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December 17, 1903 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1903-12-17

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THE Ii MICHIGAN DAILY Professor Stagg is now able to sit rafyC[NS [ACI
up and will soon be allwed to leave
sntredas scrond class siter at the Ann tle house.
Cailsied daily (Monday socepted duelngte Tbe indoor track is. te ew Ci i I ~LmtdUiin
college yerat117I Wsh ingon street, Go gymnasium will be redy o use PI l tLAt' CtttS'ltlCltTIS
Anflflnflj m ent.. ~(b aseec~o L r, ide entrance Phone &2-rafter the oidays antI track sork
*-ANGNGEITR will start then. Te track is ovreit atI ?1)1 AtIt RIES
___________________ 5.E~MANYGINGEITOR ASON with crun and varies in width fruim li i i iiieissottnt:
BUSNESS MANAGER: twelve and a at feel at the narrwle li II 0i 1
ROSCOtE i. IUSTON ct ,part to sixteen feel at the iidetiKi lIiIes-,o ell .111 5 lie soil-i
par.. d i, iI(Icin ig
The Largest and Most tart.ORS: 1 i b. i iteic kitI.. . ittei
Complete tine of I DI O R - -is i - .nrli 1 iit + ii
t Athetic. - - - Ioneisx K. WATON 'he raternities are tplaning i s liiI !s1Ies-l:iiGosst
Nes J . A.FY year lto give a large 1Pin-Helilenu iii i ic s: 1 SOIAE :' I ll i irnie
AS IAE:Ball intadl citthe separat frterityu i li a r Pis rtetiti i t el,
tlifori Sievesoi:, Itoy PeeblesIo
Sd ic iir .Fet ances as formerly. Alt l t l r-ternii """'a"', i: iii ii d tieirri v, ri tc:in~
A sA . iirae, le . Ge ye ties will have bottls ad:thoite ty \S ~it ifcrfti. it t ii
W O O L N ISothYitKern Stodiard S. More. :niting they will ibe alite ti-sour \tir e ici orH IeI. o I Iti iii
Ida1M. Broineig. I. Wtaite Jayne. better dectratiossani api tits- ii lii t r clii
tGeo. A. Otiorn. Haroltd C. Smiti. at lesoecost to acti crwitd, ii itlop fSel o odIi al o
-- Hary iH. Adrteis. ----sit
The Choral Unto:: ai 55 ist ills i nc55 h d::t~sii::
Editor Today-S. S. MORE. will present the 'Messiah"aterticeiiTheici -il i f ii: cue,
in Anin Arbor will be tiound hltas
at . H. Wild R& Cos, 18 5 ueits a ditc ecsaeubei:____- Ii--iled S-rior
East Washington St. Cret evassec. if dclo i p:: fer yersa. be151t n $.50- a- ct' ifsl i c th Iiii ii
panaeentkn s-__Neil Snow, the University o ic1h- i I ti iAll n ITrluin: Mst ii:r
the seection of all sitingi. Office Hours:-12:30 to 1:30 and 6:301o 7:30 igan former foottal tPlayer auit c-Tedli ii L i liii iiiori"1. i'ilti ri
trouiseritgs & orereotings p m. Daily. an, is back in Detroit after tbeigue - .1.t 4 sl h dedtot uttottc
for this seaonStf . Address- OOEH B. HUSTiO, Business Man- inteeoe~rayaai cl iei
ager, 331 Packard Street. there. The former star has aciteduas soCENTS [ACH,.
Telephone, 461. official in everal oft the big iatrn
games this year and kees iup his il-
,,-terest in the great college gans e Hi
willcoe to i:Ann Arbour 5:son tisi-
I08 E. Wash. t. CALENDAR. hiiomrsqtsnacs a sBo trs
fNfO N~N ~i~fNfThe Eckersall oatter atesrtiii be: Up -Town [)own Town
Dec tIre1 Glee Club Concert in Yps:- settledl deflitely, as the atite is
9lani: returned tie the (tnivrsii y f Cicag
' Stewart Edward White Dc 17-Mitch.-Wisconsin debate, pre and declares that li e:i elirhad italy ®f*e z ®fff &® O
A I un ci t a ilc ecti ,tmear nAlisN -Scey atintention :of guiing Ito icny otheiir I('i
DeH F R ST tct 17-lM:chl.-Wisconsins debate, pre- _veritayleHlidaGit
Z 11tbtd iht ul-aednic limmaiea in Adelphi Society at Uhl
9 an5wt0deortin. i)M ario:: S.W ees, atitears cap * FORi
Thaome nFogarty Dc.c8 vingm Hliayvacation tamn:and qurterb~ack, stipe tit:i Alin
Idh~enog fisily Arbor yesterday to: renei c diiuahn-ii AWY R OR ST IJONI!
j $1.13 F'L'ilbegins tancs at the IUniversity. t":osslis ___A
* ~---~ ~ * jst completedt a sctessfitsul season O-,
*them:uystery and the isonder of ne ss irn Ineraineid a succesful Ivone r
boshfilt ofthe bden an 9 15 thc tiiru hin- A::fAtuirbus- cochinnthtKanaslt- iran i:it,: 0
athe greatwno ds. It his betern fl~othiall taim a1 al1enthiusiatic ban- The aily Sud:ent. frmI ndhu i iian { ° 'It"'I lii: i O
thathe hs alit-itslnight. Teriyal treatment says: "A. IHristein, lashhiear s tas t,,i
the poer to m:ake you feel the r+at-rdt- he piii l ~aycrstbesok:le the a511 halbacks on the Michigan temidiii t dull 0ti 1 , a , t H
Swoods as the masters tf salt wat- it~ tthtemn(tiet:nrnwe oc fte ls:h i
r fition make sot: feel the sea" peito hc h e ftetw eondcaho h akl n 'I ijIil~ h
anfnteeatiso h-ho ell for te wrkt of the team, and dis this year, has deiddtoi iu i 1- 9
thio qualoity it his work is ::oc ± fully' retiaialy idebtoci grtitude fotball and wilt ener custehis in i c
Iprominent th-an ever before. which :ssy have eisteid. Surely all ton a ranceh i:regonm." lf tI.:::: 0:
there are stotes cit experiences iis is pleasing and gratifying to the ______i
-ad aihventures ides the long sudiets, huh, it will proibably cause t1 1 : ic 1 ini 1rioo:
2 ~tri," Ili ethin wilds : 'of:aidam a:i nsyito:wionderritcwiri- not allow- tLelandt Stanfo:rd Univdersity hs lle Iitus-turn ioi
b its of woocrdeat. skietcs f thi:
*tat rtanth coIIud ing ur ii:schotoiiihe. utic dos hne- by men thisUniversity of Caifori hIr lii ii tof t;i0
2of thin cirthe: 5 eounty, ti c- ic ' s:ui seyc)ii-elcibtebail coach in lreaats in: for tiet-Vintt
*tures of the nri-t fcrst :n its * ters15ibytani otrselves. From nesita-fsifcrna game:~. 0o:n : - Ipr
iany aiid vuiabe :noodc. af Minnesotha::coiethe reorts ocit ag - -- s n 7 lSUPERS.O
*Z:ihlc d :iisiidenitianqutt t h t eam
_____________________ and theri::uiversitisowiise teams To appearIi theIgieaI rview of ete a
* l aiehbeenu less siccesstul than: ottrs,)toii n WtiJiiiu :iu
* hatet huiisiubicy sh:wn their shples--Marching Home at ibh- Ahen-suclia- *Law Booksand Law Librais sbonght 'a
Cs-t::n ioi their teamoswwor.GObvioucs- re tnight C'hcse wilhiast suit ru 10 tr ash. tCorrsponden eed 3
AlID ARBO, DETROIT, " IFxperientce haltferred. Apyplyingin thegxlierCeE.eIretriet. Aitilt+a
320 So. StateS St. 160 Woodward AT.i atmtlii ths all, huh there can be noctoor C. EpBARTHELL 1
f *bete miainer tha:thIiof ~thianking dir5 e :
:iifrfack snt lfaetfsllteamsit they ,, 5 i t iScodi zi oo, u~i ~ 0
aure tkan:aly si~cestIbalytearsMICHIGAN CLUE DINNER,5,::,: I is:.
areequll sucesfu ths yar 325 . Stat SC Second Floor.i
OHIO CENTRAL Li1 S GOSSIP OF THE COLLEGES. Ath ee ni tso f hae M ::igan aby -
New York City tior sai i:formsa foot:"_._
DIRECT LINE ball dinner for Michig:n alim:ni Ttliars_
TOLDOTOCOLMBS he tprooiion hto:rn the anntia lay ah 630.inIt. . hthicHotii Allw11: 'rI
TOLEDO TO COLUMBUS canierushi at fColumbia into a benefit i oor of the vicoisio.ichigu-
Prlor c>.,- sit T,t, liersormaiceforthe ahletc associa- eleven. Plans are tnier cnieratiion- lltt 'ii wt
ton in thic gynmnasiumi and charge oi- for a gain. in New Yirk City net-sea-s "o' rewt'
C. f. AJOR & CO n. uo a r eei s' i opi-son between the Mchigai( an ytt t r fa c C .'U Se
mors.which has not bee:: iefetsedt hi thn:
Those wishing o hve their rooms papered, years. and a Ieading Estern d--le i l i l 1 'Sa' lttilg
tinted, or decoraed Thhe Harvarid athletes winning This game wotld ge far hwards sti Stick-
uringr the Critmas Vcation paces n the Prncetn meet next ling the dipttei qion f thi:S-
bshould leave orders early. March wll be taken to St. Lcuisin i periority f Estern atidtW0u-i-nju,.
203 E. Washington S. 'Phone, 237 thin summer ho opeuSte there. football.
* t.*.**.*.**.****,*@,****.*********Nf*f**f** ***f**f*f************ f O,** ffffffff********f,*
a jj\T ENSEN=1h' a: ..
I ~DrANI 1M. 5IIAIOLT, Mar~nger
t Lyman Abbtt T -tONI
W inyOpera Co., in the Great Patriotic
ON j~ Whtney Comic Opera

I"1R~to vob~mj~ When Johnn y
2 fl d~r [veoinqg, 01n. 2Hoes
Single Admission, 50c, Season Tickets, - 1.00 "RCS, : O t' Ctr. m r{ HIfE
TINKER.. & COMPANY. FURNJS1IERS AND HfATTERS,,:-...334. STATE ST.,Pliolle 342-2r*$.

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