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January 03, 1891 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1891-01-03

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I N. 0. _
The Gym. Fund. Glee club wiiill, for the first tinge,
mit meti rweair the newC n d CI iit(o« t.
l 10 feli of the Gyn^.e
ee yeterday~, reports sne re- Tie faclit111s offered itbisthe motor1
1)0 (ft~t ivof the n 1111 iiih line a1011the Mi chig"an C.enitralswill
00 1)10iS ry i lrobtalty iiihence Ilalli) toattendi.
l5 f - Oi of the 1it I Depa.rt- Cars1leave1court house 4:3o and 6:10
1 ~ ii has hbeenidone i 5 stl nii e-s IPnat 04
thePrfessil fde partmenils asin IC t f''ie "Mt C.trains leave Ann11
$343 5ir tedfiiC5i . . . Itad
1 a elsdfo thie G(tX l ab r;:. ' I,329f.7 sa
lect0e lalt), retiuriii )cae ie 'p1 (0: 1
00 ali IiB.iFi. Cw ilt lie iire nert fth otfoi
'I' litil v 0 ,a d itere is a 511u 1 i-Ill humll-
lIr 1".Da ouli I las, t .u .i t oln n
(lf )1 'oi C rai,1.' . 14. sii- Let eC-I-r)'on11110 do)n11 1 -p\~si,
Bl 11,Tn . . Gt I111111,see toe11ew gols and111gie thle
' R1ichmnd, F. 11). Green, '.boys a goosend 0)1off. icketsnmas-
14 Rihrso.be' ia)! from any rIlembiter (if the
esrsSi~l tlrrlle clubs, andelseats reserredelietlter oil
f i lliilkt, orane. Saturday nigiht or dlurin~g the wceek,
Casfi ecPtshSne at llodge' 5 jeswetry store by tele-
x1BatllardurnsttrtosC se, plh~o, free ttse of tile lphone to
alrl'CieeverlDe Foe, Guliburt, Ypsi Nacilli;,been securedl.
aitlsi I-lammnd, HlI ardiJ atme- --ri-
11 lch ls eters, Rathbione, Uil-. As abotione-thlirdo(f tile titneihas
ch ceRoss, Tressler,Travis, expires! inwhitcih to duliicate Mr.
fhiler, Brand, Parker, ilygert, 'iWaterii. 's subtscrilptioin towvards tile
a a Cleavelanel, 4iiseiniann, gymlnasiumi, it seemnisecessary thiat
enr, Witehlead, McDonald, ite aluinii associations elf the large
tkb(50lY) ( riffin. I" L. Mason, cities souiiildibe canvasseid. Detroit
h1ihb111, ShermanlBarrI tarnion 15 the hilly city that has respionidedi to
christisil CurtisIrrevellickGii- our catl, and it is douiibtless our 0own
1lI J i1nso , LsterILathiropfaiilt.
IVoarhll c~raw, i1. T.Smith C hicago, Cleveland aindI Kansas
Smit, ,.i-.SmliitI)Whitte- City altlihase ricih aluiiiiiassocia-;
nure W\ilkinson, J.1R. AtteiiIBar-tions, that need oily toI le iap-
Vlim 1 ll, lHurd, C.1H.'M1i11crproaclited in the right maimer.
er'k0' Wright am! Sharpless. Ilike into coiisiideratioii Chicago;1
13 The fllowving nanteel persons gave woulit nItoct be a gooed schiemie to1
hit and less : it.CG. Alien, Cor- sendela .1101king- commtiittee there, (If
'i1 I C~ad , Grocliaii iH. 1T (illsor Iswo stuenets? flits conmtmit-
Tlllr tetiteisy 4Robinson, Selte) lee tsswork swithi somie biusiiiess man
lrit 5lian:WarIinecrItBissetteechti (f thiyllsamionig ichligan attiiiii.
Ii' etlielt, hItt, tCookeCltick. Subscripitions woldeslice1)lymount
dil , ischer, riiiiek C. W. f to somtehing if calleel for in thits
6~~~~~~~~~ ~ illeIligioIii anlner. Ace wethie largt ii
oK ls Htt~~ iatclt, J. iHammilond, ves ily in erica, goinig to let this
Aasl heeler Luten, C. 4F. Moore, excelleiit chance foragyiisitl
k0lY,M . J. Miioee, McCliuioptlastipIttiroughs our fiigers? Nolt0110
l5Idan Rogers, R4osenarcans, Sit- it lo(f itifthttere is aiiy aiibiininil
y, lieilcec, Sachtett, Sager, N. I1 the stitdenill boidi; and stiatre 11101
phi am5 5Wides, ' Wycitoff, Weare, its if we dio.
I.S brwn Detlioil, Lehmais Slice! in Chicago there is an a!-
Bro .umnus of Mtichiigain, a business maii
Ypsllafltj Concert. of the city whio is swilling ani ldc
-___ be glad to give a part of htis time
O1le Saurday night, Feb. 7, the towards assisting us in oitr enter-
fohean Banjo clubs will appear prise.
re first time thts season in a It is rumored that one of the stu-
$ h ar Concert of their own. The dents here said his father would 'act
ssitth aini)comitiitle (tlt)aulthorize1!
ini the patr. .n his offerdhiss
iganliher.sin l'emlie aiproine111
busiless mnii te masytie tiesvervs
polintediel51ryso511111 b1 those ini
auithoIrity orv 15 the .Athltie.Associ-
ation ?I see1no1besler swayIof 01 et-
Imroi lltlsthwei lack ie iii l-~e and
ithusiisii ' I, te iwoth.
tionls. 1T0 thils I swill say, 11ha1 the
eiid!of this semiester is iiear andi ex-
aminationsis Oomle cases swill tie fin-
511011 befoire the thiirteeintht ef the
in earniest iiitil the tiiddle of the
followiii" week-;ibetwieenl these lates
thiere is abouiit a sweek that tmay be
spelt ill priifitable worik. Asidie
fromi all this there is sot a professor
or tutor ini the University, swhioswill
not excuse ((le 111511fromitwoP5 or
three recitations, if lie knosws the
cause for swhichittie stiiieiitidesires
such excuses.
I foir oise, swill pled~ge niy tulle
aol! service for onse sweek in Chlicago.
Other cities carl le reachiedin iithe
samle omanner, altthoiighi not quite so
eailyt as Chicago. Whueiisoiiie hne
ini authority takes such wiork tuponu
imnself as to appoint commnittees of
tis kind, theounou siill the Gy-l
nasiumto le tile resitit of our work.
AC -M EM ionRn- TiiE A-coLETtC; Assei-
Archaeoiogical Work at Delphi.
The Amierican clauis to the right
of carryinsg oii excav-atiions at D elphi
hiase beena sithdiraswn hiyiDr. OWal-
stin, uiiiltthe lFrench claimis hiase
b heeii settleid. It is probsable thaI
b3 CVING tI bxerienlce if College
Mten Wo oli w 11d1!apprceciaite
lill caeu s1ceru! 1. tiny of College Stu-
(helts, haysiilg a large1ct1ps Of skilled
Dtesignir s ill)!Jewelersspieially
tralinedifor baiige and oilier jewsell
wiork Im11110rtiii" asswe (ill, direetly
fromi Pariis, Id n dlil 111 lomsterdiia
111 ii illOis aid ,itieieiIceoeus
Stones. We areIIIiia Ipositioniltoiip1o-
Swirls te g finett la s d5elled 11
Wrigh , Kay & Ca.
I II ') 11ItE't ,I N hi VILt,
Detrnt, MtohEan.
Chas. brae]I er & @.
20 SOUTiHiS-rATsE:Si.
Champion Light Weight Boxer
For particulars inquire at the store.
Profesior Hobsion's
Bivad w@Fd Fxwpei,
-FOil ALL-
Cinlnastins Supplied at Whtole
sale Prices. Call and E xamine.
F '0T ir ,-N= OF
(=G(OS IN 1111)C1T1.
Agent for Ann Arbor Steam Laundry,
quick delivsery and best work.
q[5A$. $PELLC1R & q.
the govsernmenrlt swill granit thureconi-
cessioii to the I-cench, hut it is Itohp-
011 thait the Siitaniisttlliermiit the
Amuericanu Archuatologicat Associa-
tion to proceedl witih excav-ationis on
thte islandl of Leshbos. 'fie French
Chianiber of Dleputies has appro-
prciatedl500,000 francs for carrying
on the excav-ations. It is very un-
fortunate for the American Archaseo-
logical society to be denied the privi-
lege of excavating Delphi when it
has complied with the requirements
of the Greek government.

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