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February 24, 1904 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1904-02-24

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The IVI i Dily



No. 1010

Not Pleased with Saturday Nights
Showing-Fresh-Soph Meet NextI
Saturday-Ramley Ineligible.

1 ie hs I ti t licbeen a o Idol-

Celebrated Meoay by Membeos ot
Medical Department~- Account of
Life and Work of Dr. Froth-


Trainer Fitzaicik adist i'Im i 11 tvess'icv erdta elg r o eln tA hldItesln oi on bsorlib s i r(at i un 1 h an1al oservnce f fond-
oinir tfeashoxin; againsthe 131170113111- 1 11 lit q it ttwl a aeaeals it alt I inSaahCa~v1 '111(0
to'r ('hragi tti Slitrdayn iglt.ti he1I)' Mal.t he sltrlie evnl tettmpo0.11101l1n to e o 1 of" l ur, i'i
reo rdis r evii Fia llInot a ill aittt m tri aue ntinilad r ul I'. 4LI FtI . 1' 11 111 I o sy 11 5It' 1i
1)r1111 id i li'01111511 1tzitaldiylterdayit occ s cn it of ian a
ano r mccii ow'iionlithe men mustiti I t d LoisaioaaivePa e Eo ition-is dres by031111101'(arrw 1adlictc
ch atet ad (I'w r o gli s enIuitrard leclg te reenaf. f 0l e sz o rtit it O
to.d iio o l'the coig ta il inc Desmothirable Aloment of sae WvI I faru to Owo to'Ihc fLcto''
1)t)0wul' t,of bei tale 'ct o make any11 mark Detasi fthfecExibit.deadening1 111N11 v 1 f1amilc,
isd next the i asira n ts for rak o - - e1pthaiol }iep rt litdti
tic ag "5 lc citect las; rly ta s eit.fteE hbt ti om r 0lwvsas ey kl
e cct i' t icircctuil it andci ivei hihtt t litttill has u creII lit i i Iol 101111dec idedtha , to'\B , 1 c~tii lii littic i i ip1.11 An-11.
oftil imetile cclmp oig ient inc h is Mcl a it' b11 I I II II'th tlo irtct ln t , tu ie me icne
mus t ac'ion.eiicle dacc ly f oric o u n ist txo siti 'tltThs eii on ars sIry un e cteits1 t uotttt i)
sraingsl 'cts.w ich m d titi ' gis n mdelr'k sarslto r wwrW .Geewh wsM n'
The reattopi ofconvrsatou o { ll" act hat iic i-ans fist ssig ; a1eI tanirts Ni It Ing rd 1.11.
'lict' ec~lt' icoiclts lt uss i iin11orth' to I iii fi
theIwo1111low ril ism s. T heli Flshig imlln 0 iii l e pa l.i hie crd Maw Im i n r''.1 1.1 1' ito '1nn ). 11
haveililR) ll' tfigur 1dOL'thtlif '1000 l'ilr)! I itlitillihtod tolc-ttuiBy ltthe harc nor W ILL PROe, beALY a TTn eD.
'oesfntb )'eatb wih schn istusi t her1)1111 are, 1 anteI a p111 oitin 0 i hefot ;a +by id n i oudal h j
ivttea 's s e 1111 ler, Brt) le ftti a ' ow iii cil Yaltan d ii lii .111 .11111)0 i at iiti l o pt iu li f~yititll itic
000'Talent, henna1 an11) t10111)The tonlchrrccharge ofithe i1 l ~i tp iteIby'Lh itbtoard
fl ee eric e 101) s h'eoh ooresleut' ei . tiLo(in Ixhib 1 il . i' i t ilg ofP i t if liii T is 1po 'sition the retined:
1101e 3'elb tell I ctalcuIt o ns 11 wh1'ich! Jltii Ange (ll. Proils;. tl'Den iitlttition, o R= e l rii'i'O 1 1 i n llli ll889. i )11
pro~fve t'eyo rdmilloIfbtlthatc th'ycl ill100 efclltI 1 uber landlot111atterson tutic. ii ;o 'tll eiu ixtulimtlin' manyItw' aysIi ,
win th mee111)a0lagIllagin.'Tey IiM.tShi le V m ttllltit 186(;The FRENCHa e a T e br. of
epROFESoRllGerAH aMl TAYLseORdTOInlobegi a tepit sii priovideilici 'Ii 1o 0111110 -iecic
LEChid nd frtU RE. e f ha AitAnuc' bi ain g te itsccy). ll~ , f itsfield M s. Cws '
hurde'ce s, . le v.ta , nirnc- lap1 nd'tu Leiovi-ocui -ee n ;; . a imesecetay o th setio o
lTItly n d Shan1 k, Slthely ae ctl i bw I Adco ns'v 1. ll i tint'l hsli. n.1 fitsiu e11111 li vtn- 111the 1w1111' ic ti t h i I ll i f !
ofeeorr to t. 01111tmilf hs c' '13 1tiutn oo llolii iioi, th Aittoto 11111 i'1 da ii ~ i~ad
tonted at e ,tinrt eyong C alhor niai 1 eI.) All illO lo 101)1111)3 ci) f1111'n111111110. 89,P tiili'1(Mithigan til
egiant il. con pt in te et000 er . t)ff110 hI'o tinn a s mclMe ialiiici. -Ate is v
ud ynah ingetiadctr acdec-r o 110aviii r 'ttu 1 Ii. t o f') uty ttIthe rs n i el rESCUtheRnn D RWN EDn1 9.
the sht -put t h ex tis lnrcy. Tte big e growth i-c u'tt 'vi.oh'1)15ity i th cutiffim 1 flhi e; dt eath,') 11111 o n rl i
f outo w heasrec h itci l O caellsi llily 1111 ano .o1the .. 11o1en)11y luat'tcc' ill l'liil '''0 1 19lit ,ii lN'c .'vv ct.insd n 'D tot
sit e s cc iIeea b 101lilt)) i e wilt War t- i h' hls)111111 00 ifcltt i i'iuih t ii.' 1 1 1 cii
itteerecrd le cerfi e h t-putil. Gem-n- -' 1,081. 11 lii 11111aititui ii liitttugtel---
Ro isn a di n so~r~ro o i s i- Rcc io isil iOn he of). cesi hesl t'.. Th ic d~el ii 11 1 ui i'iinthe sli'In
tost'.yetc.s thak e nvetacc thebucoe lso.)tt isi t l t.gien i n cliia '
andteFriday conneprohoard i . ) on olnc f ernssp acelebyJhnesK retIl.D
tw ofeFreneisc tig the heil nIit-- JUrasoba n Ie lO LW S. te'etit ii Iliclitug lai 111111 honI~tiul 1111.en d
Te toe nt bakp r e otho ndopleerah ie-res r1ls- .of tlricc 1they lasrc iii" 011.1' 01011 ilclt 1 011 11' c aan
dillco'soffith e ra o ofmedeseinothaeij~m o1 Ityuelag 1of11103' o-slog Thestc lwatuescac'ih )valuhctcg ech ic
wie in h tsosso thoroughfl. s atFe tr 2i. sirhy a r'$ a ie'l. woiderise tohe oin eitlfamila vt

Til yo ng eolel wh' o l wereii u-' st
f)(A01l'romcl th '01' 1direci tly'lerI1,110
ati cutolg ('ginItIhis us uiii', u'u. 1,illcii
lit' itliliI cbro g ti-u man) 0 lit or erig
aii tititi Ilil itI ligis toithe party11-1,
-i alirulecad proood nt, an
1t 11111 mii huh il bthtiweilt sus-i
Abuntindane Iof itvching eMa-t
l iar Ipro'n11 lla' I 11 ' (I eci I - let
nae 'fh ounhtpouple.
Accoun.'itu u.tttu-rk inthe-ligICage- 1i
Proi ts at ernilyi Brigh01 t e r-i c
Abnac ofI 11 I1 ich oigIitMagi
The tcanlidaIu te ToIrto'Vthruiy
baebl temiegi)o.ho tei
slIii in hailing tarii- tte'fitt t lme i : -
l;oyo nes" 11. I i given usuiofthe c )11
Nov he bavttiyl-a rei eecho
ereey fw Initit').wiletll'lbait.-
1 Itr I n ii lilt '1 line'01 1 1 m n g -
in he, h ne tt111111 all if het)lli
{ail to it. t. u iat he irsit'. at-ot
Ov one iltilt v' li i tilt aitc ly i
gvl a.til ud-rI. lli -dir ct-ion''u ofi
o I tlu:;l ' c od . pa t o It
nw it'come ucittont oet~o lthrltand th
rage, % Iilt is1111--0 hfut oini men-tlddl
Itmen, ith' ii t asd to il ititiltt i ii) u-ta s
Tl tithp ,1 it) inspect itora 1winn 1cg'tetmcact-
it lutnt islt I.411u ifltc Brlihcur tin i
tilt Co uch t tli 11ande-i)slllssitn t
i )'utluiruu 1Oilethaft illui' coachIe'lit-f
1r. 11 'iti- A 11111o1 cuasdi-lduihdiffern -
ii. Ilutihitdtfom'huuc -i'. sq.uad.i tt-not
who gieut' i'ofuWaru .... clii Icux
i. .ois u uu I'm tr)erlho wever,.... theti
hni. Yuto cumtcl thi tuucco e..as Rtot'eu
lt h ei whoihgave ol hono11iiur
7. lc utr'am111Sbegisutdoor luicuiio0

All 000rou rdially' invited.

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