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October 24, 1899 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1899-10-24

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bished Daily (undays eseptedi drig thos
Collg yea, at
OFFsC: The Tlad Oma, Itnalg Block.
Both Phoes, 147.
F. Eaaasaaan, '01 L.
0. IloAN. '00 L.
ATHILETICS.. . G. D. trsac, '01 B
T. . Woooo,'00 L. A. 1. MDoGAatLt, 01 B
A. G. BnoowNE, '02. . J. B. WOOL. h,
L. J. Mohs:.hO~cO,'h00, XW. I. Itcac, '0OM,
Tho cal ccptiot trice of 1he1 D cA is $2.0 fcc
the colee toet, with0 a reglc delvory beoc'
noon oPae ciy. Noics ommnca, nsn
oth0rccutco'.ittonled oo publicin cmeet
handeod io of thot),ot.v 010c . efreo8 5p ra.,..or
mailed tothooedito befo31'.,cm. of te dayc
pevious to that oa which 11hey aea ocyotod to
Sbscrciptioscco 07beo'lft at the DALotc :c
Mycrso. cc tl:ttt's c cacu:d. oth00 11nA_
t::oocc. Oolcoriecs will ot1cnfccofaorocby
repotn ompt~octly at thioficatyfalurelofo
0c000riersltooc 0100ape.
Alt changs tin avertioing aattre o ft e i
the office Iy 4 p. m1. 0n teo 10ayjprevioo to tht
oa which thycaro ttoo aa.
As It Stands at Present.
Thetpato-wot ek1 in tfootall has don
little es'tan too cetotuat ite situ-
ationis itsfld oeItrmetrly. Lfaytte
thaso lettotrtctot'1cottolutil cy (tto 0)
thoat Pennstyvania iot tof toe it
c10ffs00m0110te' easter o le::t~s attd
Chieago atd Mih'igatn soul s% it
-whlensthey mteeIt te ltteteacs, tis
year. Pettn.tply it Chcagogtatnd
withithtie diadvanotags ot a lotg ti:
can1 hardly e looked uton as a %%icter
fromCcohicagot sho halaotoidemono-
strate d thtshte hs a goot eattit
snowoicg Oerlin undr tbyto sore of JO
to 0. Mtichian goe 1oPtitadetphiat
Nov. . atnd oct11 00elooted utona hee
ac a owierifor erpastl.ttivasios of
the east hotve prov ett hl gaee toy
qulitiesoOateetoutgt to oecomtoe lrt;o-
ly th' attding dsatdvatageoft t.t
long trit. 00is onthoshit'se sd tot
woitofro Ytale held thet owdttso soelt
tat Ithe omparisontofotsore -twil itt
this as srve as a fair basis uonitt
whichl to jutge the eat sIadc woest.
Yale's soe lctme as te rosult of te
indtiidual fclay tof 0oneIcman, Itshsti-
tte,sowto scceed tetint e luig tettn-
tire Wseoittbacarlfittd. T'rowitg
ott tiso0100untth le tamofstoere fairly
balanceld, te superittr ush lie of te
Yale mceni beingcouttealaceedty tt'
superior kiking of O'Dea. Mihian
beittg learly outapla ed by her Alumnti
hts disovered many weal pilts ut a
Mihtliganotattaaloay develop e stl-
deotly aod at 100 cose of the sesooc aod
hesutpporters looto os00 her mor
than oequal taltsscoerogaitcthe tBud-
getseoo-cn tho te coms.
Is Gining Recognition.
Theocast is gradally dicovtrloot-thtt
thero aro moo in thoowotrn univrsi-
tic sho coo ply football, but to rad
the comaconts of thoeatr prss 0n0
would imagine that thi fot had but
recently bon brought to thir notce.
They forgt how Htarvard in '5. cor-
iog n a fluko, barfly dfeatd ih-
igan 4 to . Thi on an asern fSld to.
Or toy Cornll c00m0 tc Dtroit in '4,~
and had hr colors lowerd by ur hut-
ble selves by a scorof 12 to 4. The
good wrk began set more than five
years ago. It was bok in '81 and '3
that Michigan first invaded eastern tr-
ritcry. The first time they were barely
defeated n Monday by Rarvard (I ha
0), when a tuchdown failing ga
scred but two pints. On Wednsday
of the same week Yale won out from1
us 11 to 0 and again on Friday Prin-

coton woas viotorious ovor tho samo
team, the scre being 13 ho 0.
to '03 anothor oroek of eastern gamoc
woo scedulod and Michigan again
ptayed Harvtard to a singto touchdowen.
Yale, howver, had a ovatE away aod
0001140 to 0 and Wesleyacn pullod out
their gamo 04 to 6 but at Stovons tnsti-
tute Michigan etaimed tho victory by a
seoro of 5 so 0. When the00 seortes0w0re
matde a .goal and touchodowrnsoerd 6
points goal from field, 5 pointc, toueh-
down faling goal, 2 points, and a sofetyt
one for opponents. Aside fromtohs s'
gancos of Miehigan's the only othet
games in the cost in 00hich wotten
teams havo figured are the Chicago-
Pennsylvania gameo, lost season, whten
te tisstetrn teamtceored 10 against
Penn's 21 and tic laot ganoe of Wis-
consin'c where haloev-as the vietor6

A High Standard
cf merit ic clothes maknis-ga gined
only Icy ContinuosEffort. Andl s0 it tisitt clothtes dealint. It re-
quiOe00c1ntinouocteffoct osocc port to seleet Itoat whieh to host front
thte stocko of the many clothes makecccit this coutry.
to without questioc the fittest po
du~ced ond is oteod10n eery respect of theoavocage mode to-order
gacmects, iat ot otto-haof 4cc prce. tto thot kintd of clothintg
which the toettiressoecsace lotohing foe, anorlsoieisg thtis foot owe
hove thcis seasoncputcehosed on ocosool Lamc Stock oa tein Bloch Suits
and Overcoats and arae itt positiont to fit oil shtopes ottd forots fromt
tttoumgifiectlineofftisigh otadeotoke.
Best Line of F'urnishin~gs and Caps.
Aways cone to us for the proper thing.
Lenschitt &Afe

Ancient Monetj in tite Museum.
Amosg sotne of thce ftin-sintshle
University mutseutt havett ctonot sect
light before arc somoe acienot apcr Lunch Counter in Connection
tmoney asnd sioeroodern, botneatrly
on i a s :1'lthtitou. The followving 4fi~f1C Ifll t s '
Ic ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l iboits boy Cutrator Saorgent. Theofiost t I is.~lUUu IJ~P~YFbif
a Virgintiactreatsuryc noote, of whoticItoe. S. PAPK RPrprietor'.
folitoos tnis ah opt -t~y:
Lo 225. Noc.799. This 13111 of Seven 70,) Nt1-01tUivesty- Ave.
hundllred tondlFifty iDollars shaltl bhoe eo.. 'h flo e l iefo Stndoatthe Ahleti0mycOO Ot lo againOttothis ytoo.
chne r anlgo ttd redeemoed itn Spanishtilledi ' AW-ttrlitthepr IfT hotfBI cotlet
Dollaors or teotalouo thereof in G01100 or T I D ec) soil for xt.00 oand $3.50 in Russet or Btlac.
Silveor, atCthtortleot oncefbr Porty, at N.B.- Solo o.-etst for the celebrateod A. E. Nette-
thte Treastury of Vitrgitiiat, cciiofbefoefor ton Shto, "' 'de Ultra,'"''Terhtoite," andc1" Theo
the 3tdacty of Decoember, t7912, toocord- Getleomn ad (oloniattl BDame."
ic.g to ott tot of Assenmbly loosed the XIVAHR X& MILL1ER1I The
1st Daoy ofIfarrih, 1181. (S ind) 1hi MenShoemenj
Mtarlti, F. Wcbb, S. Pattetson. ottT AITRE
Thie ntla eenOi troced to Alexanlder1 S t ?R S
Winritell for te museumntby Regent21C S P FR[I)A. 7- ( I1i? S S
John1 IB. Bowmtanct, of thec Kentckyo~
Uttiversits' ill1867.
riot feoosto ruianttfractol ST E N
ocurretncyoes of the taluce Of 20 andio
d0 cetoissu toed itt Limit, Perot, ittI H I A
1t73. Thecysteme prin t-ite Amccri-
0c01 Note Co. aniolpre'sentecdi to the cinit-P R
versity tmucseumnoby T.c 11. Cole. Thio
contrasct btweethe11cciineosteel etcprat5- otto'o
isg of thoese notes antd ttoecr'dce ssork - ' todvlsoLa CRL AG A AND Coo
0o0 the Vitg ioiaohill is tory macrredt. ANN ARBOR BRANCH OPPOSITE
Althird little slit is atstonmile of re- Z40 STATE. ST. LAW.O BUILDING
ceiicts giveit a huntiored yotarso fO. The
poits arofthoeisbtding.111101fol- AS AND ELECTRIC LIGHTING SUPPLIES, SHADES,
iowinits ore orf t itt~ le, it o
he dotumeit'aaroiEyIofTtile tlootttttetct, PORTA BLE LAfIVIPS, ETC.,
wicholtsoalcscopresentedl by Recgent AfeIlT OXTBiPCIIOP00 51Ei5 o0lt010
Jothtt B. B~owmutan, of the Kentoucky- J. F. SCHUH, 207 E. WASHINGTON ST.
"Louisville, Jolt. 1,7,85). Reed of Lt00.C.E5UP
Rtobert Craig 0 toe ccia of twselvei otPots SNOW LAUNDRYT -
Elevens Shillings, iccful, olte froco staitd STATE PHONE, 520. C IN.A.
Cali-' on twvo bonidsoto Jamttes Gowvdy & Your laundtry wasohed cleon ad welIl G(iolemenos teeiscticcoetatoftltato. I.tt
Joottot W scot. Wi clot coyIdtctci stasorchetoo di tolionel. Eversothotg blsehed ad Oiest' gingc law, W'ot 1,8' o b010p11cc.
andy 0a1Ytrfrsct.ilijheet.tttired outof doors .Tiy us. 4 PINK BROS., DyadYe frsil ej oet.Instructors.
Jais.tsts~o~sssasaas:a Pate. ataaooots:::,11.1111111111111 ill Ofie and Academy, Nockoi Halt, 334--3365. Stte
1 f IA EtTS IL ~ 1 Lecture
Beorebuyinsg yourcnote bosolcture-ocoercaciad see ourcnewoatnt covcr. The
ST IZ L B SC . Parker anod Waterman Peas from $1.25 up. Wholesale ard Retail
301 S. MAIN ST,. Paper froam 10 toots a Pound up.
~--->_-_- -- tMo:- i F. J. SCHLEEDE, 340 South State Street.
Mr Ktich LaShelle presntsl

Birect fros t is great runs at 15 nightsnat
thou Grand tOperaItotuse, Chicttge.
The Same Great Cast
PRICES, - $1.50, $1.00, 75, 50 cents
Sate of srats opens Thursday marsing.


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