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March 06, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-03-06

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C. H. WILD & Co.'
\e haie oattiecivet iurlhoe
of spring woolens for men's
wear. It incluides everything in
staples that are suitahle and de-s
sirable for the season. We are
also showing foil ranges in nov-
elties, in iquility onil stilt to
suit the iiost et'titig5 ast,
consisting of Top(Cotts, Soit-
Fo anc'yeisatsndtfolf
Tr ooseii a a WC sinvite youto i
call antinspector ine tat a
108 E. WasbiD9 toO St..
AT s 1teca
ALL 11<;it ic
HOURS i ai
Wilder's Pharmacy


94 Pa u

ANN ARBOR, MICH., TUESDAY, MARCH 6, 1900. No. 117.
ATTACKS AR was ilreid at the tone sects enemies oft To Leave Soon for the Philippines.
denmoeraey, vie: Slavery, Imperialism, The following to taken fronm Sun-
- ~~~Arisoiiracy anit Militarism. The(trsDrotiesPo:
President Jordon of Stanford in a da' eriIrePes
Focbl dresPedcsFal have and strong at our people were Washington, Mareh 3.-(Special.)-
dtestroyedin i the rehellion and nit one 'Pest. Dean C. Worcester ailS leave
of Warring Nations. ( can tell asiw they wvouild have effeted far the Philippines with the civil gov
SAttlioi AnitaArbiiuiwas vastied yeaher- Itis niation. Many with'Rooseavelf hall ernmnttcommission withlina amonth,
ay litthe wortis torm'of.ath'ii'seisoiatlatso"aiseesoary to tV, iiationi's jthese to hegin the taskc at instituting
yet ai "neatsizi'id'uitiecewelcoediisuweltfare"libu toat is ntutsio Ia100ovetivil soenment over the ishandst.
h a viiiSarrordii an, Presidtent oatl1e-5Fthe siii nj oS this iideanoeailmitttd Pioat Waicsteirasitt he asesomp'
lan Si ituifrdUtiverisilo iiitteS. .{i n upsdcsol5eaofScivil iiaiibe nied hy lDi.Sirantk S.iBiirnsofatMush.
.cure lis t'eveiiig ii inUivr'ity'tweeo Neat 'uilekiadilinoiiis. STinigait,'agiaidiatesoathIehUiversity of
iii't t lii'Idieia ' ut ihuhat iacitto eiiii te heicehigan.i He will go in a private
j "The Bloioiitoit tiieNatioii." tein'eaker wca tihitaiiy inatioiniwhclicap acity, hat nmicshouthis tinte wilt be
spakr egnysiat ating the well goes ' 2 intii war f or ticoimterc iraonitOdevaotedttio the cniimisstin. ttislong
icnon 'rooitiiiiithaulteait fiisi a rlicif aii n._enitmedy {txpeiesuet iiithe PhiilippiinesbohatbaeS
nautiontis niiiimiitdlii its lustorS lesiliOe histianiiiritiiis;taace ore ate itsitce ican i pi iosesona,
hut tiieiciiiverisiis eiully Iiriii that 'hustitos oa),aiu'cu'ii' iia ti-ira nd ut iith- akaets his sricies iialatuale. ie
il',S, isitiryiof'ia ii'tiSo isdterm'itti d neit iiii'ss I senapnei a ~a hiss
byits bslutis Thet additess itis very_____________Bo"turisiofaDatroi ii. I seyilltcake up
siioiooicinits n tr iic h>vt. Baseball Prospects thir ii i n li iti uocupying
lies 1 beiiit' iit atr uaul cia etit w saiced'reuedt tte ty-i.ias i ii onl theis osi sioeni i cisth i iia ii0iii
to po vo St utt u etain suati'~s h lit;be, i st liii ioftita'eiis' sit foiii ci'iiiiiIiseiiiii sa t.at i'roShe i ss a m
cinc s ena i' iiSti Sbyii ngoitiu ofatli i r tic aidsiiii '1 s bsies o na''i uu's b Si o a on lsso , isiSa 'ia iiinus
bo t and'tcii o ti indSiiduals. li i t i o~ iss: Si'in i tll tse a i i i 0f h% C ititiioi'u ii i ci itii oiiii.
To'r fte a itiSim e ul~ sia l ki iiite 'ar t Siiimiortisti in t it liii 5is head osth liri'' i Isa
c itlno sv rl fth brc-ll a t,,oi, b y''sien' Sis i tiey oitctsl iI i ti t(, ii'viiae'sitaof
'i1s o h so c1 tttn hs, arr' 'i xj rs'in eti 'ia i"i . ie vttol taiii iiitii ii: tiit ts a
S' n c 'b:g yeunoti ir 1:10 oii. I w ud seemiii'r S '1iliintiita 51 iii assoi atioti
n t on ;n O llo n c d t co m s ,Ii o cft e 32 0 s i e t en ol d o th U n vrity of Micisansitu d ih t
Mor t ( o « y Ow ibclii t it I 'l Il' taliti ll -ei' ititi -i 5itc e sut l de' , f undt: n il co tli e Lat cii {it aSht Renterasa
t c al it t. I t o i iith at i ly t titit it: -i t i lieimosht a ei to sa cInst s ste : i l i I B urns.t Ccii if tu att an
lii itc i iii-0 w r etpraisa ts i th seth at'u it' he e o-101 h re f abitil 'iundier ii aicii'silS i th ltat a ii" ihat
H se. l~itc thsillsct sla toiait -k ittn, ilettuai tspla se dn"'oiiiiat t Bi etare n L iquidCoAires a
Staf itbor i i i a rios itti11101it1.i' t'i't'itel'nSobtttlaitylitoto t ttu ii ll ca
titn .'ief al h uiii tts t ing f th irlst c e: Cy ar i':'ri'fla e nd Itais e ie a to iv it i nneass in
ts"ofthis'rcetsr'swoe't ai stthiii eex Ylorlt a if n uti 1rr ' l it r ilat lc't' Prtiir' Wor ceserat p in0 t tr
castis. i tt n nianit tis i s itt the'so n t ii~ t tll ite ttlit aof sioys ean na-w ith t e od Bot rnsalo e i o suite' satin feore'l0 ecP rd
p i l astie a io i'' it '' w of ' i i i i 1111thi' a i 't r eaant diitheoinewisatis ipines.ttc ltac p~se -tcsii'si N i l e atots
tititit itii liii c utpre Stlledoit'treatHstun
it ~ ~ Iicothu of ieu- sia is srititste s itoiLeituarseten 'iidti'r.t' ~
ice aesr sitnsi t' ts ilbyoiitts son ea l isiS ihi on tihii pargti of 'itci tiy c'antIheisi a itrOnit's' ti'lictreoilLit i IAits
outsdhate b tte''poitiii,- ndiect i ii om k ieletr ircr

THE OLD Fo'ii s.. ii'iirck i: iev
© o n e rera'wt E LIABLE Ua uline of 'K 1 iLS. CI-.


de'o'sttion. Thaereissutno t aaowntisr
'iad expeiriecedpitctiersi aii tte liox.
a -rtiltrotadsS ot iti niaItalitihat ha so nt It taillticl initie at coititotiii'a
tresitmtdhite'Slithlbloodioftsomea sityIat
ha'presentithais s ciii statditsusatItalk s
Ioi' Iitwias iuitak at as iS itO utuample ts t ad tatirsta'ai s s a at'sigto
andt DritSee'ktwns' quotci tis ayin eiso ea tutusiteisisetautet tbiere anst
tata iii Ico iiid ittemainetli niih iLori uhtrs i ti t' Is beinulgesd' i. iop s
dolt not necssaril mean w are t
isasiu a 'e 'i'itittti't utSouthern Club Dined John 'temple
rers' tSwstoiranSLinuSp c ' 4ile ranes.
Sli'iyi iiw's Iti' itiiisiiu a iian tatcOp- Ale JhnilsiTcmple tGratvto'tecture
sito Suit'genta ul ndwa attes th11ccSit aiii t clii sitthe Univecrsity,+
a miicStari'niseon ad suit ca was-liket athisthSius ucompsedo'ftatbaoist 45 otis
tint' Sitelrsccaitis ofiwariihcvi idetst'wht tose homsare'u''south af the {
I :successuliwevic'etedwarotishustaihce lc s~ lxn n xpiod fl

sat"eO ecatus;ata rts' armce taut anountss
rqitrtd.iCoetutica icly the'mteasl
aokCt'y.i Si'psaritustaShatubese-o
tctuStd ttuott'ereiesc'n tiltly os tisa
le'ture. 5
SThat Prsuit Frier'a lertiurcsice pop-
ula itt sh iownibyIto'etaoffect athicthahits
list aonithad aupassou armi iesvistars.
Stat huesitate a gireat list issotwn by
a spectial Itaolution ftn aii . A1005
htosn itttisrs oluctions recitt' "Alter
this grect SulizzaurdltitS tac hactetd air'
I given usitocthfleslay'sessonts, sass cool
mustSrcteoscg' hliuid air use ishlesd ius
cit ai great expese hy' li. Fretr, las
situae tot ccilila ci onsadce its tohas'-
teat fheld"

4en havceslii Secu precerved. Shc han gifted crator asn elabornate hasnquet cct Seiors his Ct Prophees
host onlhy thremicscctoactiann. the cok Hiousse. 'lhe sesnior clcassinst yesterday cuf-
I isslasds kci epttliestuns utul Whets askedi if it was a 'avet or udry" terstooandesuleted acilcass prophetes'
GOING AT . ecenttly Sty'never turnsing hoe hassle hanquth. tosuthuener eemarkedulthat to saucceed Miss 'lorence Mc-uigh, awho
Ionassc little buy andu never facinug a everybuody went home as straighit 55 hcaolsft college. 'T'houghs there was
Ilsuet ans. England kenoowsca Kipling hue came. "Yots see, there avers no saot smuch eompetition fur the office
Officiohas aichsetteal times that its the basng Kentuckiean' on the refreshment com- ftsetas'sawas fourtunsate in seeting a
suit wasrsmeas the loss of the best mittee," hue acdled. racing ladyyiwho i' very-'well qualified
MWwhile the edllest are left behind. Cold- ta hald the positiaos. Shte has macheed
1 -4 win Smith has recently said flush there Addeisons Ely, Jr., has heens admitted ability an a literary line which she has
iso no daubt that the disintegration of to the bar af New Jersey sod will peas-st wso aiu cain. Ms
theHasishEmpre illtals pacetics law in this couinty. He S the VeraChmelioMoteeOi,
within the next century.ChmelioMntlerOi,
The same forces are working in this editor of the Bergen County Herald.- was the unanimous choice of the class.
country and are greatly strengthened Evening iecord, Hackensack, N. J. It weas also decided by vote to hold the
S a m by all those people awho ore alw'ays M. -,y is a member of the class of annual swing out on April 5. This will
i A Hi~ crying for war. The shot at Lexing- 1901, law department of the University be the Thursusay preceeding Easter va-
ton sass heard around the world and of Michigan. cation.

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