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October 02, 1899 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1899-10-02

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L fatal mistakes, First, Tte goverment I VaERY'PFINIG
t. U R p a ft . omitted to put into operation the flilt
measure of self-gosernment. Second, S O SINSH E
Cllegeyeart to be gosernor which swas not tolerated -H ~."'W EA H E
THE IJNIVERSIJY OF MWCHIGAN, by the Boers Third, The British oe.II-M~LA T~?
0 nas Inlanid Press, Heniing Blck. eminnent destroyed two Kafir powers on T l .1 iii~ CIU IJI
Both Phones. 14. the outside of te Transvaal wicb were Mai
hostile to lie Bors. The Boers, now re- ensGod Vaites, notitg else. Lowest Cash Pric for Good Shoes.
MANAGING EDITOR,. ise rn l er ei h usd We are not sattsfied untlea you are. We do the Bet Repairing, using
F. Ea~ason, 'at L. lurned their attento n oiEnlandssi an good niaterial oly.
BUSINESS MANAGER. elrdterIdpnec t~. D. E. GLASS, PROP.,
0.0A lnxaci, 't E, Athlete.s. After the Boers werec finally deted o O T H Z A N S , = o
EDTR.Gladstone made iis fatal error, due ti o IJ 0
T R. Waosai,'OO L. A.1,c~onrALLu,'nt E Ihis sentimiin aliesbut wcc hdthey conn-L. e
A. liw aaa, c.J. . B n5'on,'e, sidered disc to British Itecc.tic the ccn- ..t
Misaa'sss, 'cc, . o. OIcass, snM, eeticis of 1881 local sitonosmy wis ~w
- - gencied in tics'SouAs ri Ican RepublicCyI
subject tohecciiisy'.
Ina tritishc lersitry uctsii ca o f Ducch
rsace enjoy precs ely isc,-ig'Isis itir
The ssusitptinsric eĀ£atheDicsT s s2,sate'asietishltheselvs c, thcy accc cii ue ii
she tils. yer, awith a egulsar delivery est isc c icli i'i n c li' astcli
ether r couture iescind e r iiicaiaa assst ie nark,, occitrizn si; issncd cive c i c t ar
handtedi ttha ieDAseLYctie eoes p in .. cc
masilesitollie edicctir ta~e3 is tifat he sa acurs,tesis agae st eheard,
sesia a iliatconiawhich thatys aiecxpctedi to rien ecessary s uh ospnlishs Ā® u A dependable Shop where
'Saheesiiticisaycibec hrisisat lieODAY oafia, Te bsct cwitnessclashist iistsci te
Meysrs, as 5iccl n'e nsaias, ar wih tusinesarty at treentcinccpcaesrccc lie Sullsyou can by your Clothing,
raastiss csccciciccy a s sioanyssail ase cit Aidcnparliamtics theuc h, issandccthue a nfats, ('ups. Gloves, and
sa tet o ~ t crpaer puesminisster'sr Srinicer i of
sAi cians inaic 'sicccisisca mateise in Dur~ thdsrace Gsanithe allhe assis, tics ctnshings A place swhere'
tiieoffie b 4 p n, on h say prevosiaci tha
as which tes are ccoi seus. ,'teancss 5 ci tiough c i.I liii itself 'a retui- they sadCak f their
-- -- lie is noi suchticsi an'ccoligarcy; osesesadbc i
Pro# Wenlesj on the Transoaal. than ciit ccruptlligarcy lie tBoe Better Merchandise and always
lTce saces oad'cdresses to bc give -si popationc which is cccl ccequai rer ci Take cossider it a favor to be
lirs' liebuiesse's isclass at iihe Con-tics wholeloncisc Isis frisch iissee c ii a
gregatiolnchusissies sabiegucc ycsterdayc1 s'- its a i,5pactclills cdiniedstherlsc, Ice ook gien an oporunity to
lay prof. R. Mi. (Viasicy alia spokicon-. h5cse ' iedu aioh duaclale, at mk vrtigotadrmyb lo nLsonm
rcislieIesetiistlicstr'casIAssuiice cciiOur nke vythin g o o i.
veal. Theiiaddress w'as liteeidc ltoya isouse ciandnocntici,'mchetIss redere $15.00
vecry large ansi 'apiprecess'sve ausien ce ibe ie ccci ed. I tes nf cliii itOvercoats
The remsiceiawere (f a isislosopicalien hoild tamociretsa n s si isal.r cntcf
cractr, ithe speaker frt est min ic theprpetya a ysy i IImo c re 'anlii;; lii,_________-_
she Ihisary sallicee clony, than speacing ive apesr acent.ciflie'taxi. TisIsitueatio 'TAT 'B O O K S
(f present condsaitiocns, saleatuccill ere 15is cnil ussn1cseto' tcc iece sid salY
fronit else concclusion tatcerceeld slcsicciiici the Ihie Souhcc canre Tlo(le cliistudrents aswe if sointiadcstcion;,to ticsnenesscrss e iii say-
cres on tir art cif(.recitriainciase en-ccis mpi 'cadth eriish, c isc i ccr IP CiA IPY r'HiS iPitCO'MPLETE LINE IN 'thE (IITndcli a
iceyjati~i.assounticpoiweri ccdi therefore rest cii icplytay law boock publised. A fair of ouramislaeoussspubiaitn
trlysi fa lit Fcl ,Ira s:ib e said, " I Iis i ds sics i cat far ie edediof isc chlin sics ihrrcc tses
disaisici slces ened c icecdec ~ Vn Hoist Contitianal History, 8 vols SndesJstinian
would sis you, in lh ispeacse, Ic setii i'sal l nddo 'ne.1 Wilsn's Work, 2 vla Tucker onthe Cntitton, 2 vos
;sade .si ancncluscs sio s illmpyhaseth iicc5sic gov enmaeni . 's cat te 'Trans State Trias Ernkine Speeches, 4vl
lienedI y iessaYilielca esi aaccis tit cisccentsswhas is'rcccltlioers, Crran Speechen Rocher Political Economy 2 vo
deed ofl lie Aumericauc tresa penerally, csul hisse the sasse rihts din he Calfoeiour Ctalogns of Law Books, Pleased to qous yutprices
Ins reaonasnawhich I need ol enlare radinsals i ticsBoeriihemselv es hisse f- ATKLAETLZAN CO
oar laress seemsuablesee os-rtaicc ehe itsisothe BrtiscihicSoths Arician IEmplie. ~
'at, c'55 ls t k~* s~ic~iThci ie Inus tat .s 'srChamsbserinicis Ann Arbor Branch, ~Lacs Book Publishers
stew of heihsentire stssiciwOoos r ackia 'ficcalusae uscaedssti lice hcecs340 Sae Sreet -- Opposie Lae Building
tish inability is Ipartltradc eabic he n utiusonsts stun sadete iscIuied PStaes
anxiety evinced by the so-clledrti wdorkekd ir A sintntcsh cenusry cvls- (G AS AND ELECIC LIGHTING SUPPLIES, SHADES,
imcperiaist press to mshe caphitaloo'i unton oicllsy spea~kingcbacccitlslU PORTABLE LAMliPS, ET.,
he SousthaArican yprosblemicYet, so farIce in Iasee asilcth 1c]ilht erucentusry A S't'ii'Ai C.SANIT1AR PLnINOM ,isi.O TF;AsIc HTo'TI, s eam ATIna-a.
is bsafomIeo Jridcicsiar ics iastsc ccimcssta c iegc . F. SCHUH, 207 E. WASHINGTON ST.
accept ltce worsofc'si, Jamuses listce Of umucushsrge eriory nch popula'- --_
authorohflice 'sAceric ainCommoisnwseath, liun, lie liers souldcomicciscm lineS he d '
and a leading iuc emisi-iccfhi thei ri It ishithat-ilslie mocdermcuhemoccsy, of ashicuh, y
peace pciry, wsilay5sc, tesim iniceteers iorially thcsy a re a phrt. Notihige
sand, if anyone: i- alke lie trouule t~isuaac, nit uosnie cci a cpartzn or a Patent
consider theufctuelsprciailt lyite lightcs nare, knoingcuphuissse, crumsaliioinsee
cif Southc Afriecn lhitory, a ibroa, uccsire' sia, as usual dis uspricgte prsen centurY. Lecture
judiced review of thus presents conroery lie British are ccc slur side of civiizcaion. Book
i ly no nmeans diffiut." ' ehaivse treted thus iBoers sithil a ten-
sercess asdcudonsiderationwisa-chi contasct ta11 b oei, cIng u."I , cci ec"os,corslicure ices c al isauduse urielie- paenc ye or. t
Tfle tereitorial area of the Teacssc at ise osno ero e nipat si toodsyetrn oebos
about ,efio,ooo square milces. 'lieIpohl- sharpyeithch iilie shines shrift givest emsPlice r 5and5 sluiersin icPcde csisiiCccucdsadsd di505hos
tical situation has ibeenadetrined by Frenmch oncthus Egyptian question. Butfrm u.WoeaepdRti
Histrical facts for chelueas hucsdred there are limuits earn to the tpatiecce of Paper from 1O cents a a Pound up,
years. Thcs Dutchanamd British lint-clrd Lord Saisbury. Thur Bors awould do F. J. SCHLEEDE, 340 South State Sreet.
possessions side by ide amnd thus chief welli to rememcber that democracy is
troublelhastbeen between these European come to sisy il ar British Empireand GET YOUR 99'
races. At the time of the abolition of its proectorates; they thenmselves would
slavery i Capue Colony, 1830, the Boers be the greassest gainers b the overthrow I H G N N 1 A X
were greatly dissatisfied and many of of the corrpt, lying and stubborn nlIh
them emigrated into the wilderness and gachy'Afhich nowmsurdsa h
later founded Natal and Orange Free Republic.
State. In 1877, when the South African A rsolution of the bard of regents FIT THE, INLfIND PRES
wasthrateed ithextnctonof the University of Mihigan, passed
Republic wstraee ihetnto in April, 1845, read as follows: ' There NEWV SHOES FOR FALL.
from outside natives, England interfered shall e no military parade, band of Have yu peeked ste sar shw wtndws yet Thee they are, stes wihut enl.d, pet
and finally added this territory to the professional musicians illuninations or atl the trst talt yu have heard we wttt stt these shes just as lw as we sotld eqal sialtilsaas
British Enmpire, although there was some fireworks, bals or parties for feasting by yar.'t
little objection. Then followed meas- lb.h. students on the occasion of the om- APRILLJ-'S SHOE STORE,
urea whereby Great Britain made three menrment. 119l E. wasigonSt THE POPULAR S'TOMSEi




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