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April 02, 1900 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-04-02

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211 (~April Outing.
U .60ftU 'p at1Aj* Outing, which has passed into the
Publised Daily (Sundays exeepted) durng the hands of a strong company of enthusi-
College year, at astic sportsmen, comes to us in April
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. in a hiandlsome new cover. It is a num-
ber like the bourgeoning spring, buarst-
Ossis: The Ialand Press, Henning Bloch. leadtepoieo
Loath Phonse141. lug with new lf n h1 poieo
- --- - ~~-- -~a bulistiflal harvest. The new pilot,
M5ANAGING ED)ITO)R Caspar Whitney, takcs his readers
F. EGLO cI AD,'0 L. through fresh routes, bait the port is
BUSINESS MA-IAGER. the one lie has ever steered for: Sport
o. 11. Dais.'00 L. for its own sake, and the psurity of it;
VDac-oci.and travel aiad adventuire that make
ATe iEI CS, - Gi. 1). liesa ee,'01 iE. for ainationas virility. Suich reaults
T. 51. woo-, '05 t. A. Ii. MrDouAraLsL.'01 a follow froms Racquets and Tenlnis,-
4..G..liacisas.!OE- kJ..B. 5.ODc'00, whirls (le 'worlid'sechamion, Eustace
L. J. Mis Nali3r. o, i%. 1). ICKEos. 55 -1 Miles, discuases; from Trailing the
R.H. JE MEGA, '00L, . W.A. KNIGHT, h 'olerfrisL.i
lowsing ITle Wiake ci the fliidlassvr,
oirIJaunting lii' Puierto Rirsciiona
BiclveviiI iutino in (SihiviiwsBroiok,
Hluntinag the list Bocn in the tCilorado a
he c s--s yerit s-sir Is ifs te;s-..i -Iis-s 1.50-lor
aoes eassisday. ot ices,, ll s~irissass iss, and iscesiliig Tha s Austomobilingt los
hassdeds, in asfi 1Ls fficeiibeforlas p.ain.asor if -ietioil talisig yiouriForii ini
emaisad totiles Issed itoeorc3pI ll.s sI us liof ii is theiiiisi Nadays ssil
prersical Isioisatsus is, scisss si' ae s-sirst-I 11 r11 h nlll 1a'I~,
appear. silisis si (to Iviss fo tisthat Vlsieill
Sbc~ilissssIsn, it} })k-lfas the .Da ii soffie, jill-v isleyslid sinForest Preser'ves4
mainage.s I bsc i isi s ills csri Is i Isifavor sly isissom slsGiffrd Iisrisit, thief -+irish-v a
taisca Iis- prmpt{'at s is - fficesurs sisy Isilusre of i srt - iiu sasii
Ails-schange i,-.sii i s ii iii v utirim e n oftw .r s Oc i lu111iiii hati i5iil
th ffcl i t. osbe ad- ssi istis(r)that isis viii \ rt il t eiltil a-t allss Of
on wihfi. r , i is lisiss s-s

A Gentleman's Feet....
LT- C do sal havetisbh crsowded islo
auncoiforiaabsesanaesderis com ply
witha thealaws af fashioni.
Fshiona has hecomie decidedly leaienti.
Perhapasalo permancaily so, biitwae wona't
iwarry ahaoit tisafushre. Al -2.98 apair
we guiaraltec is furnish ansiltra-fashionable
siiid mosaacomeawbili soeihan cass ha par-
chased elsewhiare atiiian qusslpairs. And
orguaraiieaesieas:syasir msneysay ck -if
ouvaiit (1.1
Den Evienings 109 S. Main
ILAis wesi couldi si-ll vole-sils
is sill-I-i-,Y e il oen

AnLotlsable Sorial.
l'eiii- io-si ciail hes1ldiSaturiday
cvei; ism 115b n exceptsin tos
terl a1s t his yasrbe(seasab-a
hasie i1ith isP-t O sit-sffirs, ist
iifffiasni Ifross tieiothlrisso ininysly.
it isas bea isitsis us tisvhist en-so
out thi sllett tlisolitlma
tsuce ss sili- inc er tr l I iv a s- L 2
in vii- sil sssi '1A ts vit1isseviii
tori-i isssi i n (Is
isississ isili-i 5 i i l
t e 11tis iiv - ilasr !11, [iill sis ecsirs i
ri s . u an Lais st lisasidls
andi isfoundIss ii-sWilsthe tirstyidCissne-
es- c o oils ii=s.Acvista
fucy dciu tiolfl agi s as d 1iSi t
yellois cnd blibssuil ((.Inhreii i Ns- o
dSnsilli-, siul ad itsthur ti
Mll p i s- a hecee-moisi--iss
addd - . arysiccessful par.111 y

l--s Iessitoi, llivar I igsssis
iysi i andsissi vs-

jnilaimeviI ltcr
lac holois ,lettrsi 1,("-
ur11 :Msoi; i oyonI!'. 1

:,la tl
ik.; ryIxv;


A. 1.. is-lilis-il. A lsrs
pills tliii i o -; Is a itsiG.i

v, slavr-
.Vi on"ss

'T . . $ V
is-s- 5 i --~is5 iS -s.9ll- ii "

lIN l 11I -)
Y>. . >ti il

tiiLillEv is; ia-
s-isc i. Mrsa. issisP.

Secoiii atleeitsg d51 sstitisei i 5 '-1-Sirri.-P +vii's-. Wi ll.; IsP-
Aimericais hicrrsti is sole.rnisss; si s sins1. ii Ni-.
sociationsofsAI eriansiss Usci ciia"
whis-hi wss oiscsieinas ag tio iN 1111 1stS T F
sieeski-si lv ii-iseladin-- sissitics
ofi 1,11o -counssyvs- FOURS
Ast i l etii isoisi-i ', s asislaisi (is- is - 1:i Ihsi4i
i i iiitte o i 1i eiss- ('s a d es j y I5 Tsats W ee5115 lc o rI~li
Eliiot Iofi slls i n s- sit is - - - - - .. neseals it e e ino d c
dent,1PrsisdseinN Whiler ceprsi
Hl-opkinis ui rositysisandl Presient'
Seth ILw ofColumt a sslss Q U AM R ow"'T
messbevs.t as deicisdedito hhl a asams-iD 1
seciind inasting of use Asscatioin in _________________________
Chicago in Mirch, 19t1. Tlbs ubjeats
to bse discussasd at thist timei iii the
th euieosot orh g nfls iATHENS THEATIRE'
mtgi-rstusiiimnt grsiiste tiranting-iif
higheri degrees. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4.
PriesideintWhelres ays that tihe or-
ganization of thia Aasociation of R iin up quick: Th iBid;NewaYrk5silt i
American tUniversities ihe oii fiithe I es
most imsportant events in the hiatoiy
of education in America. No such ce- THE TELEPHONE G IR L
operative movement haa aver before
been attempted.'- Only iu France,
where all universitisa sre under the Lovely Wonenj,
direction of the governmsent, has aniy- s Witty Dialogune,
thing of (lielakid ever seen known. IFiutaijy Senles, -
- Lots of Ginger.
The February number of the Physi-___
kalische Zeitachrift, published at Gat-
tingen, contains an article on The De- Auilaniiraiy Femiine thoesis.
termination of the Electrical Units by Pauces - 24,5,7,$.0
Dr. Karl E. Guthe of the physics de- eats2o , 50,e7Mn1.00
partment of the University. 5secieh ody

IN" (GCI FStor Parties, eR ption--Etc.
C CJPGootiancd Proiipt Serviceaaee,
223 as. Iegalis at. - 720 5So. ++ .h .
Nisslf Phonelssi 4136. Nviw, 1e )1o):?1's r
Qmpus pyoto rapt? rs'aSv ---
Isasi i I sian ils i S M Ssd iis.. hAbor 5 h
f V is isis a eis 5 5 of Siii- isivl Room5i' ~
Wiadsiheti, istlrte asiulprese. le cm feig w
tet, ulhaabo yft, natre s uh x
cellent area f lkllsthelee finestl'
Ac-rd ies - i ciii ver hiollicktore le chclte. Te
bat. 25iudesdi cesareso eaonale ha
yo la f or ,og v t e t o t n
Al iruggau sshsiV hs s 5ft 1 ss 0 .Wsigo. 3 .Sa
I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ r esiltsfIIi
W16ens h~utiies ad retrt, ie. loe fein-he akn

I1t sPoor Poli6o

Tro wait uotil you sire comslpelledl to
buy rubbers,
huya rubbers and baa them reudy for
wear when occasion requires-and
bas lean to pay the doctor.


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