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December 17, 1903 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1903-12-17

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The Michigan Daily



No. 66

Gle .Club Concert-Mandell Hall to The Team Royally Entertained-Baird
lf .Opened-Eckersall Returned Talks on Eastern Game Question.
to. College.
Chicago, Dec. 15, 1903. Last evening at nine o'clock the
The Annual home concert of the mu- members of the football team, the ath-
sica clubs given in Mandell Hall last letic officials and members of the ath-
Friday evening was a success. The letic board of control were given a
performance of the clubs attained a splendid banquet at the Cook House
$h standard, and a brilliant aud- by the business men of Ann Arbor.
ece of collegians and south side so- Covers were laid for 150 and when
el ty people showed appreciation of the time came no places were found
beoentertainment. The songs, new vacant. The menu served met with
And old, were well rendered. The hearty approval and each of the toasts
pAunts" were original and taking and was greeted by long and loud ap-
the program well balanced. The Man- plause.
dolin Club, led by Henry D. Sulcer, The toasts on the program arranged
w o had also coached it, made ;e Itby Mayor Brown were as follows:
real it of the evening. Old glee club Football in the University-Presi-
m, n say that this year's Mandolin dent Angell-
CIn Is the best Chicago ha.s had Our Guests-Ex-Mayor Copeland.
Following the 'concert a great crowd. Our Host-Captain Redden.
too great, inded by far for comfort, The Team-Coach Yost.
thronged through the Reynolds Club College Spirit Keene Fitzpatrick.
and enjpyed dancing and refreshments. An Eastern Game-Chas. Baird.
The Clubs will start on their Christ- The Alumni-Henry M. Bates.
inns trip next Sunday afternoon. The Future-Captain Redden.
The Referee Whistle- W. W. Wede-
Mandell Hall will be "officially" op- meyer.
eed neat Monday evening with a con- Tie announcmentwich excited
cert by Theodore Thomas' famous he greats'sinteretatwthehxanqiet
C'hlcago orchestra. After the concert the gtt was the an-
P idet Harer wIll hold his reglar ght was the statement of Man-
prarterly reception to the candidates ager Baird in regard to the probabil-
for degrees, p the tteynolsn Clt ities for an Eastern game on the Mich-
A dance will given In thse lutchin gan schedule next year. After show-
sonace ll h gic jin the uclthoein-tg thast because of the contracts al-
soH 11ml which ajinsthe cllboutc.- ready entered into by Michigan with
The commons is locaet in Hutchin-Wisconsin and Chicago and because
so and the arge dininig hal will e :f the annual arrangements of Yale,
ils ed for dancills. -arvard and Princeton with each oth-
At the fortyninthliniversity Convo.r that a game between Michigan and
cation to be held in Mandell Hall next one of those institutions was almost
ts impossibility, Manager Baird went
Tu esday night fory-tihre ossentsn :to say that he was heartily it favor
will be given the title fhassociate :ft as Eastern game and had been cor-
and thirty-one will receive their sheep jrsposstttsg wtitholtnsbia, tito seta
skis hearing the bachelor's degree. sotrsaestnt wilsmi, thiea it
The Convocation address will b d- 'toast Eatc am, 'thCtmiaga in
livered by Hon. G. W. Ross, premier New Yo cityanext Thanksgiving
of Ontario. Be will speak of "The day with at least a lair chance of su
Political Cleavage-of Nth America." ess. As yet, however, the matter is
stillundecided since before such ans
Chicago men congratulate the Mich- arrangement can be definitely made
igap champions on their representa- it will have to be passed uion favor-
tive on Walter 'Camp's All-America ably by the Boards of Control of both
team. No one at Chicago but believes institutios. This announcement that
the place was justly accorded "Touch- an Eastern game was at least a strong
down Hesty." As Western men Chi- possibility was received with the
cagoans are anxious for the East to greatest enthusiasm by all present
get the light regarding Western foot- and is sure toomeet with the hearti-
gall. Chicago men hope that Michi- est apnroval. throughout the country
ga will have a big Eastern game in general
ne year. Professor Henry M. Bates, formerly
-icbigan's representative in toe west-
Walter Eckersall returned to college ern conference, in the course of his
today. The Daily Maroon has no way toast, promised to use his best endea-
of knowing whether he will remain vors to secure from the Chicago alum-
In college. That is something for ni funds to purchase for the team and
time to settle. Chicago students are reserves gotd footballs for watch'
entirely in a negative frame of mind charms similar to those given in the
in the matter. They know that Eck- past.
ersall cannot drop out of college at In addition to the regular toasts
this time and retain i the respect of short seeches were made by "Boss"
any person along the Midway. They Weeks, "Tug" Wilson.
know further that if he drops out of ' g n e
college for the simple reasons now ap si'he gathering adjourned after pas-
parent he is lacking in the qual- sing a resolution of sympathy for Mrs.
ites which make manly men. We
are willing to suspend judgment until
Eckersall has had a fair chance to MICHIGAN TEACHERS.
prove whether he has those qualities. At the general session of the Mich-t
if he has not got them, the quicker igan Teachers Association to be held
we find it out the better, and if we in University Hall at the University'.
do find this out no one here will be of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Wednesday
one jot sorry to have him go away. morning, Dec. 30, a series of 10-mm-
The Daily Maroon believes that much ute addresses will be given on various
can be done toward fostering a friend- phases of college work by the presi-
ly feeling between- the two schools if dents of Michigan colleges.
The Michigan Daily and the Michigan "What the Student Expects of the
tudlents will refrain from public com- College" will be discussed by President
ment of a censorious nature until Eck- Sperry of Olivet; "What the College
ersall and Chicago have settled the Expects of the Student," President
question definitely one way or anoth- Bruske of Alma; "College and Citizen-
er. ship," President Dickie, Albion; "Col-
Regarding this very point of college lege and Culture," President Kollen,
courtesy, the Old Man had some thing Hope; "College Men in the Business
to say this morning which- will be World," President Mauck, Hillsdale
pleasing to Michigan as it is to us:.'and"'she American College Boy,"
"I believe that in general the col- President Slocum, Kalamazoo.
leges are becoming more thoughtful In addition to the general sessions,
of the feelings of one another." Such there will also be section meetingss
was the statement of Coach Stagg- taking up the special problems of theb
this morning when told of the stand kendergarten, the primary and gram-1
taken by Professor Pattengill of the mar schools, the high school, the col-v
University of Michigas1 in the Ecker- lege, the school board, the school com-t
salt natter. "The old system of rival missioner, musical instruction, draw-.

colleges trying to seduce each other's ing and manual training. The meet--
athletes is fast being done away with, ings of these nine different interests
and a better spirit is gradually aris- will be held in various buildings oft
ing between them. Last year I had the University of Michigan at 2 p. m.d
(Continued on page 3.) Wednesday, Dec. 30.]

Suffering From Pneumonia-Condition Voting Close Between Heston and
Yesterday Critical with no Change Graver-Outlook for Next Year.
Towards Night.
William Martin Heston will captain
Mrs. James B. Angell, who has been the Michigan football team in 1904.
very seriously ill for several days The ballots of his team-mates of 19058
with Pneumonia, was in such a crit- decided that fact yesteray non,
- ical condition last night that grave en ht as est nob-
fears were entertained for her recov-
ery. A prominent member of the ler's Studio immediately after the
Medical faculty has been in almost group picture had been taken. Three
constant attendance upon Mrs. Angell men were nominated for the honor,
since Tuesday evening, but no reports Heston, Graver and Maddoct. The
have been sent out as to her condition H eclin, he nnationk. be
or the exact nature of her illness. latter declined the nomination as he
At a late hour last evening it was has fully decided not to return to col-
learned, however, that her condition lege next year. The vote betest
was much the same as during the day Hston atd Gra.er was vry close.
except that she seemed somewhat ga"osonaMdhga s n rootallca
weaker. She is receiving the best of H 's t
care and everything possible is being tain, is a native of Oregon and pre-
done for her. pared at the San Jose Academy. Cal-
ifornia. He accompanied Yost to
PREPARING FOR VACATION. Michigan in 1901 and made the team
Tomorrow begins the great exodus at once as left half back.
which annually depopulates Ann Ar- Each year his play has improved
hor of several thousand of the sttt- with the result that he is now consid-
dent inhabitants. A. ew stragglers
will leave town today but the majori-
ty of the students will leave on the
afternoon and evening trains tomor-
Homes in every section of the Unit-
ed States, from Canada to the Gulf,
and from the Atlantic to the Pacific
will be brightened by home-comers
from here, every state and territory
being represented in this year's en-
There are, however, several hundred
students who, because of the great
distance of their homes, or on account
of work, will spend a dull two weeks WILLIAM M, HESTON.
here. The notice posted it the libra-
ry, to the effect that it will beclosedi ered one of the greatest half backs it
Christmas eve. and Christmas and the land and was awarded a place
New Year' days has been a constant on the All-American eleven picked by
rrmindr of test tduring the past Walter Camp. hBston is conceded
week. Their lot will be easier than stobit blitht hbaet int - West ant
was the case last year abe all Ii his ttsunt past assures him an
versity buildings were obliged to closeeqsally stccessfal season as Michi-
on account of the coal famine. gain's captain in 1904.
Owing to the fact that Christmas f 0O l the men who earned their "M's"
lay comes at the last of the week, t e i i, Michigan will surely lose
the holidays are longer than usual, tre e men, Redden, Maddock and
eighteen days in all. College will re-;Gregory Redden has played his full
st.me on Tuesday, Jan. G. four years of college football. Mad-
A joint ticket office of the Michigan1 dock expects to coach next year and
Central and the Ann Arbor roads has Gregory has not yets decided on his
been set up in the treasurer's office course.
where information may be obtained Graver, it is hoped, will be back
and tickets purchased. In order tos next year, but it is by no means cer-
obtain the rates students must present -tain. T'he other seven "M" men will
slips from the secretary. The round surely play next year and with a vet-
trip rate is a fare and a third, except eran team under Yost's instructions,
to points in the main line between a fourth year of championship team
Detroit and New Buffalo, where the is well nigh answered. The twelve
straight two-cent fare will be charged. "M" ten who participated in the elec-
Tickets are good returning up to and tion are as follows: Redden, Heston.
including Monday, Jan. 4. Graver, Gregory, Maddock, Gooding,
James, Norcross, Hammond, Long
CAfP'S A[L-W[S1TRN. -man, Shulte, and Curtis.
tCAPALL-WSERtN. After the election, Director Baird,
Walter Camp, its selecting an All-Trainer Fitzpatrick, Coach Yost and
Western eleven allows Michigan only Assistantt Coach McGugin sat for a
three places, but he makes up for his group picture.
oversight by giving Michigan great
credit for the speed and team work YOST' TRIP EAST.
shown in the Chicago game. "For Goads Fielding H. Yost returned
sichig tworked aster sas Campy, to Ann Arbor this morning from a
"Miha wored father Esthand ay trip which included the football con-
play throughouthave seen in was asthe East and the ters of the East. The Michigan
have witnessed this season." coach spent the better part of three
The personel of Camp's All-West- weeks in the Atlantic States, visiting
ern eleven is as follows: Yale, Columbia, Princeton and Penn-
End-Redden, Michigan. sylvania, as well as seeing the Army
Tackle--Maddock, Michigan. and Navy game at Philadelphia on
Guard--Bertke, Wiscioin. November 28.
Guar-Berke, iscosin. Coach Yost says that everywhere
Centeri-Strathbern, Minnesota. ovch the siys fam Mihr
Guard-Phillips, Northwestern. he went, the gridiron fame of Michi-
Tackle-Schacht, Minnesota. gan had proceeded him. The Eastern-
End-Rogers, Minnesota. ers, at least the footbell enthusiasts
Quarter-Harris, Minnesota. are fully awake to the fact that Mich-
QuartHeston, Michigan. igan produces wonderful teamsv._I
Haf-rHeston, Minnesota. would be a worthy rival for the best
Fullback--Salmon, Notre Dame the East can produce. The principal
t objection raised to a sectional con-
test is that the big teams in the East
IMPURE MILK AT ANN ARBOR have their hands full in meeting two
Recently the board of health had strong competitors a season and tht
samples of milk used at six boarding a Michigan game would be too great
houses analyzed at the bacteriological a tax on their capabilities. In itself
laboratory. Three of the samples this objection shows that the Eastern

were stamped as unfit for use. The football men now realize Michigan's,
board has now seven more samples strength. A desire was everywhere
being analyzed, and it is probable manifested for contests with Western
that the council will be asked to ap- teams, said the coach, providing they
ppoint a milk inspector for the protec- can be arranged satisfactorily and- it
tion of the citizens and students from is admitted that such contests would
danger of typhoid fever from impure have a wholesome effect upnw the-
milk, sport..- f

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