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June 04, 1904 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1904-06-04

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The Michigan Daily



No. 177r

Western Athletes Gatser at Marshall
Field for Conference Meet-Mich-
igan will Have to Work for
Today Michigan's track athletes wilt
compete against the best men in the
West at the Conference meet at Mar-
shall Field, Chicago, the greatest
event tf the season in college tracts
athletics. On the face of things i
looks as though it may be more diffi-
clt than was earlier supposedI for
Michigan to finish ahead of all compe-
titors but the stmdents will rely on the
"never say ie" Michigan spirit to
In a large meet of this kind, where
the points are split p among so many
colleges, the result may be entirely
changed if one or two of the events
counted uepon should go wrong. With
Schule in the hurdle event, Michigan
would be conceded first, but with the
c-Wisconsin crack ot of the running,
the result is by no means assured.
The knowledge that Hahn is not in
the best of shape makes the meet
seem still more dbioss.
The Daily bulletins tn the meet will
be osed by Sheehan on State street.
Last night the Cerce Francais gave
a tdramatic evening at Sarah Casell
Angell Htall. Two short plays were
presented, "Trois Coups td(e Clohe'
and "Le Clavecin"
Tros Coups de Clohe' was a
charming little pisece in two acts, hav-
ing for its theme the reconciliation of
a mother with her ons wife. Mast-
ame Duval and her dlaghter in law,
Madams George Duval meet in a hotel
tacit without suspecting the ienity
of the other. In the cnfidence whics
follow Madame Dval learns that he
greatest wish of her new found friend
is to becone reconciled with her hs-
btands's mother who forbade their mar-
riage. During the conversation a let-
ter is brought in and as both answer
to the same name they become known
to each other. The letter explains to
the mother that Ier son will soon ar-
rive andi after this glad news she can
nss longer resist the praise of her
daughter and a full reconcilia ion takes
The part of Mie. Duval was taken
by Mrs. J. P. Bird, and that of Mie.
George t.4asval by Miss Ia Dibsle.
Tbe characters were bth wonderful-
ly weltfaten and sowed not stnly an
excellent prtnnciation of French bst
a rel talent for acting. Mrs. Bird
especially had a very pleasing pres-
ence supon the stage anti thoroughly
delightedi the audience.
be Clavein, a piece of one act, also
tdealt with a reconciliation. The Mar-
quis and his wife have ad a serious
qtuarrel arising over a difference of
tastes regarding ptetry antimtsic.
Thse Abbe, who is at dinner with them
succeeds in ending the quarrel through
iis willingness to listen to bo5th sides
of the question and through his tact
in inducing them to dance a minute
Mr. Hopwotd who took the part of the
abbte not only acted the character very
well bsut also provedt himself an at-
tast un the piano. Mr. Durlin, as the
Marquis, and Miss Lcls Bailey as
the Maquiet gave a very lifelike rep-
resentation of a matronal misunder-
standing and moreover showes them-
selves accomplished dancers and sing-
Professor De Pont under whose di-
rection the plays were given deserves
highest praise for his efficient work in
training the actors in their parts and
in directing the play. The members
of the Cerce Francais were unanimous
in the opinion that last evening was
the most pleasant of the entire year,
and realize that a great part of the
success of the club thin year has been
due to Professor De Pont's efforts.
After the performance of the play,
a reception was held in the gymn-

slum. Punch was served and Mr. Mop-
wood furnished the music fosr several
dances on the floor of the gymnasium.

Northwestern Fails to Show up-Tele-
gram Gives Examinations as
Case-Methodists Have
Had Poor Season
Situent Manager Brennan received
a telegram from Northwestern last
night announcingthial, the Mehodits
wotltde unable to play here fhiss a-
ternoton, 'Th reasons given are that
list students are in midstof examina-
ions at Northwestern. It is also un-
(ersotod that the Methodists have had
a dismal season from a financial stand-
point and the trips may have been
abansdoned for this reson.
The failure sof the Methotiss In
show up is a big (diappointment, as
the two Cornell games, the only oes
left otn the home schedules come after
the majority of the studnts have said
good-bsye to Ann Arbor. There is a
chance that the game may be tplayed
The "Phials," the commnencenent
nuber of the Michigan Observer, the
qutarterly organ of the hssmseopathic
department came out yesterday. It is a
very creditable iate. It combines the
natureso1 a representative depart-
ment organ like Ihe Michiganensian,
andI a technical muedical paper. Of
the latter element there are articles
by Dr. Dean I. Smith and Dr. Royal
S. Copeland, of the local faculty, and
Dr. Lee, of Lee's private hsptital.
The rest of the magaine is tdevotes
tto matters of undergradate interest
ansi as an artistic and typsgrahic
wsork, is of very high order. The pe-
sures sf the factlty, the Htomeoa-
tiic H-ospital and campus scenes are
"Phials" was publishesduter the
atspjices sf the Jtnisr class. The
Bsard sf Editors conssist of H. H.
Baker, Mgr. Edittr; A. S. DeWitt,
Businsss Mgr.; Dr. W. . Hinssdsale,
Dr. f. S. Cpelad, Faculty ditors,
Miss Helent Le, Ast. Editor; Harlan
McMullen, Atit. Eitors; Miss Bertha
Davis, Alsuni Editor.
'listmagazine was lrinest by the
local firm sf Parker & Syser.
'Tis Fresh Engineers heist a an-
quet at Oyster Hlay last ight. There
were absosst seventy-five sf the class
present ansi nthusiasm ran high.
Prsofessor Davis and :DeansColey eacs
gave very cordial talks. After the
regular program a numter of infsrmal
tass were given its which thessphs
were poperly "rsasted" ansi the glory
sf '07 Fssfficiently extled. Thfban-
aset was oce of the mosst sccessfsl
of the year and reflects msch cresit
sn listcosmmittee its charge.
ten new mess have been electes in-
to the tribe of Michigamsa the senior
society, for next year. They were
chssen from the literary anti engineer-
ing deartments as follows: Herbert
W. tlark, Hssgos Snnenschein, Fran-
cis R. Miller, Arthur . Cok, Stanley
L. Fyfe, C. M. Holserman, Arthur N.
Kssterer, C. M. Gsndry, A. H. Msnt-
gomery, A. T. MacDonald.


Fourteen Members of Junior Law
Class Receive Honors-Se-
noction Made on Basis
of Scholarship.

Michigan Team Meets Chicago Yet.
terday and Today -Chicago
in Lead-Contest Clsses

lisv following msemsbers of the 19115 Thss Michtgan golftelom played the
Latw class havehesen soecs'eds by teheart saltfsof tetossroassent with Chsi-
faculityssf ltelJasvschssot ol s esditolsetcagttsos e st silst'rayo lth ut1e Islands
asisatsostheit- Mic-higan Lasw its- ;tGsif tinssnstar t'icsagso.'fsshe s-c
view flrsthelbsusssing yests. I.. '. llse- sttandtossat sen-t t wss posints itsfavos
Icy, 0. 1,.('r-umpiackesr, is. Eatrle. L. ofsicaos-tess hfit'ollsswinsg ares'hlbs s-
S. Eaont,t'. iH. Far-ll, C. It. Fssster, sits:
DI. C.tlsstesis, V. 1.f.cLut'lscs L. A. Smoosst 2, Buckts I; Besckesr 4, Yousnsg
Manchsestse-, A. Reischards, .1. A. tils- t;loosssmsiseld 0; I's-it 2; Kisltsts (0,
pe. 1C..J. Silhssr, A. 'T'sssdsB. J. .Viss Mssxwelslt1I;Fls'kr It, Jesnnisosns5;To
vent. st-sl, is-tsigssss6, C'hiscagss 8.
Tofess ecis o sI-sIs-ips o sist ionssnsits is lit ' ssecosdita fof ts' tssssnams't
Law Revisw amalswsays bsssom s-seitard-will Iss-pIsate-s tssoa. 'fTes-c'isi
s-s amossng 5tbs law a stetss sy signsal'sssos thsat t- contst.atis os-ry 5-':: --
hoosr ansst rewardsessfolschsotsstsitt- att cosiderinsg ts' fact Itsat the Mick-
biity. Thsems-stosenssstsissyear orsegnats osusrst' tlssvig (sit fsoreigns terni-
all excetttsnally strssng mnsansstwill tsst 5thi-es-esssosuts'meis nost utsastlia-
sloshltess ilt thssir roesectits sfic tssCorythss-ssutcssme is not ssssattsfac-
witis cresdit ssisots tothsemssles adOaltig todaty it tis tsslisvesdthat ste
thedearmet.itis its It-ate wilt easily bstasl ts-tsmats'
the I ~ ~ ll the lst' lluta dt-ttwhsichtshbeit' slpspot-
ets'] tioswbhave- andswitslishet' Isirus-
Mrs. Aston, thess ledsssl andladysRRE SNAK ES.
who figured-siin 1t-e lisappis st isi ____
of hssngry botardslsTh'ubrsdayt even-ig 'lT'e stie'ssit y Museums has r'ce'nt-
is s111its inAnnssArbosr. St's-s- rotst- ty rsivedis' twoive spetcimnts of list
chanits, whsts hadtMrs. Aslistont'snsms ratre oxst stnatke. 'T--y-sseos-capsturedl
on thseir hbooks, got buisy tlissmsetisets soarkSandskly, Olsiss, oustwe-rteire-
sites' thesyhasail c-tese0rIs-s-ts-turets ;-titt 'ited yPo. R'7. Moeltley. They
frosm the bosardinsg hsose'bsinesss. wiltlits sitssettiit iss orlit-a ft-a says
'Tey foundsst Ie's'goos o0 sitd itsn t'he irs tissioor olsteMtsesum.
an upper roomt. toitt1st- Ste tt- et Is'll,1's akettiwats so atllessintsslissn-
bosse asnsresciteroil thettiroty. or ofs its i'.tscoeitrio, te Ifs'.isl. Fssx,
Mrs. Ashtonsswooassossehat diso-t- oirsst.hdistsos-rs-stitst tGrosse'Iles,
snectetd itsher statements. IFrteotsite- risciigssabtsssi1,850. Ito s sinifc
statedt that slittcoutlnt;i lmake 'monett y tstiam iis s ltsmbesslsisss. It, isds-
st $3 iser awltintenieditoslitu(its:. Theno's 5 -tifs-t o-lithstaslessints erts- o
eke addtesIsitihathe hustand intitlend-sitolbthssreti Laes.
est to cotiottona btoat tisos0ummertt andit Iito is asertses-ty harmesssnakietostt
thai tsesail set-insstret alsssssin colt r- tiety is-.5ttts, a0 ttutltstiensos is-
lectisigl t'tsadvance-mnessssy fomtai iat by iis tsiil tsgts-etsslesderItits st
usnfotunisate 'botarde.-t.As yest)ol(', 0t Its ttailswich.tsif comsinsg its contsact
actissnshessibeenitakent againttttheliiwitsi i ts eaIsfs sr twig tattos,,arotsund
Ashto's. 5 restiittfg thti-rattle sit a railIsessalis'
LittlitisIisinwis st thlis-ftisdshabsits hit
DR. NASH TO PREACH. youngttrabbti saresknowtto ihovetbesen
Thsetewost iriit,itarie.' .c-
ittm i '5/ it as ur'ssinsg lts's' feti'seI
OuDess-astesswitllits-ine ssso -s i t i stlst s I i'ss: s) wofet its' inchesIts-a
knotwiag ithat tnt- oflt-e alstth5Iinksptc-lits5it
cs's amsotnsg thss'preachesrs stflt-eEpis
cossial chuirch wilt hitntsAnnisArboe to- MEMORIAL RESOLU"TIONS.
nmorrosw. Heise Itetsv. ls-tts- ).-
Nash,ft. ID., ttf Canstristg,- Mss.,sattdt wisrea-t stlis thdes-orotiwsaatlt'e
he will tpreachk a 01etilert-mtoin i .in ts it sotfisosrs-st s'ssss' Ilt-tsoostsst t'AlAin
Andtrew's Eptiscopl hchatssitttt 7:..0. Joli Itsit/I ts- cls-soft1I5its1En-
It. in. In list'stowheress'Dr. Nssis i gists-=-its ofsitheii'UIiuisit y ttt1:11ichi-
btaknonstssits-is ctnsidesrt-dtosits-fsi ;a-st :its-a-totsIr'ooss-ir dti eu-issee
the' ablst.tpreaschers ints list isopal ofsitci- s, thcet
ltsbody. 'ibis ttughs tt guairant -eeaspro-I 1 t lussoved. "1'ht t is t-edeth sof
fitabilte vt-ninegtftr alt whotcnt ps-tlairt Ii si ti-sctss s lsIsol a nmem-
sisly gs-ttol techisrchis ts t s lr fhii 5ts seemedss-t ftor Itis satility
Nashs. eItnimnlsy csat-attsr anttifotrhis ge'n-
set dis'tstionttst; sand
NEW PASTOR ARRIVES. 1it alsottrseslve-d, 'Thsat'eextesnd
1it' hetbrceedtfasmily osur dsit'sta
Ge-s. AssrtturIHolmeisofttPildlp~tthta, Belit furi ts-i' resottott, That a cospy
newpsetsorsofthlit'01emossriasl Chist tsiftsorsoluttttin e isesit to lt'etam-
chstrchs, arrivedsinits e listylavIs stev-iy, listl te et ert'e'stiin lt s'cssrs
slng, andstwill itt-a-ut-is sis.serm osnt f slbslIsss, ansdlhet'tsblisedsin -the
as itastorit' tstlt-elitter-hsnexst tisisti Itissi lilt i-
motrning. Mr. tisslnshseenione, I. It. 'lINK HIAM,
of the leasding Y. M. C. A. woers ofiiItAL. I). PARKERf~,
Philasdelpihia asstlri-cetily tool: a0.1Pht XAL'ti)t C. SMTH
ID. segiefrtsnsen's-saylvanias. Commsitate

Thesensiose ction ofstliith sI otser
Vere-in sit-iyesterdtay osisels-teds-i te
follotwinsg stiiese sir nexst: year:
Presisdent, istleoetrt; vit-' -,idett
Miss Cosy:;seretary, Miss tis-tey.


Micbigan tenginteetring gradttseeare
sal rtead y gs-tting loted.s. Abt.ste tn
ss-otisofsttit sthe ssir i-laostssdregot-
titg tissas ts Paastaissneovsernmenit
twosrk s-tset-s- ssiwills the-,Isig cassal.
Salaries v-ill tprttbabtly rangs' frissaev-
isnty-fssig,,ts sis- sslrs'sl andtiIwenty-
fist' ststlise tr mtonth with expenses.
'f Tenisistelhists-Its ts-beasentany
whltsre alotsg l t-esaalanti to 1btas-
sigeditsosasy Itart-,sf it. Alrseady W.
IP. t:i-tsndtuC. A..Wittsineson andtA.
1; Yssisttsalls190I4 tstt ngineers have
f inishsedithsir Iteses authhiatt startesd
Thismnsring at. 11,to'clock Mr.
Erics'lsn wilt play Ohs-msisic which
lts'sthtsr'n st-its tssethe's "Egmssnt."
'fhc recital will bhel sd in ttoom C.

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