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March 08, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-03-08

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4l l

No. 119.



G. H. WILD & Co.
We have just received our hone
of spring woolens foi ien's
wear. It includes eveything in
staples that are suitable. and dii-
sirable for the season Wse ar
also showivng full iangs in nov
elties, in uality and st le t
suit the iost exactin taste
consistin of Top CoatsSit
ings, Fancy Vests andI Go
Trousersorgs. We invite you o
call and sslpcirisline at
108 E. Wasir)gtor) St.
Artist th tcofAis
iMaterias ainishave ddeit
tost e s atli
,)it5 Painta,C tia
a s,sa i ii
iNlder's Pharmacy
THE OLD Fr<Fr 1w
'ti'ts .A St' ChA1t. DY.
R. E. JOLLY & CO.:
...GOING AT.. ..

POLITICS AGAIN. they will make their preferenceI Indoor Meet eents-Proceedings
known. of Athletic Board Meeting.
Stirring up senior Law £1888s. A The matter of class memorial is se At the athette board meeting last
als under ,.sessisn. Many believe night mostly business of a rutine
Sharp Contest for Valedictorian, that the fations siltae sides o caatrwstanatd ete
Politics once mors seriously occuiiy this but The Daily has positive iii firer reported a balance of $347.9.
the attention ot the senior laws aidoimation that scii is not the case. T'he last ialaice sas $s, .7. Re-
anotiser battle royal for supremacy is Itit not be made a party iso.uie but ceipt of 32.0 from the idoor meet
on betweemn the iss aid ..e outssil liteleft to Che individual reersid $9 23Iiroistsie Iiessman-sopho
thr essi e sb ict e iiio the umemers of the class moe iseet inceased this to $3,636.44.
to ii oiteseoC ue oisssistiEx kpendursies see $,8).2, $2,00
class cay isfhcers is vaiedictorian, a the piesenuisdle is clearedstpiit- of0whiihs isas set aside for tlieisikig
histiirlinilot anti soirophet.Tlisthsistanidng the iman~y idicinsutoluii. DiietoiBossrdIi listless a ams
fight sil be drasnoisnisthe election o the coolsrse. H.'is. Dnifothisssill be w ib ossaNoembert0, aid se sith
the vaedictoriain. Te ihistoriani sill elecedslssesitoria iii the tlass asoIl inlos oss Marshall felilasaoussnced
receise less sttestion. J. IF. laslitt PofiosIimpsoni's ptitrait iswitatorninsoasserler tdition
sillssssosbtsliy le etesi Iset, oten the stllsisfltheiba y asisas isemoialsThe da ite o iteitersclatsti
i sottby clamataios. Present isds-iiliifi-he cntry last eass. smetwis isest os May10 anmid 26.
catiosoare that Mrs. kussma S. I ys. (Its'slevladsiToiessdansi Fit Wayne
darle sill te siaisetdpropheess. ''hst IThe March Alumnus asedcto headmOitd iiothis uet.
ofites dispsetito01estes the 5valdiie Thii 9MarctshisssbierIo ltheimihia Ater sicsseildeisssn i issitardo
toiass ansihistsoran to btidcdedlelasld 'Alumsnuis pei s m itn iewsovtues fr iii oaditsi l Ois and Itialna
ilist tonstlstwill ceticsarossiilli'threst gisd basc. lTh itsesignis an5 i Ischool
I si'ssst or t'is'liiipsitin iof t ei rcie n ith teeills Cttt t olls hei sIihe u s i lls even s is lsin ossr
toil liii IIW. lituilsii tis ai t ee t i'lrr a g m i um iii i l i b c - e till te, sfo lislws:
lthisl, aioii'itaidtei His ond h otis ec soi hlts tor sesldash.
% y iootca i gn sis i s wsi gsei ' ityiii, olde"shts living1.1 shut hise'
sl is ehalf.sA's cauis asli df el f issitoslisiss , rer nic- 5ii i Mie wak
ita' isvlinlii and poilti'sii i ii lii ,j i'ssss isis , r_' stil co'si 'ss t i uit.
silf oil~-i, i~i,.. iiiit I 'sot sill,
it icier; icarryt'n' a i i t ' ntaptie+ iiils se .ua hlt isis tug ;artcle Sot putlss..li
prhis ,tlsitiii, huuh s itlts nt n t thin sait ts y, i1tu' ofia'mi i03 medise
lci sI itsils5 ss~is a t ~t naiii prolsris555t5onits tsimalestElntsda't Ciii
excedngy oislass scanidat.hm l'matroftest .it i l toi 'sCofiicesftseisibs .is ii lii Ansen
l'oit li' ii lii h mr o-h eces biss Cii saie cotibul t's ree sit o50 elitsilbtichcassged
ita ineu ofthi casssi otiy i w tatsbe-. 1h e ilolill t sti it uu si sstl 5shesi sle
at ush' t st os ei' cs a siosahit s'ont ssleelcolstaCs c .'tedhisiied
,cellii's'ii' tzlil 'iss 'wariicrill biiitme tiltl come w 5en ..e l'borsithe cotestanti's sickeut's ''fu'nshedsss
itisists- Isiswallhhe sxpets ti it is se;of it111111a5555iii idoahtfloin Mndy husa
'Il( teg lrcit'iitiO o f sile.iii stse., -'telittili'ee u toissi nyi'lii' .,b ii lby Te soltwiis i evsllsts wisit also be
is n1o1 t le itse ttl liimittiusslis Iheir fit "Eisropean s ll ' trases icld :
is .isitsltisns isbteisn titktst ees Isisof sidamsiscsss rof55esstiosal)Boing
ssc te u isliiiiss of t5eClia. t ilte ut i sin Iauate.lworkusd iigIl IF.ea tri gh 1t- 125ts, asdun deiiri'
o ci.gaters..tirlenigth lthnOeer et salith55555imlettemen5 si st iiouli 1 . wigh'lt-1331lbs. asdsunsder.
befre.Itsencmie dey Lll;andall rquie rp etened rguent th o S itdle wegt-h18 lbs. and under.
tre sestr5onlsg treason st utr u tther esaoswic swusdibetto showshas ey Igts ii Di 5s. adhover.
beief isbutsthuty vsit l to iiemtion-i'tils viewitt ire ca stliioe s t igorieWrslag
;bte it. Ii111isitaioni sill acp h i eiimi lis fgnls i5t-Fiurcisis e o s tsit'same weight
gagtli' 05bsattle liiiosws ow.1sseb p atoutrter 1thatiis tse.isls 5boig
Ilaissorui. iiIeiuscanvus sohas tCiii yie w ih isisu tlt 50aa boad
been tieris quiet isre i ines wayit' u ii sflsltlisioenr'al-edse'atims; haliCmlFencing
,t ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i ititn harmonyrs'sc ueyhwtitih stheuresdoud us'hsisFencing chits iiC40 members
it foter ban oterwis. the havespeerlizec servce, s charcteritietitlisen p allic winter in tindere
Is yth sasiedIno taniteal.but a0n sitsuitsderms is; lut s'tol st'sisss list'dirtettinofs i sitlliamssss. Tie
iuiss ethst they sW- Ottite oil stie at wstther rtpesetedbatliliii 5 515 sht 0 hst uusu uis tit te5505 5 t compet.
lthe ruler t1me In hisCi-meantsimle knowiuldge or oweiir t' mse'sc ehiws,
they si soantcedswgoheirungerssthtssmsslist li 'of-Attendance at the hlniersitmu.
an]seigtrytailizes-ll the 1)1)1.0Dlit is sit .. p eial n sitfusl;ii The total registratonofohstodemts i
illt liisectionto liiD misslii I heiunll" 'andisitsf isalwt ills ,itsofad me iserit -is 3-317.s Ise numsber
ieaesoit ii arrusssssesi a candidastteslla nemswoitkiCsitftusstoiss.C_.e ed t o iso issitsesIamongsltyesesem'itdpart
a urtteifit'tacthaveWarnd noe. Bt ss;i'di rislt'uofsusionalstuouls ieits s folows
I Iss iss ill(,l111)1nsvim ittin Much igan at est Literary sdeatmernt .......,5
011sthe athitily' oeet whoi'iillstanmd a'i triv5ing 'iseideasl ofusitvsesrst Loom'deparstilmt ... 332
nsis ithlit'orgaiatisonmsi wy be' st'slopmenise htal ifsionusalSMehicasdepatment ......47
aithtiwill pmo u.ys bes. J, wtorksshousitilit'tusissuis works andl Engigneerng" se prtent .....t 8
tlistse is io meians ommso sosnely ameit-hDentslms i-s mest2s
l~ i u ~ Sa5-mpmson.m N we. in at this ieli s mis smil'''"' I Pharmaceu~tuitipts enti....i7
tets.'ohuic't iit ltmsit s maiho,, 5555 curub sLusn of he t i , lii-t a s wel 's tie I Ituniit hi depr ts men h t .... 7
u.st sitiltioso that u, setl nt si is'ms mmm n f d uca ssstin
eentsssmiiitticon tisto ssideedcowsil fi naedits' sFrer t' ii ssizis theCii'same ITtlt' . .,3,a
ise's shen ias555' usmdser giasum Ihe -t''gst rtistratioun 10r nsmie
Aturtilag tso site authoity' reerrIedi te cannsot fieiexupectd tsmaster trethis-ousyer wssstaum 197-8 'ussuis3,114
to mloe itlam 0ers tbeomuie s fidale-nmecessary sdtais o0.a uprofession" stu steuwer'eminrolledh.
fo vltd it muan, Sispson ill mtbe sillsp A-ky first posmnts ut the---
sits diggrdae ok aogitfrht.istorsiian ie uplamns oscampign siil0 hsigitstEsitt'tt iii~t ault Concert Tonight.
areasyetnomorsttld ha sietuhensusnsies Cbs. mpotance of phil Pogram f oe faculty concert in
tcanumaste Bust it i possible 0too ousioy s a supportimng study.lyie. Freze tMemnorisatluali tomigut at 8 p.
shol tiic tsktsill bh ulmt riiithe ild mi'-esthis Ihistaiac oh mkinigm.
alhougss hittlootss i, thy at pis sphilosophly a majorunderiodrd siinay Cocetto ) Miuor ...... Mx rls
cirum ustaces swhen the stshumt osea(First mvement.)
eutnot gie eceptona pomse of 1higb BernardSum.
As iin all selectimomns it sill be L-.e attainmemnts Laemcisrem ila Mamo 15111 iovan-
simutimg tote tht sill decitie eat sofNoy tomtibuts aim aicule sum ImI) .......... . ....Mozart
11011 amdhereinihes the --culity of het .hygisenis.laboratory andiPrfistWsmi a 0o9et 'homi limthe Cold Blast.
the'"''"'ohtu , Murtrme, president of the American bi 1 Would 'hat My ove Cold
seteruimiithregithtf the 111vlhChemuihcalhSociety. omi the animg oh Silently low.
forces. Eatshisas attac..es to it a cee- Chemists oe ndustrial Worm. 'ihat ..e Two Were Maying...
tain welt-,fied followimig. Hott110 There are also Cle usual depart- ...,. .......... .H'encl~el
certain tide has yet set in to imdicate mets, University news, etc. The one a Noontise Heat is Long Passed
whee te sattrin voe wll oentitled "News of the Classes. on- Over- --.. ..Goring Thomas
whretiescttrigtoe it do.uctedh by Miss Margaret Mason, is b Night Hymn at Sea-...
'There are several factions, eaci especially well hamde. Here are Alice G. Bailey, Garner' S. Lam-
controlling a number oh notes, which given news of the memers oh vai- aon.
have not indicated their preference oo classes that have graduated. 'Cuie'rwelve Symphonic Etudea.....
way Thy re olingof unileditor has constantly increased the-----------------.Robert Schuman
eiterwa. heyar hldng ffunilvalue oh this mni it now as some- flu form of variations)
hic other candidates are named when what of the importance it deserves. Alerto Jonas.

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