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January 17, 1891 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1891-01-17

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Ijc 1>. of rn. Wailp.
Reotoft eSn.te om. it Uein
the University
Satr iMoranelchairman of the
Seat ot ittee on the State IA ii-
busty Y esterIay .gav e notice of his
tlQbl hch Swould in 1ftroduciielfor
t1l fthei niv erit for
e 511ui 0 tw earsIThe bill
whtcl wil be itrodce sill call
farliIropriation of,$ 19905 for
th W5 Yars. iThe iteniedlac-
consare asfollows:
ge~erl Tais ....s.............. $.4,00
IoitIl11Col0lege antI los- 40(
Y her 1oslital current 1,0
"tlesises "1,400
Ibes Cllege, current x- 2,0
9o r Libr"ries........... 24,000
huietJ xpenses... 30,000
Pairs oil('heroical Labora-
liment of Engineering
Lbratry ................ 4,
1Eqipnt of Phiysical ad
E5leetrieal Laboratory... 0.000
,i0'Git of Botanical and
1olgia Laboratories.... 2,0
I rlaeof site for new hos-
Eitls15asd completion and
,llimpneii of saue.... 30,000
L eme551 and alteration of
Law ~ ~buldig ..............2,0
Beetad alterations of
Preset Dental building for
Ie of the Elngineering de-
laritrll .. ......... 10,000
lbe. items are eiualy divided
frtetwo years, except the items
r rlairs 0on the Chenmical labora-
t~Y'wich is for the first year.
Will bery important natter whirls
brogh 01) in the bill is the
suggestion that the tax of one-
tentieth of a nmill which was de-
voe otesupport of the Ui
rtliy by ain act ofi0,be i-
tidl to oneeighths of a nill in
elr. UnOdterthe present all.
stt te taxable property of
Willa tajx ofne-eighthi of a mill
prf yilax$rr8 ooer year. The
co~ jtayils$47,200. Vs
01 'tu OW appropriates one-eighth
a mi iill Colorado one-fifths and
al i one oill.
he Senate comsmittee will visit
hit iiversity one week from next
pra, lncel'sLecture.
betforet 8 o'clock last evening
4 Wa filled to its utmost
bastand by the tinethe lecture
tiY had beeni turned away
ont accounteif iiot being; able tio
secure eveis standitng rooni.
The P'riifs subiject fur ediscussioii
seas AWorlEvoltitiots aidilas out-
liineidthus : lue iiethiiiilof sworled
origini, st-iind1griiwthi aindsworlid de-
cay. Thec saiie fur all ,vorldls. Thie
Specticle if the PUniverse. Iil l ity of
nmethoid anuiinity if Creatiie In tel-
ligenie.1 Diviiieplais sintd basis if
inter-ciuuun ucatioi amsoiig the lolt
iilationsi of all wrorlds. Eviilutiiis
the unuifyinig coiiepltiion.
'Ilue tiiie wa lmuted so that the
lecture stas prnicipial 1-liipoi the first
edivisiont of the subject. Theu imatter
seas lpreseintedin i as clear, com~ipreliens-
sive mnsner as it caii well be lire-
senitedl in coiniection with a subject
of this kindl.
Ile held the close attenitois of all
in presenting his idea of thse world's
origin out of chaos into its present.
As to world decay lie says that thse
terra firnma oin which svenowt exist
will sonsetday bse rensovedl into the
seas, anid that thieisthse race of msan-
kind wvill beconte extiinct. lHe fur-
thter says that the wcorld's crust is
yearly thickening and that at some
time in the comiiig ages it twill drink
in all the waters of the seas and all
the air by which life is sustained,
aind that then the earths will be
a dead, barreis and hsence uiniihabit-
able planet.
We can all obtain a great deal of
valuable infornmation from this series
of lectures, and thsey should be wvell
The subject, Jan. 23, will be "Or-
ganic Evolution."
Dr. llarpar's Bible Institute.
D)r. Harper is now definitely en-
gaged to be here under the auspices
of the S. C. A., Felbruary 20ths to
23d1, to hold a Blible Insstitute, it
connection wills the Americass Insti-
tute of Sacred Literature.
A prograns has beeis partially pre-
pared and delegates are expected
front othser colleges antI front city
and town V. AM. C. aitd Y. IV. C.
To meet the necessary expenses,
earls mensher of thse S. C. A. who is
able and willing to do so, is request-
ed to hand $si.oo to any department
Vice-President, or to Mir. E. C.
Warriner, Miss Ilgenfritz, Miss Jay,
Miss Van Demen, Miss Butler or to
Mr. W. W. Bishop who is acting as
tr'easurer 'of 'the fund.
Election of Officers and Directors 15 ACING the expterienice of College
of Athietic Association. I ess-okss-ailiircut
When the mneetisig of the AthleticIthe easeful scruitinsy of College Stui-
Associatioii stas tcalled to oreder this detitsItasvinig a large corps of skilled
afternooni, Prof. Trueblood sras siae1Designters anid Jewelers specially
teiiiporrt- cliirnuaiinted for badge ansd other jewvelled
teprr cara, anidlRalphli work. hIiportiing, atste do, tdirectly
Stoine secretary. ITue ciiiimsittee frout Paris, Lonidoni assul nisterilasi
aipioiiiteid to secure isemiibers iiade otis Diamisond~s ind tlhler precios
its repiort, lMe ssrs.IPalle aniil Alti t Sontes, We ut-e in a poisittinto pro-
steve: iheiiappinted a iconmmuittee toiduice the fisiest plists and jeswelled
uuuake ~n licsreetiSotieyIBaidges o1 all kindis svlielu are
mae liltiap tortionienti twe simantufatiired inthtlis counttrv-.
the differett tepa rttutetis. I'its
homteerprtseI thittthe 1Literary W rf i.t iKay 0& Co.
tlelariii t rec eisvedIeight directtirs; yJLJL+ "C) (,
Lass tdepa rtm~ent twtotdirectors; hI lPlRlEIS, J.1 EER1S
eatch ttf the othier tdepatrtmients iose AN
The metinthenilci proceededto tt D tr oit. P\ihan.
the electioss of ttfficers, II. G. Iield
andl Hutghi Vanleseitter beinig cait-Chap. oe]]r & .
iltates. 1Fieldl redcived 85 votes I
and \Vansievesnter 55 Mr. Field wias__
thsens declareed the tisaninsous choice p
for president. IThe electioss of of- INEWA STOIRE.
ficers wsatstill proceedtinsgswhen the
DILY wseist to pressIA. Nye aned
J. V.Curisbeig he anidaesFULL DRESS SHIJRTS, TIES AND
for vice-liresitdent. Although only GOE.LTS M~IA
140 ptersons5voteil for ltresidenit, GOE.LTS MOT'
ftilly s16o mienbers swere repiorted. TION IN TIES AND SCAIRFS.
The Gym. Fund Grows.
Dr. IE. 'I. Tappey, chiairisatn of
the commsittee on subscrilstions to
thse gynmnasiunm funsd of the Univer-
sity of Michsigan, repsorts the followv-
ing additional conttributiosns: Ashley
Pond $5oo, C. M. Borton $200,
Henry Russel $15o, Mrs. Williamt A.
Moore $sioo, Willians Carson $ioo,
J. M. Wilkinsoin, V. 13. Cochran antI
A. E. Miller of Marqluette $ioo earls,
Parke, Davis & Co. $ ioo, John Ward
$ Ioo, H-amiltons Iey $ ioo, Edmsond
Hall $ioo, Hlall T'. Bagley $50,
Harry E. Avery $o, Willians J.
Gray $5o, Edwin F. Mack $5o, T.
R. Chsase $25, Westnsore Hunt $25,
FranskID. Andres $25, Rash and
Kiesling $25, Jenniings & Hager $25,
Thomas Spencer Jerome $25, Willianm
A. Butler, Jr. $25, He nry B. Lothi-
rop $25, John N. Blagley $25, Dr.
J. IE. Emerson $25, judge lHosmser
$Too, and D~rs. Olin and Le Seure
$50, and E. C. Skinner $25, niaking
a total to date of $6l,5 10-
The Chicago News is authority for
the stateenit that Henry Wade
Rogers is to be installed as Presi-
dent of the Nortlswe tern University
on the i Qth 'of February.
CAPS, Latesit.
CItEFS, COLLARS, all Brands.
Of every description.
Sole Ageiit in Ain Arbor,
ZT 'IG-HT c d ?S2 O
Genuine English Mackintosh,
Agent for Ann Arbor Steam Laundry,
quick delivery and best work.
ql3A$. $PLC1R & (lb.
PLEASE (hALL and examine.

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