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December 16, 1899 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1899-12-16

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catione, for tihc geneeral enrture aod traio- eduecatione is a good thing-for te co-ed. mst be cast aside. Neither realizes her as a studenet of uneustual ability. The
tng of teeouttl, for thteswel-beineg of Viewved in a broader lightt it is eertainly self btut thtrooghe Citeheer; one is not delicacy of her besite aod leer determni-
te cotnemunity thtat wvomen teaehers nout a failore. only test a whlole beet is tnot a healf vith- enatione to do altleher work seell caused
shoteld meonoptolize thee comemeeoscheools, W~illiame L. Day. owltetee other. i ere to extetedleer uetdegraduate course
that thecy shsoold lesse gaiened sueh large et ind able to etnter ineto thse life of osver five years. Site received leer bachee-
foctisoin ttthechighe schsools? - he reiply Co-edeucation itt a huetndred swords ite otiter meit indandcishaere thec labor it de- lors degree its 1896, acedleer emasters de-
es, eve do't 1ktote as yet; suefficieot tie e net youe emust alhose a thotesaend be- liglets itttier ideals it strives for-cats be grec itt t897.
to iproduece ipalisable results less tet teencutihe liters.tiesvcister only by contact wvithe otheer Already itt e895, whlile still ate tetder-
elapsed. Simtilarly, we canntot now pre- e emay object to thee presrent enper-'schitetstd. It ectnnot be realized by thee graduate, Mliss Lanegdone lad been ate-
elect itt whlat lrecise respects else great feet maecintery of co-edecation. Tier- tecomuple tiesev eteemeet of a ladies' ,sPiinted astatlittbsotaeny. IlethlsePo-
stee of ttotenee bacheelors" from eott ot etecathy ihowvever, it is eeototely proper semntary. is sitinse cotietdte till 1897, secshsie
uneiversities steelcolleges still probably beeteecessry. VtWomean's relatiote toteats H. S. Persone. sas etadee itesterctor itt botaety. Hasig lafc h etr f sceya ag.hsbe hagn.N ograsrat ie omk olg e i tego
Possibsly else phenoeono m ay it he sit s eqeealeto loenger a bartlett.site I have tacit a ligh opieniotn of co-edet-, labor, site teas apitedclintsructres its
fraughet wite good, possibly it esay be i a co-wsorkber. Site tetst lee regarded ccalion tiert I feel mtyself incapbeo zoology intthie sumemeser of t89S, seed eeld
cihatrged swithe harmsful qualities. I, for f 1e5eesiontttertee icplyi s iie e seseic. aa fthtis position at tie .'ti e cifleer death.
seer astarepitesthee thv theleict-. ByriCitei thesitjedt
ofnels dwrettsaviwhich.ey stemsortlofcalteed te conceptiote of a duelismte7To.L. Robisesote. Itewteornld of scieece Slits Langdsn
jetdgietteet yteesy feasible. Mteatieli m"tor ° " " ' "'"ee" " eTirdeeminor cotetributionttt o55tiericr c
or reese go fartercetitan the declaratiotn R AIT T1IXE~1~-A~IAr-- botaneical jotertntlsof hess coutery. Beet
list te mes set elis in cotesoeeaneswitt 11 P VY'.)1V1OMEN GRADUJIAES Isitewsatbroutitoeesptrsmenece, sie
see as. lTis, sheet, is teseriotes-'stilleteen eti erpreatte, bheepubica-
teeoleetan-tee iesolo apposite poitto F t ton( nI(H CA.TttstJt it lotettid f ieSo
question. Othieesese to-educatioee lee Ij 2iif''' i'ir-ij't.
Iteetl eseceel re erie I e~!('T;li of*'a*research.. e site dT e Sei -
rb ed lngisleeiseentlys e leeloss sel sre te ieeape cla ra s i tier ecis tetor e v-
ce eduecationeehis actiersed see re ha oe t o pet h t h
seote lsse les s ei se ee o io teey etedtise orse s tteeomet ittte year tie liteesewn eofNbinds~or, Pa.,ottthe es tieer. Ictes certintht he
scces for/0wstelhsite eeghtitoe ttetrultiter i Susqu ehitatnta,Slits ieee aente etr d elsee i Cts se eeaese 5t o ed st
tier ful It t e hca stgote ofartie r idoe it f;07, idet -ing rteseften elthie. see ars 0;ot y t te seFtledtdtl e t tis Ine sigbyato toriscyanditte
lew mnsctra ;o ttee swhte teeerstye'scretrrd see 1,36 ser eelese. iwheeen u adu o il nsetle r ahe snyneese adts
belcrisis tirsatrto tiar ie str seste etls e. lese leattey '~I i e ndan f e iectihemae atIer o e d tIc e glecerit c ,es e P
bru e "1te n e tiwastheeplyisuste thassthi _l adintdsehsitsh l'f ma bepIs
Steeris ofrilomieet ear tier 5 57 sitd e err see tsteecor-tie fortttttt cati. e Ass t te ti est o f y
lies e to rind ba estdebs"ingiteere chfeces :re ottestee gespectianIchor theeathtilee ttt testessdehwaI torrecttreep'oofeofee
sedlsten oe t oim e 'cd lti le a eeIw teheezy sty I,. cl itr ofe ees ecfitted resL RN: . p ts, seef trne'r it dp erseeeof Iti reea Ich tee sapp e tepesetseol thd in
r, sielig i-e lee ello1 et seroscund d o dtsesec o heeeee de 'thnal.It l 'etI7t'shet became tresscl1o r ttlcJi t 5 Itrer s itete ao
lect rn on le fr le ee do m anthet s lafee- recu etleteseuc , et ol erieee t I ete betera e IttItt led teet te ateeders rd1t
11ut wairs ette sl eeto h e tetwn ts e tli egs irt feteatieradates of e ethe. tg r in t etsetNre ri te tn 188 serredo leeet
teesee h ute o rt e e rve of ti t e dse s e o u l.e t ee s it cbleta s teeb87 1 ew ad et i tte gr ea r esets see e dr seef eel lee Pliers
heced teemeohftestes test heLan- on wasenot goysdisevil
este msit e rit urvival .11and imehnlcy ttotfe thesteepsr estettiveof eresexeted hre ar' steer t ite Ltrstea tedofstucdye us da cetsbtsewsse
teepesteetativstyetcogessiblesoofotresse t 1ledo t ra e lthein _i p te-retiud t es s a teahrtn7 aihula
cm u ;b tta k toc-d cto ,se ale s orIaditetya iceadted saleer c sa etr'hd1u-~le ee- ~ kt erie tss tet fshni
'theehleertisentittr teteiteate.y elit'eieearvarderefrietite- SeeeofkneteynseddteeatmSataelion,
ti1 e s it ad hs st r heooi afewebtiefet it onaeteeret iis ee , th ose ly orehel e se lf ad \ s it i i l asfn tNtasttotpen N- Itearte w r eatedy t
fellsteewhiceh eeda e lethe etood od hasten.t [,ith oieee ltotier d- ugh teelrsst ose he hea r ' eore. r of ate e is sti llthea B t lwh ae t i h iceo e c
Isl e dcto de citnthngvtheeo thsosefseestte H r tietes hst teerodsetedl eyadrarte erct elquaitane.eB f eesies
tot c ietteh srse t ee t ftli e s titere s reerntsaieelictes cutbie thPel gcretya t ettssachu setestedesate eierd f CdBt- eeie e Ceeh eedsC . Aczcta
hedsI c la oit ts se ste ie 1r5r e Ite ie le r eldlhe eser lee tieoo - il _caio . s er aset eaes soslettheeChitoah-
Beesre st etrfe i tte re ete paramoutne ristte er eiehesit-hehei LsleSrensy aspadrtrofeachi t btekjit~tt oere o Cel a
t ~ ~ ~ ~ R set1eesI 5ter te t .tests eet oeinse-reeltedreoIristi ftle h ogese i 5igh ttrit ha ts i ty.t ee1-itittir87t4. t ieyrratdls
elecs sohesgtstciouslyt te eelssettetdtfor. ItrI ecwac. e sI ir eserc1. Iirteotse eeeA n 1 haden wsupdt.trtftschtoe-s
Th qetinsle ntmslentin etrtnqe nchablsi eloeet frictery an test -Marsuet-e

settee seasee s less stt cl ee e n tier est
beteroffelist a heyt' college. 'Theere ewoul
set o titoic nolu seoal ersit lee
teeostedmstrer teon'ti
l's ht t s
F. XN. Staih.
test reqested to aenrswer thee querstion
wtehdercorectioseteeseaetfailuere. Gee-
tainlhy I etseen esonedo theink so, beet
euchreasernto teihinkthter contrary. tee
e870 titereete s we seeritte end 41tune
in. theeldeerateyvdepaertm etosf theeUi-i
sersity of MNcitrite:sttee18eo theerioe
seas 81 tee367;11see8t0ps284 do 72:5;ini
1898h 585 tee 74e. Steersoer hese fb-
iee rep re esrablyat heat,
sri'at heas ltbee gotig testaeli ovecithee
codeeseev.Set fat tiern, asrthre numeree
ttme sert-attheigco-edther nalese coeeeso
is cottneedteer erisoesvideneoof
faileeur ethndevey eideeeofisuccess.
he is theramie ewhiset we tire accountd oe
te seleltiew fterwotee n.ece Tfeexcpoei
is eedIhts ibee tredatAnnee bhor foe
theseydysertied it heas teencneatly deeme
ostrte theed es tmeasurted by class
reotestees, theewoent lase mnttaineed
fully as eilie easaeraege of scheoarshitp
a,, theen.ce
'tse en havse ete furnisheled thirl
tensper iroorstions of fiee-rate scholars
it test, heoseer, as clear as it is these
they haercote fuhlly ile to thee average.
Attes, as it tess bren ttAnben Arbor, so
leas it teen elrseheere. I teshtso add
tead thee success sf co-education by no
iteates proves these it will becoseee thee
etteversal typee of higher edeecadioen foe
womene in thee country. Weomsen's cos-
leges and "anntexer" hlenousdoubtmte
a felt wandt;elttheynet'seed such a waite;
aed I eats see its reatson wthy they sheath
e.t do so in thee fetere.
B. A. Hinsdale.
Perhaps none of the msodern and as
yet experimnetal institutions receive so
nmuche athention as co-education.
With ahl hhe possibihities open to hhis
nmuch admired and widely discussed
field, it wvouhd indeed be terrible if ih
shoulhd be frozen up and host in its own
The co-ed is a reahity, atnd as steel
capable of doing altuort anvthing that is
easy ensoughe for the progressive woman
of today. Every class hess its exceptions,
however, and even co-education consid-
ered frome a hoeah standpoint possesses
advantages hhat are ohbvious to even the
casual observer.
There can be no doubt but that co-1

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Marey-Doniniig Shlen, e thee fleet as tetrsitperioity isof ssedlarshipthter
e. eseesse to renee sitneappsontmerelt ini 5excellentIqslitliy oft h estedrk stitche Lc
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Stirenterced thee Untiveresity ofSteie i- '" hi etest'nSinusetteireinue, couldistll
gese ini1571, aseelso teoteselee the deed ii et t enlnr etre e eeh
clii coueese. ileethen is eeer eeme ee s 1 'Mis iMo her" isnhermeclsritd
a toevstle, hbrilltientuseistelstcd , iiBstn bntes tunethei rienctisen of
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us sties iseauere18It sely spe GnuerlIctestis f 1tee cNb tsuit us s eientr rsssetur vt
ieee-it' stnt Sweelasnd. Returnintoti' us large hospitash. E
hueghaud site becamee t uenst at hIn u- In187 s itstrieleewent to oo teeth Peels ,
leseesCollege, Camsbrisdge, wetree thee con-1 t tipr suer<t sityofspecriealrsubectsl,
tim-edrthieereokeindsneer rof.CGiey lee steelponhier retiree tso elis rounedty, a
here ciocse subjecto1hisory. year laerc, wsrindeden ts haeelthee ire
hue l1p8 it shesareestSh. (sriBarns, sl ielsit ;n ifsprisenduet ofeelthee ser
andsanother-eyenr oftssiesthavl rndsty lee trisen.Iher stces hirer intshdscres -
I usp releaeseelect, 0wilt' hirer gateinglu g<se ist ii ofthis eprsnes sar rs
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tosry, eshlech ws it ublshsesd lee s8ps. l ressties oilthin'discillis'eelf elseistds
Ms 1Bttrnres niuteedilerstoutkse in t tel.
huisysftesrseearriage, hey seritineg aned Ihue1884 Its - lshtressess apidp royisrcigcassi eadSa-f'o fpyilg n eientpless-
dvt hens tusslentethwtss reisse cn. wsesnsuaelarge umeassueriginalt end ws
hue thee istigofe1897,sethe istelheanhes atendedii ethe greesesuccess.
Ihursbandrersigneed flessees lefacsulty o1 Sstheldsuensuriveracturics'e nBeootintye
Setanforid to stendeelthee ne't teesoyeses i n toaccepthe heotscitison.,eshidehrtehe nse
foerentraeli end cosuletations of sueigisoltds us erofessr ofIHy-giree dNWo-
stat autlhorities eatelse BritishSMuiseumnicies D eetsof thee Unieity of Steile- ,
foe theeiseeionofs Srs. Barnses' settegets
of schosol hueshorses. Saurahe Sps' sreBsown. TN
Site died out thee 27th o1 Ausgust. s8pS,
stitc was burede in Route, Italy. M r
Hers eras sa rare naturec, greatt ini sat- tescxvc.eoa.
usual endoweeussclsentad itsacstuired gifts, SMies Fatuiy E. Lanegdn.selate instuc- EPt
btt greatest of all in hove. Her neaeset tsr its zoology its SiciisUniBsesersity,.
stichs now ethwcidieerewsbr i lmuh .Hi 84 n ole was the souh these inhatbited sued died its Ann Arhesr last October.
its frail tenement. MiscstLangdon received leer early edit-
411cc hWilliams. callous its ter ative hoste, stud tsthe Ste
termal schosol of leer native state. Stil- t
segtiently se tasughet its thee primsary She
ALIrE FRIEeexssPALMER. schosols of Nev Hamshslire for three f
The year 1876l gave college circles yeart. In s8ps she ctasue to MichiganIC
Alice Preemanes, stow Mrs. Geo. H. University, teurning leer attentinead the t
Palnter, a womean whose life is so well outstart to thee biological sciences. Prone c
ksnown that it steed but be touched upon thee beginnineg her instructors nmarked I

ty Mt Saulmeonepteesisor of history as
V assar College.
St. Reend (Mrs. C. It.Stoelsl), as-
sistantsseenstsinroscspinal botanty sue
lary B.Mst sin tusleuctor lee Creeks
at WelcleseyvCollege.
esey A. Liedstoledsirector of the oh-
t.seaoey seeSueists College.Shnhuts
asti setiredseetIHuesvard College oh-
e\'atory.- Aefter sesneeiene oftsees
yesess it cii-edeeuatonal schsools stud
nsghtsseeSmsith Pollegnensrf.Cyred
wrtes "I sees ted so bleethsial
younsg teseastd wotstmcenlaees abue
eqleS sehsltey tee bluer nletso do ellI
'There sueextrnaleansteduepeefclet tdif-
derree sintStirlworte, btest hut esn-
tialdt frec seen b risome I do nts
PieChandhele a eentaprofessor ad
Nbellesley eresisne lene radeeseise,
se-idle, esxentdiolntofeste y earesprent
ttstud ntdraes ab1roust
Rose Colet'ysissowiprolessor ofBEng-
lish t 551heIliois ti.Si-tteNormual. a
sulserineA C 'an scc'ed d Mis
Pre-issuit eechest-cnilhiessoy atSWel-
lesley. a poie~s tilen whueihsehas fitted
fr fifteenseyers.Steirestnoleprofes-
sor eelhstrts nsteeloteoslicesuend dean
of thassuierssty
use B.(niestess insrcsurlier selleiesley
PCollege, uS881-S886.
lza Barlinge I(Sre. IL.-CPHull)I. assist-
ease itt hist,NWelleslev College.
sty L. Hardling (colosred), Presbyie-
reset msusionaeesrylee Afric.
sczabeth R. Chartk. libsrariane sud direc-
toe of Abrt Bepartentue of Nashville
ery E. bllen, associate professor of
Greeh at the PUniversity of S. Bakota.
try S. Case. assnistanet professor of
philos ophy in elliesley. NWhile in
college, STitssPace eras manesagineg edi-
tor of thse Auleut.used site of the
origineal mseembers of the Philosopheical

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