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March 08, 1900 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-03-08

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Pubishad Daily (Sundays exceped) dur.ng the
Colege year, at
Olcsca The Intand Pacts, Henning Block.
Both Phones 147.
FENGt toacac0lL.
ATHLETICS, ,. t. D. IIlosau , '01E
T. B. Woocxoc 00 L. A. HI. McDocc at,'01E
A. 01. BotowNE, 't02. E. J. B. Wooc, '00,
L. J. MceoNTG0 a '00, W. it. HICKEY-r'OM,
The Sottcriptioc yriceof t atheIis $2,t0 too
ho college yeactwitht a ceguttortettvcry beorec
nonechiidty. Noticesco ctcoctotctantd
othercmatctcteritteOtortpubctitont st ho
hancdd itat t ithIoffi e ft ore 8 p.0itotor
mailed to ctoe edttooceforetooin.ot te tay
prevootusotoOt ttottattnohihtheytaretttpecttdto
Subhscritp-.tiosmy be lft at the DAILYootlite,
Moaaag orhSoto oooo oct1 ottaoth otusiocett

shireman, born near Haworth, famousc
as toe borne of thoc Brontes. From the
metropolis of the Pacific .,e shoulld
bring fresh thoughts and -resh life in-
to toe Metropolis of the world. Lack
Sucnday morning he delivered a mas-
terly appreciation cf theue canu 'work
of Dr. Martinteaui. i e prophet and saint
of noodern Unitarianism, who was bor-
led loot week in Highgate cemetery.
"Mr. Sunderland has already inter-
ected hiinself in the- University Exten-
sion woork so suicessfully carriled on
at Highgate Hill for thte post seven or
eight veacs. Indeedi, he iohmchtoint-
tecestedin1 thc whole sutiject of edo-
catton, and one of his first visits after
0111v10g 10 Londoto was to tihe educa-
tional exhtbttionc of the Inmperial In-
stttte. ith the ides of making lhis
m~iityftrttly eteduationatl, he 00 Silo
day announocoed a series of Thursday
ntghtthisoi cal acnd criticatl lectures,
onte ilortotitn 1a11growth cifte bible,
a sbt of wotoelo he is master, atnd
on whti h hocswritten tt boskh iat is
witely kntown on ihe other stue of the
Atlantli. teselectures, althoughi
Illimoatily jintededlfore Hilighgatce
ill teachers, will be free an perfectly
ottent to anyadtiit interested intthie
suliject toi h itetoledprove both in-
toierets llitingad dctiiiitoiotOf-eoste-
oiltoto tt tate.

Parker',s Campus
C af~e+...... French Cook in Charge
orders promptly filled. Fresh Homc Madc Candy now on hand
with the famous Sponge Caramel a specialty. Pop corn balls
and salted peanuots now ready. Come in and try them.
709 N. University Avenue
\4 ( 61 (11 Siaes. Cheap, at
/ Stablers Art Store 4th SA

rppootit o pt lyeo atl t i s o fc ayfilr-o
carest eie ae.All chtootli ino advertiseng inatco te b1te i W inle apOtt rslai ainttOh0111 weeko i -E
ohawhich toyto. ototto o lii ~e tttl0 i 11 th lte titltl Otlolei 111 lle -. ~ ~ ge o
sot~ pagee byltos o o h i llerrfprsent4theTribune, Stearccs cod Barneas icy.
- Geclubot ol n on011 of itsomttt scs s-tiissRe ticng cn repoaiiog ofal
A Former Ano Arbor Pastor in Lon- fllt tors.tProfessor Patin-oll 1ist A weloe offering wvhen mat-iog a kinads. tEON SHAW,
donto. oti it e oooeo ciaIt os lftitoa box. of tftongstrfcics "mtoll ex- lE Ic St
fiild s-ol1ie ftiotsig eto to .0 d couritt n toeltoctonotanthe l io t-l ilest "choeolt, o. Theyare the fSmut ,s .o t - 200
frind ens te fllwin c i t etiry mattr is tortithintot pt vr 1000-1
ping tf00roaiontdootpapit, wtihte mayioo enter Ita g.tl't Ilt ttll m 0er is ot1' to tomadtiallotpiriesae sot ieasonabltle thto -.
be ootiiteresot toatt of a outiieader t.o---ot I-tizit/ litit-e It cit.-; yotc con cffoi~lt 10 glie t i t otett toy i te r 1:01 i Inrg
Wile toe writer mtioak - 00 00 Vtsootittt 31(017S StatieY.~i~
--ttto-t11r.Ste unlderl-andl to-toaotttalom- IFoct11 Club Reorganizted. )1i5 Vi. pIto T)ccl 10 ' ort' cl-.
illts 01o ttolihtgaOtt llolvecsto -toie tong- 1110-h C oi t o lb hoas mill I'toto 0 :e o " ,se'...( , - SCHOOL C) HO 1J R THANDC151
itoto i~lltittC Ot tot tab tlstltttot nitlee-dland witl goive tithe ii( o
ot iein g, o wioch ato pcanites thet tta .1'NI1 i.1 cr5A NA.:
statemcett ts certainly Iflattering: seriesoto atot eto -tt Girangor'-o 1-idtay
"Af to-i ailong Ilteirittl<,umof01elevesi n i ng tliof tts week. I it 0 tlb tist
moth te ntaia curhat Hut- otr hs beenogizedtttupontt tttt 11100 AS AND EL 1R LIGHTING SUPPLIES, SHADESh
gtote 1-11l1hasIfoutnd asuicessor t toh tctilt lies Itromthat1 of1lto t001 a0r00it)tohitt0
afte Ievi IfSitars, althcotogh ihey
h-te one al-oti-toihe way to coot I-rancisits tis tot.lstitl atolo 11101 101010., andPORTABLE LAM~IVPSETC.,
cot tot littol hil.T hIio c rh t 0i sete1ms 111 olt tttt i Ol0010 ~fo
tto-titooObloidetlooified owth tiototre- loiie-l-.loito 1. - ,S H H 0 . W S I G O T
tonti jourlt itsm.oT he tltte l-astoti whoo o sot toolortgantizidtisti y eair __
founcdth e Freeo-tLibrtary,00hit i s- ___
itcoosetinllthIett-s-chol l a ios c oot yc pr iticaotly f ti l the iie occutpiied by
acdjoinng ,thei ilttitit andi 0contains thtei-IForty-clu lttiy1001 c510.
Ii 1101 oft *.IIO M[S LIVE R"Y...
'whilch, I-TheC risto~ tia ie,"is teor -~______
gan ofilt t tt.imore eangi calct -ttt iotio olb s os tt Otcii& Coo '. tfi
otf E+:tgio ittotarianh. - - ____A(" .
"Litoe htcstoedecsor, thi Rio. .l.+++++++++++++++++-+
T. SnelnA..,wottrrie-ttn 01100 +; AN Ior Parties, Receptions Etc.
fir0sot ttlott ()tOt Ja.10 ot3,t ta.init 00 + tiga etties - - a- C
edfI nal hie-als i- tt ereocto 1000',100 1 hbti o (l ol Cig ttito, tot: + I-.I. ,U U hoodoaod Prcompt Seavice Duorantead
tot ot hoteItfool 000000 too .j, -
amalgamactedcisitho "Te Cloit-oli htlta01ntgrits o
Reitoster", tpublishedl -ttIBosthont. I?. S" Ioitottt Straolgilt- o ' v ' I ~ 'J "".' "' '" r" "' "
a n 5Tindert tielt tetottitle is Itrllse tt"
o tgrie'lorgaotno so o olooofAe nto .1' ~raf IS( ~ie + ANN A RBORPLGH IFatANtTRYbX'cS AA
uminoustshor010,001tot hyof oer00001001 Cgars, - - - 'P + MOTH MIDWINTER
lecturoes antd pampleth, oftowhioho50 man TAEB p & tt
haoo toetn published, btlo oftoset TA LER LCo.
1oh btooks - I I ho 0s a1go--dto fe-o 'tt- l Ihl + I
too Uoo eIslto ottolotetoolest otesit :o tx5t.,ct.o~b . 00,
which ranks tiothoioovooti, Yale and NRN'
the Aittet 00000i 0110 OlTBritish 0.1 eo It'i
attlttottttostI s o oto ool lilt-e )tot toot
to Iiaittoo Soolnajeslid' olarh 0 M RCi13-1 In tu
breadtmo 1t ii- greatot;no- ovoe, atd
th iectol moult'(W.it KI-IIY SHANNON COMPIAN Y'
hetolot011-SIolt-oOtt or0010THE ,0'eean Nvl cs- Jtdfil 0et~l'
hi1010 n clr{ ito ait,_ ill I- to--t <lel otrtd Ittloto 51 aotoocototoo)r1eat 1(eNstl Atns Selit
isp 1 otvtita s n in #t sn Of om 41-. a-t-.-- (tot l I;itol h. l AO;11;5o-o 11fe : f il t.. - i'tE
prominentmt01cinitris}II'ee trp o The IF l~~-/hi litool in tis 4itiitll
besontoitoot s (liet .1lece
8-iials fomel -tootshe.oOldotoONE 25 CENT TICKET AD lTi~ :T ALL
Gr0v l0 t. Ct p l i; ;. N1011 oto ~v . 10"s $1.50, 9 to wsiacac jota'""" "°
ohfaio oxygen rest ln ficte leooo-isteareltr' aco C1i 7l<tie o37ce:t lc a'' P r de
to i Stetil-o oolt oooiooo ottt are 1 z50cents. Watch for the BdPrdiTuesday, 2p.
obf otnIto hottord tlo- I e ri ven -ili
of hcs fillow eoultrymn S hoe r(ocool te la. too., , too t 2 C. 111-to e -+ t. _____________________________________
lectio of Vir. S--------------work n IRsec-cod Sea;s00n-Saie at Davis & 0Cc bol's.
lecooo ot810 SttiliolcooJswoo N F. HASKEOT OEWITf ALLEN,
Inoia antool loo oooo-oatoe ic macny 123 uo. Iagalls at. 710 So. 12th
isoglosto ptulpts on his 1re11111 10000rs Stlt05 001 Nto 50 0~ itttt.' ~
madeolthls iOttt'lott tot oft il'oghg oil
pulpit tdouboioy ~-tfoleoooiholtooot'Utn io
tarians, and te exyerieteoof tho t:0je1;DQhERHF
three Suondacys oh abbe theHigga~te
people bopefucl of a long and prosper-Cmu ~t~a~r rns aieTlsoeDesSi ae
o015 connection wit:, .teir new pastor.anu aiss eecps DesSi ae
Althoccgh Mr. Sundorland boo pasced Havcoc loll lineof o.if It. and Ana Acbor
moot of his life in America0 and comes vhowt. Mahea 0syecialty of Studentso o ey Deciptioo. TRUNKINdAN 10 VALISE RI' AI NG A otttPrices
directly from _,.e First Unitariau and Floslight Wook,5.tcreaoncabhlepicas. HORSE FURNISHING GOODS.
church, Oakland, Califronia (the Bet- ViewI on saleot alints, Schlcdae'a, Losell's,
gravia of San Francisco), he is a York- Edwcrds Boos, and Sehailer's Botokctoro., 1307 Soauth1 i<a Street. A.NT0N TEUFEL.




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