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December 15, 1903 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1903-12-15

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The Mc9 nvai0


Successful Party Given by '04 Laws at
Granger's Last Evening-Unique
Programs were a Feature.
Last evening the Senior Laws gat
one o the trettest tarties of thi sea
son at Granger's Acadetoy. This is
the first ot a series of tparties which
the class intends to give dtiringi ih'
winter. The tickets were limiteid to
the enmbers otte eass wichtetmade(
the event a sociat success. Atot 60
couplses attenttedtaid enjoedthte
splendidt mtutic furnistiedty Irange's
Orchestra. Dring tte atter art o
the evenig Atent the photogaper.
tool: a flash lgtttpicure of teiac-
er. Tthe eatu reioi thte tsiiee ssast
the triginality in te prograi to
signs. The program awas gotten aup
itt the form of5anee, tie cosecr-
respottndtng tosialset on tpteaing
filed in tte pratice enats. The tpes
gram, whtchi is one of thte ceveris
ot its class, is riteoducedt beosw.tur
tog the eveningtpuch wis i5srvediu
the acoive offtietmatn halt /-Haig,;
terfe. To Caenan Setatiecitaiii
the social cmititelii'ciimtiisidt ii
Dvorak, Jicharidson, lDeinetail Stt-
ton mutchi it the siccesi5of theipityc
is duse.
Followinig is a copy f ihe' progeami
Ctiver Page.
Party No......
Law Class f 1t01
In Granger's Academy.
IDecenmer 14 19103.
CUPID, ttr. (fis.
Page Ini.
University of "Michigan, Laiw t'aslit
1904, s.:
In tGranger's Acaiemy, City if Ant
Arbor, Dec. 14, 1903.
..This Indenture, mails this...
day nit............ .. 1). ]90i3,
Between .......o....
.party o i eisttell-i
... ........art y of le seod
Wtnesseth, That the sal party ofi
tie first pat, foe sodin cotnsieat iiin
ot the mirth andi enjiymen toi hi'ob
taned thererom idies herebiy slemni
ly promise to, and agree with the' tar
ty of the secnd part, tl aithfully
perform anid gracefuy eanfat' the
within Iproram iito 'hibet f:...
Signed, sealeid ani teivedithetn
presence of
....... .. L S
Page two.
1. Special Apiearance.
2. Trespass on tie Case.
3. Accord and Satisfaction.
4. Novation.
5. Caveat Emptor.
6. Trepass vi et Armis.
7. Covenant for Frther Assurance.
. Lease and Release.
9. ho the Clutches of the Law.
10. Offer and Acceptance.
11. Qare Clauum Fregit.
12. Covenant for Quiet Enjnyment.
13. Quo 'Warranto.
14. QuTfacit per aliutm, must fae it
15. Froton Industriales.
16. Attachmen.
17. Capias ad Repondedltm.
1.,Finri Facias.
19. Sic utere to t01 alientim0110

20. Covenant to stand seizedl.
21. Change of Tenon.
22. Seizure of Property.

Tickets On Sate For Concert by Must' Banquet Given by Easiness Men tn
cat Clubs' in Chicago-Glee Club Football Team and Athletic Ofti-
Wilt Sing at Masonic Banquet.. cais Tpmorrow Night.
ti nt'redti-it Iickts t5foerithe Chira-' Wednesuday ev'ning at nineii'lcke

No. 0a4

fly the Chcral Union Tonigt-The
Filst Christmas Concert in tieve:-
at Years--Nated Soprano Wilt
A csst.

no Coret of iliii'Muitical Ctbs have t1h1'members f this year's footbllti Iiasbinaiisver-cityirs sietu'hei-
bi-en fileswarilidtoiiAnn Albi' ansi will I team, ti'afsltit'offichias isod smeiss-(luae-at I it ii has rtvti-ti a'theitms
be 'p-rt iiisat.' thilsmorning at Shee-iegslit the fBoarud liftCont rtliwill sitt soer. 'Tontii hi sitneen siltusrtsrl
hai'snBotok Stolien. 'lisswill give the dowivoto a antsqutat tiiiet'ioikiHosi;it'ereumtiii.fit hi s;ii rntiiit uhch
C'bica'ssud tients isst choice of seas as the guests o la iebutsinesnn mist Iisitolliiild favir withialt lovesiofit ht
is till -s saving tDem te inronveeli- thin'city. Covirs isitt ten'aidsilfoe hl. thittrts. Thei irogrami, Icotsisin sg ut
i--li infi -g.tintg nss nliii'crsuh at An excillentatlist olitotatsts lias bheI'tllliiichaisruct-ristnici'oflltheii''histlo~s
Hle indsiy 'lly. prepsar-en the ii''ommittee its charei.iii.i.ii. tie, isbe - esy riisliicho- n
Th lnivesimt 9 I:Msica Cushahave 'he psss1-am folute fte r e si it- ais Anim ighei nli I are . 5 si-i s'-
hiiisieasonliii'sinissganizieidIo astrict- as foltlws : I is b ly 1rissrttsus ilisitihichwereot-
ly osiis-stbasis stsnd i-t' hicago Cons-. MayorDsrosvn, Tiastnster, n-c. ltitur cituItrtiesiagoutiwtichttilt
i-i . ill J)( a, isittointe lniverssity- ]svcatio, Revs . .S. lilt 5155i y9t iritu, as tuds osf ilt-tfinluistOif
Al-I-I-r- seni-seif tthi'5wor'd..Foostalin tiets' Iites i'nit hi st- iii-:-ss-age IantIgsits. as-. fleleililis-
Aftei-c ciuiltg fs-iite tosicet dititAngelt. it ttiis iof 'itii isis,101-tci - aniilMa-
I h ie i ii'i iii "1s anst heli
sbonIt snla -s ihoutit
d slithefaoistici fittet sigrin t
the Wiesti hcis ('titus-sit b al
th etv lc uti i s e'hoa
(l i l 1 els s-i I i al r li-ai ll plc 5t(nu ti
trl' l d ii' , tli tosiisiCshgise-
1 et - Ps I i --
r . 7
, r 1"nliowirl iih it I is-i i n ul
--i I 17-i)
"Rjii C- ale tl"i )
fry lf l it, C r II l 'ie T lr
Ya rii' it he siep st ' ip s
." I'lilcnvlii (illihtst
as Ypusilanti f thitsllt nighs t',flt's- (ust'iGuists, i'x-Masyos fiiipeland. sss i IieOthgsisis Haisis.
flibiiilislug at theii rdslurt givensi OssIHost, (aptaisn ttiess. hOsgoodsi
ii tiiheiasossii ontols'of ('oacihi thte fieam f'iachs Yiis. "Ala, lliteIto ti lte
iligIt. Yoisi.(College Spit-ivten(i'i-trti1'.asi.-y
________ An astern Gane{fhss. tain. li uIsltiSitlt
MRS. ANGELL ILL. The Aisimsi fhi sry M.41.Bates. Chli it n
.1 n isl itis ta iii Thin-Ft t -C(ailttamssEet.si ari ic Kili)st in t
Mrs Agel i rporac asben TheRetfieiee Whiste I. IW. Wsil'-
i-ry irl(, Studayliiheidoctrs feareit Lvs ,elng (l nlists
day 'wsest sot altto irepotel'an i-aIlshiJiean ie sit ii Itmslst.
ltae sn st altho ugt'.hithy il-ee- 1ot1DEAD FOOTBALL PLAYERS HON1P 1liarlPal spns the
irprdts say sdsfinitesy t hat heORE D. liaiti ItAtsend ssslis
'ir is 55 5 soirioss. Is liii-wreck f thin-Purduesi'Sit tsiei - ru -A h atpns" Air
thits fal sasost of ue Oil'S listhoiirs " o y sufit Iii it ti it i.-
YOSTf RETURNS TODAY. tshasnd i i-secntas wre ' ltlest ir se l a' iv jelm ot"'I'ii
'15's.it-Vt ihihshuistiouilsy hurt Ohrssaccouinsst f thei-shorutes-"Fl. hd nefolh iott tlad-
his'weressadtettif'fcusltsbgtvihe. matesoeitxueastsss thn-tslilys(ssidthis'ii
teac AntnI Asus'rbosr somtietodhutay. 'lhe51ersteeasialetiltnldy t rituse lutist-soil]iicast-- draw1 i;° aitti
-h-u itssi i et ittuuttl lfe'ttufters o sualyv ting n llesrissigIi.inbo at-s 'ti Loiitd hlst 1555 - ft utti
t at, wihhwisapoistontieit runslast t;e-'ote iiuaultustiihhstrialt Chorus lthyI myisoul artii tout
issues tlt-beciaius' if ftis-notn-arsival ourary rewsaids tolbsheldead.. Ni' ol ilIls s- 4s.17ii si5iin
if~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~lc ths usii-iiiI'tei unstylssutvivostres--still in liihehostlfso. iii 5 ' t
noons. T'l ist't-ionis incnt-ing a grs-Iat -
Jeasfi tereils ilsitsteisnampus. LECTURE POSTPONED. CLEVER SOUVENIR OF RUSH.
T___ he l- echture whichi asto iteli'gin Ti lily Y,,I lt. hsusussof tLaSallin, ii.,
HARVARD MAN'S RECORD BEATEN IDecember 1thusby Prfessr Deii' 11)1'51tousiu a.suiet 1,t.iihtis ptoduiced
Qu1lts' iaugoodsI ueisho, uterestsiwas oue Frencht-etle has Is-n-nphut svmiry cu uesais 5 I'sIr sitthus' hrsh-
aosmuutuinhiisfeatentiyhoist' situState tposen. 'fhe ntst irsusu'uiss t1155 utuOshuhiIrushi hi i I us es-hit-i-i
,rust yestiedaysy lan soaaticle staing prary France" withl e eyPoestsor ingth irs ti:ustsisoll suitcresis-
i t'emairtableierhttformncse tf ar- Hudusoni Janutary 6ib, Hitsssbjctt sit' stss ecy- Iofthu tl s- 511 utite
isard' stronusgst msan. O(Jofuthis best "Politital Isitutons andsul thus-tmo44 ibrartitu ande sie thi'sleItsiteseity Hual
'tus" iia15toiibhntuhoime, iieephg int5gs. Theu'teme ities mu ustthis-fensun-ndsti
hsneet.s s~if, anud toutchtthe tfnor - -~ --istri 5helii-siullisihiae n 110hiii
stlshishgs-ctils tGllint's. Ote STU DENTS BURNED OUT. C amspus 'thu seti5ut-prclssmansssis
ifth aitihunlettilmenunthe houlstteatag an laly yesteuay moninlusg thu ei ers-nedit It u suupe ethanisd
eltht e oul prfrmthefet lnddetes utfhF. A. Bightmanis(,I:,hF.tet.'- ucosse hisa ei 51 it tnit lultheis-oonli
procee e to provi essv-it. Its 17 mn :30eisun steel, was deustoed ithufurr rsat t i ltuUp Ist-husussttcornte-is thu.
uc. hei'le. iovim 71111iress, muore andutseveral studuen'ts wwesireiromst librhtaIlrmlsh..;isgi me isf-sitthFushsb
hanseuallsinisg lt-etHarvissrd saan's tg in theur slusntshstusoif tIn1 twttu usthis:Iis. 5niithis' ighstI hadu
rteucoru. 'lissis fouly. isotuhe instance effects. One Ol thlist suets situ down sus ua s ushisinr isitsg trownmuiuthiss
of thus-WeVst'esstperirity' ovein the a hpilar- in hts haustts get msuts u st .u b tsn.usluond-Insout sthehunlefladu
East Its athetitsurisg hbuiding eansg a svauabes eatut othuheisrsub11s'tcimbsinuusu-electci
thOSShI' watch, ut list chief f the fire dIlligts polys.lust- i hicglt hnd lohwe
'Pl ineoafotaltemwspartient afterwardhsricoviered it. tcorteus l sit in uusis lying sxhaustedcu
'h'hi- It ssoesfa fuuut ait fasut as anditottu ts'e is titusies'sid stets se
banquuetedlur-esshl bythI' huusiness -russ-.iill Iitads liiannonht. The
mteinutfOinteaiuulis801111were hrt- CHORAL UNION WON'T GO TO estuunith' tilniisutiter-k
tush ansp tpu--u'uswire nathi-biy Giv. THE WORLD'S FAIR. sitishs'pa-stt-idsutfur'aleu
Vast Sanktut I PrsidettutNirhup. Fhot u t'e, resentu Ioutlhok it is nluuws. i usut1idhi. Lahmasnsuthete
Stliud golial-isafsiuiswith a feuet- dubtahfu if thu invitationtextendeds'ut tuuw'hstou umuat~lt u- thus'otshi',anti
tal motnougam andulthe Itniversity the Chural Ui ouniy thue Word's'ssair ag'itlua:uriii tu tgussyi
tenmoneISthtetnweru1presestodtollcimmit teetIu slug atiSt.Luo uitis in Say nasutu-ustitis-hesdrawng.
'au'S snesihi-susofthus- Ieami. At thu wilthesite-ntend.'het'cdst of Itrnss-
closs'of thut-banquluettisthi(tuse hunsent porutatio, whiic'nswousilhaet' tuelment 1 NOTICE.
washumsenteid isills a tetualiunin ee, woouldhbe virygeat aiutthu ,Mclungsitof thus-I-Luit. Sciah
he Uiviersity colosunmhufle haci of loss of a weeks tisse fur the 37011ee to mnittee- ii Rouom C.,'i . H.Thurs-
which wat a picturet of the o tsshall pie in the churs ru-outt hr trih out ay'at 41.
squad. of the question. OSBORN, Chairman,

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