'ssusfolows'can s's - v d ir tsis's ris'uiy be-
vrsss'i 'si5s'i-uis Ii''l-si i-c s' lse i
, that us,'thiughsirlI'aIfahit-is's - u s ic'a-uo ulitb tsr 'uirey elimuinst
aii-ban'dusethu-sissi Chu c-eii a'sIsitr retie~tF .lew v 0. e rtihssruetsrsus'soheis''en'teprise.
abaniidoneds'it s profs'ssio~alc,-onu-sut ioisi "su cii isiL.k bsuesius'ii'stl 03
t ri--'surer -I) 1 's'Watitus, '0.I "heis sasnouther ciplus, whicsseems
-> usu'ss--than-uu -'suit lshar'sis fit's 55505likensly ri'o isse is'rioductie'soutine-
en-uls tse tususs'gsiss-s sut -s eii csu's u -'rs tcr-'O shu' u" 1 -g i ut's sresuts tian uste une just me-
'st i-sldelg arae i's sith and unli u ti's illha
acic-iuuui '-si - sstii'eisc-s 1 j u-ist Su'ht-sscuiiiul sO our it ivatecap~i 'tl etould, with, a
orsuu i si susiu 'ust -ss1 :i~I icl AssocitonH '.St 'sills 3.vruinlittle renouitraem'ent, betue ter-
ubtof neanlrbi ad fithiseste usthe' mojuet.iTlures'exists in
liii'sand'istniu.Mcrugii' icssn~, Firsthoot oft the (;usa Club. An iAror ted'ayssets an oposrtunity
Ilino'uusesss''utssuuisss hiss's-c i thus' I W haveus F-lusts tutie ( uriC11hlits fhet shoot usersi gori n useit as s seldom
m strd to essnsat eat. a atuda. Alage umer fousd. lTsae'suitereasnato smy smind
ssutst-Titsusiral ga u lfat.n s's,"ots swere. otalis'segnotsavesy anywh sut eetke dvntg
hig sore wre ad. Tit.,.inica o'lntugi ia, is th55f5ctuskhatshsufi tage
asusiuer's wihhc fi ntenutiossisut'sost 'ighsnsewa nreeh ssilaes uhbs'srhuftes-sioluragemeni.ist husrnt ee utnuivent
wifc'susturs's necesstaies tete mousttus'ssoraetstalrgsumhrt
serissuhus esususe o th hrt u . s al s s ill'sete ire'st themselvses in capi'stulss to masuke thec' ost of it. It
athletic autoities utea sch uniaversty,. thu resaps this sprng. There 'sill be a lies iwit h nvriyatoiist
Anud secondi--iutaltsttstos ses shoot helds every fSturday orenoon at say whether this shalt be given or not.
stuad on a abhtalv ns's-s'stioti msi tI ok 'le osigsse eeLately te Uie-..sety bught the Win-
tebusine sat arranging guames. IThis nade: cell poperty on Norths University
applies to colleges large and small Cllns 22; Whiittlesey. 20; Soul, 'avnu, and tbys doing is now in ai
for he 77; mith 14 Shoff, 3; utchnsPoiton to oser a private enterpris
forlteut sidentical ereasons lythat athces cal717 Poterith1t;Woohow, 1; Huneh, hcihsfris-betteeeto
caleqssit isth olyprati i. otes O~Wodrw, ; arey 4 of an auditorium or theater. If the
bai" s nerainllw Football Men. University authorites would agree to
"These are the A 1B C' of inter Captan Snow rquests allpesn let some piaecmpyptu
shui rla versiy atltcolreationstand interested in football whether mem- building on tis property sd give it
ishoruldtatrole at evertclle.petnI bes of our team or not to come out to a ninety-nine-year lease at a low fig-
is rue-tht owat he raticl oenthe meeting called at the gymnasium ure, with the understanding tha all
lug of the 1900 season, nothing at 4 p m Wednesday. icosiuned ona ge 41

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