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March 05, 1891 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1891-03-05

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, nl. W'ail.
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t"\ VEIZ ITY OF ,IIC:IIJGA\, TllI"I SDA)'. MAR('II <), 1 o.q.
1Cur ICA, THREE s:Cs-as-i'
FESRWILLIAM P. WELLS . ati avnrn5asl I1(
Afeting Scene in the Court ' ImP soeIn illsouas befrothisiatiii
insist fin uishiosawyer at the.'1Detrit
hesai l ilstli itf'iiifrssir Well 0bar nal oneusd iiiiinersan is
Last gloomii iiovier the CItslver-
1ll, l'i ti, Citisfit i ne is keeiilyrfelt jt ed o i e ak be rei
li airstiiilects. Put the feelingDwe.Ini ilaeIemd
I ito ispiecstsi - o s l-iys in ts-ii-tli iithlst a
st Conf~is nto ithlii up t"ilheiiir
I 5ite ther dliii taets of thelIii - O I l a i i ofthe~n
itttino(i its stats isiiti.i i geilitI
tiilfsssir We lls pMissedil ii is-rsri iisitn ssiriii
10 o'clock yesterdays niii thei.party sere eulsarori ii''toi isii-
ft ii t in t a ui o i ck t. It se eed
ltily afterliie opeiiri'of liie
Ctlespkp t ugeRilyona(sare that thesyasoulil le def-eatedl,
oitstokaresttohesleilly sameswhena Professor A illstniik te tloor
reltate inla arren tichstire soaransi madle a speech of a halsholinr's
akenl est ait oaser rorltlanthadlengtht, so smooth andi iolisheid, so
uprm 05o1ra.aHri poerrbentine falof arguent, arnd so earniestly
Cew ometrt.dliensasoebca, leliv-ered, that lie carriedi all ibefore
untpasonetmandr.Ha eryfirnsed inn.
his ar oelrnanr i ralle rTe lanestudenats Inet to-diaad
targiiment, stepapedlhack, and sat deciuded to attend tine funenral of Pro-
wna Ia' short tinme hinsieadi
l5ItPped to oiae side upon tine shiout- fessor Wells ina a body. They trill
de of afin.H a hnli contribaite a tioral desin. A specia1
apn heflori.iea-S ieaiitrain asill be u, to retirrin iiniiedi-
i' so, anid iis soin, Charles
elstier5fsoer1 ately after tine funeral.
ld-I residenit Anigell receiredi a tele-
litii ai iidislacedn it nunder- ispnrerssaetntfeniossic
Cr'5 ~sheail for a pililosw.It awasploemsaetiafrnnwhc
at aioiaecici stroke, anad lie stir-aswas rather inadistnrct, lbnt swhich lire
151'elO'Aly uafearmnutates. If liens mndrstooui to be that the furneral
It at beaeiiw, ume ould be to-nmorrnow antao 'clock.
- C liresentn could not restrainineitcofrni.Po.
teas fr atitns rmor tnes InlGriffin, at tine meeting~ of tiheisar as-
ali Ikendtandiesete.Cor i-soiartionsof Detroit, tis mornning,
lieit doredcts.aourt oftIntrodiuced a resiolution irtviting thse
resec ati 1jirnnia iako studnents of tine lan epeiartmenat to
Tihe atterndltine funeral.
to ciscense at is ndeathnsas s-ry-
uehrna1,'lie sons renmainned ott iis A Feast of Reason.
peswith iris hanad on iis fathner's
Poter nil h otosanad i ill soonibe upi arnnounrc-
erssry examsination and foundithit ing tine app~earanace of Tine Inlasner
t 5of0sr Wells wsas diad. T'ie biy for.NVennesday, MarchianI . 'lie fol-
isd not realize tine fact titers, anid i loawinag is tine table of contents:
nayri afterwsards Judge Reilsy L arkofInftterest in Oirr Fsoreigrn
1uppSin g tine son was aware of his Relations, President Janaes 13.
fthr' s deatih, laid hminanad on tine Angel
hY sniuder, sayings " Charine, A. Sonnet Found Cut ott a Post of
whtshall we do withinmin?"'' tin Camnpus Fence, Elsie Jonnes
TeYosnag man looked tip startledi Cooley.
auQCl yes filledi, as Inc asked in a .A. Social ExperimntnI sabiella M.
th nag1 voce: "Is- I i ed?"Andtrew of
thnhegv5 wy s ude as Te1 itk fDsseld~orf, 1. K.
teshock, anti wouldi iave fallern Friedmnan.
he011 mll fathser's iprostrate form mad Tent Years of Political Economny
teot been supported. in tine United States, Henry Carter
told .t ay evening, Professor IWells.Adams.
his h sorn he had a premonition 'rie Kinag of Narbonas, Fred New-
at he wosuld die in court some day, ton Scott.
hi he wanted isis son to be wih To Anacreon, Anon.
mhreafter whnen lie went to court. The Angie of Reflectiona.
Tstcounts for tine presensce of isis Every Mian in I-it Own Hunmor.
Phst Denta Phi Resotntions.
T'11 NGitinee rieiwe' of Collelge
'i:t -a rs--'il'ir trietiri''ofii lent lie 5 iaieful 5s5rutiny ofi ('oilege "tut'
Cterlftsiiietai IP liii cuddetslihai"gi large cirpis of skiled
Ds'si"-nsrrs intil i'Jeelrs spsechily
Stutruli I I5(5~5itells t iiiiii ii I oili -rainediiisrisiifo r ibd e an thr jewaelled
tboins wre5 uii.i slslspti saiork. imrtijini ' si in.,aswedo iretly
Wie.s , nihes un ia d in f ntP.is I nisliiiandtil m usten-stnn
loo~ked for s t i li sit lriitlis IWills iismi It t 5 i ands il lth-sr preioss
1'Ie1>ts 1. bn roesr fsoksi eio i poiiin tii pro-
I~a ii-li lihs ,Iw iii i ts i ii f te ii uc tit linest tutans tand tele
Isnirs f i i tliss ('S --i Soc"it-s- 1 -il ofis till indissss-h ih tar-
teridi tihiei ti iteri iss iv itii c iasiiifti iss llttthis sisiittis.
ssisresssiu tsilt iurisifistindisorriw. i sass YY1"l' J Vtt 0
if stir sinripatliy aswit lihis fin ilr ini- ~ i- li
their iberravemeisnst, andsiof our Ire- - t"' il 11'EL~
stpect ans isiuarations for te assuers PANI'I (I'uNG .
aand dutalitie s aswsilthmadie hint so A , -ACUI_ EILIS
urseful asnd inistinguiishiednistiersiner P-r t [,/fch'Ean.-l
of tire faciulty of tineunaversitay.__________________
We feel thrat Broter WIellss irall
liis associatioans awithis msnever faileid Chap. Speller & .
tnt impniress tu s wtir iishirsadsischsolar-
sipi, andsi nnpiarticulasr withs iis kieen University Outfitters,.
ara t hoou sknowl-edige of thsose 20h Sust in Sn H.ST. '
branmches nsf tire law nersshinch swe in-
ceis-edshis instrucrtiotnantis iis un-
failing dignsity of mnarnner andtsiIss ENG L... NSI-
sclose observattcsit all timeprarireties
of sdaiylife;iishint shmortaswit is Tfl TT .
possessionofalstnl thosse conrsicsuous .VL'I.L,4LI.1.J2J
abilitties andaitmst scrupiulouis fidelitsy___
to Isis duties ashichisi sttngisdtsti
hnrn saim ioh s a hprofesor ands as a TCPPIn $ +i+ GOOD
rmenber of sour chroseni proafessin.
We feel thmat lie has esver seen artn
lionosr tso sie Utniversitsy, mstimte ENGLISH SERGE
liar, ansi tss tire PhittDIlta Pi fra-
terntity-; thmat hits departutre iris left ts in -roi4-
our midsst .a-ac-ant lace that carntut ; o i ; ILOUSE
soson be filled; arsd that Isis msemsory
weth be alswaysswithitis, presentig anars 5Iit 1E.
example thsat are rmaytho arlh to fol-
loss, for ins so doing are cara best
shwhnrto onseawhno at once coia- B/W LL5T 'GOODS)
mnandied oar tightest respect as tdnsadorms rtra e
gard._____________ _______
WILLIM ntntC. ]h--I.ss
H-IENRn.A.. linef:A t's r
JA~iF S.I xriiJf eijefit
J".L ares S. HARD5',
JOn-N K. ErrisNomo, Jr.,
For Ketnt Chapter.
Ik ' sNT1
Harvard Foot-Ball Practice. Drm to Clb
Abourt forty' naens hase joinneditime
foot-bathlssuadiat liars--rdand wsash ®6 Club,
go into trainainag for five weeks unader and3anjo Club
tine direction of Captairn'rrafford. ASSInSTEDBrY
'rieusers will mneet in tire evenings The Guitar and Mandolin Qaiutettes,
and be instructedi in tine tiseory of Mr. S. C. Park, Ventriloquist,
tine gamne bymenmbers of ast years l TeCe Ie Oceta
elevemn, and wheln mnore ipleasant
weather permits work ona thre field
they wihl be coached by graduates
and last year's eleven.
Tine Harvard Foot-bail Associa-
tion received $7,621 frons gannet last
Thursday Eve., March 5, 1891,
AT s8 0'CLOCh.
ADMUIMORfl - 50 UnIW$.
Reserve Seats Monday, 2:00 P. M., at Gm'u
ber'a and Sheehan'a

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