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February 24, 1904 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1904-02-24

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;THlE MICHIGAN DAILY antiof seeing Michigan good fellow-
Re u t o Enteed as sesd class stuftter at the Ant It is of interest to ote that Michi'
j Z - g's prominence among educational
R ed cton is hhed dily ( die~~tcduring the in'tttion-of th country has be
collge yar i 11 I asigtn street. recognied, y reassigning to her ex-
ban ltsetent ttloorsite ettrnettiPhntslt5" I i pc ntems eial o
@ auMANAGING EDITOR:t cation.
* sIOCO I. lHUSTON ____
± As we have too large a_
stc o aic theie. -EDITORS:t ian Accrding to tD. Jthn Hutdotn in-
stc o any ( tki - - - lRttERToK. WL IN c ly president tof the college of the
+tF . - - - - -J.. 5 toiYJ City of New Yon, the eolege mas
SINGSADASSOCIATES: hias many more chates to succeed it
SUIINSAD Clittfsrd Steen'stons.Roty Peles pulic life than the man ntt college
A. M. Gaer, ller' P. Erin ret. Forn staistics gahered frmn
j ROUS[RIN6S A. C. Ptod. A . trtreyer. lt edn mrcs ttgatia
Ida . rsasrigt . Wi. ti -ayn. wrs, lho indaIthat sn' ttoutf every
on hand we will sell Oe. A. Otborn. Harad C. Sitt. orty college nest scceess its lif,,
lrry I Asdrews. tled It. K,41. anti only one ton etolege miat ttttI
them at reduced prices 5,fTttoas It. Ioters Clyde L. es. 10,0111) scceeds. So the etollege sman'sI
to tmake room for our BUSIESS STAFF: chates are 250 tias greaer than
Sring and S iimmoo e r Att. 5. Ebstit. Ii. .~tt sistette. 15,000 names in tne of teitsor alsl-
fs-t~cis-.ical woks, msse thant a tirs were
Woolens. Be sre andt Editor today-THOS. B. ROBERTS.!ctllege nmen, ansIostatotf 11,551 aes
calf it before yoit place ,SusciptsossTwes, lsttst rs ea, paable in te othee erntos,5,7,trtIt
yotur order.-AA -.4,4 , attaese if dligreet ttftr Z!op i. i'3, $?. er tieg e:
± Ptt]coste time thereIas Ibeei
Ofi . H m. D230to1ay. 0 0 :3 class fight waging etween te fres-
Adrs-ROSCO B. HUSTO, Business Man- I:met and Sphmtres at Waash el
ser. 335 Packar Street. ee. The freshmen recetly cpsturei
108 E. WASHINGTON STRET. Telephone, 41. 1Sone sophtnocoes, sputt heavy caiss
on tem, antI tries toipaae thet
N -.............t -r hrutgt the main siret f Cawfor-
1ville. ''eecity Isuer setstltled ts' a
altcics son the cainsos.Whens' the
CALENDAR. !freshmen refusel tgivethess so.
P. TTT f1(A tey owere areste,putslit:jail, ai
IF eb.~ ~ ~ i i 1 - i 4 1 i . L e c t u r e y H n . L A h l a n w ' e f e f ' h i s a
I slishtlon sshe"isTasa ftsheaathor lcln, ities threaten ts expell ter
Pubic chols n appn. all9ing leaes and fale asay tis tern's
lists:: coisol. - redit frot nohslthe star lsses.
Isi Iowever:theLectureasIey sar Jol5n
T_'4 IFF F bltstI) im'cassistant : t teses stac ohof Htssse is1os lstssy is
ontsis :tsThe Theatre as ai
IPubilic Institutionstn}rane."j collee i n f os th leic:sststs-re srI
ALLSIALDditlMA EatnHall lectte Proom 't'. in elle.
A Lb PA(JDINGSFMAE .524-1" rscsh Low Class cntsest in
j it tisrt its [lsom IB, Laceblg Tirtisten lhunsdr'dlsollrs tositasbits
FeIb.Is24-6: 15 t-.to-Astiib y' 5,N. raisesiIy' sttbsci it t rnthfe
NoI it- I$5t510 - $4.13 11l11 associations is sunablle is cntriust'
Id(,.)1t00fill Fesit,2- (lstrslt Ilts::'rehearsal, janyhingsoits isuspprt~l alsts fli~iis'o evltrynwa istoi: sseahei
A, A 6.011 4.50 Febs 2Z)5) p.itt Lectre ott"Cem-
'BI. oi.00 - - 375 istry" iso Germsano by Icr.Iorif, iheyutnsg wimen at Wisonstsii are
('isors nite) gra'y)'nd whitt,, el iniioom C, IChemisry ilsg, plan~igts girt' a hi;igealiyar'arsoy
Fb25--7:0 s. itsEvoltion Csurse. soo., 'l'Is sscril s si ' rels'ssisg its
On0l:1 a fewasit tes'Irises, '0ome' Leciure y Prosfesso Reigardion this smovem'nst
eal eoethe iss ate broksen: 'Evidence frists:Developmet of____
'arty toter Asinals,'' is teum ltreIlTe'minimui:5mtxen'dsitr'for a sit-
505555. gls' yaat Yale, $10, wtasasis'bits
ets. 2-1915 Egitees'dacte, manwho setI buts$550 ltig his
SHEEHAN & Co. PtFl. 27 Social at Newberr'y Hall entire course Te higetidiviwas
Fb27-8 p. is. l- csh-Soph meet in al expedifture in a sigle ya a
1I Watermtasngst: $11010. The maximniu s-scst fr or
University Boksellers, Sta- elt. 2-, p. nm. Adsrss Iy Professor years was $251110.
sd lgravers. Fnsril at red Hall, he Chicagiotog s-
Unvriya 20 South State Street. Lane runner will beares frosat-
Z ~leticsts year as he hsontly re gis-
It is gatifyig tis:ohh:alumtni and i rdforonsis sei
onegal~~' f it'eUniversity t t I fv cer'tic n orte Ispatic-
knowsisthat ichiga: is to0 hi' repr-
C. i1'1.rMAJOR & .cofr'PANY snitam ,i-snvriy xiispate in aity rnc: re tieis.
Specialty~ of Fine at thiii t.Luiis Exosition, Michi-I The stssens in Chicago are plas-_
inferior Decorafing gir as: coas at of wortiss felds of niingtsfol a mck political esnvi's-
ICornphlete new line0 oftl apt's-. origisal research, whic: in scope and tion soon. Rallies fsc the different
Paints, Oils anti \arnishes. real nmeri said se scond~ to that tsf few- candisates are being heli by- tiii var-1
203 E. Washington Phone 237 suniversiies. It is this work which, ots parties.
acording tsitseromnmedtions
MR. J. R. TROJANOUWSKI, mate y thr committee to the hoard; REGENT HILL SICK,
sof Regents. will forms. a large past of
The Professional Hai Dresser otr ehliittOn its material sise, aC Sagisaw,-.Mich., Felt, 25.Hot. Ar.}
322 S. State Street, sp stairs), etsspc- Micigan ron at the Exposition will thusr ill, one of the reges o sf tir
Ial inittonstlathe ldes ta rail tt tr parh fvls otnvriyo ihgnuiest.hslrntknsssesy
tors ts inspet iher new tine of hair ad toilet b fvlet nvriyo ihgnuie'iy a entknsdel
gods. and esope atending the F'air. It will pro ill wih appensiciis. He is repores
Try my Scienific Face Massagean vie them willshistace of gathering, as somewhat more comforale tday

Sweaters and
Sweater Vests
25 / OFF
For a Short Time Only

$5.50 Ones for
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Colors White, Gray, Ma-
roon and Navy.
Walr's Book Stores,
0riq-sscs usooos
rt51 5 i
(, ii'weav s, .- rll'ts-siarldttodi-
tsi is sitfstslea p-oa ts:-t issos
55n huts:ol llasotln
-'''imi-lo -s anue an -s only
to e ppsit uytaI actual
irolctIttrssoftthe froossilsotsr
Tailors. 150 E.Washington.
ToI kt'ep your face
in good t'ondtitiont,
use W~illiatms'Shaeving

----- -- ---


DEAN MI. .5CAIIOLT, lManager
Wednesday Evening, Feb. 24.
German Theatre Stock Company

The Next Number Will
Be Announced Later.




Season lickets, $1.00 ' , Single Admission, Soc

Prices : - - 25c, 35c, 50c, 75c

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