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March 14, 1900 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-03-14

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Pobit bed Daiy (Sundays excepted) during the
College year, at
Ores c: The Inland Prss, Henning Block.
Both Phonesc 117.
F. ENO Ecoocnx, '01 L.
AIl le:IIos ..0.G.). 11uccooo, '01IE
T. R. Wootow.'00 b. A. ii. McDouco st, '01 E
A. G.BnaWEcsc'02. E. J. B. WcoOO,0
L.J. MoOTOC sE','00, W. 1),ICK'EY', '00cM,

Birds in the Museum. AGet ma'Fe..
Th idcases in the mtuseum arceete a' ...
rearronged, that io, thc old css do cot have to he crowdedi
tearare ~ ingplaed s Fia blak ucomoiotabie shoes tnorodor to coo
backg re"ouns cia eci 0put'iattngicuic s itthc. lawvoof fathion.
harke undocoobe ptt toctIF'shions has hoc oct decitdedly l1 to
stde andtieooucoented birds dispiayed f echo1psnot pemattenttlysoitbut we we
tgainsit to \ViWetn the opecimncs in worry shoot tit futttre. At 52.98a1
the irtdiroom at e rearranged accoridcwe-guarantee to foreioh a01uitra-fasheona
tng to this plan, tihey ii he f0 cccii cnd more comfortole sothanc ocacn it
miore cttere'.icg to the visitsr t i t fchsed ewerot a eulc rce
patO h rtsun h i' ht/orgaatemas ornybchave been giosiped and piaced in sltec y Ioucatt.I
iali races Nto'Iittheir tnatciral i strc LA S'cHOci
ne \ l cc~itt as at iresi GL SSSlIOL ST R
new ctarrnc ;ent havinig to do ceilyG°-
Voctth .lcec'ireno tisat. have'.o-,ic ccOpen Cooeclogs
00cci ..ecccciygrociped. t~i c .M
lile totieimeciccon ticat hao oeenc
dishlaye tocintethe icaii ontthe secoci
floot O thte muiseuim for lice past thiee'RE NI N A NT++ ";°Z
montito has beeii faotensedi inthe ewaii
00vert one ccf tice staircways0.cc'her ecit _
Iill ccmiotpierimacnently. '4.00
I cc! ,,i' F A t A1 . r%


'rhe sebccrpti c rce ocihe 1A i. et.5o or cc GeeT.p lanasboig '99 L,Appotnted _ __Rb
heo ech cdayc.cl ocice.,co"'c ccclcatce hatndci Prttate Serretartl to Sen- f ______
other nte neddfrpulcto uitb
cscteecetet} cr ccccoctcece ator IBurrows.c 6
hbcieclo tae ocbefoe 3cteUtt he i to - lcte
msaiedtoto hc ecicco rloefoe tic )c thcl ' 11ccfclotow c i ntg ccisifomtOthce toiii Y K'Size
appear.etctocc tcliI e. i rzo c ,Iegripcic ofyeoterclcday: ,,fiISzeCheap, at
ct1eIcclttocc ccctcc OloriseyIaccppo int en oascoreite ee ' - 0L A t217 Saat
Slce e cc or tic t ewstln, rlithc wc cBcsiessecc ectoeciitvicccetoc3lcxccxc n ' taboiers St C ore
Ma eSucbs1001c.cri eswll 'cor aI 1avor Icy retlto Icsienactct tor .131cc o s10000 { eS ,,41h Ave.
carrer o delit er pac er. 110,r1till 1tie. o n c a- ms c ct et l c anotct
on whico1c0ch i ti re1to cc III liof t( bext lceco t'cn y'ouneg attornteyo itt10
thi iltI 010 lit recci'vted itlooelily 0schoolc Agen t for
icy"hel ater raddcc g1 aw oin t e fie. ) 0/ is)It Tribune, Steacns and Barnes Airy.
Ii Sui I Aler litrslHonrs, cciI. t. ttl~lc't ti 1010 il'cdOll(ci . Ies. Renting and repairint or all
I he toilcooc ih 1i5 1frocmctteDti rt l dcltil( t . i n te 1c(110 of1'91 A ovel~coeofiering when tsaking id.LENSaW
11111' ccas ine pl't rac tice' lit't call s ail o tx of IT,,egolerfer's "Rotex- t7E n .1
Hlt 1. It othl whomcc the ttco ot rtoil 1111 it 1 5lKa lamaz Boo n.Cr -cl t ,citocoiates. licey ore the finest 1, '2q eZ+'la fn ;-W - ' z :q W 11 t
leagerseo cc e'h11101a1cicho n ttthe-- c--- -- m do ancdpritces0ar100s00 rasosticie that "__.--
election Io dcc resdenicy o1 the Bicli 'rleC-, o 01 ofscurtintgythe 1pteet yout ra afiotrd to give0 a tret often.,nbia lb idFsso h rdae n ocir 0 , ahntn 1 .Sae'T p w ie o y n
lean Federai n ofIteollccc -11dciet 6 ccl.ft1,University 'cfo-ttts 1 Stho 1pwitrCori1n
Vernonti t1-1. cli 1S it t oia.eteci o. 11:c catCalltCogenowt'i10 repa-
UHalctools hcs litcrar dcii .at ceortion hesideo tthecolegiate rcord tofic + .++ ++.+++++ +. .. ... SHOL.a HRT~
at ti t i tucctietic 000as a0acitve 1 e e ld d t t a~ t' l~ emetot heirc
smenteetof ti lcpAthaoDltitl'1ie ~Ic e. (11t o(ct l'titti1i. _ ____ S AND ELECTRIC LIGHTING SUPPLIES, SHADES,
tcecnity tch10110acithic ocol, and 010serv________
ed a edtorccl college publiceatconsc. PORTABLE LAMPS, ETC.,
Sicelevnc scoe, ieal mthha EhcgL 1 oclceeongge oiiucesfu, raMr. t f'ScoitlANt10' 'i: Icas1;1'lto
the bcar and hoc shcownviinctecrext andSHH,27EWA INTN T
activity in icolitic's that seemn to picsage Outc ol n iul 4a.h . .SHH 0 .WSIGO T
the early appearance of aisother mem- I 5 _o__e
her ini the fantoos Sncicccictaily ofhic
hccldcr't'uiocn in Michigan. Daring Eutny rn 0
the 1896 camp'aign he made, under the Tot Pa e
tee, addresses its his own andc in othcec I E Y .
'ounties c inte state and itis deeopl tt' iar ccc el iabIc le ert~cccicc e Z
moot as a bright. icrccccle speakcer on5 lcciclce.
politieal toicsas coIeen raitid cud TOOTH BRUSHES TO MATCH FINIF COACHES
has 'cotstitmccottsireabile 'ecgnitioin ''~~~J~~IL.
at iocme. ( I t~~V 5 AND For Parties, Receptions Etc.
Mr. Smith is nows'precidecat oi the Q -A RRYEl S
Gridley ReptibliccnUlubc of tonia, o. 01 P-cvs. sa'izm- mwozc(
ganized in .1898, and named after Dew- odadPop evc urne
ey's fleet 'aptain. Ile is also vice-__fodadPnptSrieGaate
president cf the State fe. gae oift _______Re_________
tpucliccntcCilcbs,1a11 cdnittedcly ill tine ' i,/ . ., , .r "
for prontotiots toctiletresiecy1 of111he1

Universitt oif Chicago Students Mai
Have Instruction in Journalism.
Chicagoe 'rimeec Rerald, Acarch 9.'-"'
It is possible that within the present
year cat thce Univerrsity cofUticago a
chairncif iournialismocteill to*' cstablishoed.
A cotmtnitiec' caslccen ctppocintcec, swith
Prof. C. hE. Miller ascc'hairmtati, to locn
up the matter and report to the senior
college facultty. 'rhe now departmentI
will noot lee it eonncection with the Eng-
lishi ceteartent of the schsools, 011ccI
as at oter cuniversities whlere the
chair of jocurncalismt is establiscoed, buti
'will come under the head of the college
co commecrccecccidipolitiecs.
Not more than fouir courses will be
offered, and will deal particularly with
the history of the newsa'per, the
methods of news gathering, the Asso-
ciated Press, printing antl printing
machinery. thce tewsptaper ini politics
and sucbjectson01 a simcilar line, which
will ive use studeicntnicieciof the1
theory of ntewspapers.
A member of the csmmittee scaid
yesterday that the ifclty of the
school whteni estaibliosed will noet ap-
pear as attemopting to make newspaper r
men, as the committee recognizes that
such enda are only the result of tie
acttual work of ins reporter and editor.
The new department, he said, will n6t
attempt to cover such things, hut will
give only such fondsmental knowledge
as may be gained by scientific and his- f
torical study, which ate invaluable as
a firm journalistic basis,

+ +J Lvrwwanw1,w1\1,.,Os. A MOTH MIDWINTER
Thrsa EeXnMacI1 ARH1317 nu se
S T usa Evnn, arh1 M A C 13 7 I n .j .i i ADMISSION, 0c .I00 Neiw and1(1Nov el1 Acts S eleed fro t W rld's
Grecatest Shosws, ancdforiontitgicnmightyucitoan the Great
and C cantlost .\clicis nt Enterporise cevcr
A Exhibitec initt his vicinicty.
___ _____ - Watch for the Big parade, Tuesday, 2 p. m.
JOHN F. HASKETT, DEWIT ALLEN, Reserved Seats on Sole at Davis & Seabolts.
223 So. IngallosSt. 7201 In. 12th
Now lSle Phoeec801. New StiterPhoe23r 50.
TIhe s o waithuntill yoctarecoo uctpellecl Io
Campus totCraplers o___ - b ThW y ubesE A
Have a fall ine of U. of M, und Ann Arbor EWS A
Views, Make a specialty of Students' Boescy ubrsadhsthmra o
end Flcashlight OWork, atreascnabsle prices. hasr bes nd ast mrayfo
Viewsono sate at Calkins', Snhleder a Los oti e wear when occ~eaion requirsa-and
Edwards Bros. anodScholeens Bookstore. APRILL'S SHOE STORE has less to pay the doetor.

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